Ellen’s Elf Ch. 02


This is probably the final installment of a two-part story “Ellen’s Elf”. I have made little effort to retrace the other story here—please read that story for what led up to this one as I have written this as if the reader were familiar with that story. On another note, many thanks for all of the kind words I have received regarding the stories I have written. Life is usually busy, and I have little time to write back to thank those of you who have written. So Thank You! And my apologies for any disappointment in the tone shift from last story to this one—that’s just where the narrative went, and I followed.


Ellen and Elf toweled each other off, both spent from lovemaking and charged with the electricity of lovers relishing a new-found embrace. They donned terry-cloth robes, Elf’s robe long on the shorter Ellen and too thin to cover her ample bosom in more than a cursory way. They laughed when she first slipped into the robe that gave scant coverage to her cleavage, much to Elf’s delight, who reached over and caressed Ellen’s bare mounds each time she was in reach and murmured her approval deep in the back of her throat.

“God” Ellen said as she checked the time, “I feel like I have lived a new life in a few short hours.”

Elf just smiled, “so do you like the new you?”

“Mmmm, I like you” she offered, “but I don’t quite know what to think just yet.”

Elf handed her some wine as they cuddled on an overstuffed, double-wide chair, their legs entwined. “I hate for the night to end” Ellen said before she sipped.

“It’s early” Elf observed, “it doesn’t have to end unless you want it to.”

“Should I go” Ellen asked, hoping for a specific answer, “I don’t want to intrude on your night.”

Elf began to answer when a cell phone rang in another room. “I have to take that” she said with a serious smile.

“Oh” Ellen laughed, “so you can take my phone from me but I can’t take yours?”

“Something like that” Elf called from a connecting hall as she scurried to answer the phone in the other room. Ellen looked about at the expensive but somewhat incongruous decor, the rich leather sofa and liquor cabinet with fine wines, Scotch and Cognac, none if which seemed to fit Elf’s personality as she knew it. She stood, walked to the window and looked down on the lights of the city still bustling with mid-evening diners, shoppers and late-night workers heading home.

Elf returned shortly, came up behind Ellen, put her arms first around her waist and then cupped her breasts as she kissed her neck. Ellen purred with delight at the affection as she turned and softly kissed her young lover. “I have to go somewhere shortly; would you like me to call you a cab to your hotel” Elf announced matter-of-factly as she brushed some stray tresses from Ellen’s cheek and put her head on her shoulder.

Ellen thought a bit, “can I stay and wait for you? My hotel room will seem so lonely now. I’m normally not so needy, but I don’t want this to end so soon.”

Elf pulled her arms away from Ellen, stepped back a pace and looked into her eyes with a pause. For the first time since they met she stammered ever so slightly in response, “that’s probably not a good idea.”

Ellen demurred, thinking that Elf was trying to spare her feelings: “that’s fine then. I have no reason to barge in on your private life. I am a bit of a pickup, after all.”

Elf winced at her words, “no that’s not it. It’s my, it’s my job, that’s all. I just don’t want. . . I just don’t want to be a disappointment. I’m sorry.”

“A disappointment” Ellen countered. “How could cute little you be a disappointment” she smiled as she reached again for Elf and touched her face, searching for the source of her sudden malaise. Her hand traced a line down her chin to her chest and, then inverted, to her navel and below to her bare lips as her middle finger split her clitoral hood and bisected the damp slit as her adjoining fingers spread her apart. She caressed her pussy as Elf closed her eyes and sighed deeply from the affection.

“I wanted to spend some more time with you, that’s all, or at least not have it end yet” Ellen finished with a perplexed smile as she slowly turned to the couch to begin to dress.

Elf took a deep breath and turned to face her back, “Fuck it, fuck it” she exclaimed under her breath. “Do you really want the truth? Because if you do you’ll be appalled and disgusted and never want to come back here again. I’m tired of having to lie about this; I’m tired of losing lovers from this, so I’ll just lose you fast and get it over with.”

She paused again to look at Ellen, who turned back toward her, wanting to confront her directly and honestly, she began strong and confident and finished with her voice quivering: “I’m a prostitute, and I’m an art student, and damned good at both, but that’s how I pay my bills. Business is good; it’s been good to me. I don’t quite know why, but everybody wants a to fuck someone like me. So my tuition, rent, everything is sometimes when we touch izle paid for; once or twice a week and it’s all taken care of. There, now you can go and forget tonight, me, everything if you want. You can find another me out there who isn’t a whore.”

Ellen would have been lying if had she said that she wasn’t taken aback by the revelation, having found herself in peculiar circumstances—having romantic longings for a young woman as well as a powerful sexual attraction to her. Perhaps everyone did want to fuck someone like her. But the woman who just an hour ago she was showering with just happened to be a whore. Her curiosity overruled her initial queasiness, and she asked a question that came as a surprise to them both, “why that?”

“Why what” Elf said, still staring into Ellen’s eyes to gauge her reaction, “I told you.”

“No, why do you do that in particular” she asked as kindly and directly as she could, “it’s not like there isn’t a world of jobs out there. I can get you a good job if that’s all you need.”

Elf considered her reply: “Maybe I need more than just that. Why did you come here and make love with me tonight? You wanted to, I guess. When I am with a man, or a woman, or men and women, and believe me I’ve done the group thing too, I’m what they want. I’m their fantasy for a night. Not their wife or their husband or their lover; they want me. They do things with me they could never do with their lover because their lover can refuse; within reason, I can’t, or don’t. I’m their little secret, a very, very expensive little secret. And my own little secret is that I like it sometimes. I get to be slut for a night with clean, rich clients and, normally, never see them again” she said, now with her back toward Ellen, afraid to face her judgment.

“So this is Elf, Ellen Maine. Maybe it isn’t Erin, but it is my other half. I’m a part-time fuck-bunny, to quote one clever customer. You can swallow a lot of cum and lick a lot of pussy if the price is right and you need the money, but if you actually like doing it, if it’s a rush for you in some way, if you like watching someone’s eyes pop out of his head as you dance for him, like his personal porn star come to life for a few grand, or whip his ass or kneel and lick a perfumed cunt like a husband doesn’t, or won’t, then it’s something you can do for a while and chalk it up to experience. I want to be a graphic artist; this gets me there. Now you probably have to leave, and a bit more quickly than before. They will be here soon” she finished without turning around, “they come here. I seldom go there so I’m on my own turf.”

Ellen did some mental calculus and took stock of her evening so far. One hour ago she had some of the best sex she could possibly have imagined and made an emotional connection that she had heretofore only dreamed of. It was a night of firsts, perhaps this was still another one. She walked behind Elf, turned her around and undid her robe, surveying her finely muscled body and her pert young breasts, nipples now hard from tension. She opened her own ill-fitting robe and standing on her tiptoes pressed breast to breast as she kissed passionately an astonished young woman who expected a different reaction. In a quietly defiant voice she whispered in her ear, “I want to stay with you tonight. Who are your guests?”

Elf froze as she stared over Ellen’s shoulder with tears welling in her eyes. She blinked them away and cleared her throat: “two suits from Hong Kong on a business layover, heading to New York tomorrow I think. They had references who said they were government types, former military or in the military or something like that. I don’t know them. They wanted someone young and freaky; Jess said that was their specific request. I guess I’m young and freaky.”

“Who’s Jess” Ellen asked.

“She sets all this up.”

“Will they be angry if someone who isn’t young and freaky is here” Ellen said with an amused tone to her voice.

“You never can tell until they arrive. Are you sure you want to do this? You may regret it. You can’t refuse to perform for them; you are theirs for a few hours. You should go. You can get hurt. It’s happened to me” she said as she bit the inside of her cheek to fight back her emotions.

“You can tell them it’s a two for one special tonight.”

Elf laughed and sniffed, “you’re crazy.” She cleared her throat and thought, “We can say you are a friend who just likes to party. I have friends who turn a trick now and then when money gets tight; just say that if they ask. Are you sure? This is stupid, you should go. I can see you tomorrow or even later tonight after I get cleaned up.”

“I’m staying. What do we need to do to get ready?”

“Shower, that’s done. Trim you; I just stay waxed. Everyone loves a bald pussy, doesn’t matter which client, but trimmed will do in a pinch. Then get made up, dress and lube.”

“Dress and lube?”

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this. Yes, special forces worlds toughest test izle lube, everywhere. Sometimes they are in a rush and don’t wait for you to catch up to them. I’ve had guys walk in, bend me over in the hallway virtually, you know, then it’s over and they’re gone. That is easy money” she observed.

“Some enjoy slamming it into you dry; it hurts if you don’t prepare” she continued. “This is stupid, you should go, now.”

“And that you enjoy? Even women will do that? No, don’t answer, no judgment. How long do we have before they are here?”

“Fifteen minutes, twenty tops. Oh what the hell, come into the bathroom and let me trim you. I’m never going to get rid of you in time anyway” Elf laughed nervously.

They went to the bathroom and Elf clipped Ellen’s pussy as short as she could without making the hairs stiff. Ellen decided to go all the way and let Elf shave her bald; it was all they could do as new lovers to keep their activities professional as Elf was aroused by Ellen’s bare lips and Ellen became more sensitive to her touch, so the issue of lubricating in part took care of itself. But Elf insisted on oiling Ellen’s ass because “every guy wants you up the ass, do you hear me, every guy. The wife normally won’t do that, or stopped doing it after the honeymoon. And you will end up on your knees and bent over a pillow or the bed or spread-eagle against a wall, so be prepared for more than my little tongue. And you are so wonderfully tight that I would guess that you are going to be a real hit.” She finished fingering oil into her as far as her fingers would reach and ended with a playful slap on her butt cheek as she dried the excess oil from around her tender back door, which Ellen failed to admit was virgin territory save for Elf’s fingers and tongue this evening.

They made up quickly, applying their make-up more generously than they normally would have, but again, Elf claimed that every guy wanted to do a porn star for a night, and that meant dressing and acting like a stripper, the kind that takes you into the back room after the show for an added treat.

They dressed, Ellen donning her suit from the evening complete with her panties now mostly dry, but with a discernable stain strategically placed in the center. “That won’t do” Elf said, as she bent to pull off her friend’s panties, “they want you fresh. My last lover left some thongs here; they should fit your beautiful butt better than my panties will.”

Ellen slipped on the thong, still slightly small for her ass, and the string dug deeply into her cheeks and lips, bothering her newly shaved pussy unexpectedly by rubbing and stimulating it, with the triangle in the front folding itself in between her lips so that she might as well not have been wearing anything at all for all the good it did her. Elf ran her hands between Ellen’s crotch and sighed with longing, pulling herself away only because of the lateness of the hour. She dawned skin-tight ¾ length pants with a thong as well, and a tank-top without a bra, lots of dangly jewelry and sandals that laced up slightly above her ankles. She lit incense and candles all around the apartment and further dimmed the lights.

She looked around, satisfied at last and, as a last measure, had Ellen remove her expensive jewelry and place it in a safe behind a wall photograph. “Put on some of mine” she said, “I don’t want them to think that we’re too well-off or they might consider, well, I can’t exactly report it to the police. Do you have anything else to ask.”

“Uh,” Ellen said as the door buzzer rang, “too late anyway.”

Elf jumped uncharacteristically, “I never get nervous at this. Are you sure? You can still leave.”

Ellen walked to the speaker next to the door and asked, “which button?”

“The red one” Elf said, “wait, let me do it.”

“Hello” she said in a sultry voice as she pushed the button.

“Hello” the voice responded and continued, “are you Jess’s friend?”

“MmmmHmmm” Elf said, purring into the speaker. “The door’s open gentlemen; come on up. Take the elevator from the second floor. You’ve got the room number.”

“What do we do now” Ellen asked as Elf purposefully walked to the liquor cabinet to pull out four glasses.

“We offer them a drink, maybe a show. Maybe that’s all they will want, but I doubt it. You don’t pay this much for a private dance. Just remember it is me you are performing with and that we just did this anyway” she smiled, “and it was wonderful. And you’ve had one-night-stands before, right?”

“Not many, and it’s been years, but yes, once or twice. What if they get violent or something? I feel like I should have taken a course in this or something” Ellen laughed, “my college didn’t offer one though.”

“Normally they don’t, but they are demanding usually. Remember, you are the woman they don’t have, even if they are married” Elf responded, “Sometimes they try to make up for lost time, hoffman family gold izle if that makes sense.”

“Will they split us up, I mean, in separate rooms” Ellen asked, wanting to know the script to this new fantasy.

“Maybe” Elf responded, knowing that they no doubt would. “Most guys are self-conscious about their dicks, the size thing and all that, unless they do this regularly, and then we may end up as a foursome, which can get sort of kinky but fun too if we get to put on a show for them. I have two bedrooms; I don’t care which one I use, so just do what they want. Sometimes you never even get out of the living room.”

She continued as the buzzer rang, “they’re here. Just follow my lead if you can. And remember, the customer is always right, within reason.” She gave Ellen a quick peck on the lips as she strolled to the door and swung it wide.

In walked two men, both in suits with loosened ties. They were in their mid thirties it appeared, one obviously muscular and at least 6’4″ and the other more talkative one around 5’10”. Both were slightly drunk; Ellen could smell the liquor on them as they strutted in with a hearty greeting of “Hello” in an accent that was more Midwestern than British. Jess must have gotten some bum information Elf thought to herself. She hoped that she wasn’t being scammed, but since this was all done with credit cards and a shell company name, there was no real way to verify anything anyway.

“Call me Elf; I hope you’ve come to play boys” she said, taking the tall one by the hand and leading him into the living room, her ass now swinging rhythmically as she led the way in her skin-tight pants that dug into her shallow crack and outlined her pussy in the front. They were obviously pleased with Elf as their eyes had hardly glanced at her face before they were sizing up her backside and the thin material that sculpted itself around her little butt.

Ellen took the initiative and walked to the shorter one before they could comment on her unexpected presence and introduced herself as Elle, a friend who just wanted to join in on the fun. The men glanced at each other before both turned their attention from Elf’s ass to Ellen’s chest: “Elle, with tits like that you can join any party I throw” the shorter man said, obviously delighted that he had drawn the unexpected bonus of the night as he boldly reached for her and slipped a finger into her cleavage.

She coyly backed up as Elf suggested that they all have a drink. But Ellen, not wanting to cause problems, was only too glad to run her tongue over her upper lip as the man withdrew his finger and made a cheesy sizzling sound.

“Oh baby, are they real? My old lady has boobs too, but they barely dent a sweater. You’d fill the fucking thing. We’re going to have some fun tonight” he said as he moved to the bar and took the drink offered to him.

“So what are your names, guys” Elf asked, trying to get them talking to get a sense of them.

“Don’t you worry about our names, Red. If I told you I’d have to kill you” the shorter man laughed as he swilled his drink and poured himself another. “Let’s just get down to the dirty business at hand, huh Mike?” he finished, addressing his tall quiet friend who had yet to speak.

Mike just grunted and continued looking hungrily at Elf as he noticed her tattoo peaking out of the top of her tank-top. “What’s that” he asked pointing at Elf’s chest, before it dawned on him that he had rented these two women for the night and could simply see for himself as he took a finger and pulled down the material between Elf’s breasts. She backed up and turned away as she obligingly lifted her tank-top over her head and then turned back holding the shirt over her breasts. She dropped it and cocked her head sensually as she ran a finger down the center of her chest, bisecting her large tattoo, and down to her navel piercing, finishing with a coy dancer’s curtsy.

The shorter man whistled and moved to look at Elf’s chest, astounded at what he saw. “Man ,oh man, Red, you may not have your friend’s rack, but you sure make up for it in weird stuff on your body.”

“And that’s just the stuff you can see” she offered tantalizingly.

Like clockwork, Ellen moved around behind Elf and placed her hands on her waist and moved them up and over her friend’s bare breasts, kissing her neck and looking at the two men who were ogling both now.

“Oohh, that’s it. That’s it. That’s what I want to see. Why don’t you two do a little ‘eating at the Y’ and get Mike and me charged up for some action. Huh, Mike?” he chattered

“You talk too fucking much” was Mike’s curt reply.

“Sorry. Let’s see some action girls. How wet can you get the floor down there before we have a go at you? Let’s see how well you’d do in a porno” he said as he sat on the couch and undid his tie and belt while Mike loomed tall and hovered menacingly, one hand having wandered to stroke the growing bulge in his crotch.

“Elle and I love eating pussy” Elf said as of she were reading the lines of a poorly written play. She turned to Ellen and began unbuttoning her blouse. She removed Ellen’s jacket and let it fall and then did the same with her blouse. Walking around behind her she unbuttoned Ellen’s bra and let it drop to the floor as well as she cupped Ellen’s large breasts with her hands and lifted them for effect as the short man said “have mercy” and unzipped his own fly.

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