E103:The Longest Night


Christmas is at hand, and Dorothy and Maude are coming to celebrate with them.  Neither have ever been south to Donald’s home and the warm invitation, which they know is mainly Emma’s influence now, is so pleasing to them.They at first plan to fly down, but then, realizing they no longer have any need to rush around to get somewhere, decide to take the train.  It will be a day and a half trip, but they book a sleeper car and giggle together about the fun they will have while they roll along the tracks.Meanwhile, Emma is spending days and weeks getting the house ready for their visitors.  Donald is getting swept up in the excitement too and is pleased that his aunt and Maude are coming to visit.Emma gets Karen and Julie to join in on the preparations, making sure they know that they are to be included in the Christmas Day festivities.  The kitchen sends out aromas of fresh baked cookies and treats; the house is cleaned and polished from top to bottom.  Emma even has painters in to brighten Donald’s bedroom for Dorothy and Maude to stay in.In all the commotion going on from Thanksgiving until December 21st, Donald finds himself spending more and more time at the Institute to escape the turmoil.  But then only confronted with a to-do list when he gets home.A couple of weeks into this upheaval Donald pulls Emma on to his lap one night and tells her, as he kisses her face, neck, hair, and ears, “Emma, hire whoever you need to.  Get this place in the condition you want it, but do not wear yourself out so you can’t enjoy the visit and holiday.”Emma understands what Donald is telling her, and the next day a full cleaning crew arrives. Then a huge tree is delivered, some of her family’s decorations brought out, and a buying spree of new items completes the adornment of the house.  By December 21st, everything is looking festive, clean, and welcoming.Dorothy and Maude will be arriving tomorrow evening.  They are taking the train to Birmingham, Alabama, and then renting a car to finish the trip.  Both Donald and Emma offer to pick them up, but they insist they want to take their time enjoying the scenery on the drive.  So instead, Emma plans a wonderful dinner for their arrival.Tonight is the longest night of the year.  In the past, this would be a night for Emma to remember those who have departed this earth and reflex.  Instead, there seems to be something in the air making this night different, for everyone.Sitting by the tree that evening with the twinkling lights, Donald and Emma make slow, tender, love to each other.  And it is lovemaking now which they Anadolu yakası escort bayan both feel.  Before it has just felt as intimacy between them, or hot on sex, but tonight, each takes their time with each other in a changing way under the soft glowing lights. It starts innocently.  Donald lights a fire and as they watch it burn and the glimmering of the lights and ornaments cast a glow over them both.  Kissing and caressing for long periods.  Tonight there is not a timetable, nor any finish line they need to cross.  There is this long night ahead.After sitting with his arm around Emma for a while, leaning and kissing her, Donald moves his lips to the back of her neck and begins to work his way around.  Her collar is getting in the way, so he turns Emma enough to unbutton her blouse, and pull it down over her shoulders.  Her tan shoulders glow in the light as he kisses her back and upper arms.He finds his lips returning to the nape of her neck, and as he does, he begins to suck and suck on it.  Emma moans from the feeling of his lips, pulling her skin so into his mouth.  While it is not the same as when Donald sucks that hard on her nipples or clit, it does start this wave flowing over her.Emma sighed deeply at his kisses on such a tender spot.After imbibing this way for several minutes, Donald lifts his head away and is amazed to see the mark he has left is almost in the shape of a heart.  He reaches his hand around to the front of Emma’s pearl collar and thugs a bit on the heart link.  Emma almost swoons from feeling this.Whenever Donald pulls on her collar this way, there is this rush that runs through her.  It is like it is a reminder that she is his pet, and so totally in his spell.Overcome with the delights Donald is raining on her, Emma reaches and begins to unbutton his shirt.  She so wants to run her fingers over his bare chest.  Which once the shirt is open and spread, she begins to do.  Gently, almost tickling him as the tips of her fingers played back and forth from one nipple to the other.  Squeezing them between her finger and thumb, making them firm and taut.Donald sighs with delight at this attention, but when Emma lowers her head and takes each into her mouth to suck on, the laments turn to a guttural growl as he feels electric shocks run through his body.Together they both help each other out of their shirts and toss them to the side.  Donald puts his hands under Emma’s boobs outside her shelf bra and lowers his head to suck on her nipples.  It is almost as if he is nursing Escort Kurtköy from her, taking in all her essence with each pull of the nipple, making it grow and extend.It is Emma’s turn to wail now.Donald reaches back and undoes her bra to set her breast free as he suckles them.  Feeling the release, Emma cries out in pleasure.In the twilight, they seem to both be finding ways to show their affection for each other.  Emma can see the bulge in Donald’s pants but takes her time just caressing his sides, hips, thighs, knowing he is getting harder and harder from her touch.Donald can see Emma becoming more excited and does reach behind her and unzips her skirt to help it fall away from her.  Emma is struggling to undo his belt and pants to get to his reward too.Both struggle out of their bottoms, but for some reason right now they keep their undies on.  They cling in each other’s arms, Emma’s breasts rubbing against Donald’s chest as they kiss.  Then Emma begins to suck on Donald’s ears, one after the other, back and forth.  Sticking her tongue in and out of his ear canal, nibbling on his auricle.Donald is so turned on by this.  The feel of her tongue and teeth gently gnawing at his pinna and the edges of his ear lobe.  His low moans and his hardening cock, which Emma feels through his boxers tell her that he is enjoying this a lot.She keeps up at it back and forth between each side of his face until he reaches a point that he takes her head in his hand and moves Emma, so her lips are on his and they kiss long and hard.Emma is feeling how damp she is in her panty cover crotch.  She knows the throbbing she is feeling so well, and knows release, for both of them, needs to be attended to now.She lowers herself down to lie on the floor as they continue to kiss.  Her knees are raised and spread, waiting for Donald to come into her. He begins to pull her panties off as she lifts her ass to allow him to do so.Then grabbing at the waistband of his boxers, Emma lifts her head enough to kiss his hard cock through the fabric before lowering them down off him. The feeling of Emma kissing his shaft through his boxers sends rush waves through Donald’s body.Both of them tonight are responding strongly to the acts of foreplay that they take their time over it.  The mere idea of each touching, caressing, stimulating each other has this cosmic effect on each.Donald rolls them on their sides facing the fire with the lite tree beside it.  Emma’s back is tight against Donald’s chest as he holds her.  His cock laying in her crack and Maltepe escort slit.  The base his shaft and balls are pressed against the bottom of her crack near her asshole, the shaft is huddled in her slit with the glans just barely brushing Emma’s clit.  He can feel her throbbing against him, her cunt is so warm and inviting and sticky wet.His hard penis is pulsating also, the vibrations of both is so pleasing to each of them. Donald’s hands enfold Emma’s breasts as he works them as two pieces dough he is kneading to shape into perfect loaves with just a nice little high peak on each.  Emma sighs are filled with delight at his touch both on her breasts and between her legs.She feels Donald’s warm breath on her neck as she leans back into him more.  Both his, and her breathing is starting to get a little labored from the intense feelings growing in them.Donald moves enough to slide his cock into her waiting wet vagina.  A deep groan comes from them both as he presses up deep into her.  Emma lifts her top leg and throws it over his thigh so he can enter her fully and completely.It is a slow and gentle intercourse they engage in, in and out, holding still at each thrust to feel the shaking of Donald’s prick against Emma clenching sides, relishing the waves of electricity running through their bodies.Donald lowers his one hand to reach between Emma’s legs.  Feeling the wetness dripping from her, he covers his fingers and thumb and begins to pinch and polish Emma’s clit to add to her mounting pleasure.Donald wants Emma to cum multiple times now before he does.  But he knows how this is happening between them it will be more of small, gentle spasms overtaking her.  Which start.Emma body shudders as the first overtakes her.  It is not that crashing thing that happens often, but a deeper, more complete surrender to sexual gratification.  Donald feels her sides clamp against him as it does, and just stops and lets her hold him as his cock throbs.Donald feels his balls so full pressing against her ass, he knows his semen is filling them, wanting to be released soon.  But for now, he desires to feel the tight fullness of them.  The minor pain, the major pleasure, of full hard nuts waiting to empty.Emma calms, and her grasps loosen on Donald.  He begins to thrust and bob in her again.  It is barely moments later when a second climax overtakes Emma again, and she feels herself arching against Donald’s chest as she cries out and clutches him again. Her hand reaches behind Donald to pull him closer, further up in her as she succumbs to the sensation.Emma experiences the warm glow running through her body, loving the feeling between her and Donald right now.  Donald is feeling something churning in him also.  He is aroused and needs to release soon, but this feeling is something else.  It brings tears to the corner of his eyes, realizing how overwhelming what he is feeling is.

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