Drying Off Downstairs

Arietta Adams

She stood there in the doorway to the shower, dripping, the towel rubbing her shoulders, then blotting at her hair. I had just come in from out in the shop; she had left the door to the downstairs bathroom open.

“Uncle Bill, I didn’t know anyone was home!”

“I have been out throwing in the shop, I didn’t know you were up.” I tried to look away from her, but couldn’t help it, she was so wet, and the water made her body shine in a thousand droplets under the bathroom lights.

She was trying to keep covered up, and yet continue to dry herself.

“Your breasts and nipples are really very beautiful. I love large nipples, and nice rounded breasts.”

She blushed, not knowing just what to say, and then answered with a quiet demure” thank you”

“Are they sensitive? Do they like to be touched” I stammered as I moved closer, looking right into her eyes.

“Uhh, yes, but we shouldn’t be. . .” I reached out and rubbed a finger over the right nipple where it was exposed above the towel.

“Uncle Bill, please don’t do that, “her voice was soft and quivering. The nipple began to harden to my finger and thumb twirling around it as her aureole puckered with little goose bumps.

“It seems to like it, don’t you?” I was becoming more confident, and I started to pull and pinch at the nipple as it hardened even more. I reached up with my other hand and began to play with the left nipple sliding my hand under the towel.

“Please, please don’t,” her face flush with a look of confusion.

“You do like it, don’t you, you don’t want me to stop. It feels good doesn’t it, having your uncle play with your nipples.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t be . . .” her confusion much more apparent.

I lowered my mouth to her right nipple and encircled it with my tongue, sucking lightly. My left hand was unoccupied and I sent it on a mission to her ass, roaming and squeezing. She squirmed but said nothing, as I sucked the nipple in hard and then snapped it with my tongue.

“Ohhhh,” she whimpered.

My lower hand found the inside of her thighs rubbing against both at once as they moved upward.

“Nooooooo, don’t, don’t,” and she clamped her legs together tightly. I moved my mouth to her left nipple, licking her flesh as I went, then sucked on it as I had the right, drawing it into my mouth and snapping it, then lightly grazing it with my teeth.

“Mmmmm,” her voice was muffled as she tried not to make a sound.

I continued to play with her thighs, what had I to lose. If I stopped now, she might tell, if I didn’t stop, maybe just maybe. . . I played with her nipples now and her breasts, my mouth going from one to the other at will, she didn’t seem to resist at all anymore. My lower hand brushed over cevizli escort her bush, on the outside, a narrow strip of hair. I let my hand follow it downward to the Y of her legs, I could feel the fatness of outer lips, and insinuated my finger between them,

“No noooooo, don’t,” she moaned.

The towel dropped. I lowered my head to her mouth and kissed her, not hard or forcing, just kissing, she kept her mouth shut, but I continued. My left hand played with her nipples, her ass, her hair. I whispered into her ear “I feel your wetness, your nipples are sensitive, and they have lit a fire in your pussy Karen.”

“You always liked breast feeding your 2 children, strutting around with them at your breast, giving a small show to me when you fed them during your visits.” I sucked on her right nipple again, lowering my head and my body slightly, giving my lower hand more room and leverage. I worked the finger in between her legs, sliding between her inner lips to find a damp trickle from her opening. I sucked on the nipple a little more then to the left one as my finger rubbed around her clit, spreading her juices.

“Mmmmmm “she moaned not so restrained.

I moved up to her face and kissed her lips again. She still didn’t kiss back, but I continued with my triple attack, two hands, and my mouth working at her. Her legs were the first thing that gave her feelings away, they relaxed, slowly, and as they did I thrust a finger into her depths swirling it in the dew.

“gggggggg” she tried to pull back, but the bathroom wall was there.

I decided that there was only one way to settle this. I dove at her breast again, taking the nipple in and sucking hard, pulling and sucking, as my teeth nipped at it, then diving lower, the inside hips above her “Y”

were licked and kissed by me. I moved my tongue to the wetness tasting the sweet saltiness of her, as I pushed my tongue along the route my finger had taken.

“Please, Uncle Bill, I can’t take this, don’t” she whimpered, but I found her clit, and encircled it, as my middle finger of my right hand thrust into her honey pot, hooking and rubbing for her “g” spot as my left hand pinched and fondled her nipples. She was breathing much harder now, and her hands tried to push me away, weakly. I continued, working an elbow between her knees, giving my hand and my face more room, her juices were sweet, there is nothing like warm damp pussy, I thought. Her legs were now spread, and her movement towards my mouth imperceptible, but there, in spite of herself, she wanted more. I worked my arm sideways spreading her legs a little more, and began making long strokes over her clit with my tongue, down into the opening where my fingers massaged erenköy escort her “g” spot. Her squirming was becoming more intense, and her knees seemed to be buckling, I took her right leg and put it over my shoulder, propping her up. I reinserted the middle finger into the seeping hole at the heart of her and used a jack hammer motion to reassert my control over her, she responded by placing her hands on my head, pressing me into her as her hips jerked at my face. I didn’t fight her now, just let her ride my questing tongue and fingers until she started quaking at her belly, ripples running down her legs, the moans, so intense.

“Ooooh gdd, I’m cumming, please . . . don’t stop.”

I didn’t intend to. I continued to lick at her until the tremors subsided and she calmed, moving her leg off of my shoulder.

I stood up and kissed her, her arms came up and wrapped themselves around my neck as I held her ass, the kiss was intense. I stroked her ass, and kissed her again.

“There is more where that came from,” I said as I dipped my face to her right nipple, licking it, and then sucking it to a new hardness. “Take out my cock”

She faltered, but I went to the other nipple, and sucked it in nibbling on the tip,

“Go on.”

She seemed to be trying to make up her mind, then slowly she unzipped me and reached into fish out my cock.

“Aunt Janet said it was large, I heard mom and her talking.”

“Not so big” I said quietly, enjoying the feel of her fingers stroking up and down it.

“I have never had one this big,” as she started to stroke him in earnest.

I didn’t care what she thought. She was looking at my cock with a strange look on her face, and I asked her,

“Do you want to taste it”? I kissed her again, while rubbing her nipples with both hands, then with my hands on her shoulders pushed her gently down, it didn’t take much. My cock was standing at full mast, but I swear it got harder as her tongue reached out and touched the tip, licking off a drop of precum. She continued by licking under the shaft, and then swirling her tongue around over the glans. Heavenly! I was now the one to get weak kneed as she took the shaft and sucked it into her mouth with a light vacuum as her right hand came up to tickle my balls. I looked for her left hand, and saw it down under her body, and the upper arm and elbow moving in a jerky motion, she was fingering herself. Her sucking was having a strong effect on me, but since I don’t cum easy on blowjobs I let her continue. I undid my jeans, and removed my shirt, kicking everything away. Then I pulled her up and kissed her, her arms raised to my shoulders wrapping around my neck as I played with a nipple and started to esenyurt escort rub at her pussy with my thigh.

She responded by riding my leg. The kiss was followed by another and another, ’til I sat on the toilet.

“Come sit on me”

“No face me”

She straddled my legs, moving forward, and began to sit.

“Go on, You know what do with that.”

She grabbed my cock by the shaft and placed it at her gaping wet honey pot, rubbing it back and forth in the wetness. My hands went to her hips, as I leaned forward to take a nipple in my moth to suck. She began to descend on me, relishing the feel as it entered into her belly. She sank all of the way down to it and sat still. I kissed her again and her arms came up to encircle me again.

“What do you want, Karen?”

“Tell me what you want.”

She sat there, looking at the space between us, knowing that this was the future and the past all in one answer.

“Fuck me, fuck me now.” Her voice was distant far off, and too quiet.

“No, look in my eyes and tell me what you want.”

She looked up at me, “Fuck me Uncle Bill, Please Fuck me, I need it now.”

I moved my hands to her ass, and lifted her off my cock, and when it was about out of her I let her drop again, I started working to a rhythm as she started to fall into the same with a forward and back motion. We continued on as her motion caused my cock to ride over her clit, and then hit the front of her cunt, pounding at her “g” spot. Soon there was a sheen of sweat glistening off of her body and mine. Her moans were intensifying, and she was shaking slightly, all signs of her impending climax. Remembering how she liked her nipples played with I dived my head at her left breast and started to tease the nipple. She began to cum only a few seconds later.

She began urging me to cum, “come on Uncle Bill, I want to feel you spurt in me”

I couldn’t think of anything more pleasurable and was soon dumping my seed deep in her wetness at the center of her universe. It took a while to recover, both of us sitting there entwined as we came down from the mountain. She kissed me, her tongue reaching in to my mouth to search for my tongue and then retreat, a game. We continued to kiss, and fondle for long moments, then she lifted herself off of me, looking at my shrunken member, kneeling to take it into her mouth and like it clean. I was totally surprised, she was now on her own, and doing this. After long moments, she stood up, I looked at the body I had just possessed standing before me, appreciatively. I stood, and held her close, feeling her breasts at my chest as we kissed again and I fondled her ass and breasts.

“We can’t do this often,” she said, “Randy would wonder.”

I thought to myself, her husband, what about my wife? “Does this mean that you want to do this again?”

“Oh yes, but now I don’t have to pretend, the next time will be different.”

“One fantasy down, many more to go.” Her mouth descending on mine for another wonderful questing kiss.

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