Driving Sonia Home

Driving Sonia Home

I first met Sonia at a night out to celebrate the retirement of a work colleague. She had been out with a few of her friends for a quiet drink after work and had become entangled with our crowd because our retiring colleague was her uncle.

To tell the truth, I thought straight away that she was a stunner. About thirty-five, maybe a little older, no wedding ring, a good figure, not thin, but not fat either, just perfect in my mind. She had shoulder length dark hair, regular features and smiled a lot. I liked her, but mentally dismissed her, thinking she was way out of my league. For a start I was twenty years older, and realistically, some things are just not meant to happen.

An hour or so after she joined our company, as I was talking to John, the retiring colleague, he asked if I would do him a favour, and I said I would if I could. He knew I was just about to leave, as I had just said so in the course of our conversation. I never stay long at these affairs. I don’t drink alcohol, apart from the occasional glass of white wine at a special meal, but that’s my limit, so I’m inclined to leave before the drinking takes a serious turn.

‘Would you mind giving my niece a lift home? She lives in the same direction as you, and like you, she’s not much of a drinker. I don’t want her standing on the streets at this time of night waiting for a taxi, with all the drunks and idiots going about,’ he explained.

‘No bother John, as you say, it’s on my way home. Give me five minutes to say my goodbyes and we’ll be on our way,’ I said, and finally wished him all the best in his retirement before I left. I went around the company saying goodbye, and then collected the lovely Sonia, who was now standing beside her uncle John.

‘Are you sure this is OK?’ She asked.

‘Don’t be daft, of course it is, I’m going home, and it’s on my way, there’s no inconvenience to me at all. Anyway, it’ll be nice to have the company,’ I said, trying to put her at ease. We crossed the car park and getting in I started the car. She got in beside me, and took out her mobile phone, quickly typing out a text message to someone.

Oh, how I hate mobile phones. They’re a complete conversation killer. While she sent the text, I said nothing, not wanting to interrupt her train of thought, but as soon as she finished, and she turned her attention to me, we chatted away like old friends. It turned out she had been married, but now divorced, one child, a boy, who was with his father this weekend. I asked, as a matter of interest, if she had a new man in her life, and her reply was non-committal, so I pressed her about it.

‘Well… yes and no. How can I explain it? I’m keen on him, but he doesn’t seem as interested in me as I think he should be. I seem to be doing all the chasing and getting very little in return. When I’m with him, it’s good, but he never seems to take the initiative, it always me contacting him to arrange meetings. He’s a very shy sort of person as well,’ she explained, tailing off.

‘Sorry Sonia, but this guy must be mental,’ I said. I could see her looking at me from my peripheral vision, slightly shocked at my candour. ‘You’re a stunningly beautiful woman, and you have to chase him,’ I explained. ‘Does the idiot know how lucky he is?’ She said nothing for a moment.

‘Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say that, and you know, you’re right, I was sort of wondering about that myself,’ she replied. ‘He’s got me, so I’m a bit confused really.’ Just then her mobile beeped, signalling an incoming message, and the conversation stopped as she read it. ‘That’s him,’ she said by way of explanation. ‘The text I just sent was me asking if I could come over to see him, and he’s just said no, he’s too tired. What do you think of that?’ I could hardly believe what I was hearing!

‘At the risk of repeating myself’ he’s mental. How old is he?’ I asked.

‘Thirty-seven, a couple of years older than me,’ she replied.

‘And when you ask to see him, he says he’s too tired. Do you really think that’s right?’ I asked again.

‘No, but he works in the oil business, and he’s going offshore tomorrow, so I can understand it a wee bit,’ she replied, making excuses for him.

‘Sonia, I’m going to say it again. I may swear a bit so forgive me in advance. You are a beautiful, intelligent woman. If I was going offshore tomorrow for two weeks, I’d be doing my best to get some last-minute loving before leaving. Let’s be completely frank and honest here, you’re offering to go over to his place for sex, right? I asked.

‘Yes,’ she said, almost reluctantly, as if she was trying to be discreet, maybe a little embarrassed too, but nodding her head at the same time.

‘And he’s turned you down?’

‘Yes,’ she replied and nodded again.

‘Sorry, I made a big mistake before, he’s not mental, he’s fucking mental,’ I said vehemently. She laughed.

‘You’re right of course,’ she admitted. ‘Maybe it’s because he lives on his own and has never been married. He just doesn’t know how to reciprocate, or show his feelings,’ bursa escort she said still making excuses for him.

‘Sorry, but that’s not right. He’s just bloody selfish. He knows you want him, and you want to have sex with him. He’s going away for two whole weeks, and yet he can’t be bothered to put himself out a little to show you some affection. That doesn’t look good to me,’ I finished.

‘You’re so right but I don’t know what to do,’ she said hopelessly.

‘OK, here’s what to do. Never mind sending bloody text messages. It’s a phone after all, call him directly and tell him you’re coming over. I’ll even drive you over myself, so you don’t have to worry about transport. He knows what’s on offer and if he refuses, dump him. He’s no good,’ I stated.

‘You’re right again, and you’re just saying what I’m thinking anyway. OK, I’ll call him, see what he has to say for himself,’ she said, sounding more determined at last. She flipped open the phone and called him. After a few minutes she said. ‘The bastard has switched his phone off; it’s just going to his answering machine.’ I could see by the way she slumped in the seat, head bowed, that she was upset.

‘Sonia, listen to me,’ I said. ‘He doesn’t deserve you. If he’s like this now, just think what he’s going to be like in three or four-year’s time. You haven’t known this guy long, so your relationship is relatively new, right?’ She nodded in agreement. ‘Well, if he can’t be bothered to make the effort now, it’s only going to get worse in the future.

You’ve been married, and had other boyfriends I’m sure, so you know what I’m saying is right, but you may have forgotten, so just let me remind you anyway. This is the time when new lovers can’t get enough of each other. He shouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you – he should be taking every opportunity to get you in bed, and yet here you are offering him hot steaming sex on a plate. and he can’t be bothered. Something wrong there Sonia – you shouldn’t have to beg him for sex. It’s demeaning, not to mention demoralising and undermining to your self-confidence. I’ll say it again, you deserve better,’ I said.

‘You know, you’re telling me exactly what I’ve been thinking this last week or ten days. You’ve only known me for an hour or so and yet you seem to know me better than he does after a couple of months, and once again you’re right. I suppose I just needed someone to put it into words, to help me gather my thoughts and feelings. Time to move on I think,’ she said finally.

‘I’m glad to see you’ve been listening Sonia. Believe me, there will be a queue of men after you. Let’s face it, you’re not old, you’re rather beautiful to say the least, you’ve got a great figure, you’re intelligent, easy to get on with. You’re not going to be on your own for long,’ I said, pointing out her assets, which were plain to see.

‘Thank you, for saying such nice things to me. It’s a real boost to my confidence to hear that, and God knows, I need it after these last few weeks,’ she said.

‘Oh, I apologise, I missed out, “sexy,” sheer sex on legs, and speaking of legs, I forgot to mention the legs. Great legs Sonia, really great legs,’ I offered, getting into my stride.

‘Aww… you really are so nice to me. As for sexy, I don’t know about that. Horny might be closer to the mark at the moment,’ she admitted.

‘Ah, of course, you were in the mood for sex until idiot boy turned you down,’ I said. She giggled. ‘Well… as I see it Sonia, you have three options,’ I told her.

‘Really, so what are my three options?’ she asked, beginning to sound the slightest bit flirtatious.

‘Option one, you can go home and think about him, and what a selfish bastard he’s been, and plan your new life while you sulk about your old. That way, you’ll have a very disturbed and troubled night, with your thoughts going around and around in circles, thinking about someone who’s not worth the bother.

You’re also going to waste all that sexual energy you’re just buzzing with, and end up frustrated and miserable, not to mention washed out in the morning.’ She nodded in agreement. At that point we drove into the street where she stayed, and she pointed to her door, where I pulled in and parked. I switched off the engine and turned towards her. ‘How does that sound?’ I asked.

‘Not good,’ she answered.

‘I didn’t think so either,’ I said. ‘Or, you could go in, have another drink, and tell yourself what a lucky escape you’ve had from a life of misery. Get your faithful vibrator out of the drawer where you keep it, and be very naughty, all on your own. Undress in front of a big mirror, while being very sensual with yourself, admiring and caressing your body, breasts and dare I say it, pussy. Make the most of your natural sexiness and enjoy yourself. That way you’ll have a lot of fun, exhaust yourself and sleep like a log. You’ll get up in the morning, better prepared to face the day, feeling refreshed and happier. How does that sound?’ I finished.

‘Yes, you’re right again. That sounds much better,’ she agreed, bursa escort laughing.

‘Of course,’ I added, ‘I’m sort of taking for granted that you’re the naturally sexual women I think you are, and that you’re the proud owner of the aforementioned vibrator?’

‘Yes, I have to admit that I am very sensual by nature. God… why am I telling you this? I’ve known you for less than a couple of hours. I suppose it’s because you’re so easy to talk to,’ she explained to herself, rather than me, ‘and you’re a good listener too. Maybe you should be a councillor or something?’

‘Mmm… A sex councillor?’ I mused. ‘I think I’d like that – as long as all the women were as gorgeous as you.’

‘There you go again, saying the nicest things to me,’ she laughed again. There was a silence, not strained or uncomfortable, finally she spoke. ‘Yes,’ was all she said.

‘Yes?’ I replied, puzzled.

‘Yes, I have a vibrator,’ she giggled again sounding slightly embarrassed.

‘Right, that’s you sorted then,’ I said. ‘Remember though, if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, a bit of counselling, or just someone to talk to, you can give me a call. It’s always nice to have female company.’ She thanked me for helping to get her thoughts straightened out and for my advice. She leaned over, kissed my cheek, gathered her handbag and coat, and made to get out of the car. She hesitated for a moment before speaking.

‘You said I had three options’ she said. ‘You only covered two. What was the third?’

‘It doesn’t matter now, you’re going with the second option,’ I said.

‘I may like the third better,’ she protested, ‘you have to tell me.’

‘Ok. Well… it’s like this,’ I said explaining. ‘I have a thing about oral sex. Not receiving but giving. I just love to perform oral sex on a woman. I don’t even expect to get anything in return. For me the big thrill is to have a woman squirming with pleasure as I go down on her, hearing her sighing and moaning, whimpering with pleasure, and calling out in ecstasy as she comes again and again. That’s what I love to do. I realise I’m a lot older than you, and not exactly handsome either, so that’s why I hesitated to suggest it.’ I concluded, looking at her.

‘Well… you are one for your little surprises,’ she said. ‘So, you’d like to come up to my flat, get me naked and tongue fuck me?’ she said.

‘Sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned it, forget I even spoke about it,’ I said, my sense of realism taking control.

She gathered her things together again and got out of the car. She didn’t even say goodbye, just walked away. She looked back over her shoulder, hesitated, and turned, walking back to my side of the car. I rolled down the window and looked up at her. ‘My god,’ I thought, ‘she’s so beautiful.’

‘What are you still sitting there for?’ she asked me. ‘Do I have to search through all my drawers for the bloody vibrator, or are you going to come up and help a poor horny girl have a good time?’ she demanded. She was grinning all over her face.

‘You bitch,’ I said in mock anger. She laughed out loud.

‘Mmm… bitch, right enough, I do love it doggy style,’ she answered, laughing again.

Her flat wasn’t too small. Bright, airy and modern, she switched on the lights, then went around, turning on the table lights before switching off the main lights again. Now it looked much better. the lighting easier on the eyes, more atmospheric and although it’s a cliché, seductive.

‘Welcome to my humble abode,’ she said, spinning around in a little pirouette, which really said, ‘here I am, I’m yours.’ I went to her and took her in my arms. I kissed her beautiful mouth, which left us both breathless.

‘Oh my, you do seem to have such a well-educated tongue,’ she said, laughing again, but excited too. ‘Want to show me more?’ As she said it, she stepped away from me and lifted her skirt a little, just above her knees, teasing me.

‘I can hardly wait,’ I said hoarsely, my mouth suddenly going dry with excitement.

‘Don’t wait then, just do it,’ she replied, a look of sheer lust in her eyes. I took her in my arms again, kissing her, and reaching up under her skirt, hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her tights and panties, pulling them down together, just above her knees. I felt the silk smooth skin of her bottom for a moment or two, before slipping a hand between her legs. She was wet and ready, her cunt lips opening up beneath my fingers, slippery to the touch.

She shuddered and moaned loudly, pushing herself against my hand as I smeared the hot juice over her clitoris. I gently pushed her back a few steps to the sofa, where the edge of the seat caught the back of her legs forcing her to sit down. I pulled the tights and panties right down and off, throwing them to one side, and she opened her legs wide pulling her skirt up high to her waist.

‘Go on then, kiss me there, you promised, lick me, suck me. Make me forget that bastard ever existed,’ she gasped out. I needed no second bidding.

Kneeling before her, I pulled her bursa eskort to the edge of the sofa, hastily unbuttoning her blouse, pulled it out of the waistband, and slipped it off her shoulders. Her bra only took me a few seconds more to remove, and finally she lifted her hips to slip her skirt down and off herself. She was naked and what a glorious sight she was.

‘OK, you’re naked,’ I said reminding her of her own words, ‘and now I’m going to tongue fuck you until you beg me to stop.’ She said nothing, but lay back on the sofa, cupping her beautiful breasts with both hands, caressing the nipples, making them hard and swollen with desire.

I set to work. Stroking and caressing the soft skin of her inner thighs with my hands, I teased and tormented, getting closer to her pussy, then withdrawing until she was pushing her hips up of the sofa in an effort to make contact with my hands. At last I lowered my head and slowly kissed and slid my tongue along that same delicate skin, feeling the cool firmness of her thighs, smooth and welcoming.

My tongue trailed higher, until I was just a few short inches from her cunt. I could smell her woman smell and excitement – see the wetness ooze from between her open lips, trickling down into the crack of her bottom. She was whimpering and moaning with expectation as I reached the top of her legs, kissing licking and sucking along the crease of her groin, first one side, then the other.

I was desperate to dip my tongue into her crevice, tasting her and hearing her reaction, but I held back, wanting her to be at breaking point when my tongue swept across her clitoris. I knew if I tormented her long enough, she would come almost as soon as my lips touched hers.

‘Please, please, don’t make me wait any longer,’ she pleaded. ‘I’m ready now, please do it.’ She was almost crying with frustration, trying to push herself against my mouth, but it was easy for me to evade her thrusts, and I continued to tease her. Up over her clitoris hood, so close, the pearlescent sheen of her exposed clitoris just a fraction from my ravaging tongue. So, close she moaned out loud as my tongue swept past. Down the side of her labia, over that sensitive bridge of flesh, the perineum, that separates pussy from bum hole.

I lingered there for a moment, knowing how sensitive it was and she responded by lifting her bottom up to meet me again, but I evaded her thrust, letting my tongue find the groove of her groin, and licked and tongued my way up over the labia at that side too. She was frantic now, squeezing her tits quite viciously, thrusting, and tilting her pelvis up off the sofa in a fucking motion. I licked up over her clitoris hood again, pulling the soft delicate skin back to further expose her clitoris.

She really thought I was going to do it that time and squealed with frustration as I reversed direction and licked back down the same labia that I’d just come up. Once more I lingered on the sensitive perineum, hearing her gasping with pleasure. From her reactions I knew the time was right, so finally, ignoring the glorious labia and groin, I let my tongue slide upwards and dip between her lips, tasting the copious pool of milky white cunt juice that had trickled down and gathered there.

She screamed out loud as my tongue plunged once into her depths, then continued its wicked journey up between her lips, finding and teasing her clitoris, firmly but gently, knowing how sensitive the engorged little beauty could be. She went absolutely rigid, as I swept over and round, and again, her orgasm hitting her almost immediately. She grabbed my head, holding my face tight against her cunt, rubbing and grinding herself against my mouth.

There was no need, I couldn’t think of anyplace I’d rather be at that precise moment. I wasn’t going anywhere. She gasped and screamed with pleasure, babbling incoherent nonsense as the waves of ecstasy swept over her. At last the tremors of her pleasure began to subside, and she let go of my head, her hands falling by her side. Her eyes were closed, but a big smile played across her lovely face.

‘Oh, that was so good,’ she gasped out, still breathless from her exertions.

‘I’m glad you enjoyed it,’ I said. ‘More? She nodded, so this time, I pushed her legs even further apart, and slipped two fingers between the soaking wet lips into the depths of her pussy. There was no friction or resistance – she was so wet, her lips opened up allowing my fingers to sink deep into her hole.

I found her G-spot easily, that little rough patch of skin behind the pubic bone and began to rub. Right away she began to move her hips sensuously, pushing against my hand and moaning loudly. I knew she was going to come quickly, so I helped her orgasm along by going down on her and licking her clitoris again. Her taste and fragrance filled my mouth and senses as I drank my fill of her cunt.

She was producing as much juice as any woman I’d ever known, and mixed with my saliva, my face and fingers were soon liberally coated with her essence. It was a glorious tongue fuck, as far as I was concerned, and she was as responsive to my attentions as I could have hoped for. Soon her hips were moving frantically, signalling the onset of another orgasm, wailing out loud, moaning and whimpering, such a beautiful sound, a sound I just love to hear.

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