Driven to my Black Master`s basement


Driven to my Black Master`s basementMy Black Master called me that early evening, to tell me I should be ready after dinner; because he would drive me to his place.I did not dare to protest, although Victor had planned to go dinner outside.Then I had a warm shower, shaved my labia and put on a sexy outfit.When my loving husband came from office, he found me ready to go out, but he was disappointed about hearing that my date tonight was Jerome.My Black Master came for me in his nice car and he drove me to his home. He said I looked like a perfect street hooker and he ordered me to wait at the bar in the basement. I waited there patiently until I finally heard Jerome walking downstairs.A very nice handsome black man was behind him.My black lover introduced his friend as Pete.The new black guy told me to come closer. Then he reached out and his hand took care of my ass cheeks. He ordered me to turn around.As I spun around, the guy lifted up my tight tiny skirt and smacked my butt.Pete led me by the hand to the bed in the middle of the basement. He took his trousers off and laid down on the bed; telling me to suck him. I got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. He got hard quickly and before I knew it, I was slobbering all over it. Meanwhile Jerome ripped of my little thong and he pushed one long finger deep inside of my wet cunt.Pete woke from the bed and he got in front of me. He told me now he wanted to hear me gag and get his cock wet. Then he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face onto his huge black cock. I opened my mouth wide and he fucked my throat in a wild way. He gave me some breaks, by pulling out Escort and slapping my face with his magnificent piece of cock.After ten minutes sucking and gagging, I begged him to fuck me.He ignored me every time I begged him. But finally he ordered me to get on my elbows and knees with my head down. I braced myself when I felt him teasing my spread wide pussy lips with his giant black serpent.He suddenly shoved it in me, making me gasp loud…Victor had not fucked me in a month; so my cunt was tight and his cock really hurt me. I begged him to pull out just for a moment so I could take a hit. He did pull out, but suddenly he pushed his dick again to the bottom.I cried in pain, muffling my sounds in a pillow. Pete pushed again to the bottom, not giving me the chance to get used to his tremendous girth…After a dozen hard thrust, it started feeling good. Then I began moaning with pleasure, whimpering and telling him how good he felt in my horny cunt…I looked back at him, smiled and told him that his black cock was great.Then Pete started fucking me harder and faster, smacking my ass as he pumped me in a wild manner. He warned he would come inside of me.I just moaned at the idea of having his huge cock coming inside. Some seconds later, I felt his monster black cock pulse inside me with each spurt of cum, stretching my cunt a little wider each time.The bastard made me whimper and moan in total pleasure…As Pete pulled out, I asked him if he wanted me to clean off his cock.The black guy smiled and I sucked his cock until the last drop of salty cum.Then he just dressed up again, slapped my buttocks and left the basement.My Escort Bayan Black Master said there was another black guy waiting for me.So I went back over to the bed and sat down in a sexy submissive pose.Soon the black guy came over me. Jerome introduced him as his good friend Jeremiah and said I would treat him fine…This new black guy was so hot, a very young handsome black one, with a huge black cock dangling between his thighs. He smiled at me, ordering to get on all fours, keeping my buttocks up and my head down onto a pillow. He then took off my high heels and he started rubbing my feet against his hardened dick. He ordered me to jerk him with my feet. I did the best I could and, as I was working on this, he said I needed a good spanking, for being such a nasty slut…His heavy hand started to hit me; not hard at first, but then he started hitting me harder, making me scream in pain. I begged him to make me squirm and cry out; so he hit me even harder this time.All of a sudden he stopped spanking me and he rubbed my tight asshole…His soft fingers felt nice rubbing my rosebud, entering my rear carefully.Then I heard a buzzing sound and I knew what that meant.Jeremiah shoved a thin dildo in me and started fucking me slowly with it.Although it was thinner than a real cock, it hurt so badly. Suddenly I squirted onto the bed; my cunt was betraying me. He did not care about it.He stopped and took the tiny dildo out. But this bastard was not done yet. He just grabbed a bigger dildo. He grabbed my waist and pulled me back to him, starting to fuck my asshole with his new thicker toy.I tried to escape forward; Bayan Escort but he held me tightly, ordering me not to move, or it would be even worse. Then he started to fuck me even harder, until he shoved the dildo all the way deep inside of my poor anus. I cried in tears.As Jeremiah considered I was now properly loosened up, he finally shoved his hard black dick into my stretched asshole. I let out a long cry, as he really hurt me. He waited some moments and then he started pumping my insides in and out, in a very brutal way; with no mercy at all.After the initial pain, it felt so good. His huge black cock was splitting me open and filling me up deep with each thrust. Suddenly he withdrew and ordered me to get on my knees to take his warm load in my mouth.He then started spraying his hot and sticky semen all over my face.Jeremiah shoved his cock back in my mouth and I started cleaning him off.When he left, I woke up and went to the bathroom. I saw the mess he had just made all over me. It aroused me a bit more; so I went back to the bed and lay down there, starting to masturbate my wet cunt with my long fingers. I wanted to cum again; I needed it so badly.As I was close to cum, my Black Master came downstairs. He smiled as I saw my legs spread open and my own gingers buried deep in my cunt.He let me come and then he said that he would drive me back home to my cuckold hubby. Both his black mates were satisfied with my sex behavior…When Jerome parked at the front door, he made me suck his black rod and swallow all his salty seed. Then he let me out of his car.It was just past midnight and Victor looked surprised about having me back home so early. I kissed him deeply, making him taste my Black Master’s cum in his mouth…I asked Victor how many huge cocks he thought I have fucked…And he smiled, saying I looked as if only three black guys had used me…

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