Don’t Resist Ch. 02


[Dee takes Susan deeper into femdom]

Part 1 was submitted under a different category, “Non-consent/Reluctance.” As the reluctance is now gone, I am submitting this under a more liberal category. Don’t Resist introduced the narrator, Dee, a buxom blonde, and her slender young friend Susan. Thank you to those readers whose comments and suggestions encouraged me to do this, my second story.

* * * * *

We lay exhausted in each others’ arms. Susan was slightly on top of me, her head laying in the crook between my neck and shoulder. She was lightly stroking my breasts, occasionally teasing each nipple. Our legs were intertwined, and the sheen of perspiration from our earlier exertions had slowly evaporated into a refreshing coolness. As we lay languidly together, my mind seemed to race at a thousand thoughts a minute.

I had awakened her lesbian feelings, and even better, had introduced my strap-on cock to her ass. But even as I had changed her, she changed me, too. It felt so good to be in total control, both training her and metering her pleasure with the precision of a Mercedes Benz. Now I wanted to go further, I wanted to totally dominate her. I did not want to cow her frisky youthfulness, but I wanted it visible only for my benefit. I was scared — that she might reject this, that she might think I was, well, just too kinky. But these thoughts turned me on so much that I decided to press forward with my plan.

I wanted to be inside her when I asked for her submission. She was getting drowsy, so I was able to easily roll her around into the spoon position. Then I pushed her legs opened, and started to insert myself into her. It wasn’t too difficult to do, as her anus was still relaxed, even if her horniness was still spent. “You’re so naughty,” she murmured. Slowly, I started to fuck her ass again, not so fast as a true horny fuck, but just fast enough to make it feel warm and fuzzy.

“I have a serious question for you, Susan,” I said.

“Go ahead, Dee.”

“I taught you things today, and I think you enjoyed them…enjoyed them a lot.” She nodded back at me.

“I want to teach you more things, actually, train you, to be more precise. Would you let me do that?”

It’s hard to say no when there’s a cock in your ass, and Susan easily said, “Sure.”

“I’m am being very serious now. Will you do EXACTLY what I ask of you….no objections, no complaints?”

A thoughtful look passed over her face, soon followed by a growing smile. Then she replied, “Dee, I love what you have done for me. It was the most pleasure I have ever felt in my life. Now I want to do whatever pleases you. I have no reservations about that, and I will do exactly what you tell me to do.”

“Mmmmmm, you have made me so happy — and horny — with your answer, Babe! I am going to finish fucking your ass now, but I want you to come back in a week and I will tell you exactly what your new role will be.”

Chapter 2 — The Rules

In the intervening week, my mind raced even faster with delicious thoughts. There were many things I had to do to get ready and to allow my plan to unfold. Finally, the day arrived, I welcomed Susan back into my home.

“Please sit down. I am going to tell you what I will be doing to you. I am going to look you in the eyes as I tell you this, to be sure you are ready for this. If I sense that you can’t handle it, or you tell me you can’t…I will give you one last chance to back out.”

She nodded in agreement.

“Here are the new rules, Susan.”

“First, I am going to be your bull dyke, and you are going to be my boy toy. That means, I will have you any time I want, in any way I want. I’m not going to dress like a dyke though. I am going bursa otele gelen eskort to wear pretty dresses, frilly lingerie…and a strap-on underneath it all. You on the other hand, I will turn into a boy. I want you to look butch, except that you must wear your makeup and lipstick. I want your lips to be always ruby red whenever I have the urge for you to suck on my girl cock.”

“Second, you are to move in with me. I want you to sell everything you have at your apartment, and only keep your clothes. That way, you will be totally reliant on me for your housing. You are to do this within the next week, and be moved into my home the following week.”

“Third, as a measure of your respect for me and my being dom over you, from now on, we will use the word ‘cunt’ to reference yours, and we will use the word ‘pussy’ to reference mine.”

“Fourth, I am going to train your body, and maybe even change your body, to be sensitive only to the sensations I want you to enjoy. Specifically, I am going to train you so that your nipples, tongue and ass have heightened sensitivity, and that your clit and cunt do not expect, will not receive, and will not enjoy pleasure.”

“Fifth, you are to wear certain items, as part of your training or as symbols of respect for me. For your training, when you are home I want you to always either be butt plugged or be wearing anal beads. This will keep you open and ready for my cock. For respect, you are to wear this black silk collar.” I showed her the collar from my bag.

“Next is that while I will be training your ass to receive pleasure, you are to at the same time learn to be an expert at pleasuring my pussy with your tongue. I want you to use your tongue as skillfully as a good cocksman.”

“I said I may change your body. I am going to start small on this, and if I like what I see, we will make these changes permanent. First, we will shave your pussy. If I like that, we will have your pubes permanently removed by laser. Second, I want you to bleach your hair to golden blonde, as any slut lez should be. I am going to dye my blonde hair to dark brunette, since that is more dom. Third, I am going to bind your breasts so that only your nipples extend beyond your chest. Lastly, we are going to protect your clit so that it cannot receive attention and over time will lose its sensitivity.”

“Whew….that’s a lot, isn’t it, Susan? Are you ready to begin or are you sorry you ever met me?” I laughed, nervously.

She looked me right in the eye, and said, “I will agree with your rules. But I do have some questions.”

“Should I call you anything special, like Mistress Dee?”

“No….I will know I am your mistress, but the rest of the world need not know,” I said.

“If you want me to train my ass for pleasure, what are your plans, specifically, for my cunt?”

I giggled, then, “We are going to use your cunt as a honey hole. When I want to fuck you, I will tell you or tease you first, so that the anticipation makes your cunt wet, then I will slide it into your cunt just a few strokes to get my cock wet….and then slide it into your ass.”

“What do you mean by ‘protect my clit?'”

“You’ll see,” I replied with an air of mystery. I had something very special in mind, indeed for this!

She smiled quizzically at me, probably a little afraid of the changes I was going to effect on her new life with me, but at the same time excited, too. Just going over the rules with her made me hot with desire, although I tried my best to hide it.

“So let’s start,” I said. I made strip completely. I pulled out a bag of goodies from the dresser nearby. I attached the collar first, hearing bursa eve gelen escort bayan a satisfying “click” as I locked it in place. “Bend over,” I instructed. I greased a fairly long but slender plug, and then smoothly slide it into her. “Now stand and raise your arms.” I wrapped a long white sheer cloth around her chest, carefully tightening, so that soon her breasts were pressed flat against her chest. Then I cut openings in the wrapping to allow her nipples to be hard and exposed. “You are to wear this kind of wrap until I get a special bra for you. After I get that, you are only to wear that type of bra.” I then had her get dressed again, gave her a hug, pushed her out the door to begin her new life when she returned in two weeks.

Over the next two weeks, Susan had followed my instructions to a tee. I was very pleased. She sold off her furnishings and moved in with me. She changed her appearance, and from the back her profile was that of a slender male. I bought her some minimizer bras to flattened her chest, cut holes in them for her nipples, and she started to wear them. Only when you saw her pretty, made-up face could you recognize she was female.

Chapter 3 — First lesson, pussy training

For the first training, the goal was to desensitize the erogenous zones in her pussy. I planned to do this through a combination of analgesic spray and what I would call “re-enforcement behavior.”

I bought a very special strap-on cock. It had three pump bulbs on it! Two of the bulbs were designed to ejaculate fluid through the head of the cock. Two shots on goal they made, so to speak. The third pump engorged the cock. It increased the size of the cock head by a quarter inch all around, and it increased the length of the shaft by an inch with an accordion-like mechanism. This was just enough growth to take the cock from large to overly, perhaps unpleasantly, big.

I made two fake cum recipes. Both had the requisite appearance, white with the consistency of yogurt. In one, I added some lemon and bitterroot flavoring. The taste was sour and bitter, but not completely unpalatable. The other was sweetened with some honey.

It had been a couple weeks since I saw her, but I made her wait for a few more days after she moved in. We didn’t have sex but in the evenings I did have her strip down to just panties. I loved the look as she walked topless around my apartment. Sometimes I stroked her lightly, and I could see how the teasing and cool air made her nipples hard. As much as I wanted to taste them, I resisted, knowing that pretty soon neither of us would be able to resist our growing horniness. It would be precisely then that she would be most receptive to the difficult training to come.

Finally, the day for the first lesson came. We were kissing lightly, then she pressed in more tightly. Our kisses became deeper, our lipstick smearing on each others’ faces. “Please, Dee, fuck me now, you have made me sooooooo horny,” she whispered into my ear. Who was I to resist such an invitation?

I turned to her, pulled her blouse off of her. I unbuckled her bra, and for the first time in several days, her boobs became free and literally sprang into my face. Then I started to suckle her, reveling in her taste and the sensation of each nipple growing hard in my mouth. “I’m going to fuck you doggy style,” I told her, “but first let’s get you ready.” I poured some warm massage oil on her tits, working the slippery oil into her chest. I wanted them to shine brightly, and to have a pleasant slipperiness when I gripped them later. I took my top off, drizzled some oil onto my chest, and moved up over her now in a sort of missionary position. bayan eskort bursa We slipped and slided over each other, with that nice full feeling of our breasts between each other. Then, I kissed her mouth, our tongues intertwining, the juices from our kisses mixing. I slipped my hand down between her legs, cupping her cunt, I could feel the heat and the moistness there. She moaned softly into my ear, responding to the foreplay.

I sat up, and reached over for my lipstick. “You need a little fixing,” I giggled. Then I repaired her ruby red lips. She head very still as I applied the lipstick. “Now,” I said, “I want you get on your knees and suck my cock for me. Take it deep for me.”

I sat upright on the couch, and watched as she kneeled between my legs. Then her mouth took my cock. She looked up and locked her eyes into mine, as she performed an expert fellatio. I thought to myself, “man, how many guys would like to trade places with me!”

Her newly applied lipstick smeared deliciously on the head and the shaft. The sound of her ministering to my phallus was driving me nuts, and soon, I had to stop her.

“Get on your hands and knees now, my sex slave, and I will start our first lesson for your cunt.”

She turned, moved up to the couch, resting her arms on the cushion while exposing her fine ass to me. She looked back at me in anticipation. I moved behind her, and reached down to gently finger her pussy. It was hot and wet, just as I planned. I told her, “Now I am going to plug your cunt with this cock, but it is not for your pleasure…you’ll see what I mean.” And without any further preparation for her, I move the cock head to her tight entrance, held it there briefly, then slowly, firmly slid it into her. Even though she was wet, I could tell that this penetration was if not painful somewhat uncomfortable. Once I had plunged it to the hilt, I reached under her and cupped her. Her nipples were rock hard, and I fondled her oiled breasts as if kneading bread.

“It doesn’t feel good, does it?” I asked.

“It feels…ok…” she replied.

“Good, from now on, remember, your cunt is not where you are going to be pleasured.” And with that, I started to pump up my fake cock, expanding the girth and the length. I could feel her gasp with this surprise, full sensation. Then, I pumped her several hard fast strokes, like a guy who can’t control himself would, then squeezed the first cum bulb, the one with the sour/bitter cum. I spurted into her, knowing that she had not been able to relax yet and full accommodate my new size.

“Ohhhhhh…” she moaned.

Then I withdrew, and pulled her around so that she was now sitting on the floor, her back against the couch. I could see my fake cum, white against her pink, seeping out of her hole. I stood up, move my cock to her face, and told her, “Now taste me, bitch.” She opened her lips for me and took the cock, still covered with the residual juices. As I expected, the sour and bitter flavors took her by surprise. I squeezed out what little was left in the bulb, just enough to give her a good taste of the cum “That’s how your cunt will taste now, bitter…and every time I put this cock into your cunt, you will taste that bitterness.” With no pleasure, perhaps even a little pain, plus the bitter taste mixed in, I exercised my total control over her cunt, reveling in giving the training my little minx so needed.

“I don’t want to sound, uhhh, dorky, Dee, but why do you like to take me in the ass so much?” she asked.

I replied, “There are two reasons. One, it turns me on like mad to see your ass cheeks spread with my big plastic cock impaling you. Second, it’s because I want you to feel good. The anus has twice as many nerve endings in it as your cunt. All we have to do is train them to respond the way I want them to. I am going to make it so that it feels so good for you that you never want to go back!”

She hugged me back, tight, her eyes tearing up slightly, knowing I loved her so. “Now turn onto your stomach, sweetie, and get ready for me to teach you your next lesson.”

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