Domination is what I craveTo be the one that servesTo be the one that has to be braveWhen you give, what I deserve I love it all, the hurt, the painIt will never be my downfallI could never fake nor even feignAnd I cum, inside, when your hand falls I bend for you, Çankaya Escort folding in twoMy ankles and hands are cuffedMy bum stings with a pleasurable OooAs I take the smooth with the rough We Keçiören Escort walk the streets, out and about Underneath my coat, nothing onI slowly unbutton I have no doubtExposing myself, I do no Etimesgut Escort wrong I only want to please you soI know what I do, I wantYour pleasure thrills me to my coreBut to me, you tease and taunt Every time you instruct, I want moreIt thrills me to do as you pleaseI love being your naughty whoreOwn me, kind sir, when I’m on my knees Pull at my nipples and make me screamAnd tell me I like it each timeNever forget that my pussy will creamOnce over the top of the hill that I climb I love it when you dominate meThe thrill and the wickedness flowsMy life moves on, so perfectlyAnd my love for you just grows.

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