Dominant or Submissive


“Jackson, come inside, quick!” I yell. I hear a knock on the door and say,”come in.” Poor Jackson looks so terrified right now, he knows he is wrong this time. I slam my hands on the table and shout,”why is the file not completed, I have given you enough deadlines, answer me why is the file not completed yet?”

He starts uttering soft words I lean towards him to listen to what he was saying revealing my cleavage,”I h-had my anniversary, that turned into a fight I could not focus I am sorry”. He looks straight towards my cleavage and bites his lips.

“Like what you see?” I say leaning more towards him. Nervously he distracts himself, I sit on my table right in front of him slightly spreading my legs, lean in front of him brushing my lips against his, and chuckle,”maybe let’s forget about firing you, maybe I can punish you for being a work-shy employee, not serving your boss as you should.”

I lick his lips, kiss his neck and slide my hands unzipping his trousers,”OH! looks like someone’s catching feelings, you have grown hard, your beloved spouse is not doing her part correctly, you quench this, isn’t it? You aren’t even resisting.” I get up from the table, get on my knees, and pull his pants down saying,”when I ask you something you answer it, do you get me?”

Jackson nods and says,”Yes ma’am.”

I pull his briefs down and look at the big demetevler escort cock spring up and down,”your wife is a lucky bitch, Jackson,” I say and then lick just the tip of his head, I hear him groan. I kiss his whole length softly, making him crave after every kiss, making his knees weak, he wants to sit but this is a punishment. I slowly suck his length making him weaker in the knees, my lips wrap around his dick perfectly, he grows bigger when I suck his dick and cup his balls. I hear his deep moaning which makes my panties wetter and wetter.

I get up, remove my blouse and skirt, turn around giving him a sneak peek of my ass, sit on my chair. “Come here! Now,” I order. As he comes closer, I spread my legs wide. “You know what to do Jack.” I smirk. I make him sit in front of my chair, he can see my black lace thong very very clearly and I can see him drool in front of them. “You really like this punishment don’t you?” I ask him while he answers me with a nod. I bring him closer giving him the taste of my mouth, pushing him away from my lips while he wants more for that. “Eat me nicely, Jackson,” I plead politely. He begins to go down, maintaining eye contact. He removes my bra and sucks my tits, biting the nipples while I moan in the agony of pleasure.

Kissing his way down he removes otele gelen escort my thong, thumbs my clit, slides his middle finger deep inside my wet pussy, plays with my clit with his tongue, swirls his tongue around my clit which makes my back arch, and slides another finger increases his pace of finger-fucking me. “You really like to eat me don’t you?” I ask him.

He looks deep inside me and says,”yes ma’am, I love it.”

Milliseconds after saying it, he drowns inside me, making sure he eats every bit of me. Starting with the clit, the pussy lips, the entrance. Little did I know, his tongue enters my pussy, making me wetter, my hands playing with his hair makes him eat me more and more, I am so near climax. His roughly, greedily eating my pussy makes me come on his tongue, giving me chills on my back.

I manage to stand up, pull Jackson up, push him on the chair. I sit on his lap and whisper,”you are going to fuck your boss.” I slowly hold his cock and make it enter me. It fits so perfectly, makes us both moan.

“So tight,” I hear him saying it to himself. I ride his dick, sliding myself back and forth. This makes him groan more and more with every single slide.

“You like your boss’ pussy, fucking it, punishing you?” I asked. He nods and grabs my ass making me stop and spank balgat escort me. He lifts me and lays me on the table and starts fucking me wild, harder and harder, making me scream, pulls my hair making sure I get every inch of him inside me. “You aren’t a submissive one Jack, I like it,” I say.

He smirks and grabs my face, brings my face closer to his, and whispers, “It depends on the pussy and you drive my cock crazy ma’am.”

Wait who is this guy. I want to stand up and dominant him but he pins my hands above my head and slaps my tits. Increasing and increasing his pace, he kept thrusting me harder and harder. I unpin my hands, it was a struggle but did it, stand up and lay him on the table. Back to riding his length, bouncing on him, making him harder more and more, he slaps my bouncing tits hard enough to make me cry for more. My pussy is so well wrapped around his cock that we both will come together. “How does it feel like fucking your boss, Jackson?” I ask.

“Amazing ma’am, love the warm pussy around my dick,” he says while moaning. I was enjoying it but little did I know, he grabs my hands pulls me closer, and spank my ass. Showing me he is in charge, thrusting me from below roughly. So roughly that I come on his dick yet again.

He smiles and pounds even harder, rougher. He grabs my neck and makes me sit on my knees, I lick his dick, swirling the tip, deep throating him. I know his climax is building. I increase my speed and looking at him I stuck out my tongue to have my worker come on me. In a matter of few seconds, I feel the warm liquid over my tongue.

We both smile and lick him clean. “Next time better NOT complete the work,” I say.

“Yes ma’am,” he says obediently.

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