Doing the Roof


Only two men showed up today to finish the roof. I didn’t know their names but we had talked a few times over the past days. I also noticed something else. They seemed to be watching me. I liked to work out in the yard and almost every time I did, they worked on that side of the roof. I didn’t really think anything about it until one day as I straightened up from weeding a little of the garden, I looked up and they were standing looking down at me with grins on their faces. I smiled and continued on with the weeding, getting down on my hands and knees.

The shorts I had on that day were shorter than normal. They came up my thighs quite a ways so my crotch wasn’t very far from being out in the open. I don’t wear underwear either. As I weeded, my ass came up in the air more and more, giving the two men a great view of the darkness of my crack as it showed through the fabric.

When I looked up at the men again, they were still watching me, and it dawned on me what they were doing. I smiled and turned around again only this time I wiggled my ass a little and pushed it higher in the air. I heard a slight moan behind me. I knew they knew I was on to them and they were enjoying the game as much as I was.

I stood up and raised one foot up on the side of the garden wall, as I ran my hand down my leg, slowly caressing it. I pulled the bottom of my shorts up my thigh a little bit more and then turned around and looked at the two men.

I could see the bulges in the front of their pants from where I was standing. I ogled them for an instant longer than slowly walked towards porno izle the back of the yard. The yard is ringed by mostly bushes, but at the back, larger trees keep the yard fairly private from inquiring eyes. When I reached the trees, I looked back at the men and rubbed my hand nonchalantly across the front of my shorts. They got the message. I had just barely turned around and moved further into the trees when the two of them were right beside me.

One moved behind me, encircling me with strong arms while the other, moved in front of me, his hands sliding over my growing cock. I heard the one in front moan a little as he kneaded my cock until I felt his fingers on my waistband, slowly pulling my shorts down over my hips. The one behind was running his hands all over my cheeks, caressing them, occasionally, running a fingertip along the outside of my crack. I leaned back against the man behind me and closed my eyes as my shorts were pulled completely off. Next my shirt was pulled over my head and I was completely naked except for my shoes. The four hands on my body felt wonderful, kneading, caressing, pulling and poking every part of me.

Two hands came up and pulled my face down. Hot lips met mine and a wet tongue probed between my lips. I opened my mouth and let the tongue explore inside me while a finger rubbed across my ass hole. I felt a hard cock pushed against mine as the tongue continued probing. I hadn’t heard the two men undress but they had and now they could do whatever they wanted to do to me. I felt my cheeks being pried apart and a hot tongue porno ran up and down my crack, licking and sucking at my skin. Then it stopped right on my opening and pushed against it, trying to enter me. I pushed back against the tongue and felt it inside my ass ever so slightly. Groaning into the mouth still attached to mine, I reached down with one hand and found the hard cock pushing against mine and started to rub it, running my fingertips along its length and circling its head. I carefully played with its slit and felt it getting harder and harder.

The tongue in my ass was replaced by two fingers, which were roughly pushed inside me. Now I was clinging to the man in front of me, his mouth was still attached to mine, his tongue probing the insides of my mouth as my ass was getting finger fucked. God what a feeling. The cock I was rubbing started to twitch and I knew he was coming. Before he could, I quickly moved down and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him while he came, loading my mouth full of hot come, running down my throat, almost gagging me.

As I continued sucking the now softening cock, I felt the head of another at my opening, pushing against it. I took the soft cock out of my mouth and getting down on my hands and knees, pushed my ass up into the air. The cock returned and entered my ass easily, pushing along my canal, rubbing against my prostate. It had been a long time since I had a cock inside me and I was going to enjoy this as long as I could. I pushed back against the pressure of him entering me and soon he was thrusting in and out. God, rokettube he felt good. I couldn’t help but urge him on.

“Yes, fuck me. I love your cock inside me. Fill me with your come. Fuck me harder and faster. I love it.”

That seemed to spur him on as he really started thrusting in and out of me, his balls slapping against my thighs every time he thrust up into me. He fucked me for what seemed like a long time until I felt his cock twitch and suddenly, my ass felt warm all over. He came in a wild spurt, his hot come filling my canal and leaking out around his still hard cock. He held himself against my thighs until he was finished then slowly pulled his spent cock out of me.

Before I could recover, another cock pushed its way inside me and started to fuck me. It slipped into me easily because of the wet come inside me and soon he added his to my ass, filling me completely. When he pulled out, a river of hot come ran down the back of my thighs. A tongue quickly lapped up the spilling come and cleaned up around my wide open hole, even entering me.

We relaxed a little while we got dressed. No one said anything, but I knew this was only the first time and I was right. Saying that the job was not complete, the two men came back for a few more days and every day they fucked me. Sometimes, it was in the trees in the yard, other times in the garage and once in the bedroom. We were all disappointed that it all seemed to be over but a couple of weeks later, they appeared at my door, saying that they were working just down the street. We continued on and have until this day. We meet every few days and the two of them fuck me thoroughly. I really look forward to rainy days when they can’t work on a roof because they spend it with me, their hard cocks deep inside me. Can you say, home improvement?

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