Doing Dad’s Girlfriend Ch. 05


Things with my dad did not change too much after our joint adventure with his girlfriend and her mother. He had little to say, exhibiting a shyness that surprised me. Other than how he had been completely taken aback by Alexa’s forwardness. “I mean, she started having sex with you right in front of us!” is how he described it. He didn’t say much else so I cornered him by asking what he’d thought of his first double-penetration of that same wanton woman. He had no reply to that but did go red in the face.

“C’mon dad. What did you really think?”

“Fine. It was really hot. Alexa fucks even better than her daughter, I think,” he admitted.

“I wouldn’t really know about that,” I claimed. I left the thought hanging but he didn’t seem to understand I was wondering how good a fuck Adrianna was. Then he did get it.

“Just so you know, Adrianna is really good in bed but she has a way of finding some odd things to do. I’m not always sure what she got on her mind.

“What kinds of things, dad?” I was going to prompt him until he came around to asking me to fuck Adrianna.

“One time she brought handcuffs to be and had me tied to the bedpost, blindfolded. That was pretty strange I thought.”

“What happened?” I wanted more details.

“She teased me for a long time, a long, long time until I couldn’t take it anymore and started begging for her to finish me off.”

“Did she?”

“Did she what?”

“Finish you off.”

“Oh, she did but I only lasted about 10 seconds once she started to stroke me.”

“That must have been pretty exciting, eh?”

Admitting that he had really enjoyed the light bondage seemed to help him open up because when I asked what else she had done to surprise him, he recited a list that included melting wax on his balls, a wild afternoon with vegetable oil on the living room carpet — he made sure I knew it had been covered with a plastic sheet — and a very special whipped cream and chocolate sauce midnight snack.

“She sounds pretty wild in bed,” I said as my way of asking about Adrianna’s repertoire with my ‘loose-morals’ but conservative dad. “And don’t forget that she and her mom planned the whole thing with the four of us.”

“It’s embarrassing to say, but I found out foursome pretty erotic. I just don’t feel comfortable telling Adrianna directly or asking her to do some of those things she has in mind. I’m just not that creative in bed, I suppose.”

“I bet you she would jump at the chance if you gave it to her.” I was still looking for permission to bag his girlfriend on my own. But for now, that wasn’t forthcoming. I tried a new tack: “have you thought about fucking Alexa again, dad?”

“To be honest, I can’t get her out of my mind, Thomas,” he admitted.

“She is an amazing fuck I can tell you for sure. I bet you she would love to have another turn with you. Want me to try to set it up?”

He didn’t answer for a long time, but when he finally did it was with a question: “Do you think Adrianna would let me?”

I came close to telling him a lot more about his lover and her hot sexuality. Fortunately I held off and instead asked him what he thought Adrianna might want in return.

“I have no idea. But do you think she would give me permission to sleep with Alexa?”

“Let me ask her,” I said. “At the same time, I can ask her what her mom would think of it if you want.”

I got his permission to set up a fuck date with Alexa and to get permission from his girlfriend. I took a chance: “Do you think Adrianna might want to sleep with me because you’re going to fuck her mother?”

I like my dad, but sometimes he can be absolutely dumb. He needed me to explain it, that since he was going to fuck my lover, I should have a shot at his.

“Uhnnn… I don’t know. If it’s something you would want, I could ask her I suppose. Or you could if that’s easier.”

Nice man. Way too simple, but I couldn’t blame him as our conversation was probably having an effect on him similar to what it was doing to me: I was getting excited at the possibility of doing Adrianna again, and maybe involving us with both mother and daughter again.

I arranged to have a coffee date the next day with Adrianna, just like I promised my dad. Of course, the conversation was significantly simpler than he might have thought. I just let Adrianna know what we’d discussed and how he was getting a hard-on for her mother.

“Oh, and he says it’s okay for me to ask you if you’d be okay having sex with me since he was going to fuck my lover…” I trailed off just for effect and got a knowing smirk from her.

“You’re kidding! MY Barry gave you permission to ask to fuck me?” She was whispering because the café was packed and it think it had surprised her that much.

“Yup. Actually, he made it seem like a favour so that he could get to your mom without upsetting me. But he wasn’t offering you in exchange, he was asking me to see if you’d be interested.”

“I would be happy to have you fuck me, Thomas. I mean, Karaköy escort bayan as a favour to your dad of course.”

We called her mom right from the café and Adrianna explained what was going on with all of us. I heard Alexa laugh out loud as she said, “and he wants Thomas to fuck you to make things even?”

I felt a bit guilty for misleading my dad up to this point, but I figured we were about to loosen all the strings tying him down to being conservative. Fucking these hot women would be enough to change anyone’s life.

As soon as Adrianna had hung up the phone she grabbed my hand and told me that we were going back to her place to fulfill her part of the bargain. Me? I was already responding to the coming activities.

We were barely into the elevator before Adrianna grabbed me. She pulled my head towards hers and kissed me but hard as she was slipping a hand into my pants. This was completely unexpected but entirely welcome. We were panting and slobbering over each other. I had a hand beneath her skirt with a finger slipped underneath the tiny amount of fabric covering her pussy. She was already as wet as could be and we’d not even done anything yet. I got the sense she’d been planning a little tryst with me and I had only fed that appetite by offering my dad’s permission for her and I to move closer, if you will.

The bell rang for her floor and instead of letting me go, Adrianna jumped into my arms, straddling my body so I had to carry her to the apartment. I can only guess what her neighbours would have said if they’d seen us, but she didn’t seem too bothered about it, she was unbuttoning her shirt as I was trying to work the key into the lock.

By the time I got us inside, Adrianna had pulled off her shirt to reveal a tiny, delicate bra. I barely got to appreciate the lace and sheerness of it before it was tossed to the ground like a yesterday’s news. I tried to tell her we’d have lots of time because I had nothing else planned for the day, but she cut me off “but I have a meeting with a client in an hour… across town… and I need this… I need to be fucked, Thomas. You’re making me so hot… I need your cock… NOW!

I cannot ever remember being so desired by a woman, nor since that day, but it worked because before I had even let her slide to the floor she was pulling at my zipper and tugging my pants down. She didn’t seem to care about my shirt so I took it off myself as she busied herself with my cock.

She was holding on to it with both hands as if to measure how hard I was. I was still in shock I think as she swallowed about half my length with one of her hands still holding on. She stroked me in time with her mouth for a minute or two until I told her she was going to make me come already.

“Can’t have that quite yet,” she mumbled with my cock still in her mouth. Then she let me go and slid her body up mine, making sure to let my cock rub against every part of her body as she rose. She looked me right in the eye with total lust and told me, “see what you can do with this,” as she knelt on the floor with both arms flat in front of her. I could see her breasts just touching the hardwood, but the best part was how her perfect ass and pussy were offered up to me.

What could I do? I positioned myself behind her on my knees and pressed my rigid cock against her pussy lips. She was so ready, soaked with vaginal secretions that made entry an easy glide for my hard-on. I was no sooner buried in her sheath but she was pushing back against me, taking full control of her pleasure.

Adrianna fucked me, and that’s what it was, I was just along for the ride. She kept this up for many minutes before finishing herself off. She made it clear, “I have to come now, Thomas, my meeting’s in half an hour! Can you come with me?”

I didn’t say it, but I did think ‘what a stupid question?’ I had been struggling to keep from ejaculating for the whole time she’d been pushing her hot ass against me, squeezing me in her cunt. I suspect she knew this because she started coming as she was telling me to do the same.

I had an funny thought as I was ejaculating my sperm into her willing cunt: ‘coming together is so very ‘porn movie.’ Maybe next time I could play the pizza delivery boy.

I hadn’t even cleaned myself up when she came out of the bedroom all dressed up for her meeting. She wore a light, creamy-coloured top that showed let her nipples show through slightly and a very tight pair of dance leggings that perfectly highlighted her fabulous legs. Better yet, they were already starting to show a bit of cameltoe.

I was so aroused that I asked her if she had time for a quickie before leaving. “Sorry, Thomas, but I have to get going or else. This is a meeting I have been planning for months.”

“Why? What’s so critical? Can’t you call to say you’ll be a bit late?”

“You don’t get it, but here’s a clue: I didn’t rinse your come out of my pussy.”

I was dumbfounded, and looked it because she explained, Escort Kayaşehir all as she was walking past me and out the door, “I have a chance to surprise and old girlfriend and I thought what better than a pussy full of my lover’s come?”

And she was gone. I stayed dumbfounded for a long time.

I could not get Adrianna’s last words out of my head. What could she possibly have meant about meeting and old girlfriend? She must have been kidding, of course. Or was she? I did not get a chance to ask her for almost three weeks because we were never able to connect and I didn’t want to be so obvious. I needed to be cool, subtle even. Then she took off for three weeks of vacation with my dad.

While Adrianna and he were off on a cruise of the Mediterranean and Greece I had my own bit of adventurous fun and, as you can expect, Alexa was involved. I made a point of hooking up with Adrianna’s mom as often I could, and she was equally available so I can say we had some excellent times, some of which were not sex! I really enjoyed her company.

Alexa and I had more in common that I had imagined. We were both basketball fans so got to a number of college games. She was also a real blues aficionado and I had always wanted to get to know more about the blues so she took me out to dark, mysterious late night clubs where I got to experience the blues just as I should, according to Alexa.

And the sex was amazing. Alexa had an endless energy and creativity that kept me entranced. She also kept me hard and ready for most of that three weeks.

But one night stands out in particular, the night Alexa hosted a party.

I might have known Alexa would know how to throw a great party, but even so, I was impressed by the Friday night event, and it will never fade from memory.

I had nothing to do with the party preparations, just one of the guests invited by the hostess. There was no expectation placed on me, nor anything suggested beyond this being a chance to have a great time with fun people from her circle of friends. In fact, Alexa downplayed things a bit so my expectations were not so high; I knew I would have a good time and if it worked out, I could spend the night with my older lover.

I was wrong.

I cabbed it to Alexa’s, arriving around 9:30 pm, not too early, I thought. By the time I walked in the door, the party was in full swing and I was indeed a late arrival. When Alexa saw me at the door she rushed over and gave me a giant hug, pressing her awesome tits into my chest — what a greeting!

“I’m so glad you made it, Thomas. I was worried when I didn’t see you earlier,” she admonished me.

“Sorry,” I said, “but I figured things wouldn’t get going until 10 or later.”

“Not my friends, or my parties, fella,” she replied. I couldn’t argue so I let her lead me around the room. She introduced me to so many people I had soon lost track. There was David, Estelle, Jacquie, Gwen, Adam… she seemed somehow proud to introduce me and I felt like I was being shown off. I later found out that most of her closest friends already knew I was a regular in her bed, but for now, I was just another guest I thought.

I was handed a Caesar with the requisite pickled asparagus spear, then a second as soon as I got near the bottom of the first. Someone was looking after me for sure, and I was fine with that.

Alexa went off to mingle with other guests as the everybody mixed and gathered in various groups. The music was great and soon there were a number of couples dancing. I don’t know if these people were all from Alexa’s past but there sure were a lot of excellent dancers, both men and women.

I was standing off in one corner just watching the dancers when a lithe young woman nudged up against me and asked, “what do you think?”

With nothing better ready, I just told her what I was very impressed by how great the dancers all were. She nodded agreement and focussed on the dancers just like I was doing. “Look at that short girl in the daisy-dukes,” she said, pointing. “Isn’t she just the best dancer?”

I had to agree, and added my own, “and she’s very sexy, too.”

“No kidding,” came the reply. “I’m Daphne… let’s dance, Thomas.”

She already knew my name? I was sure I had not yet been introduced, but who was I to complain? Daphne was slim with rather small breasts, but she danced as well as any woman in the room. Her small chest meant she did not have to wear a bra so her nipples were perpetually hard against the silk of her blouse. It was quite something to appreciate, and she noticed. “What are you looking at, Thomas?”

By now I’d had enough alcohol to be completely honest with her, “I just love your nipples,” I told her.

“But aren’t my tits too small?” she responded.

“There is no such thing as far as I’m concerned. I like tits of every size and shape, but I especially like fantastic nipples.”

She paid me back by dancing right up against me, intentionally rubbing her little breasts and Küçükçekmece escort big nipples against my chest. During a rather slow song she even took my hands and placed one on each of her breasts telling me, “how do you like them now?”

I leaned over and said into her ear, “I’d love to see them ‘live’ if you want to show me.”

She took my hands and danced us towards the entrance hall which was cut off from the main room. Once we were there Daphne lifted up her blouse and pulled my head down to her chest. I took the hint and placed my mouth on one of her nipples, flicking it then sucking hard on it. I alternated between her tits, covering them with my hands and treating her nipples as delicious, rubbery jujubes. Daphne was moaning as did this and she encouraged me, “that is fucking incredible, Thomas. You are as good as Alexa told me.”

What? I’d been described to a stranger? Wow! Gotta like it.

I let one of my hands slide down Daphne’s front until it was tight against her pubic mound. I worked the area over with the heel of my hand, eventually getting the button loosened off and her zipper down until I could cup her mound completely with my hand. She writhed her hips and pushed back against my fingers. I heard her say, “Please put your fingers inside me.”

So there we were, standing in the darkened entryway, she with her shirt up to expose her little tits to my mouth and me with a hand deep in her pants and a finger already exploring her juicy cunt. That’s when Alexa walked in. Daphne did not notice her arrival, but I could see Alexa motioning to me with the ‘okay’ sign of thumb and forefinger, and a big smile. I continued to masturbate the young woman; she was getting close as her breathing was becoming faster and rougher. That and a little moan escaped her throat. I was now finger-fucking her but had left her nipples.

It was then that Alexa chose to come right up to us. She announced herself by bending to Daphne’s chest, replacing me and sucking on her nipples. Daphne’s eyes had been closed tightly as her orgasm started to build, but they shot open when she felt a different mouth on her tits. Instead of being surprised or shocked, Daphne just took Alexa’s sucking into her stride, pulling the older woman’s head tightly against herself.

Daphne’s orgasm was loud, but not so loud as to get beyond the three of us. We were all three holding each other with Daphne partly naked. She gave Alexa a full-mouth kiss, obviously not for the first time, I thought. Then she kissed me and rubbed her hand along the outline of my cock which was by now pretty much ready. Alexa chose that moment to suck Daphne’s juices off my fingers. I just got harder, but that was it.

I was all set for a release of my own, but Alexa took Daphne by the hand and they went off to dance in the other room. ‘What the fuck?!’ Instead of getting a release, I went back to the party to see what else I might find, someone a little more open to my pleasure I was thinking. My cock, however, was not giving up quite yet so I was wandering about with a significant bulge in my pants… and no one noticed.

I ended up having a great time dancing with a number of women though none quite so forward as Daphne, but that didn’t matter as I was having a really good time after all. I got into some debates over the upcoming Olympics but it was always friendly. I’m not sure who I bet that Canada would out-medal Sweden so I don’t think it was a real wager.

After a few more drinks I needed to go take a leak but when I reached the washroom, it was occupied. Smart me, I headed to the ensuite adjoining Alexa’s bedroom. Because there was plenty of light streaming in from the street, I didn’t have to turn on the lights. I just stood there streaming hard into the toilet. I was tailing off when I heard a sound I could not identify. I finished my task and stood there just listening to see if I heard it again. And I did. It was coming from Alexa’s bedroom.

It sounded more like a groan than anything to be worried about but I was curious. I could see partway into the room which was also well-lit from the streetlights, but only as far as the corner of the bed. That is, until I realized there was a mirror that gave me a full-on view of the bed itself. And I liked what I saw.

I could make out that there were two people on the bed and they were each laying head to groin. Yup, 69-ing right there in the mirror. It was dark enough for me to struggle to identify either person, but I could tell that facing me was a spectacular ass, one that I thought I knew. I was sure it was Alexa’s fine butt and beneath her was the a head of her dark-haired partner. I could see Alexa’s head moving around on her partners crotch, ‘probably a glorious blowjob’ I thought to myself, and felt a bit jealous.

I kept watching and even considered taking my pole out of my pants to give it a jug but I realized there might be an opportunity right in front of me. After all, would Alexa really mind a good fucking as she was being eaten out?

Before I could act on my idea, I heard a woman’s voice telling Alexa, “fuck you taste good, sweetie.” There was no doubt, it was a woman on both ends of the oral exercise. I knew I had to go for it now, and I was entirely ready again. My hard-on had fired up almost instantly, still reacting to the action with Daphne.

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