Dogging – My Guilty Secret


I’m aware that in some countries ‘Dogging’ is not a familiar term, so I’m starting off with some information about it.

It’s British slang for:

The practice of watching or engaging in exhibitionist sexual activity in a public place, such as parks and car parks, and the people involved are often strangers. It’s thought that the term Dogging originated from dog walkers accidentally coming across people having sex in a public place, and then being invited to watch or join in.

And why do people do it?

Because they can!

I hope that you enjoy the story.

“How do I look?”

He was now scrutinising me, and the clothes that I was wearing, as if he was a judge in an important beauty contest. And I was pleased to see, that the expression on his face, was telling me that he’d already decided that he was going to vote for me.

“Slowly turn around so that I can see all of you.”

I did, and then I kept on doing it. That made him smile.

“Thank you, once was enough.”

When I stopped I felt dizzy, but I managed to keep still. He’d had more than enough time to work out what he was going to say. When I asked him it again, I knew that this time I’d get an answer straight away, and I also knew what it would be.

I was right, because, as expected, he’d said, “Perfect!”

And that single word had made both of us laugh. Anybody watching us would think that we’d gone mad.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Eleanor, and the gentleman that was carefully assessing me is Oliver. We’ve been together for twenty two years, but we’re not married. One day we might tie the knot, but for now, we are happy just living in sin. Our relationship is working, so why change it? As they say, if it’s not broken don’t fix it!

For a long time, when I’m ready to go out, with him or with any of my friends, we have played this little game, and it never fails to amuse us.

I ask him, “How do I look?”

And his response, because he loves me, is always the same. He says, “Perfect,” even when I’m not.

It doesn’t matter if my clothes are formal or casual, or if I’m not at my best, he always gives me the same answer, and he makes it sound sincere, as if he really believes it. And that makes me love him even more.

We don’t do it because I lack self-confidence. I’m not a shrinking violet that needs him to say it to me so that it will bolster my fragile ego. I already know my worth, and it’s high. It’s also not because I’m unattractive, and that I need him to praise me to make me feel that I’m desirable. I might be forty two years old, but I still get men in their twenties asking me for my number. That pleases me, but I always politely say no. My relationship with Oliver is enough for me.

So why do we perform this silly ritual? The answer’s simple. It’s just because we like doing it, and that’s as good a reason as any for doing it!

Tonight, I was going out with Rachel, my best friend. She’s ten years younger than me. She always dresses well, and her hair and makeup will be immaculate, so I also wanted to look my best while I was with her. Before leaving, a final look in the mirror confirmed that I was indeed looking good. In fact, my appearance could be summed up as, ‘fabulous’.

I’m beautiful. That might sound like boasting, but it’s not. I’m just stating a fact. I’ve been told many times, by lots of different people, that my eyes are the deepest shade of blue that they have ever seen. So who am I to disagree with them? I also have long eyelashes. That’s a winning combination. When I look at a man, and then I flicker my eyelids, I know that it makes him want me. Eyes like that should be enough for any woman, but I’m blessed because I have more to offer. My nose is petite, perfect for my face, and my lips are full. They are lips made for kissing, or better still, for servicing a nice cock. That face, that I’m proud of, is topped by short blonde hair. And before you ask, yes I am a natural blonde!

But what about my body, can it match my face, or is it a disappointment? I’m happy to say that all my women friends are envious of it. My breasts are large, and I have the hips and bottom to compliment them. I’m not a size zero figure, I’m a proper woman. I’m curvy in all the right places. When I walk I always wiggle my hips, and when I do that and there’s a man behind me, I know what he’s looking at, it’s my derriere.

It was my turn to drive so I had to pick Rachel up. It took me fifteen minutes to get to her apartment, and for a change, she was ready. When we saw each other we burst out laughing. Both of us were wearing identical outfits. A white blouse with a short red skirt. We even had matching red handbags.

She asked, “Where should we go to?”

I looked at my watch. It was only nine thirty, too early for the park.

“The woods, and it’s my turn in the back.”

She nodded in agreement, and then we set off. Both of us were eager to get there. So what were we, two smartly dressed beautiful women, going to be doing genç gaziantep escort in the woods?

We were going Dogging.

Rachel was single, so she wasn’t deceiving anybody, but I had Oliver, so I was. You might be horrified, or even disgusted, at my behaviour, but as long as you don’t tell Oliver I don’t care what you think.

Dogging is my guilty secret, and I love it!

We were now almost there, and I was getting excited. My heart was beating faster, and my pussy was starting to moisten in anticipation of what was going to happen when we got there.

“I hope that guy with the big cock is here again,” and then, with pride in her voice, she added, “It was nine inches long but I managed to take all of it into my little pussy.”

I wanted to laugh, because if her pussy could accommodate a cock that was that big, then it definitely wasn’t a small one, but somehow I managed to keep a straight face. She was a size-queen, obsessed with big cocks, but I wasn’t. I find smaller ones more comfortable, seven inches being the perfect size for me. Don’t get me wrong, if the man is well-endowed then I’m not going to turn him away, but if he wants to fuck me, then he can’t use all of his cock.

As we approached the Dogging site I was pleased to see that our favourite spot was still vacant, so I parked there.

There were, including mine, four cars here. I could see six men next to them, and there might be more inside. It was definitely busier than usual.

When I got out, so that I could get into the back seat, two of them started walking towards us. I was inside with the door closed when they got to the car. One of them tapped on my window.

When it was down, while giving me a big smile, he said, “Are you two ladies looking for cock.”

Now that was a silly question, but I was too polite to tell him that. I was about to say yes, but Rachel answered for me.

“Yes, and we aren’t ladies.”

That made all of us laugh.

It was time for us to pair off. The second man had come closer to the car, and Rachel had lowered her window. All of us were, without any subtlety, eyeing each other up. Rachel was the first to speak.

Pointing at the man who’d asked if we were looking for cock, she said, “I want you.”

His big grin told us that he was happy to have her. But what about me? I would have preferred him as well. There wasn’t anything wrong with the other man, in fact, he was the better looking one, and he was tall and muscular. It was the ages of them. Hers was mid-thirties but mine was a lot younger, perhaps as young as twenty. I was forty two, old enough to be his Mother. I would have preferred him to be older, and more importantly, to not look like my nineteen year old Son. But he shouldn’t be worried, because despite my misgivings, we were still going to fuck!

They were now in the car with us. The interior light was on so I could see him clearly. It was uncanny, he looked so much like David. If he was to darken his hair and have his nose slightly shortened, then a casual acquaintance would mistake him for my Son.

“How old are you.”


“You’re the same age as my Son.”

I was feeling uncomfortable. I’d come to the Dogging site for wild sex with a stranger, and not to meet somebody who could be my Son.

“You’re so beautiful.”

I could tell that he meant it. He then touched my face with his hand, and it gave me goosebumps.

“Can I kiss you?”

That was always a no. Kissing was for Oliver, the man that I loved. I was here for anonymous sex, not for a romantic evening with a lover. But for some reason, that I couldn’t explain, this time I said yes.

When our lips touched, my juices started to flow, and when he kissed me passionately it became a torrent. My pussy wasn’t just wet, it was dripping.

His hands were on my breasts, squeezing and groping them. He was being rough with me, but I liked it.

There was a lot of noise coming from the front of the car because they were already fucking, and I was trying to ignore it. But it wasn’t a problem. What this young man was doing to me was exciting me so much, that very soon I’d be oblivious to anything outside of my own world. I’d wanted his partner, but now there’s no way that I’d swap my man for him. This was exciting, and I knew that it would only get better.

He’d managed to take my blouse and bra off with a skill and speed that was impressive for one so young. And because I was topless, he was making the most of it. His mouth was greedily sucking on one nipple, and his fingers were on the other. It was as if he was enjoying a woman’s breasts for the first time.

Then something suddenly happened. I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t. Then I didn’t want it to stop, I wanted to embrace it. I’d started to think about my Son, and now I wasn’t with a stranger that looked like my Son, I was with him. It was my beloved David that was enjoying my big tits. I wanted him to do gaziantep genç escort more than that to me, and I wanted him to do it now.

“David, finger Mummy’s pussy.”

He did, and without taking my panties off. He just pulled them to the side, and then he quickly gave me three fingers, up to the knuckles. It almost made me come. Then he started fucking me with them. That’s when I stopped being human, and I became an animal. A wild animal eager for sex.

He’d been in control, but that was about to end. I was going to take over.

“Get your cock out and fuck me hard.”

I’d shouted it out, and it had startled him.

“Don’t make me have to say it again.”

That got a muttered sorry from him, and then he was doing my bidding.

As soon as his cock was out he was putting a rubber on it. That gave me enough time to look at it, to see what my pussy was going to get.

In the mood that I was in, a big cock wouldn’t have been a problem, I’d have greedily accepted all of it. However, his wasn’t a big one, in fact, it was on the small size, perhaps only five inches. But tonight, because my excitement was at fever pitch, that would be more than enough to finish me off.

Before entering me he’d taken my panties off, and then he’d spread my legs and pushed them high up. They were now touching the car roof.

“Fuck me, and call me Mummy.”

His first stroke was gentle, but the second one wasn’t. The next was even better.

“Does Mummy like that?”

Of course I did, but he was a young man, so he could give me more. Much more.


Now the car was rocking.


His next stroke took me to the edge, but it needed another one to make me topple over.

I was now in it, my whole body engulfed in a big climax. It even made my toes curl up. At its peak I closed my eyes. When my orgasm was over, and I opened them, the first thing that I saw was him putting his cock back into his jeans.

“Thanks,” and then, as he was opening the door, he said, while grinning, “I’m not David, I’m Alex. Tell your Son he doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

I watched him walk away. Then I noticed something in his hand. He’d taken a souvenir, something to remind him of our brief encounter. It was my red panties. I didn’t mind, they weren’t expensive, but I wish he’d taken the used condom with him as well, rather than leave it on the back seat for me to deal with.

Sometimes we stay for second helpings with another man, but not tonight. Both of us had got what we’d wanted, good sex, so it was time to leave.

The drive back to Rachel’s place was uncomfortable. She’d finished before me, so she’d heard a lot of what had been said in the back of the car. She was now taking great pleasure in teasing me, by repeating what she’d heard, and while doing it, mimicking our voices.

“David, finger Mummy’s pussy.”

That was embarrassing. I still didn’t fully understand why I’d said it.

“Does Mummy like that?”

Yes I had liked it, but I wish she’d shut up. Thankfully, she did, but when I dropped her off at her place she couldn’t resist saying one more thing.

“Tell your Son he doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

Then she laughed, but I didn’t join in. I kept my dignity by staying silent as I drove off.

Oliver was asleep when I got back. After taking a quick shower I joined him in bed. As I snuggled up to him, while enjoying the heat from his body, I thought about my life, and how good it was to have such an understanding partner.

He doesn’t know that I go Dogging, but he’s a very clever person, so he must suspect that I’m doing something that is wrong. However, whatever it is, he knows that it’s important to me, so he never questions me about it. Because he loves me, he lets me keep my secret. I’m very lucky, because not many men would do that.

At the weekend we got a nice surprise, an unexpected visit from David.

“I hope you don’t mind? I’ve got two weeks study leave so I thought I’d spend the time here.”

Mind? Both of us were delighted. While he chatted with his Father, I got his room ready. It was going to be nice having him back home with us again.

It had been two months since we’d seen him. He looked good, leaner and more muscular. Was he working out? But more importantly, did he have a girlfriend?

When I asked him, he shook his head, and then, while giving me a big smile, he said, “There’s only one woman in my life and that’s you.”

That was silly, but I was pleased that he’d said it. He was a young man, he should have a girlfriend. Somebody his own age. He would have needs, and they would be strong. Then I remembered Alex. He was nineteen, the same age as David. I was a lot older than him but I’d managed to satisfy him at the Dogging site. So my Son’s girlfriend didn’t have to be young, she could be a MILF.

When I looked at him again, it was as if I was seeing him for the first time. He was handsome, gaziantep genç escort bayan he had the same rugged features as his Father. He was a man that most women would want to fuck, and I now realized that if he wasn’t my Son, then I’d be first in the queue to do it.

That night we made love. As always, it was both tender and passionate. After we’d finished it didn’t take Oliver long to fall asleep, but I was wide awake because I had too much to think about. What was on my mind was David.

Meeting that young man, the one who looked so much like my Son, had been a bad idea. When we’d fucked, I’d even made it worse, by pretending that he was David. The consequence of that fateful encounter was that I now wanted him for real!

Two days later, probably because he was staying with us, my feelings towards him were even stronger. When he’s close to me, or he gives me a nice smile, my heart beats faster. I’m like a teenager that’s in love for the first time. I don’t want to feel like this. I have to make it stop before I do something stupid. But that was easier said than done.

When it got to the weekend it was almost too much for me. I needed to do something about it. If I didn’t, then I was going to go mad.

Ignoring it wasn’t an option, so there were only two things that I could do to sort this out. One of them was for me to seduce my Son. I desperately wanted to do that, but it was a step too far for me. And if I tried, and he rejected me, then I’d be humiliated. It would have to be the other option. I was going to go back to the woods and fuck Alex, the young man that looked like my Son. And I would keep on doing it until I’d got the obsession with David out of my system. Eventually, everything would be back to normal, and I might even look back on this time and find it funny. I hope so, because now, it was a long way from being humorous.

That’s why, on Monday night, I was on my way to the Dogging site that was in the woods. I’d told Oliver that I was going out with Rachel, and he’d taken me at my word. But my friend wasn’t with me, I was alone. She’d wanted to come, but she wasn’t feeling well.

“I could do with a good fuck, but the lucky man that gets to stick his cock deep up my little pussy is not going to be happy if I puke on him.”

Despite what you might think, most Doggers are decent people. They meet like-minded men and women, have sex, and then go home. However, you occasionally get a bad apple. Somebody that doesn’t respect boundaries, or is even violent. It’s rare for that to happen, but you should always be cautious. That’s why I normally go Dogging with one of my friends. If one of us is in trouble, then the other one can help. Tonight, because the urge to fuck was so strong, I was being reckless. I was breaking one of my rules, and it was an important one, but hopefully, it’s not going to turn out to be a bad decision.

Five minutes after parking I was beginning to think that coming here on my own was a mistake.

I’d watched him approach the car and he’d looked harmless, but when I wound the window down he showed his true colours.

After quickly reaching in and grabbing my hand tightly, he told me what he was going to do to me. None of it I would like. It wouldn’t just be uncomfortable it would be painful. I was scared but I wasn’t going to let him know that.

In a low voice, but one that was full of menace, I said, “Yes we could do that,” and then I paused for dramatic effect, before adding, “Or I could just kill you and eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”

That spooked him, but he didn’t release my hand. But when I locked eyes with him, and then I grinned, he did.

After shaking his head, and then saying, “You’re one crazy motherfucker,” he left.

It had worked, but it was all bluster. I wasn’t an aggressive person, but he didn’t know that. And even if I was capable of killing him I wouldn’t have done it, because I don’t like liver!

I took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself. The sensible thing to do was to go home, but if I did, then I knew that I would have to come back here tomorrow night. Having my Son was an itch that I needed to scratch. That wasn’t possible, but the next best thing was Alex. Without any logic to it, I just knew that he would be here tonight. We would fuck, and it would be wonderful, and then I’d tell him that I wanted more than that. I wanted a relationship. I wanted to be able to see him whenever I wanted to. And I wasn’t prepared to take no for an answer. I was willing to beg, to offer him money, and to even let him do things to me that other women say no to.

It only took me a few minutes to get over that crazy person. I was now back to being myself, a confident woman. However, when I saw another man coming towards the car, I’ll admit to some butterflies in my stomach.

He was wearing a hoodie and his head was down, but I could see enough of him to know that it was Alex. When he got close to the car I opened the door. He quickly got in. I then reached up to turn the light on, and then I looked at him.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and he was as shocked as I was. I’d got more than I’d expected. I’d come to the woods to meet Alex, a substitute for my Son, but I’d got the real thing!

We were just looking at each other, trying to think of something to say. But what do you say in a situation like this?

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