Dog day afternoon


Brian and Beth Morris lived in a smallish rural town. They were both 40 and had been married for 20 years. They had two sons and a dog Goldie. One son was boarding at University in the city and the other one worked interstate. Brian had always worked in the local council and had gone up through the ranks to be CEO. When the boys left he wangled a job for Beth on the council team. She was made in charge of the animals in the shire. It was a job she took seriously.

Brian and Beth’s sex life had slowly diminished over the years. Brian seemed more interested in work and more so now he was the council’s CEO. Beth was initially satisfied with sex maybe once or twice a week but Brian no longer spent time working her up. A frantic 10 minutes and then head for the shower. Beth would wait until she heard the water running and masturbate to get herself off. More recently she had online ordered a toy and when Brian was at council meetings or committee meetings she would enjoy her 8” of silicone. She actually preferred it to the real thing.

Her job was 5 days a week and involved checking that people did the right thing. Because of her love of Goldie she took a special interest in how other people treated their dogs. She would check the dog park, making sure that dog poo was picked up by owners. She started handing out fines for breaching this or dog lead infringements. She soon got a reputation for being officious and not willing to just issue a warning. When people saw her coming people would turn their backs. Basically she was hated.

One job she had was to check on a local breeder. She rolled up at Wilson Dog Breeding and started checking. She noted that the dogs were kept in separate pens which were larger than required by council by-laws. She met Tess Wilson who seemed to be the single owner. Tess explained that she offered breeding services to locals as well as out of towners. She had two assistants, both burly looking guys. Beth asked to see the facilities. First they went into the barn and she was surprised to see it clean with a wooden floor and a large couch. Tess explained she liked to make her clients comfortable.

Beth then asked to see her log books. Thumbing through them she could see that Tess had very detailed records of clients, their dogs and when breeding took place. Which male dog was used with dates and times. One thing stood out. There were no entries for Saturdays and Sundays. Sundays she thought was fair enough. But Saturdays? She thought that would be the busiest day with people not working. When she asked Tess about it she said she liked to give the dogs some time off. Beth was not convinced. She suspected something fishy was going on and was determined to uncover it.

The following Saturday Beth made a point of driving past the breeding farm. 10am there was nothing. 1pm still nothing. 5pm and there were cars in the carpark. “I knew it” she said out loud. Parking Sex hikayeleri further up the road she cut through the bushes and crept up to the house. No sign of anyone. Circling around the house she crept up to the side of the barn. She could hear talking and someone squealing. “What had she stumbled upon” she wondered. Just as she was about to peek inside she was grabbed from behind. The two male assistants had found her and marched her into the barn. “Look who we found sneaking around” one of them said.

Marched into the barn Beth stood there shocked at the sight that she saw. There were half a dozen women standing in the barn. There was a woman kneeling in front of the couch, naked from the waist down with a dog on top of her. He was pounding the woman under him and she was squealing, moaning and groaning. The “audience” turned to face Beth. Tess stepped forward. “So you are a peeping tom” she shouted. Beth tried to break free but the two guys held her tight. “You are all in a whole lot of trouble” Beth screamed “I know who you are and the police will hear about this disgraceful exhibition”.

One of the women scowled “you are the bitch that fined me the other day for my dog being off the lead”. “Yeah, me too” said another. “And me” a third woman said “she is a total bitch”. Tess put up her hand. “She isn’t a bitch yet but she will be soon” said Tess. Meanwhile the woman on her knees being serviced by a black Labrador let out a yelp. “Oh yes” someone said “don’t you love that doggy cock?” “Oh my God it is so good” was the response as the dog slowed. Beth knew enough about dogs to know that he was now tied to her. Her distain was evident. “You are all sick” she spluttered.

When the Lab pulled away a woman staggered to her feet. She was grinning from ear to ear. “That was so good” she said as the others helped her to a bench in the corner. “Now you get a turn” said Tess “get her shoes, pants and anything else off and get her ready”. Beth realised what Tess was alluding to. Again she struggled to break free. “Help the guys” Tess yelled, and two women grabbed her and in minutes she was stripped from the waist down. “Tie her hands and get this bitch on her knees” Tess aid. Beth was bound and pushed down with her body resting on the couch. Anger and fear swept over her in equal measure. “Let me go” she screamed “stop this now”.

Her pleas were ignored. “Go and put Blackie back in his pen and bring out Buster” Tess said. “You will love Buster. He is a pure breed Husky. I trained him myself. He just loves pleasuring bitches”. Again Beth begged to be let go and again her pleas fell on death ears. She felt a cold wet nose push against her crotch. “No” was all she could muster as Buster began to lick her crotch from clit to bum hole and back. Time after time he lapped at her. She realised that her cries for release were useless. “I am going to sue every one of you” she yelled “you Sikiş hikayeleri will be sorry, believe me”.

Tess told everyone to relax. “She won’t be suing anyone girls. Not when people see the photos I will have. They will love to see this bitch being mounted by a dog”. A cheer went up. Just then, Buster having licked Beth until she was wet, mounted her. Obviously Tess’s training had been thorough as it took only a couple of thrusts for him to find his target. Feeling the wetness he drove forward, his cock spilling pre-cum. Once inside he rammed home. Beth screamed as she felt him bury his cock fully inside her. “NO NO NO” she wailed but Buster would not be denied. He had his bitch at his mercy and he pounded her like a rabid machine.

Beth’s screams became groans and grunts. She tried to blot out what was happening to her but couldn’t. Buster’s cock now slid back and forth helped by his own lubrication and Beth’s pussy accommodating him. Now she moaned. She had never been fucked so furiously, so wantonly, before. Her fear had subsided but her anger remained. This was heightened when Tess announced that she had some damning photos on her mobile. “Are you liking that you bitch?” Tess asked and everyone laughed “Buster sure does”. Beth moaned again as she felt Buster’s knot growing. He pushed hard to get it in place. Now he was tied and Beth heard him growl and felt her pussy filled with his cum. He came 4 times as he remained tied to her. She let out a squeal as she came as well. “Oh wow” yelled someone “I think she loves it” and more laughter ensued.

Beth tried to get up but two women quickly grabbed her and forced back down. Tess smiled. “Yes I think she did enjoy it. Let’s see how she likes Thunder”. Thunder was a Dalmatian Cross and was a large dog. He was brought by Tess from another breeder who couldn’t handle him. Tess loved the look of him. Unfortunately she had found very few bitches for him so Thunder would pace up and down in his pen feeling frustrated. He had been trained to service women as well but the women in Tess’s group feared him. When Tess mentioned him they gasped and then urged her on.

Thunder was led out of his pen. Entering the barn he saw Beth and got excited. It had been several weeks since his last escapade he was ready to unload. Trotting up to Beth he sniffed and then licked her. Not wasting any time he mounted her. His weight forced her further into the couch. She struggled to breath. He made several attempts to enter her and became frustrated, growling and grunting. Then the tip of his cock found the target. He had little trouble entering Beth’s pussy. Still soaked with the Labrador’s cum and his own copious pre-cum it was easy. As he began to mate with this new bitch his cock grew and grew. Beth first squealed and then screamed “he is too big please stop” she wailed but a minute later, as Thunder’s cock reached her womb, she moaned “oh fuck, Erotik hikaye oh fuck, yes you good boy” as she orgasmed.

Thunder, now fully impaled in Beth’s pussy, went to town. Weeks of no release caused him to pound Beth mercilessly. She cried out as he fucked her. The crowd had gone silent as they watched in awe at the scene before them. Beth started to push back as Thunder pushed forward. “Yes fuck me you beast. Give me that huge cock” Beth squealed. Thunder’s knot began to swell and he struggled to force into Beth’s opening. Growing larger by the second he forced it inside her. Now too large to pull out he sealed her tight and then began to cum. Beth moaned loudly now. She had never experienced anything like this. Her body shook and she had another orgasm as she felt Thunder filling her time and time again with his seed.

It was more than 10 minutes when his repeated attempts to uncouple finally succeeded. He laid on the floor and a hush fell over the women watching as they saw the length on Thunder’s cock. Beth turned to look and groaned. She had never seen anything like that. Tess hurried to untie her hands and handed Beth a towel. “Here, whip yourself with this” she said. Beth struggled to keep up with the doggy cum oozing out of her tortured pussy. She smiled weakly at Tess “that was amazing” she said “no man will every feel that good”. Tess just nodded for she had “entertained” Thunder on a number of occasions and knew exactly what Beth meant.

Beth struggled to her feet and retrieved her pants, panties and shoes. Getting dressed she left the barn and walked to her car. By the time she reached in her pants were wet almost to her knees and she continued to leak dog cum. She got home and was glad her husband wasn’t there. She stripped off and had a long shower. She put on the panties which she wore when she had a period and inserted a pad for safety. She put on a bath robe and threw her clothes into the wash. She sat on the couch, her mind still buzzing for the day’s events. She shook as she realised how much she had enjoyed being used by her dog lovers.

It was about 8pm when her husband got home. He had been talking with citizens in the pub and had enough to drink to make him horny. Seeing Beth in a bath robe got his excitement level up and suggested bed. Beth was dreading this but agreed. Quickly removing her panties she laid on the bed as Brian mounted her. “Wow honey, you are so wet” he said. She smiled. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. His 6” cock hardly made an impression and his 3 minutes of sex was relief to Beth. He went and had a shower while she finished off with two quick orgasms as she relived Thunder’s servicing of her in her mind.

“How did your investigation of that breeder go” Brian asked. Beth told him that she hadn’t found anything. “All quiet Brian but I am sure something is going on. I will go again next week”. “Do you want me to go with you” her husband asked. “No that is ok honey. I can handle it on my own” replied Beth. She said good night, rolled over and smiled. “Oh yes, I can handle it” she thought “I can handle it just fine”.

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