Stuck at home. COVID-19 has done that to all of us — made us shut-ins not by choice.

Mom & Dad were on vacation on the other coast when the virus erupted and the shutdown orders came. That left just me and my sister in the house. I’m the older of us: my 23rd birthday was November 2019. Depending on which source you trust, it may have even been on the exact same day of the year that the virus first hit Wuhan, China.

My sister is almost three years younger than me. Her 21st birthday is coming up in July. Until COVID hit, I had promised to take her to a bar on that day so she could legally drink for the first time.

Why are we still living at home? Because we’re rich — Mom and Dad are, anyway — and it’s nice to live in a six-bedroom house with a hot tub and a swimming pool and where every bathroom has a Jacuzzi. Besides, Mom & Dad take so many vacations (pre-COVID, anyway) that my sister and I might as well be living here by ourselves. I tracked it and found that during calendar year 2019, Mom & Dad were present here for exactly 93 days.

I forgot to introduce myself, didn’t I. Here you go. My name is Henry. I nominally work for one of Dad’s companies, but due to COVID, the company is in a state of stasis. Once this pandemic passes, we’ll hopefully resume business as usual. My parents insisted on me me staying in super shape, so I was on the track and swimming teams in high school. I still swim every day for an hour. I’m toned, lanky, and have short, straight brown hair.

My sister, Tammy, also works (as a receptionist) at one of our parents’ companies — or did, pre-COVID. Same deal with her: the company is in a holding pattern, and we hope once the pandemic passes to get back to normal. When they were home, my parents doted on Tammy: they didn’t insist she stay in super shape, and she loves to eat. Not to mention that she’s been stress-eating like crazy since the virus hit and we’ve been quarantined. That five-year supply of food in the giant pantries is gonna only last about two years the way she’s going through it. Anyway, she’s short, also has brown hair (hers is shoulder-length and wavy: my mom’s hair is wavy and Tammy got those genes), and having packed on an additional 50 or so pounds in the past two months, she’s become about as wide as she is tall. She does have a big bust. I overheard her on the phone complaining the other day that her DD-cup bras don’t fit anymore because her chest has expanded. I hadn’t really noticed — what, you think I go around staring at my sister’s tits all the time? — but it was impossible NOT to notice that her ass had expanded.

She’s been acting a bit off recently, too. I think the stress of all this is getting to her. Well. time for a swim.

[30 minutes later]

“Hello, Henry.”

I didn’t bother to look up. “Hi, Tammy.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“Since when do you swim, sis?” My attention was still focused entirely on continuing my laps.

“You’ve seen me swim before. I’m not as good as it as you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t.”

I grunted something and swam to the other end of the pool, turned, and came beylikdüzü escort back towards her. My focus was shattered when I felt my sister’s body crash down onto mine as she jumped in.

“OOOF! Watch it, sis!”

“Sorry, bro. I was trying to land next to you, not ON you.”

“Apology accep…”

My voice trailed off. I had actually looked at Tammy. She was completely naked.

“Uh, sis? Where’s your suit?”

“I don’t have one that fits anymore.”

I was tempted to make a smart-ass comment in reply. But I didn’t see any reason to make my sister more upset. It’s not like she didn’t know what was happening to her body.

And come to think of it… her body as is, is pretty darn sexy. I’ve always preferred women with a few extra curves.

Why was I thinking that about my sister?

“Sorry to hear that.”

With a quick gesture that caught me by surprise, she yanked off my swimsuit and tossed it onto the cement walkway surrounding the pool.

“Tammy, what the fuck?”

“It’s not fair for you to have a suit when I’m naked. Now we’re even.”

I shrugged. The pool was private, so swimming naked wasn’t a huge deal. I nudged my sister sideways to clear a path and began swimming towards the other end. Tammy moved over so there was about five feet of horizontal space between us and did the same, though not as fast. I did twenty laps in the amount of time it took her to do six.

We both took a breather at that point, resting at the edge of the pool. Tammy was breathing hard, but she wasn’t gasping for air. I was impressed that in spite of her recent weight gain she was still able to swim a bit and not be exhausted.

She scooted close to me and grabbed my ass with her free hand. “You look really good, Henry.”

I was caught so off guard by her sudden grope that I almost jumped out of the pool. After taking a few seconds to get over the shock, I calmed my brain enough to say, “You look good too, Tammy.”

Her hand slid to my cock. “Then you won’t mind showering with me.”

My sister was definitely coming on to me. She had used a bludgeon rather than a rapier to let me know.

Ah, what the fuck. You only live once. Besides, maybe it would help calm her down. And… well, even though I hadn’t been as blunt about it, I thought she was hot, too. In the end, that last reason is what decided me.

“I wouldn’t in the least mind.”

I popped out of the pool and collected my trunks. Tammy swam over to the side and climbed the ladder to get out. I chucked my trunks into the laundry basket as I passed it, then followed Tammy and her sexily jiggling, very fleshy ass to the shower in her bathroom.

We waited for the water to warm, then Tammy adjusted the temperature and we stepped in. Tammy didn’t waste any time. She grabbed me and pulled my head downwards, tipping hers upwards so her lips could meet mine. We kissed, twining tongues.

That satisfied her long enough for us to actually rinse the chlorine off our bodies and wash our hair. Then Tammy insisted on “helping” me beyoğlu escort soap up. She rubbed the washcloth over my chest and took a little extra time soaping my cock and balls.

I returned the favor, lingering as I soaped every inch of her huge breasts. I then took my time with her ass cheeks and was extra attentive with her pussy.

“Okay, it’s obvious we’re lusting for each other,” Tammy giggled. “Let’s rinse up and dry off, Henry. Then you can join me on my bed.”

We rinsed up and dried off in record time, made quick pit stops, and climbed onto her bed. We rolled to the middle and held each other tightly. kissing and groping. Then I pushed Tammy over onto her back and began tracing my tongue downwards towards her monster orbs.


I zigzagged my way from the top of her chest to the beginning of her cleavage. Then I buried my face between her mounds and slowly kissed the soft flesh. I put my hands on her breasts and tweaked her nipples, making her shiver.

Tammy locked her arms around me and rolled over so she was on top. Then she pressed her breasts together around my face, cutting off my air supply. As I fought for oxygen, my cock stiffened. Tammy noticed.

“You like being smothered by my tits, huh?”

She released me for just long enough for me to inhale, then resumed smothering me. I continued to tease her nipples with my fingertips. She shivered and pressed tighter against me. I started to pass out.

Tammy briefly let me have air. Then she shifted my mouth to one of her nipples. I eagerly suckled on it. She lightly ran a fingertip along my ball sac, teasing me.

I switched my mouth to her other nipple, and she shivered and moaned. I placed my hands on her huge ass and groped the soft flesh. Tammy pressed against me and continued to tease my balls. I kept suckling, switching back and forth about every minute, and my sister’s gasps and pants encouraged me.

She pried my mouth off her chest. “I think it’s time I sat on your face. I’ll suck your cock while you lick me.”

I nodded. “Great idea.”

Tammy pressed me more firmly down against the bed, then shifted her body and lowered her dripping box to my tongue. I licked her juices from her thighs and her slit. She leaned her body forwards and I felt her tongue touch the tip of my cock.

I licked more rapidly, and Tammy shivered. I then slid my tongue between her folds. She moaned and pressed her massive rear downwards, cutting off my air supply. Once again, my cock got stiffer and began twitching. Apparently my body liked being smothered by her, regardless of whether it was with her tits or her ass.

Tammy must have noticed, because she held her position until I was about to pass out. Then she lifted her butt up just enough for me to get air before settling it back down over my face. I kept my tongue working inside her pussy, tasting her sweetness as she locked her thighs around my head.

Her mouth had now slid farther down, taking in most of my shaft. Her tongue slipped up and down along it, tracing sexy patterns bizimkent escort on my cockhead in between. My body shivered with excitement. Her hands found my balls and she caressed the sac, teasing with her fingertips.

I began thrusting my pole upwards, trying to get it deeper into her mouth. She continued to let me have just enough air to avoid passing out as I tongued her pussy.

I decided to use my fingers as well. I found her clit and teased it as I licked. Her body tensed up, and I thought she would crush my skull between her thighs. She more actively sucked, trying to make me spurt.

Spurt I did, filling her mouth as she flooded my face with her nectar. I gulped it down, as much as I could get. She sealed her lips around the base of my pole and swallowed every drop of my cum.

When she climbed off me, I was drained and spent, and she didn’t look like she had much energy left either. We cuddled together, resting, slowly gaining strength back. Eventually we rose and consumed some food.

“Tomorrow, I want you to fuck me and fill me,” Tammy said.

“Okay.” She had gotten the five-year shot one year ago, so cumming inside her was no big deal.

When we went to sleep, we were snuggled under a sheet, holding each other. I decided I liked having her next to me.

We woke up at about the same time, did our morning routine, and climbed back into the bed. Tammy pulled me in for a kiss, and a couple minutes of making out later, her pussy was very wet and my cock quite hard.

“Pick a position,” I whispered. “I’m ready to fill you up.”

Tammy smiled. “I’m ready to be filled.” Then she got on her hands and knees. I got behind her and lubed my cock with her juices.

“Love the view,” I grinned, sliding my cock into her box. I eased in and out a few times to establish a rhythm, then began fucking her steadily. I thrust as deep into her as I could every time, then pulled out until just the head was still in her.

Tammy moaned and shivered. I placed my hands on her giant butt and groped the flesh as I continued to pork her. She pressed backwards, trying to get as much of me inside as possible.

I started drilling her deep, slamming in with a powerful hip thrust every time. She was now quivering with lust. I leaned over and wrapped my arms around her, cupping her massive breasts and pinching the nipples. She moaned and her pussy began squeezing my cock.

I continued my steady pounding. Her internal muscles were now actively tryign to milk my cum. Her climax hit suddenly, and she roared with lust as her pussy spasmed wildly.

I waited until she untightened enough so that I could move my pole, and continued plowing into her. She was now actively thrusting her ass backwards, bouncing against my hips. I slammed in and out, and her body trembled and shook. Pinching her nipples and cupping her breasts made her roar again.

Her second orgasm finished me. I blasted jets of cum deep into her twitching box. We both collapsed onto the bed, spent, my rod still inside her. We stayed like that for several minutes until we regained the energy to move.

I pulled out and lay down. Tammy curled against me and put her head on my chest.

“Henry, I’d like more of that. Do it to me every day, in fact.”

“Sounds good to me, Tammy.”

“Tomorrow I want you to do me missionary, so I can see you.”

“Works for me.”

We snuggled tightly and rested for a bit…

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