“Thunder storms were a life time terror for me. As a child I saw a lightening bolt strike a large oak tree outside my window, sending it crashing to the ground in spite of it’s massive girth. I felt fragile and small at that instant in time, never able to regain my confidence through the violent storms of summer. As I drove to Jenny’s house to help her wallpaper her bathroom, I noticed the gathering of dark clouds on the horizon. I said a silent prayer that the storm would roll over us, before it fell to the ground in madness.

Jenny clad in shorts and a T-shirt that read “I speed up and drive over spineless men,” greeted me at the door. “Hurry in, Sugar,” she dripped honey with her Texas accent. “It is gonna storm any second.” She was right as a booming roll of thunder sounded. I started to shake. I looked out the window to see if any trees were around. “What’s the matter, Sugar? Are you scared?” She asked in a motherly tone. I was more than that- I was petrified. “Sorry, but thunder and lightening scare me,” I said.

She smiled, flinging her re hair over her shoulder. “Nothing to be afraid of, Sugar. It is just God’s way of showing off. Think of something pleasant. That’s what my grandmother used to tell us children.” I half expected her to pat my hand in comfort. But she didn’t. Instead she suggested we wait on the wallpapering and sit on the couch to enjoy a glass of wine. I wondered if God would mind, as his floorshow was starting and I wasn’t too sure that Jenny had her liquor license.

With each crashing sound of thunder, my hand that was holding the orhangazi escort wine shook. I was near tears, as this was the worse storm that I had seen in years. The power flickered off as the rain beat the house in machine gun rapid fire. Jenny glanced at me, “Sugar, we need to do something to take your mind off the storm.” With that comment, she took my wineglass and placed it on the floor. In my terrified state, I failed to notice that she had unbuttoned my blouse until her fingers were rubbing my nipples through the flimsy fabric of my bra. “What…what are you doing?” I stammered. “I am taking your mind off that terrible storm, sugar,” she said, while she unhooked my bra, freeing my creamy white breast.

I wanted in shock amazement, as she licked the very tip of my nipple, then pausing to blow on it. I felt the shiver go through my nipple, causing it to become torrid and taut to stand at attention. A shiver of pleasure ran through my breast, down my stomach and hit my clit-dead center. I became instantly wet. Jenny started to nurse on my nipple, making cooing sounds in her throat. She paused for a moment, looking up at me, “Sugar, too bad you don’t have milk in there. I am thirsty. What else can I drink I wonder?” With that comment, she unzipped my shorts. Kissing down my soft tummy, she whispered things like, “My Honey, you do have soft smooth skin.”

“Goodness, sugar, you are sexy.” And, “Now lift up those hips.” She pulled my shorts off in one liquid smooth movement.

When she saw my trimmed bush with its golden brown fur, she marveled, nilüfer escort “Now Sugar, you just lie back and relax. Jenny is gonna make you forget that mean old storm is out there. You smell good. I haven’t had pussy pie in ages.” When her tongue traced my pussy lips, I felt the electricity bolt through my pubes. She knew what she was doing. Her mouth tugged on my lips, pulling them and then letting them go-only to return to tease the slit. Oh how good it felt. My hips subconsciously danced in rhythm with her long licks up and down the slit. She parted my legs, throwing one over her shoulder. “Now, Sugar, you relax and let Jenny work her magic.”

That she did thoroughly! She licked up and down my pussy in long strokes much as a cat would lick up cream off a saucer. She purred. I felt the tortures of her teasing licks all through my body. She took her tongue and twirled it around the opening of my love hole. I felt zillions of shock waves rotate out wards from it. I didn’t know that I had nerve endings there. I riveted in the sensation. She next pushed her tongue inside me, coating it with my juices. What an intense and exotic feeling! Finally, she swirled my clit with the tip of her tongue, then sucked in into her mouth. With it gently cradled between her teeth, she flicked her talented tongue over and around my clit. I was at her mercy, a captive of her tongue tango.

Her tongue worked over my joy button, as her hands sought my breasts to pull on the nipples while she licked me. I was in a heated frenzy, rotating my hips and pushing against her mouth, feeling türbanlı escort the beginnings of an orgasm. She took one hand off my breast, to plunge two fingers inside me, moving them in circles as she massaged my feminine walls. I was dripping wet. With that extra stimulation added, I starting coming. She sucked my clit into her mouth, and her fingers began to dance a rapid tempo within my pussy. How hot and wild, she sucked me! I came so hard that my arms and legs shook. She worked my orgasm, milking my breast, and sucking up all my juices as they spilled out of me.

She didn’t stop. “Now, Sugar, to be sure that little Carolina pussy has more to give me.” She took her wet cum soaked fingers out of me, using them to rub my clit in a side to side motion. She pushed that hot Texas tongue within my puss, fucking it. I placed my hands in her long red hair, wrapping it around my fingers, pushing her face hard against my pussy. She fucked me with vigor, making cooing noises. Her deft digits did their duty on my clit, while her firm tongue moved moistly in and out of my honey hole. I came with a gusto that surprised me and surprised her. Dew poured out of me as I shuddered with spasms under her debauchery of carnal talents. Jenny rode the tide and once abated, she crept up my body, to kiss me passionately. My taste was all over her mouth. Her face was shiny with my come. “You tasted so good, Sugar,” she said.

She stood up, looking out the window. My eyes followed, noticing with surprise that the storm had passed and Mr. Sun was smiling brightly. Jenny’s smile was brighter than the sunshine. She said, winking at me, “See, honey pie, that mean old storm has departed. You didn’t even noticed it leave. See you got through it. All you needed was a diversion. Now, let’s get to work on the wallpaper. We got a lot of room to cover.”

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