Dinner By Charlie Wilder

Dinner was wonderful. I still don’t have a clue what we ate. It was something red and messy. I was impressed when you said you had spent the afternoon making it. Even as I was eating it, I was staring at you the whole time.

I was mesmerized watching the light glimmer off of the crimson wine that you swirled and swirled before lifting it to you lips to sip. I wanted just one drop to trickle down your chin, past your throat and leave a pink streak between your breasts. I wanted to follow that drop.

After we had cleared the plates from the table I went to the living room to do something, maybe it was turn up the music or turn down the lights? I don’t know but you followed me and then you were dancing. You were dancing in the blue silk dress we had bought that afternoon. You had your hands in your hair and over your head and on your hips and your eyes were closed.

The moment played out and you were smiling. I let the music play and sipped my wine sitting on the couch. And then the blue dress was a puddle in the middle of the floor. Just blue/grey heels, blue panties and a silky blue bra and the silver necklace I gave you on our first date.

A new song came on. Enrique Iglesias telling us that tonight he’s gonna fuck you. Oh my god I can’t make this up. “Tonight I’m gonna fuck you,” over and over it filled the air. Then it was Let’s Have Sex and you were still dancing.

That was NOT the playlist I had prepared for that night. When had you put yours on? “…Now strip for me baby. Make it nice and sloooowwww” came over the speakers, and you did. Now only blue/grey heels and a slip of silver broke the creamy pale softness.

Suddenly you twirled right in front of me and you leaned down, touching me with your hair and lips only. They were only teasing wet kisses and you whispered to me to unbutton my shirt and jeans.

Turning away you slowly leaned slowly over and let your hair sweep the floor as you swayed to the beat. Your perfect ass did a slow grind in front of me before you rose with your hands in your hair and spun back to face me. You reached out and placed your hands in mine. I brought yours to my lips, kissing each finger and then business proposal izle your palm and pulsing wrist.

I sucked on each finger with my vision blurred with alcohol and lust. I stood up as you continued to dance with your eyes locked onto mine. I raised my hands to your head and pulled you to me. We kissed with our hands wrapped in each others hair.

Then there was only that first feeling of desperation, of wanting to have you without condition. I was wearing only white boxers now and they were uncomfortable. I couldn’t get them over my stiff cock and laugh as I nearly fell down getting them off. You reached for my cock but I grabbed your hands and kissed them again.

I wanted my cock untouched before it slid into you for the first time. I wanted to make love to you, hold you, kiss you, lick and play with you. But right then I just wanted to fuck you hard. My hands slid down your face and gripped your shoulders hard. My breathing was ragged and intense. My fingers were digging into you as I turned you around and pressed against you from behind.

The White Stripes Ball and Biscuit played and that was a perfect driving beat. I wrapped my arms tightly around you from behind cupping your breasts and kissing your back. Then I was kissing up the side of your neck, hot and fluid. I kissed your ear and whispered that was going to fuck you right then.

The passion had built up in us for the three weeks that we had been together. You didn’t say a word. Your breathing was rapid as you leaned over slightly and placed your hands onto the arm of the couch. Your hips were still moving and grinding to the blues beat.

With my fingers digging into your hips I pulled you hard against me. The head of my cock slid over your pussy. Oh my god you were so wet. You were still in your high heels heels and I had to spread your legs a little to get you to the right position. The swollen head of my cock was right where I wanted it and I left it as you did your bump and grind. I wanted to feel that first pop as the head penetrated.

I waited…waited, and finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and rammed my throbbing cock in fast. Your pussy grabbed cahil periler izle hard and we both gasped. You reached back with your right hand and pulled me to you. I left my throbbing cock in deep for what felt like an hour, and then out and back in hard, again and again.

Your juices were dripping down my balls and my thighs. There were wet slapping sounds mixing with the guitar and our moans. You said “oh my god fuck me baby” and I screamed your name in ecstasy.

It had to be that way. I had wanted this so much and this is just how it had to be. Harder and harder I doubled the beat. Your knees bent and I felt you in a whole new way. Your right hand reached down between your legs to cup my balls and then to play with your clit. I could feel your massaging fingers on the base of my cock when I was fully in you.

Your head dropped lower as my muscles started to tighten. And then my whole body was on fire and straining with each thrust. I could feel your pussy squeezing and I knew that was when I totally lost control. I was pounding and screaming your name over and over.

We now had our own frantic rhythm, grunting and moaning with each stroke. You would meet each thrust and grind and squeeze. I felt the wave building in me, starting in my balls and spreading rapidly throughout my body. I was so focused on the feeling of my cock in you.

“Fuck me harder baby,” you screamed raggedly as I felt your warm juices gush down my leg.

My own orgasm started and it convulsed and spread and I screamed your name over and over. It felt liquid and molten as it spread over and in me and you. I couldn’t stop gasping and shaking. The spasms of your pussy sent me even higher. Your knees buckled and I caught you and I guided you onto the couch before we both fell.

I lowered to my knees, kneeling in front of you as we both gasped “oh my god,” and I wanted your pussy again right then. I wanted to suck on your pussy as my cum and your juices were oozing out of you.

I spread your legs as you lay back and I kissed softly and then licked deeply and it tasted of you. It was just the way I had dreamed you would taste with my cum inside of you.

I cars on the road izle licked softly as I caught my breath and then kissed you hard. I was finally able to breathe without gasping so I started flicking my tongue over your clit. I played with it. It was my toy and I wanted it to feel so good for you. Now I could just focus on you. I sucked on your clit and reached my hands up and spread your pussy lips open wide so that I could take you in.

You were still dripping and I spread the salty sweet liquid over your thighs and then licked them clean. I kissed your pulsing clit slowly and then took it between my lips and sucked, playing with the end of it with the tip of my tongue.

I felt your hips moving again, slowly at first and then harder as you regained your strength. I backed away and blew softly on your swollen labia and clit. You moaned again for the first time since I pulled out of you.

Your head was back and your eyes were closed and your lips were parted and I could see your tongue darting in and out. Your fingers intertwined in my hair as I kissed deeper and harder and you gyrated against my face. I wanted you to cum for me. I wanted to feel it and taste it. I wanted to hear you scream again.

I felt your back begin to arch and your thighs squeezed my head. I felt the tips of your heels dig into my back as you wrapped your legs around me. It felt so delicious. I was so totally focused on you, wanting you so much and then your orgasm cascaded all around me. It was so totally amazing that I knew I would want it all the time. I was addicted.

You pushed me away from you and I got it at once. It was too much and we both needed a time out for a few minutes to catch our collective breath.

I rested on the couch with my head in your lap looking up at you. You looked down at me and smiled a wonderful, sexy, sated smile. You placed your hands on my face and I kissed your thighs and slipped my hands under you because I wanted to be as close to you as I could.

I said “you are amazing!”

You said “I want your cock in my mouth.”

And now it was time for tenderness and play and love. I took your hand and led you to my room, walking over all of your clothes. The smell of your perfume and of our sex was still in the air. As you lay in the middle of my bed you were already breaking my heart. You pushed me back onto the pillows, smiling and singing and dancing and then your mouth plunged over my still hard cock just like that and I screamed your name. I was yours.

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