Diane’s New Lover


Diane’s New LoverDiane walked through the house passing by the den as she did. A quick glance told her that Glen was absorbed in the football game as usual and would be for at least a couple more hours. They had hardly spoken since their big fight last week which was not that out of the normal anymore. They just didn’t make up overnight like they had back in the old days. Now in their 50’s the fights could sometimes lead to 2 or 3 weeks of just cordial conversation and no affection at all.She decided tonight was going to be more of the same and decided she would go ahead and turn in for the night. Stepping into the bathroom she quickly disrobed and got in the shower. Standing there she let the warm water cascade down over her body. As the warmth streamed down over her breasts and body to run down her legs to the drain she felt a stirring in her loins and remembered they had not had sex in 2 weeks.Stepping out of the shower she grabbed a towel and started to dry her body stopping to look in the mirror. Her shoulder length reddish brown hair hung down over her shoulders and glistened with the little droplets of water that had settled in it during the shower. She looked at her face and into the deep blue eyes that stared back at her. She knew she was an attractive woman even for her age and still got plenty of second glances when she was out and about. Her eyes traveled down to her breasts feeling sudden pride at how they still stood firm after all these years and at 38d were quite lovely with large brown nipples topping each mound. She also noticed that the nipples were at this moment swollen and pointing out, partly from the coolness of the bathroom and also from the building arousal she was feeling in her loins.Her eyes moved down over her fairly flat stomach with a couple of small stretch marks from having given birth to 2 c***dren. Below her stomach her eyes stopped at her bush. She had always kept it natural and was proud of the thick reddish brown triangle formed by the patch of hair growing there. Her legs were still Beşevler Rus Escort almost perfect too all the way from the top of her thighs to the tips of her toes. She quickly finished drying herself and slipped on a t shirt and pair of light blue bikini panties before leaving the bathroom for the comfort of the bedroom.She slipped under the covers and turned out the light leaving herself in total darkness. As she lay there she could feel her heart throb under the cover but mostly she was aware that the ache in her loins was growing more persistent and she knew that before she slept she would have to take care of it.She relaxed her body and started to go to her secret place, the place where erotic fantasies that she had never shared with anybody lived. Laying there she let her mind start to go over a scenario for tonight’s masturbation fantasy. During these moments she never touched herself but let the erotic thoughts grow which in turn always started responses in her genitals as her body prepared for sexual stimulation. After about 15 minutes of going through the foreplay stages of her fantasy she felt her vagina grow damp and her clitoris become firm. Keeping the fantasy going she reached down and slowly slid her panties down her legs and kicked them off under the cover.As always she reached up and started to slowly caress her breasts,teasing the now hard nipples as she did. Slowly she started to let her hand slip down to her belly tracing little lines back and forth just at the top of her pubic triangle. Anticipation of the pleasure to come made her breathe a little harder as she kept slowly teasing herself. Soon her fingers would gently move down into her hairs in search of that special place just above her pussy opening. Her mind was still progressing through the fantasy letting the imagined sexual encounter run it’s course.Suddenly she felt a tingling start around the tops of her knees. Like small electrical tingles it built. As the the sensations Cebeci Rus Escort intensified she felt it also move up to her thighs. She stopped the fantasy and thought, ” what in the hell is that”? She lay still trying to decide what was happening as the tingling sensation moved higher, reaching her upper thigh. Suddenly she had the urge to open her legs. Without thinking her feet scooted apart opening the distance between her thighs. Involuntarily she pulled her feet up raising her knees from the bed and lettong her legs fall open all the way. She could feel the wetness of her pussy as some liquid trickled out and into her ass crack.The tingling now began to reach her pubic area and spread completely over her pussy. The feeling was like nothing she had ever felt before, very strange but also extremely pleasurable. Her mind raced as the sensations now moved to her clit and she felt spasms shoot through her sexual organs. “What in the fuck is this?” she thought. Before she could even start to answer her own question she felt a sudden weight on her body like someone had just gently laid down on her. But she knew there was no one there so what was going on. Then she felt the feeling of something gently probing at the opening of her vagina. Suddenly she had the sensation of being filled. She could feel something stretching open and entering her pussy, going slowly in until it seemed it was touching her cervix. Never in her life had she ever felt as filled as she was feeling at this moment. Fear ran through her mind as she realized that although there was nobody here something was about to fuck her. But before the fear could overtake her she felt whatever was in her start to move. She was 55 years old and had been fucked many times but at no time in her life had she ever felt anything like this. The fear left her and was replaced by a sudden feeling of pure lust.Whatever it was her body wanted more of it. She raised her hips slightly u*********sly Kolej Rus Escort trying to help whatever was in her to have easier access. She realized that she was experiencing sexual feelings she had never before imagined and her hips started to rock in unison to the rhythmic fucking she was feeling. Her arms came up to hold whatever was on her but there was nothing there and she let them drop back at her side. Suddenly she felt a feeling starting to build in her pussy that she knew was the onset of an orgasm. But this was building from somewhere deep inside her where she had never felt one come from. Her hips thrust as the feelings built. All of a sudden it hit her. Her body stiffened and she groaned out loud as she started to cum. Her whole body shook and quaked as wave after wave of incredible pleasure ran through her entire being. It seemed to her that she came forever as she experienced the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. As it finally started to subside she let her hips drop back to the bed. She lay there in the darkness gasping for breath and hoping she had not cried out too loudly as she came. As body came down from the high it occurred to her that something very very strange had just happened to her.She remembered reading some years back about spirits that would come to women in their beds and take them sexually. It all seemed at the time like a horror story but she realized that she was awake and had not slept or dreamed and that she had just been physically fucked by something unseen but very real. Her hand reached down between her legs and she felt her pussy was totally soaked and even the sheet under her ass was sticky wet. “oh God”, she thought, ” did it cum in me or is that all mine?” Running her fingers up her slit she felt a huge amount of sticky goo. “I don’t care if it did” she thought, bringing her fingers to her lips to taste.Soon after she fell asleep. When she awoke the next morning she would have thought it was all a big dream except that her pussy felt used and her inner thighs were all crusty with dried cum, whose or whats she didn’t know.That night Diane took her shower and wrapped a towel around her body, not bothering with panties or anything. She closed the bedroom door and turned out the light. Laying down she opened the robe exposing herself to the darkness. Closing her eyes, she opened her legs wide and whispered, “come to me baby, I’m ready for you.”

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