Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 16


Dex and the Twins at College


After eating dessert between Reece’s and Sylvia’s thighs and then getting caught by the waiter, Gustav, with my cock in Reece’s mouth; the same mouth that he’d had his cock in minutes earlier, he informed us that the bill was taken care of. In spite of the shared blow job and ejaculation into Reece’s mouth, my cock was still hard when I slid into the driver’s seat of my car. Reece and Sylvia argued over who was riding shotgun and Sylvia won. Reece wasn’t happy about it but Sylvia’s argument, that Reece would have constant access to me, won the day and Reece relented.

I started the car and turned up the heat. It was cold. I squirmed in my seat and made some adjustments to the confinement of my hard-on while the engine warmed up. The anticipation was high and with three heavily breathing bodies in the car, the windows and windshield fogged up and promptly glazed to ice.

I looked in the rearview mirror to see Reece scooched up on the edge of the backseat with her forearms on the backs of the front seats, apparently waiting for the action to start. The rear window was completely opaque with iced over fog. I punched the rear-defogger button and thin lines began to form. I thought better of that and shut the defogger off. From the looks on Sylvia’s and Reece’s faces, whatever was going to happen would happen right here before we got on the road.

Reece had the top half of her shoulder-less dress pulled down under her coat and she was furiously twirling her index fingers around the contours of her erect nipples. They had hardened due to the cold or sexual arousal. My guess was both.

Sylvia’s coat was open and her nipples were pushing hard against the knit material of her dress, which was backless, hence, no bra. The hem of her dress was pulled up to her waist and her fingers were curled under the hem, strumming on her pussy like she was picking a banjo. The parking lot was well illuminated and the look on her face was intoxicating.

I reached for the heater controls but Sylvia grabbed my hand to stop me. She pulled my hand to her lips and kissed the palm and then sucked each finger, one at a time, past her plush lips and pushed her head forward and back a couple times before moving on to the next one. Her signal was clear enough and my erection got the message as it grew harder, if that was even possible. Her eyes radiated her passion.

She moved my hands down inside her coat to her side-boob and pushed my hand in under her dress to caress her aroused nipples. She jumped and said, “Jesus, your hand is cold.” She released my wrist and lifted herself up off the seat and hitched her dress up to her waist. Between her other hand strumming in her sex and the dim illumination, I couldn’t see anything except the upper contour of her finely manicured pubic hair.

I broadened the search area on her closest breast and cupped her tit in my hand while I continued to caress her nipple with my thumb. Sylvia groaned and pressed her head back against the headrest. Reece took the opportunity to lean forward and sensually kiss her sister. Sylvia moaned and kissed her back as she rolled her hips forward and back on her fingers.

Reece reached past my hip and laid her hand on my lap as my burgeoning cock reacted to her touch instantly and pushed hard against my zipper. Reece pulled her lips back from Sylvia’s and said, “Jesus Sylvia. He’s so ready for you. Take him now.” The air in Sylvia’s lungs exploded in exhale and she immediately inhaled. She held that breath as she started trembling like she was in a seizure. It wasn’t from the cold. She was in a self-induced orgasm.

I reached down with my free hand and unzipped my pants. Reece’s hand was still there and she fumbled around trying to get my cock out. I had to unbuckle my pants and unfasten them before it came free. Reece immediately started jerking me off as best she could from her position in the backseat. Sylvia’s mouth hung open in a silent scream as her hips throbbed and jerked.

Her fingers slowed and then stopped as her hips stopped gyrating. Sylvia let out huge gasping sigh and then collapsed into her seat. Her breast, still in my hand was amazingly firm, almost hard. Her head hung forward with her chin almost on her chest. I released her tit and pulled it out on her side toward her armpit. She moaned for no apparent reason.

Reece had moved her position so she could use her right hand to jerk me off. Fuck, I was hard and her hand felt incredible as she flailed it up and down my shaft. The cold air seemed to enhance the sensation. Reece leaned her body forward into the gap between the two front seats so she could get a better angle. She looked up at me and ran her tongue around her lips and then grinned. She was angling to get those lips on my cock. I turned my hips in my seat to help. I figured, ‘What the hell. Sylvia is out-of-order.’

Then I felt two hands on my raging hard-on and Sylvia was present again. She whispered to Reece, “I’ve got this.” escort bayan bursa Reece smiled and released my cock and pulled back out of the front seat. Sylvia took over the hand job and got up on her knees in her seat. She had discarded her coat. Her dress was pulled up to her lower back and her perfect ass was on display. She put her elbows on the console and pushed her head into my lap. Her lips quickly found their target and she sucked them over my knob. She tongued around and around the ridge of my glans and then concentrated on the ‘spot’. I humped up my hips and pressed my back and head to the back of my seat. She used her hands to push me back down so she had room between my stomach and the steering wheel.

Sylvia eased her lips down my shaft. I couldn’t see a thing as her hair cascaded into my lap. I groaned hard as she took all of me. My knob pushed in and out of her throat. Then her head rose and fell in a normal blow job rhythm as I ran my hand down her exposed back to her bare ass. I stretched my long arms further until I found her wetness. She was soaked and she groaned around my cock when I curled my middle finger into her pussy.

I groaned as I felt the first vestiges of an orgasm. Cumming in Sylvia’s mouth would be fine, but I preferred cumming inside her. I reached down and gently lifted her head. At first, she just pushed down harder, but then she realized that I was pulling her off my cock. She lifted her head and looked questioningly at me. She started to go down again but I stopped her. She was confused. I reached down to the door side of my seat to see how far back my seat would go. It was all the way back already. I reached forward under the steering wheel and pulled a lever and pushed the steering wheel forward as far as it would go.

Sylvia watched me do all that and still had the confused look on her face. I looked into her eyes and patted my thighs. The look on Sylvia’s face changed instantly from confusion to understanding. She grinned as she pulled back to the console and raised her head to the roof, kissing Reece quickly as she went. She raised her right leg across the console. I held her knee up as she crawled across the console so she was straddling my lap. Her ass rested on the steering wheel as she made some final adjustments and then she took my throbbing cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy as she slid forward off the steering wheel. She tucked her face into my neck to avoid hitting the ceiling.

Sylvia’s lips fell open and she groaned hard as she eased herself all the way down my fat, throbbing cock. Her head rocked back on her neck as she sat down hard. I rolled my hips upward to give her a little more. She just sat their grinding her hips in a circle. She muttered, “Oh Jesus, he’s huge.”

Before she moved again, I noticed movement just outside my driver’s side window. I heard the familiar sound of an automatic door lock, ‘thunk’ and then the passenger side door of the car parked beside me opened. I looked to see an attractive middle-aged woman slide into her seat. The door closed and she was looking at me through the fogged-up window. I could just make out the quizzical look on her face as she tried to make out what she was seeing. I just made out a knowing grin form on her face before her window began fogging up as well. As the driver got in, she rolled her fogging window down to confirm what she thought was happening in our car. Then the car backed out of the spot and was gone.

Sylvia giggled and said, “What do you think she saw?”

I said, “Everything.” Sylvia used her knees, tucked into the angle of my seat at my hips and her hands behind her on the steering wheel as leverage to start fucking me. With the distraction, my orgasm had slipped back into obscurity, but Sylvia quickly brought it forward again as she was grinding on my cock every time she dropped back down.

She was oblivious of my rising orgasm as she was building rapidly into her own. I caressed her breasts through her knit dress. It was easy to find her hard nipples. She moved her hands from the steering wheel and held on to my arms to use as additional leverage as she pulled herself up and down my shaft.

I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Reece sitting against the passenger side backseat and the door with her left leg on the seat and her fingers drilling furiously in her glistening wetness. Her eyes were pinched shut and her lips were parted to reveal that her teeth were clenched.

I brought my attention back to Sylvia grinding hard on my cock. She had the exact same look on her face as Reece did in the backseat. Eyes pinched shut and bright white clenched teeth between parted lips. She was seething air in and out through her teeth.

Her rhythm broke down as she rolled over the crest of a huge orgasm. Her movements became spastic and I grabbed her hips in an attempt to keep her in rhythm. Her eyes opened and seemed to look straight through me. Her teeth separated as her lips parted further. She was in automatic now. In her own world of delirious bursa sinirsiz eskort passion. Her head fell forward on her neck and her hair fell across her face.

When her pussy began clenching on my shaft, I couldn’t hold my climax any more. I let it go and it was as though someone pulled the trigger and I fired. The power behind that first shot was incredible. It felt like my entire body was ejected up through my shaft at that one moment. Sylvia felt it too and screeched, “Oh Jesus, Dex.” A moment later, the second blast caused Sylvia to screech again. By the time remaining shots were expelled, cum was being forced out of Sylvia’s pussy, down over my balls and into my pants. I didn’t care. Sylvia was writhing in my lap until her orgasm started to fade. She was back in control of her body and she started grinding on my randomly pulsing cock. She lifted her head and flung her hair to one shoulder and smiled at me. She said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m making an awful mess in your pants.” She finished the sentence with a grin and I leaned forward and kissed her passionately.

In the backseat, Reece began thrashing her hips around on the seat as she groaned out, “Oh fuck. Yes. Yes.” Sylvia broke our embrace so she could look between the seats to watch her sister groan through her orgasm.

Sylvia looked at me and said, “I love to watch a woman having an orgasm. They’re so much more erotic than a man’s orgasm. Men’s are more about power and explosive domination.” She ground her hips around on my cock and kissed me before continuing, “Don’t get me wrong. I love your cock and your explosive cum-shots, but have you ever seen anything more sensual than that?” She pointed at Reece gyrating in the back seat. I turned to look back at Reece. She was oblivious to us. I looked back to Sylvia and smiled as I nodded.

Cum was leaking steadily from Sylvia’s pussy but she didn’t care and neither did I. Sylvia ground her hips down again and said, “I’m going to miss her terribly. Especially, when I imagine her in bed with you or your sisters. Please watch out for her. She’s wilder than me and she can get herself in trouble now and then.” Tears formed in her eyes and her body trembled. I reached past her and turned the heater up to full and blasted the warm air through the vents. She leaned forward again and kissed me tenderly but not passionately. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her tightly to my chest. In those brief seconds, my history with Sylvia flashed through my brain. As rocky and at times, painful, as it was, I reflected on the good times. I could have easily loved this woman forever, but that wasn’t to be and I had come to grips with it.

Sylvia pulled herself up my shaft with her thighs and struggled back over the console to her seat. She shoved her hand into her sex to stop the flow of cum. She giggled and said, “Jesus. That’s a lot of cum. You’ll be cleaning this up for a while.” I just chuckled as I looked in the rearview mirror. Reece was sitting in her seat facing forward wiping fog from her window. I pulled my ‘cum-towel’ from under my seat and ran it quickly through my pants and then handed it to Sylvia. She shoved it between her thighs. The heater cleared the windshield quickly and I put the car in reverse and pulled out. The side windows cleared steadily but much slower. By the time I pulled into Sylvia’s condo parking lot, I had to turn the heat and blower down. I shut off the engine and pushed my gooey soft cock into my pants and buckled and zipped up.

Reece said, “Can you come up for a nightcap?” She had an evil little grin on her face and I smiled to myself. I pushed my door open at the same time Sylvia pushed hers open. We walked into the lobby and went to the elevator. An old gentleman had already pushed the call button and was waiting. He was probably around eighty and he looked like he was just exhausted by life. He perked up when he saw Reece and Sylvia. He smiled and nodded to each of them and ignored me. I got it. Regardless of how old a guy is, he always appreciates beautiful women.

Inside the elevator, he pushed the five button and Reece pushed four. Before we reached the second floor, the old guy looked at me and said, “Both of them?” I gave him a confused looked, not understanding his question. He looked Sylvia up and down and then did the same to Reece. They both smiled at him. He looked at me again and said, “You did both of them?” I paused as I smiled at him and then gave him a slight nod.

I leaned down to him and whispered, “What gave us away?”

He laughed and took a deep inhale and said, “I love the smell of sex in the morning, … well, anytime really. It’s been a while, but I’ll never forget it. If you ever need a ‘wingman’, I’m on Five. Just ask for George.” He smiled at me and inhaled deeply again. I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing. Reece and Sylvia hadn’t heard our exchange and they looked at me with confused looks on their faces. I inhaled to take a sniff, but I didn’t smell anything unusual. He escort bayan laughed as the elevator stopped and the door opened. The three of us got out and the door hissed shut behind us. I was wondering if George was the hooker’s regular on the fifth floor.

Once inside Sylvia’s apartment, they both wanted to know what the old guy and I were laughing about. I told them and they were embarrassed as their faces flushed red. Sylvia immediately stripped off her dress and headed for the bathroom. Moments later the shower came on. Reece wanted me to tell her if she smelled like sex and she pulled up her hemline and wafted her hand past her pubic mound. I bent down and sniffed the air. I didn’t smell sex, but I was involved, so my nose was probably blind to it. I reached down and ran my fingers through her sex and took a whiff of my fingers. I smiled at her as I ran each finger deep into my mouth and muttered, ‘mmmmm’. She swatted my arm and headed for the bathroom, stripping off her dress as she went. She paused at the bathroom door and cradled her big tits and posed before stepping through the door. I went to the kitchen for a beer.

I wanted to spend the night. I could be persuaded to go another round with Reece and Sylvia. Alone, they were sexual dynamite. Together, the sex was nuclear. In the back of my mind, I knew that Mom and the twins would probably be waiting for me to get home. Mom would be complaining that I was shirking my duties and if I had one more round in me, she would want it.

A vision of Mom flooded into my brain. She was naked and my cock hardened as my mind rendered the scene. She was naked and straddling my hips, cowgirl style. She was cradling her big tits and tucking in her chin so she could suckle on each nipple. She was rocking her hips forward and back on my stiff cock. My cock squirreled around in my pants and I made an adjustment to make it more comfortable. My knob had that familiar tingle and my shaft prickled with the desire to push right through my pants. A different part of my brain screamed for it to remain soft. I knew that if either Reece or Sylvia saw the bulge, that I would be right here for the night. I smiled to myself as I realized that I was in a win-win situation.

I forced the vision of Mom going all-cowgirl on my cock out of my mind and took several sips of beer before chugging the rest. I retrieved another from the refrigerator and noticed that my hard-on was softening. The strain and the bulge were gone but the tingling sensation remained and I knew that, under the right circumstances, I was only a moment away from a raging erection.

I heard the bathroom door open and moments later Reece’s door closed and then Sylvia’s. I checked my watch. It was nearly nine-thirty. I took a sip of beer and my mind rushed through the events of the day. I smiled to myself as I reminisced.

Reece’s voice brought me out of my reverie. “What are you smiling about?” she said. She was wearing one of Sylvia’s kimonos. Her light blonde hair was wet and hung limply over her breasts. She was barefoot. It was easy to imagine what was underneath the shimmering silk robe and that familiar tingling started. I forced it back down.

“Oh nothing. I was just reliving my day.” I responded.

“She sat beside me and stretched in for a kiss. She was grinning as she said, “I know about the second half of your day. Tell me all about the first half.” I smiled at her and declined. She took my beer from my hand and took a big sip and handed it back to me.

As I had expected, Reece offered for me to stay the night. I declined her offer, explaining that I should get home. I still hadn’t gotten her decision about living with us, off campus. I didn’t push it. She’d let me know, either way, and ‘either way’ was acceptable.

Sylvia came out of her room dressing in a kimono. Her light brown hair was wet too and she had removed her make-up. She was still gorgeous, in a wholesome, girl-next-door kind of way. I got kisses from both at the front door and I thanked them for dinner. They giggled in stereo.

It had turned even colder as I slid into the driver’s seat. I pulled the collar of my bomber-jacket up around my ears and started the engine. I jacked the fan up to high, even though only cold air was blowing. The windshield was opaque so I ran the heel of my hand across it. The outside was the problem so I turned on the wipers to no effect. I grabbed an ice-scraper from the glove box and got out. As I scraped, the defroster was having its affect.

I blew the curled ice off my fingers and I blew warm air into my fist. I decided to let the defroster do its job and I got back in the car and put my hands up to the dash vents. Five minutes later, I was on the road and twenty minutes after that I was pulling into my driveway. Everyone was home, as evidenced by the parked cars.

Lights were on over the kitchen sink and in the family room. I went to my room to get out of my pants. Cum had dried to the hair on my thighs. I went to the bathroom and washed myself clean before dressing in clean pants. I went downstairs and I was kind of surprised when I walked into the family room that there wasn’t some kind of sexual activity going on. Everyone was fully clothed and watching TV, like any normal family. I sat down next to Mom, curled up on the sofa, and said, “What are we watching?”

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