Destined for Algeria Ch. 10


Chapter 10

Ally had left Ingrid alone at the blockhouse in Algeria over three hours ago, on his journey to Gus’s complex in search of Tess; to rescue the girl he was responsible for luring under false pretences and ultimately leading to her being trafficked into this mess.

Alone within the fortified walls of the Blockhouse, Ingrid stepped back to allow the surplus rope of the slack tether around her neck, to droop down onto the floor behind the heels of her feet.

With her resin-cuffed hands securely behind her back, she gripped the white cotton cord and walked forward, to test its security by pulling down against where Ally had tied the end of the rope to the top of the iron gate.

Pulling on the rope only served to tighten the knots that secured it so she walked around the gate, into the old ammunition store and sat on the edge of the mattress, which occupied the stone shelf, set into the wall.

Instead of panicking, Ingrid needed to start concentrating on her escape from Ally’s captivity and somehow contact her husband Kristofer in Norway.

She looked around for something to cut through the rope but realised that Ally must have taken this into consideration before leaving as she could see nothing resembling cutlery or anything at all with a sharp edge.

Looking at the table and the height of the knotted rope around the top of the gate, she made a calculated judgement in her head, giving her an idea.

Baring the hindrance of her hands behind her, piece by piece, she removed each of the portions of food and the cups of water he’d left her, from the table, down onto the floor.

Then with her back to the table, she dragged it over to the edge of the gate and sat herself on the wooden top. Swinging her legs up onto the table allowed her to cautiously stand up high enough to execute her plan.

The sight of the knotted rope now at eye level gave her enough of an adrenalin rush to overcome the fear of her instability on her feet. Instead, using her teeth she began picking away at the body of the outermost knot.

Perseverance eventually rewarded her with the joy of feeling the trailing end of the rope being easily pulled through the rest of Ally’s intertwining cotton artwork.

One down, two to go she thought, looking at the remaining knots.

Steadying her feet again, she moved in for round two. This attempt proved more difficult due to her different angle of attack but she had all the confidence in the world that she could do this.

After a few minutes the rope came loose and with the final knot being on its own, the weight of the rope below overcame the friction of its fibres and untied itself.

Elated at seeing the end of the rope fall to the ground, she crouched down and jumped off the table, nearly landing on one of the bowls of food as she did.

The thought of the danger of smashing one of the bowls hit her with hindsight. Why didn’t I just cut through the rope with a piece of broken bowl? She thought. This didn’t matter now. She had the freedom to roam around and plan her get away.

Ingrid collected the rope neatly into a coil behind her back and placed it to her side on the mattress where she once again sat.

Sitting down meant that she had to raise her cuffed wrists up into the small of her back slightly, for comfort. This posed the question. Why? Why did she have to lift up her wrists to sit down?

She tried sitting up straight and pressing her hands flat into the mattress, lowering the cuffs down as far as she could, towards the middle of her backside.

Wriggling each arse cheek backwards, in turn, slightly further and higher each time, gave her hope of being able to step through the confines of the cuffs and reduce their restriction by bring them to her front.

She found the strain on the outsides of her wrists bearable, due to the smooth rounded finish the resin mould had created.

Her second attempt adopted a different approach. This time she leaned her shoulders forward and arched her back as far as she could down towards her knees.

If her wrists weren’t cuffed behind her, her hands would be touching the floor by now, meaning that this position gave her the maximum amount of slack in her arms.

For her third attempt, she rolled onto her side and bent forward, inching her bare arse back further and further in between her arms; aiming to overcome the threshold of the straight, rigid resin bar, fixed between the cuffs.

Her surprising dexterity proved successful. The feeling of relief when her wrists were free to slide down to the back of her thighs, gave her butterflies in her tummy.

Pressing on with her escapology, she bent her lower left leg back towards her wrists and grabbed hold of her own foot to force it over the cuffs.

“FUCK!” she shouted. “Aghhhhh!”

An instantaneous cramp hit her in the back of her thigh where she’d bent her leg, paralysing her into letting go of her foot, forcing her to roll about the floor in agony.

As the pain eventually subsided, bursa escort she found herself stuck on the floor, curled up in a fetal position, with her wrists now behind her knees. Her only consolation being that she knew she would be able to get her hands back behind her again if she needed to.

Slowly she worked her right foot and hands towards each other to untie her laces and remove her footwear before her next attempt.

Once all feeling of the cramp had gone, she bent back her right foot and, using her fingers, quite easily assisted it over the cuffs, taking her one step closer to freedom, having her wrists now between her legs.

This triumph encouraged her to immediately repeat the process with her other leg and bring her cuffed wrists out in front of her.

She quickly removed the rope completely from around her neck and let it fall to the floor in a heap.

Addressing her nakedness came next. By reaching for her underwear, stacked on top of her folded jeans, she promptly dressed herself.

When fastening her shoelaces she took time out to properly inspect the unique and unusual resin cuffs that held her wrists so effectively.

Just as Ally had intended, the two oval shaped circles had formed perfectly to the shape of her wrists.

The surplus from the necklace mould had been bandaged up by his careful positioning of the sticky tape, which encouraged it to remain still, had created two horizontal straight bars between the cuffs, which now steadied her wrists rigidly apart.

His addition of the ring going around the horizontal bars using a bangle mould, rattled from side to side as it slid from cuff to cuff between her wrists.

Cutting away the redundant silicone mould had resulted in a gap of four millimetres all the way around, between the outside of her skin and the inside of each cuff, allowing for blood circulation but preventing Ingrid from being able to rotate her wrists within.

Being thankful for small graces, she realised that if Ally had decided to mould the cuffs with her palms facing outermost, she wouldn’t have been able to step over the bar and bring her hands to her front as she’d done.

Once her laces were fastened, she stood and headed towards her next hurdle. The main gate.

Climbing the walls would be impossible with her hands immobilised the way they were, meaning that her only means of exit, would be through these two large, daunting wooden gates.

Using both hands, she took hold of the circular ring of the handle and tried to turn it.

Her heart skipped a beat as the clunk of the gate sprung open slightly towards her.

Although delighted, she found it hard to believe that the gates hadn’t been locked. Could this simply be an oversight on Ally’s behalf, or had he underestimated the ingenuity of her getting this far in his absence and purposely left them unlocked for a reason, like for a visitor? She didn’t plan on hanging around long enough to care, she just wanted out.

Looking outside, she recognised the dirt track heading away from the walls of the blockhouse in the direction her and Ally had arrived. She knew that this dusty road eventually lead onto a larger one which in turn lead to the main highway where she would be able to flag down some help.

She began running in a straight line away from the wooden gates behind her, fearful of the image she would be permanently scared with if she were to glance back at the high walled structure of horrors.

The blockhouse stood strategically at the top of a gentle downward incline, originally to act as a lookout for attacking enemy heading along the hidden dip, towards the main fortress, which now formed part of the town known as Tiout.

Oblivious to this, her feet worked overtime, carrying her in the only direction she knew towards freedom. After a few minutes, the blazing sun proved this environment not suitable for a non-acclimatised Norwegian girl and began to take its toll.

Hanging her head, facing downhill and gasping for breath, she evaluated the deserted landscape ahead of her before deciding to press on at a more reduced pace.

The decision to stop came shortly after. She needed to rethink this. Realising that heat exhaustion and dehydration would cause her to die from exposure if she carried on any further, to a point beyond return, so she decided to turn back towards the blockhouse and stock up on water.

The slow uphill struggle convinced her that she had made the right decision. Her cuffed hands removed the ability to add swing into her step, minutely but noticeably hindering her progress.

From the amount of food Ally had left for her, she knew that he planned to be away for quite some time, so with him out of the country, she intended grabbing as much provisions as she could and heading out later, in the cool of the night to seek help.

The welcome sight of the blockhouse on the brow of the hill soon gave way to a more interesting vision of a town in the distance, which Ingrid had failed to notice bursa escort bayan in her hastened exit one hour earlier. Hidden from view by the walls of Ally’s historic building, stood the town of Tiout.

The distortion of the vision by the rising desert heat made Ingrid wonder if this could be nothing other than a mirage. Never the less, she wouldn’t be able to walk this distance without rehydrating first. She decided to head in this direction after sundown.

Ally had been absent for just over five hours by the time Ingrid returned to the welcome shade of the old ammunition store to guzzle the luke warm water from the cups she’d left standing on the floor.

With the rest of the day to kill she went into the main building to snoop through Ally’s belongings for anything she might be able to use to remove the rigid restraints which separated her wrists.

Amongst the resin and moulds she found only random items of clothing or towels which had been thrown in as protective packaging around the cutlery and glassware.

Aware of other boxes still in the back of Ally’s van, she gave up on her search and walked back out to the iron gates to see if she could use the corner of a rough rusty metal edge as a file to cut through the middle of her wrist restraints.

The choices of rough edges were plentiful but after rubbing the central resin bar of the cuffs up and down on one of the rusty bars a few times, the only outcome was her removing brown flakes of metal from the gate, creating a pile of dust on the floor beneath.

Finding no damage at all to the resin, she resided upon the fact that she would have to find help from somebody with knowhow, to free her hands.

Looking at the food in the bowls on the floor, she decided that eating, drinking and rest would be the best course of action in preparation of her journey to find help after sunset.

Once she’d eaten away her appetite, she continued occasionally sipping the water next to her as she sat back on the mattress to replenish her energy levels from the day’s events so far.

A fly buzzing past her ear woke Ingrid from her doze. She had no idea of the time but the sun being still up in the sky, confirmed it as too early to be setting out just yet and continued to relax, in preparation for her journey ahead.

She must have dozed off again as the next thing she heard was the clunk of the gate waking her with a start.

The diminishing level of light made her spring to her feet from the bed in the old ammunition store. She stared in horror at the headlights shining through the widening gap between the two entrance gates.

Who the fuck is that? She thought. Has Ally sent someone to check in on me and that’s the reason he hadn’t locked the gates? She wondered.

Spitting as she swore to herself because of her missed opportunity of escaping, she began to panic.

Once the second gate had been wedged open, the figure, still hidden from view by the first gate, turned and walked back out, presumably to bring their vehicle inside.

She had to hide. The first and only place she could think of was within the privacy of the outhouse where the toilet stood.

Hearing the car door clunk, she bolted for the darkness of the outhouse next to her, narrowly slipping in through the smallest of openings between the wooden doors.

Now what? She asked herself.

Through one of the many gaps in the doors, she looked out to see Ally’s van stop outside the main building, followed by Ally himself emerging from within.

It can’t be. She thought, watching him walk over to the gates and close them both behind him.

How could she explain the cuffs in front of her, with the rope being on the floor and that she’d tried to escape but had to turn back with the intention of implementing another attempt later.

Laying down on her side, she unsuccessfully lifted a leg up in front of her to step back over the cuffs. The aftermath of her earlier cramp reminded her that previously she’d had to remove her footwear to achieve this.

“You in the toilet?” Ally called through the closed wooden doors.

“Yea.” She shouted back.

Ingrid jumped up from the floor, in time to greet Ally with a smile as he opened one of the doors. “Am I glad to see you.” She lied.

“How the fuck did you get that rope off?” he asked, almost disgusted at the sight of her semi-liberated body in front of him.

She innocently raised her cuffed wrists up in front of her and smiled. “Well. You know. I felt like I had to make myself at home.”

Ally reached for the cuffs. “Give me those.” He ordered. “Are you trying to run away?”

Ingrid laughed and gave him her usual seductive look. “No. I wouldn’t survive five minutes outside of these walls.” She began. “You know I need your help. So why would I run off?”

“Why are you dressed?” he asked.

Without answering, she simply increased her smile and replied, “I’m so glad you’re back.”

“Turn around!” he told her, jostling possession escort bursa of the cuffs away from himself.

He unbuckled his belt as she spun away and with one hand, removed it completely from around his waist, letting it hang down to the floor.

Ally let go of the cuffs. “Hold still.” He ordered her.

The feel of the buckle touching against the back of her leg prompted her to glance over her shoulder.

“Did you have any luck finding Tess?” she asked, trying to sound sincere.

He began threading the leather belt from behind her, through the three loops of the jeans on her left hip, then pulled as much of it as he could, out in front of her waist.

“I did.” He replied. “And she’s in a much worse position than you are.”

“I want to help.” She offered.

Ally reached around her waist with one arm either side and pulled at the ring which moved freely along the rigid resin straight bars, between the confines of her wrist cuffs.

“Ok. Pass me your hands then.” He said, trying to make it sound like this would be a way for her to help him.

She knew the belt was destine for the tethering ring between her wrists, even before he began to bring the two together.

“You don’t have to do this you know. I need your help too.” She submissively protested. “You can trust me.”

Where Ally finished threading the belt through the remaining belt loops, she felt her hands being pulled in to her waist as he fastened the buckle behind her back.

“This is how they’re treating Tess.” He told her. “And as this is your fault, you deserve the same treatment.”

She looked down at the belt around her waist and pulled her wrists from left to right to test their restriction. Shit, she thought. With the belt buckled behind her, she wouldn’t be able to reach to unfasten it herself.

“Go lay on the bed.” He told her, “I need sleep.”

Ingrid obediently sat on the side of the bed, followed by Ally. She then shimmied along the mattress on her back, until she reached the wall and turned her head towards Ally as he lay on his side, facing her.

Taking advantage of her misfortune, he rested his ear on her chest and worked his hand up inside her top to amuse himself with her perk, defenceless tits.

“If you untie me, I’ll make you glad that you did.” She offered.

Ally smiled to himself and rolled onto his back.

Disappointed with his silent rejection, she listened to his breathing, slow and deepen as he nodded off into a well-earned sleep.

There wouldn’t be a chance of rolling over him to make an escape attempt, without waking him so she bided her time in thought, until she too fell asleep.

In the morning, Ally released her cuffs from the confines of her waist so she could do her own thing.

After breakfast he took her back to the old ammunition store where he ordered her to make another video message for her husband, Kristofer back in Norway, to confirm her ongoing safe captivity.

Once satisfied that there were no hidden message’s in there, he announced that he had to go out for a while.

She attempted negotiations with him when he threaded the belt, via the ring at the centre of the cuffs and buckled it up again through the belt loops of her jeans around her waist.

“You really don’t have to do this you know.” She said.

“You’re probably right.” He replied “But it’s only fair that I mirror the treatment that Tess is receiving, at the hands of your enemies. Which means that I’m also going to have to lock you up, in here, like they’re doing to her. At least until I return anyway.”

Ally closed the bared gates and turned the rusty old key, locking her in with the secure iron barrier between the two of them.

Ingrid followed him from inside the grid of metal framework.

“Wait.” She called out.

Ally stopped and looked in at her.

“Why didn’t you make love to me last night?” she asked. “I gave you the opportunity but you fell asleep. We could make good of our situation you know.”

With the brown key still in hand, he looked down at the ground, then slowly walked back towards the centre of the two gates.

Ingrid’s heart rate picked up at the thought that she may be able to simply screw her way out of this prison.

The lock clunked open again and Ally entered the old ammunition store, leaving the key in the key hole behind him.

Their eyes held together with him standing silently in front of her.

Ingrid’s tiny head motion towards him triggered the desired response of their lips touching and his tongue invading her mouth.

The force of him pushing into her caused her to retreat backwards a couple of steps towards the bars. Once resting against the closed gate, she felt his arms reach behind her ribcage and pull their two bodies together tighter.

Operating on her own naive presumption that no man could resist the lure of a promise, she turned her head slightly to the side, allowing her to speak.

“Fuck me.” She directly ordered.

As pre-empted, Ally’s hands moved down to the belt buckle behind her back and untucked the trailing end of the leather in preparation for removing it.

Ingrid pushed her tongue deeper into his mouth to keep him interested, moaning a little for effect as she felt the belt being released.

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