Big Tits

As I look at you lying there I really have no idea what to do first. You look so delicious! Clothes pressed, black dress shoes gleaming in the low lights. A glass of fine cognac in your hand, I watch the slight movement of your wrist as you swirl the amber liquid around slowly, your eyes looking up at me expectantly as you sip your drink.

I inhale deeply, building my bravado as I walk across the ‘rented for one night’ hotel room toward you. I stand next to the bed, unknotting the tie in my one piece dress and letting it fall slowly to the ground. I’m naked underneath. I hear your breath draw in as your eyes move over my body. Slowly, Caressing every inch of me. Then back to my face as you smile a small smile.

Realizing that I had sat through our dinner this way, just a wisp of silk between my curves and the world. I take your hand in mine, placing your finger lightly against my nipple. Rubbing back and forth making it pucker under your fingertip. I take the glass from your hand, placing it on the nightstand, and then straddle your baddies west izle hips in one smooth move. Pressing my already wet pussy against the bulge in your pants.

You reach for me but I move to hold your hands high above your head, dipping my head down to kiss you. Slow and sweet. My hips rock against you slightly as I run my hands down your arms. Nibbling on your lips I move slightly lower. Reaching for the buttons on your shirt, tugging at them one by one, my mouth trailing to your ear….biting your lobe….then licking down the column of your throat to the top button of your dress shirt. As I undo a button, my mouth is there, licking you. Nipping at the skin. Undoing each one painfully slow.

My nipples are hard and rubbing against your skin as I pull open your shirt and move lower and lower. I stop at the waistband of your pants. My eyes lock with yours as I run my tongue along the taught skin of your navel. Tugging at the button with my teeth. My chin rubbing against the now pronounced bulge barbarians izle in your pants, your breathing increases as I take the tab of your zipper between my teeth. Pulling down slowly to expose your now very hard cock encased in the blue shorts that lay underneath.

I slip my hands into the band, letting just my fingertips brush over the head of your cock and chuckle to myself. You’re already wet for me, almost as wet as I am right now. Your cock feels like satin stretched over steel as I wrap my hand around your shaft and squeeze. Then stroke you. One long stroke from tip to base. Enjoying the little moan I incite from you. Letting go I tug your pants down to your knees. Then off, stopping to slip off your shoes, and then socks. I grin up at you as you watch me at the end of the bed and pull your foot to my mouth, nipping playfully at your big toe.

Slowly I move up your body, letting my tight nipples trail against your legs. I lay down between them, my mouth hovering right above your cock. Then I lean bay patrol izle nice and close, blowing across the tip, before wrapping my hand around the base and lift you to my mouth.

I dart my tongue out to taste you first. Moaning low in my throat as I feel your body stiffen under me. I run my tongue down your shaft, slowly over your balls, stopping to suck one then the other into my mouth then tease my tongue over the skin just behind. I drag my tongue back up and wrap my lips around the tip. Sucking you into my mouth, inch by inch until I can’t take anymore and I feel you at the back of my throat.

I slide you back out, my teeth dragging along the shaft of your cock, before taking you back inside. Your hands move and fist in my hair, urging me on. My head bobs faster and faster. I straddle your leg, rubbing my wet pussy against it as I lick and suck you. Loving the way your cock slides so smoothly against my lips.

You arch your back and I know your almost there, I work you faster and faster, until I hear you cry out and feel your cock pulse between my lips. I pull back letting your hot cum splash against my cheeks, over my lips. Tasting the salty sweetness of your release on my tongue. I smile up at you as I flick my tongue out to catch a stray drip running down my chin. Yeah I was right, you are delicious.

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