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The moon was just rising to its zenith over the tranquil waters of Maui. Mai stood naked at the sliding doors of her bungalow and let the warm balmy, South Pacific breeze caress her bronzed body. She felt strong masculine hands cup her breast and they began rhythmically massaging her nipples. Alex loved to sneak up and take Mai off guard. Mai reached back, grabbed his firm round buttocks, and pulled him closer. Alex’s hand went further and began to explore Mai’s warm chocolate recesses. He fingered her vagina, coating his fingers in her sticky secretions and began manipulating her clitoris. She let out a husky moan and placed her hands upon his to guide him in pleasing her.

She could feel his desire as he slowly began to grind her behind and passionately kissed the chords in her neck. He reach down and took his erect penis and pressed it into her vagina from behind. She had an involuntary reaction to his flared mushroom-like head entering her. The walls of her vagina gripped him and caused him to moan in a long deep sigh.

Mai lean forward against the doorframe, to brace herself for Alex’s powerful thrusts. She felt his hands massaging her buttocks and the small of her back up to her shoulders. Alex watched himself slide in and out of her tight opening. He felt his penis throb at the sight of it going to the hilt and coming out slick with her secretions. Mai closed her legs so she could feel Alex’s penis rub the lips of her hairless vagina. She instantaneously felt her orgasm coming and she began to slam back to meet his thrust. Her grip on the doorframe tightened, as did her vagina around Alex’s penis. They both began to work faster toward orgasm. Alex let out a deep growl as he felt himself release and he grabbed Mai’s buttocks and pressed his penis as far as he could into her. Mai hadn’t come yet, so Alex laid her on the carpeted floor of the bungalow and began to orally finish the job.

He spread her legs, lifted her hips, and began to sip her nectar as if he drank from a bowl. Their combined mixture was intoxicating. Mai spread her legs as far as she could to give Alex complete access to her love’s desire. at home with the gils izle She clawed the carpet in pleasurable agony as Alex’s tongue lightly traced her wet folds and stabbed at her clitoris. Mai grabbed Alex’s hair, placed her feet upon his back, and arched hard as she felt the familiar quiver in her thighs and a wave of orgasm washed over her body, as she screamed in release upsetting the exotic birds in their roosts put in the jungle.

Alex looked upon her shivering body and kissed her lightly on the lips. He so hated to leave her on this island of paradise alone but he had to cut this vacation short due to business. He told Mai that he would make it up to her somehow. They were to be there for two weeks and had only been in Hawaii for three days before he got the emergency call from the office. He hated to be without her for a week and a half but he wanted her to enjoy the islands since it was her first time there. There was so much he wanted to show her and share with her about his little hideaway but it would have to wait until he got back.

He gazed at her now sleeping body and in his heart; he knew that she was the one. He had his share of women but she was something special and he decided to keep her around a little while. He picked her up off the floor and placed her on the bed. He kissed her on the forehead and went into the shower. After his shower, he dressed and packed his bags. He turned took one last look at Mai before he left for the airport. The servants would care for her while he was away. He got into the limousine and left for the airport.

Mai awoke with the afternoon sun gleaming in through the glass bungalow doors. She reached for Alex in a half sleep daze and realized that he had gone. She hated that she had been left behind but he wanted her to enjoy the island until his return and she was going to do just that. Besides, she had an assignment to do and fucking him was just part of the job, or so Mai wondered.

Mai went about Alex’s house putting bugs in every room as she had done in his mansion back in California. The ayak işleri izle assignment leader wanted an agent to keep close to Alexander Mansfield because somehow he was leading them to the top drug lord. When she took this assignment, she knew that she was just acting out a role. But this job required her to give too much of herself. All of her life she wanted to have a man who was financially secure and could give her anything she could ever want or need, and Alex seemed to be her dreams come true. She so hoped that the A.L.’s, assignment leader’s, information was wrong.

After putting all the bugs in place, Mai decided to take a look around on the grounds. The Hawaiian scenery was so beautiful and immediately she wished that Alex were there with his arms around her. She walked along a path that lead away from the back of the house and followed it the sounds of rushing water. Fifty yards ahead of her was a lagoon with a waterfall. On one side, there was a clearing that was brightly lit and on the other side, there was thick foliage. Mai had brought a blanket and sunscreen lotion and decided to lie out in the clearing. She took off all of her clothes and began to rub sunscreen all over her body. It was rather hot so she decided to take a nude dip in the lagoon, besides this was a private island and no one would see her anyway.

Mai got out of the water glistening in the sunlight. Alex had described the lagoon but she found its splendor to be even more magnificent than he proclaimed. Her body was alive with the fragrance of the foliage and alive with the rushing sounds of water. Mai had to get to work this little private spot was a half mile from the house and there would be no one to interrupt her transmission to A.L. She reached inside her bag and pulled out a radio and a cellular phone. One of the switches on the radio acted a scrambling device and she began to put her call through to A.L.

After she was done placing her called she lay back and began sunning herself. She rubbed coconut oil onto her bronzed skin. The heat of the sun and the stirring breeze caused her dark chocolate aynen aynen izle nipples to stiffen as her hands gently caressed them. Her hands trailed down the flat of her stomach and she felt herself quiver as her hands went lower and lightly stroked her pussy. She was feeling decadent in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of jungle by beautiful waters with no one watching, or so she thought.

Ana was on her day off from working at the mansion and she decided to take advantage of the grounds. She had come across the lagoon on one of her walks a few weeks ago during a lunch break. She decided that she would go for a swim without being watched by her co-workers. She got reprimanded for taking a dip in the swimming pool one night. The lagoon was secluded and far away, enough that no one on staff came out there to enjoy it.

She was a native of the neighboring islands. At 5’9″, she was a wet dream. She had exotic looks of her island ancestors and her black father who was a marine stationed in the pacific during one of his tours in Vietnam. She had honey colored skin, waist length coal black hair, almond shaped amber eyes so light they looked gold, and a full sensuous mouth. Her breasts were round and high like island coconuts, with a small waist and an ass like J-Lo.

She could hear the rushing sounds of the waterfall and knew that she was close. She wore a royal blue bikini and a wild flower print sarong that she hoped to shed quickly when she reached the lagoon. She came through the foliage and was surprised to see a beautiful black woman masturbating at the waters edge. The woman opened her eyes and stared Ana in the eye. She began caressing her left breast and continued stroking her glistening pussy.

Ana stood motionless and felt as if she had walked into a scene of Aphrodite pleasuring herself after coming up from the sea. Ana was mesmerized by the sight and didn’t remember closing the gap to the woman at the waters edge. She looked intensely at the woman’s hand on her hairless pussy and her mouth began to water. She had never been with a woman before she knelt to look closer.

The exotic beauty that happened upon her surprised Mai and thought of being caught and watched turned her on immensely. She never took her eyes off the bewitching creature. It turned her on even more at the possibility that something more could happen. Mai didn’t hesitate when the young woman came closer.

(To be continued…)

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