It was late at night when Justin visited his girlfriend Kate in college. He had never been to her room before and had a little liquid courage to embolden himself.

He snuck into her dorm room to surprise her. In the dark, he sees a girl’s form asleep on the bed. She was turned away from him. He crawled into the small open space on the bed. With wide abandonment, he begins to fondle her breasts and kiss the back of her neck. She moans softly at his touch. She turned around to face him and it was another cute girl.

“I’m so sorry,” he said with an embarrassed apology.

“I’m not,” Kate’s roommate Amy replies, with a wicked grin.

“I’m looking for Kate,” he clarified, ashamed.

She sighed. “She is on the top bunk.”

“Top bunk?” he asked, slowly standing up till he banged his head on something. “OWW!” he cried out in pain and confusion.

“Justin? Is that you?” Kate’s voice asked from above.

Carefully, he avoided hitting his head on the bottom of the top bunk a second time. He poked his head up to the top bunk, where she sat Indian-style, facing him. She looked sleepy-eyed since the thud and his voice woke her.

“You didn’t disturb my roommate, Amy, did you?”

Justin ducked his head back down to look at Amy. She held up a finger to her lips for quiet and shook her head no.

He popped his head back up to the top bunk. “No,” he lied, fairly confidently.

“Good. My new roommate is a Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes. She doesn’t smoke. She doesn’t drink. What does she do?” Kate mocked.

Amy became insulted but said nothing out loud. “I can suck a mean cock,” Amy thought, perversely.

“I didn’t know you had a roommate. I just wanted to sneak in for some sex,” Justin explained as if reading Amy’s mind.

“I can give you some sneaky sex,” Amy seductively whispered.

“Hmm… your head is at the right height,” Kate schemed, out loud.

“Right height for what?” he asked cautiously.

Kate pulled off her xslot underwear and tossed it aside. She flopped her legs over each of his shoulders and moved her crotch up to his face. “For you to eat my pussy,” she urged.

“I was really hoping for a blowjob, followed by some fucking,” he complained.

“You know it takes me a while to get warmed up before penetration. And you showed up unannounced, so I wasn’t ready. Now, devour my pussy for the next ten minutes and we’ll see about your blowjob or smashing. But I’m not gonna do both,” she vocalized, giving him an ultimatum.

“I will,” Amy vowed quietly. She scooted up to where Justin’s lower body was.

“What about your cute roommate? Won’t it arouse her?” he warned.

“I’m already AROUSED,” Amy conceded to herself.

“If she wakes up, she’ll probably be horrified and run out the door. I DARE her to try something,” Kate ridiculed.

“Challenge accepted,” Amy subtly confirmed.

He shrugged and unenthusiastically started licking up and down her slit.

“Put some passion into it,” she criticized.

He suddenly stopped when he sensed another pair of legs swing around him. This time they pressed against his knees. He looked down to see Amy sitting at the edge of the bed in front of him. She gave him a friendly wave and a devious grin. He raised his eyebrows, startled.

“I didn’t say to stop,” Kate cluelessly griped.

Kate grabbed the back of his head, forcing his face deeper into her pussy. Down below, Justin experienced a tugging sensation as Amy worked to undo his belt. His belt and pants were soon removed in quick succession. His cock instantly sprang up the second it was free of his boxers. It waved up and down in Amy’s face apparently to greet her.

“Hello to you, too,” Amy spoke courteously to his penis. “You look cold,” remarked Amy, pretending to be concerned. “Allow me to warm you up.”

Both Justin’s eyes and mouth opened wide when Amy took his member into her mouth. xslot Giriş Her hands were able to wrap around the base of his dick while her tongue and lips worked on the top half. He became reinvigorated by her exhilarating blowjob and really started to devour Kate’s twat.

“That’s more like it. Whatever is motivating you, don’t stop,” she announced ecstatically.

“I won’t,” Amy mumbled, with a mouth full of dick.

Ten minutes elapsed, but Kate was relishing the orgasms too much to ask Justin to stop.

Meanwhile, below, Amy was growing incredibly horny.

“Ok, time for part two,” she thought to herself. She immediately withdrew from his dick, causing his fervor to drop.

“Come on, you can’t be that tired,” Kate bemoaned.

Amy took the time to remove her PJ’s and move into a doggy style position in front of Justin’s cock. Using her hand, she backed up while angling his dick between her wet, waiting lips. Slowly at first, she pushed against him. Reenergized once more, he feasts on Kate’s snatch. An overjoyed Kate leaned back in her bed, allowing Justin easier access to her pussy.

Amy casually increased her speed until she was slamming against his erection. She had to cover her mouth during each climax, unlike Kake who was moaning loudly in ecstasy. Kate’s juices covered her boyfriend’s face, while Amy’s cunt coated his dick with her own lubrication.

This continued for 10 more minutes until Justin groaned heavily into Kate’s twat. Kate was puzzled by what that meant. But, Amy was aware that he was about to cum.

“Crap. I can’t have him cum all over my bed sheet for Kate to find,” she realized.

She backed off his dick and quickly spun around. Now in a doggy style position in front of him, she submerged his cock orally for the second time. Justin could feel Amy draining his cock. Sucking and swallowing until she’d gotten every last drop. Satisfied, she released his member from her warm, moist lips.

“It’s probably xslot Güncel Giriş best she doesn’t see him naked from the waist down,” Amy speculated.

She pulled up his briefs before gently sliding his shrinking dick back in. She followed that by dressing him the rest of the way.

Kate was panting hard from her earth-shaking orgasms. “Ok, I’m ready to be fucked now.”

“You already are fucked. No dick for you, ” Amy smiled devilishly.

Her boyfriend emerged from between her legs.

“I just remembered..there is… a thing…I got to do,” he lied poorly. Without another word from his stunned girlfriend, he reached for the door.

“Bye, Justin,” Amy waved flirtatiously as he opened the door and left.

“Amy? You are up?” Kate inquired, puzzled, as she hopped down to check on her friend.

“Why are you nude? What’s that on the side of your mouth? Is that cum? Is that MY BOYFRIEND’S cum?” she grilled, harshly.

“I’m terrible at hiding evidence,” Amy disclosed, unashamed.

Kate laid into Amy, “Who told you to blow my boyfriend?”

“You did. When you dared me to.”

“I didn’t know you were conscious,” Kate countered.

Everything was falling into place. Kate was still crazily turned on. “As I see it, you owe me one long hard fuck.”

“Alright.” Amy agreed, as she reached into her bag and retrieved a strap-on.

“I seriously misjudged you,” Kate proclaimed, shocked.

“Yes, you have,” Amy concurred. “Now, get down here and bend over.”

The following day, Justin was called back to Kate’s dorm room. When he entered at the appointed time, he found Kate sitting on the bottom bunk, while Amy sat above her.

“Amy and I had a long talk,” Kate started.

“I can explain,” he said, guiltily.

“Nevermind that,” Kate told him, as she waved her hand dismissively.

“Amy says she never came so fast and repeatedly in her life as when you were banging her. I said it couldn’t have been as many times as I climaxed. So, she dared me to switch spots with her to see if it’s as good as she says when she was giving you a bj.” she explained. He enthusiastically moved towards them.

“Here we go again,” he said, in an amused and lustful tone.

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