Dear Diary Ch. 06


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September 1, 2005

So goodness, I can’t even start to describe everything that’s happened in the past days since I updated last! Things are incredibly crazy and I am smiling more than ever.

I finally [FINALLY] got laid! HE came out for a week, and we fucked like bunnies. Seriously, we fucked… EVERYWHERE! We did the craziest things and came all day long. It was screaming fun, in more ways than one! LOL!

I think the most memorable thing we did was… well… I’m kind of shy, but here goes.

We were watching that new movie, the one about the comic book, but it’s in like grainy black and white and some recoloured objects. It was bloody, gory and, boring as fuck! I couldn’t stand it and instead of watching it, opted to ask him to lay naked with me under the duvet and cuddle.

We both threw our clothes into my room and laid naked under my flowered duvet in the living room and pretended to watch the movie while we let our hands roam wherever they pleased. He lay in front of me, and both of us were facing the telly.

Finally, he turned round to me and started kissing me. This week, our kisses were… different, to say the least. They were fervent and needy. Used to be that we’d just kiss and tongue each other all sexy like, but now, it was like, we needed it.

I love the way he takes my head and pulls me into him, with enough force that I feel like he’s going to break something. Our tongues fight and our hands grab and pull. We kiss rough, the same way we fuck.

There’s an air of melancholy in it, an air of love and a cherishing part to it, as if we have to do it like this, to take up for all the time we’ve been apart. I had to scream, and he had to moan. He needed to pull my hair and spank me as hard as he could, until my ass was stinging red from his slaps.

So anyway, we were kissing and petting and he pulled back to look at me and I asked him if he’d like to go for a drive up into the mountains. It was only a 20 minute drive and I figured that with the surprise I had in mind for him, he wouldn’t mind the 20 minute trip once he figured out what we were going to do down in the canyon.

He of course caught my mischievous look and said yes so we hopped up and got dressed and started driving. It probably took us 30 seconds to get in the car!

We Betturkey drove and drove, and I pointed out little things that we could still see in the dark. He held my hand the entire way and kept professing his love for me, which I gladly and happily returned to him.

We finally got there, and ended up on a deserted road [which creeped me out] when he finally asked why we’d driven all the way up there. I answered him by pulling a condom out of my cleavage, which I’d deftly sneaked in while we were getting dressed. He smiled at me and then looked fearful, I guess maybe because he didn’t want to get caught fucking outside. It had been a fantasy of mine for a very long time, and a fantasy of his since we’d began speaking to each other, so I thought after three years, then would be a good time.

He leaned over to my side of the Beetle that I drive and looked at me before kissing me. He stared at me with that sweet, soft stare that I’ve come to love incredibly. Then he kissed me. He took me in his arms and crushed me to him; He licked my face and whispered that he loved me. He grabbed my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it around between them until it was so hard it hurt me. He put his mouth on mine and maneuvered himself so he was almost sitting on top of me, like he was going to crawl up and put his cock in my mouth.

He’s done that before, straddled me and then had me let him mouth-fuck me, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d let the seat back and done it right there. I didn’t want him to so I pushed him back a little and told him to get out of the car.

There was absolutely NO traffic that night, so I figured we were safe, but just to err on the side of caution, I told him that we couldn’t spend all night fucking like we usually do, but that we could still have fun outside, under the moon.

He immediately looked around like a thief and dropped trou. I stood there and looked at his rock hard cock for quite a while, wishing I had the time to suck it, but knowing where I live, it would have been just my luck for a cop to drive by right when I dropped to my knees.

I had dressed in a short mini-skirt with no panties on and my pussy was practically dripping down my legs. I decided it would be good if I opened my trunk and leaned over into it, like I was looking for something, in case someone drove by, maybe they would just Betturkey Giriş think we had a flat tire and drive on by us, unaware of the truth.

He came behind me and put his hand around my neck and told me to play with my clit while he fucked me. He jammed his cock into my cunt and immediately started fucking me as hard and as fast as he could. Almost on cue, I couldn’t stop myself from moaning out loud.

I knew we were in the middle of nowhere so I could scream my head off if I wanted; No one was going to hear me.

I spread my legs as far apart as I could and rubbed my clit as fast as I could. His cock was pistoning in and out of my pussy and he reached forward and grabbed my left breast and squeezed it as hard as he could. He started twisting my nipple and with his other hand that was on my neck, he moved it up and started pulling my hair.

He pulled my neck back and leaned down to kiss me while he fucked me.

It was crazy!

Then I asked him to fuck my ass, you know how I love that, Diary! 😉 God, I love having my ass fucked and when he pulled his pussy wet, condom covered cock out of me and pushed the head of it against my asshole, I knew I was in heaven. I love being with a guy that’s as perverted as I am because I don’t have to worry about him saying something is nasty.

He pushed his cock slowly past the rim of my sweet ass and I felt him take both of his hands and pull my ass cheeks apart, I know he loves to watch his cock sink deep in me before he gets started going faster.

God it felt so good, and that’s when the screaming started. He growled, “You fucking slut… you dirty fucking slut, I love how your asshole sucks on my cock.”

I moaned and said, “Oh yes papa, fuck me, fuck me harder…”

He started fucking me faster, pulling my hair harder, and twisting my nipple with the other hand. God it felt so good, his cock sawing in and out of me, twisting the center of my pleasure around his fingers.

He yelled, “Rub your fucking clit, whore! Moan for me, bitch!”

I obeyed, happily, unable to speak anything except HIS name and some other unintelligible sounds that passed for moaning. I love it hard and fast. My car was bouncing forward and backward along with our rhythm and everything was going great until a car drove past slowly. I was sure they were going to stop, and I tried to move but he held me there and kept fucking me.

I saw brake lights and I thought, “Oh my god we’re caught for sure!”

But he continued fucking me like there was no tomorrow, like it was the last ass he’d ever get as long as he was alive. He kept pulling my hair and fucking my tight ass.

The car was driving visibly slow now, I can’t say they were going over 5mph at this point, but I didn’t care about that anymore, I just cared about his cock in my ass and his hands on me.

He leaned down and kissed me, pulling my head back roughly and shoving his tongue in my mouth. The car started to speed up a little then and so did his pistoning jerks in and out of my asshole.

We fucked and moaned and I screamed and the car just kept driving by slowly. I’m not sure if they stayed and watched the whole thing or just drove away because he told me he wanted to feel my ass squeeze his cock when I came.

He ordered me to come and I was more than happy to oblige. I stuck two fingers in my pussy and with my thumb rubbed my clit as hard and fast as I could. He rocked me back and forth and told me nasty things that he knew would get me off.

He talked about my fantasies, about the secrets I told him that made my pussy wet. I pushed my ass back into him for more and begged him to let me come.

He loves when I ask if I can come, and he always take a few seconds before saying yes to me, but I love it too.

Finally he said yes and I leaned my head back and screamed his name, I screamed so many things, and I felt warmth in my ass, knowing that he had just filled the condom. He grunted and grabbed my breasts and pulled me up to him, so that we both stood up straight while his cock continued to spasm inside my ass.

He kissed me and we looked up at the mountain sky for a while, while his tool softened inside me.

He whispered he loved me, and I returned it, happily. He slid out of me slowly and took off the condom and put it and the wrapper in a plastic baggie I had in my trunk and stuck it in the pocket of his pants. He smiled at me, probably knowing that I was making fun of him in my head about his ‘thing’ he has about not littering.

We walked slowly to our respective sides of the car and once inside, we locked the doors and lay our seats back, to relax for a moment or two. He leaned over to me and kissed me, cuddling with me as best he could in the confines of the auto.

Again he professed his feelings for me, and I returned them, wholeheartedly.

God damn this has been a good week. A screaming good week, I told you, Diary.

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