Dear Diary…


Dear Diary…

I was almost all the way home when I realized that I had forgotten my math book back at the school. I ran back hoping to find the doors still unlocked as the school closes up early on Friday nights.

Luckily I was able to sneak in unnoticed and the place was practically deserted. I hear a couple of voices talking near the front so I ran to the back stairs and up to my math room. I was so nervous because I had never been in the school when it was getting dark or when it was empty. I heard the front door bang shut and breathed a sign of relief, thinking that I had the whole place to myself now.

I could get my book and just leave and nobody would know I had even been here, especially my handsome math teacher, Mr. Sanderson. He always looked at me so funny like, making me feel all hot and quivery. He had a smile and a wink for me every time we talked and I liked him very much. At 18, I had a boyfriend but I would only let him touch me sometimes and I would get that same hot and quivery feeling when he did.

I stopped at the pay phone to call my Mom and tell her that I was spending the night at Cindy’s house, and then I called Cindy and told her that I could not come over tonight as I had too much math homework to do. She bitched about it, but I told her not to call me because I was going to be studying and did not want to be disturbed. I giggled when I hung up the phone, thinking that I would have a great adventure staying all night at the school by myself.

Running down the halls and jumping and skipping, just acting like a crazy kid, laughing and singing loudly. I burst into my math class and came to a skidding halt. OMG…. Mr. Sanderson was right there sitting at his desk grading papers. He was looking at me strangely and I stammered something and then turned to run.

He stood up and called out to me to WAIT! I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly turned around, shaking and breathing hard from so much running and being somewhat scared to be alone with him. He came up to me and asked me very softly what I was still doing at school when he knew he was the only one here.

I looked up at him with my big Şirinevler escort brown eyes swimming in tears and said….”I, I, I um, I forgot my math book.” Then like a big baby I started to cry and he gently wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close in for a hug. He smelled so good and felt so big and strong that I let my arms go around his middle and squeezed him back.

He picked me up and carried me back to his desk and sat down with me on top of his lap. He was talking softly and gently to me and I quieted down and then he started giving me quick little kisses all over my face. His big strong hands were rubbing my back and I could feel his erection every time I wiggled in his lap.

I was getting that hot and funny feeling again and then he put his hand on my breast and started squeezing me and I felt my nipple grow hard and hot trails zapping through my lower body. I looked at him with surprise in my widened eyes and he just pressed his lips to mine and started kissing me.

I had never been kissed so deeply and the heat was incredible. His hands were roaming all over my body, touching me where I had never been touched before with such skill. I was not a virgin, but one clumsy attempt at sex does not qualify as experienced either. I never knew things could feel this good.

I started to protest and he told me that my punishment for forgetting my math book would be to let him do whatever he wanted to me. I secretly wanted to, but did not want him to know that, so I whimpered a little and pulled away. He grab me and started to undress me as I struggled and by struggling, I was getting myself more and more excited and he was starting to pant louder also.

He had my blouse and bra off quickly and then pulled my skirt and little panties off, leaving my lacy socks and shoes on. He held me down on top of his desk with his hand on my breast, squeezing it and telling me to be quite.

I felt his other hand spreading my legs and lifting them onto his shoulders and then his hot breath as it blew on my sweet fresh private place. Unable to hold still, I lifted my hips and he lower his mouth at the same Ataköy escort time, coming into contact with me. Ahhhhhh never had anything felt so hot, so wild, and so good. I whimpered and his hot wet mouth started sucking on my little pussy, licking up and down, and then centering on my little pleasure point. I about screamed as he kept telling me what a sweet little fresh pussy I had.

He was spreading my pussy lips wider and his hot wet tongue was licking me faster and faster and I was bucking and twisting and then grinding my pussy up at his mouth wanting, wanting, wanting more. His hot mouth latched onto my nubbin and started to suck and then I felt his big finger start to slide inside of me. Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, and sooooo tight his finger really had to push to get inside. I spread my legs wider and moaned deep in my throat, thrashing side to side on the desktop.

He got his finger deep inside of me and murmured about how incredibly hot and tight my sweet young pussy was. He started pumping his finger in and out, in and out, all the while sucking and licking on my little clit. My body was shaking and I was yelling at him to stop, not knowing what was happening to me. He just kept right on, faster and faster, plunging his finger deeper and deeper into me as his hot wet mouth kept licking and sucking until I felt my body lift up off of the desk and explode. I screamed out and he held me close as my pussy started to gush and squirt what seemed like gallons of hot hot juices all over his face. It felt like he was drinking it all up and making me squirt over and over again. My pussy muscles were contracting around his finger and he was saying, yes yes yes yes baby, give it all to me.

After I collapsed backwards and lay there trembling, he gently caressed me until I stopped shaking and then he stood up and unzipped his pants. I stared at his engorged, huge cock and my eyes went wide with fear. I told him, “I don’t think that will fit in me, you will rip me wide open”. He just smiled and with glazed eyes, took both of my little legs and laid them against his belly and pulled me to the edge of the desk.

He told me to relax Bakırköy escort and it would be okay, he was panting and holding his cock at my entrance, trying to shove it in but it was sooooo big, it did not seem like it was going to go inside. I was trying to back away and that made him a little mad. He grabbed my hips and then lifted me up a little and then spread my legs wider and slowly, using his fingers to spread my tight little pussy open, he entered me with a cock that was soooo hot and soooo big I felt stretched to the limit.

I cried out and he put his hand over my mouth and he started to rock back and forth a little until his cock was all the way inside of me. My pussy felt like it was being split open but after he reached down and started to finger my little sensitive clit, I started to feel the pleasure. He was gritting his teeth, and saying how hot, how tight, how small I was and his fingers were pressing down on my clit and moving faster and faster. I started to move a little and this made him start to move faster and more wild.

He reached down with his other hand and started to put his other finger into my virgin asshole and I lifted off the desk, impaling myself even deeper onto his cock. He grunted and pushed his finger inside of my hot tight ass and I screamed loudly. This seemed to set him off as he started thrusting furiously in and out in and out, harder and deeper with each stroke. I was bucking and feeling the waves crashing over me again and again, crying out and then he grabbed me and I felt his body stiffen and then felt so much hot hot liquid fill me up and overflow and dribble down my crack.

He collapsed on top of me, sucking on my hard nipples and breathing hard. I could feel his heart beating madly as was mine. I reached for his head and held it pressed against my breast. After a few moments, he raised his head and gave me one of his famous smiles and winks and I smiled back at him.

He told me that I had better hurry and get dressed so my Mom would not wonder where I was and I told him that I had been planning to spend the night at the school alone. He started grinning and then told me that I would have to stay the entire night with him, as he would not let me go. He wanted to teach me a few things, even better that what had just happened.

I smiled up at him shyly and said, “Okay Mr. Sanderson, if you say I have to, I will.”

Will continue dear diary tomorrow…

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