This is my first post. I am not a writer and did poorly n language arts as a kid. Also I have not done any editing on this yet and only read it once. I actually wrote a most of it using talk-to-text on my phone.

Today I’m heading to Saranac Lake Central office. I had to go to Lowville first at the bank so I ended up traveling up to Crogan and Route three to Saranac. Like normal I didn’t eat breakfast. So I stop to this little diner in Crogan. Inside is a cute little place with a very Christian theme you know, Christian sayings those walls, things like that.. I’m not a very religious person but doesn’t bother me one bit.

As I go up to the counter and greeted by a very friendly young woman wearing a Clarkson sweatshirt. I’m immediately attracted to her. She’s not what many would consider standard beautiful woman but a cute face beautiful smile and bubbly nice attitude really got my attention. She’s obviously African-American with a medium shade skin and dark poofy curly hair. What really caught my attention was her beautiful smile. She’s more a big boned Woman but with a hint of fitness. Casual attire baggy sweatshirt that covers what appears to be large juicy breasts. Snug fitting jeans Accenting wide hips and ample ass, With a hint of her Panty lines showing through. Panty lines that can only be a good girl common underwear but trying to imagine the color of them against her caramel skin was turning me Ataşehir Escort on. Blue like A navy blue they look great against her skin with a matching bra holding her tremendous tits in place. Now I’m a man does like a little bit curvier women and she is a little bit bigger than I would normally go for but damn she pulls it off.

I sat drinking my coffee and as she brings me my breakfast sandwich I check her out again and watch her walk away imagining her panties again. I finish my food and go up to check out asking for a coffee to go. Super friendly attitude and beautiful smile get my attention again. Ask her about the bread my sandwich was made from because it was good and I also wanted to talk to her another moment.

As I drove off I started thinking about the next time I can stop at the café. And then I start to daydream as I drive. I’m back at the counter chat with her. Now the place is empty just me and her. A little bit of flirty conversation going back-and-forth and she invited me to the back show me the bread. I follow her staring at her Juicy ass. As we enter the back room she abruptly turns Face me just inches away from me. Beautiful face, sexy smile, crazy hair now just inches from me. I couldn’t help myself pull her In tight to me and I kiss her. Her large tits pressing against my chest I reach around and I squeeze her juicy ass as we makeout.

After a minute she breaks off Anadolu Yakası Escort the kiss and pushes me back. Immediately worried that she’s coming to her senses and realize we shouldn’t be doing this. But shockingly she grabs her sweatshirt and quickly pulls it up overhead. No shirt underneath just a navy blue bra barely holding back her massive tits. Caramelized flesh Spilling over the top and trying to break free. As I take in the breathtaking sight She unbuttons her jeans. She’s slowly starts to shimmy the snug jeans down making her huge of titties jiggle and my cock twitch. Then she turns around, bends over sliding her jeans down to her ankles. Giving me a great view of her wide juicy panty covered Ass, matching navy blue simple but super sexy panties. She gives her large ass jiggle beneath the tight blue fabric. Before standing and turning to face me.

Standing in front of me in only bra and panties with a slightly blushing, she was so very hot. I could slightly see her pussy lips under the blue fabric. She slowly reaches behind her and unfastens her bra And brings her hands around to cup her titties as she drops it to the floor. Playfully she gently squeezes her tits letting out a soft moan. She steps closer to me exposing large nipple of her left breast and bring it to my face. I suck her tasty nipple in my mouth gently playing with it my tongue and teeth as she she squeals with Kartal Escort excitement. Twisting and pinching the other nipple with her hand then bringing it to her own lips gently sucking in. Her other hand slowly rubbing her mound through her blue panties.

After teasing her nipple getting her very worked up, I pull away and turn her around. I wrap my arms around her fill my hands with huge firm breasts and grind my aching cock against her panty covered ass. Her hips grind her ass back against me. I let go of her tits working one hand down to her soaking wet panties and the other around her slightly round belly. She parts Her legs slightly as I work my fingers between her folds gently rubbing her nub. She bends over slightly pushing her ass into my crotch bracing herself on the nearby counter. I slip two fingers into her hot wet pussy. She shutters and I feel her pussy clamping around my fingers as she comes.

As she recovers from her orgasm I undo my pants and drop my jeans and boxers to the floor. Then rub my hard cock between her panty covered ass. She bends over more squishing her huge tits onto the cold metal counter and pulling her panties to the side. I rub my cock between her cheeks as she moans. And then she guides me into her hot pussy. So wet and warm and tight I slowly push my cock into her. She bucks back against my thrusts picking up speed with each thrust. She moans fuck me. As I fuck her from behind. She straightens a bit to turn her head to kiss me hard. I grab fists full of tits as I fuck her faster she moans into my mouth. I feel her come on my cock. Her Milking pussy puts me over the edge. I bury my cock deep into her as I come, unloading my seed into her.

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