Dave’s Gift To His Wife.


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and my wife Linda and I were sitting in the garden having an afternoon coffee and cookies. Linda was my second wife and almost twenty years younger than me. My first wife and I had separated three years earlier and I had met Linda on the internet. Most of my friends had told me I was crazy. They said she was a gold digger, a slut, and many other things. Well, the slut thing I had to agree with. From the first time we had sex, which was three weeks after we met online, she showed me ways to please each other I had only seen in porn.My previous wife and I kept to missionary and the occasional doggy style. Linda, on the other hand, tried everything the first night. We enjoyed sex and we enjoyed being together. We had a great rapport, and we had the same interests, such as reading, extreme sports, cooking, and music. Basically, we were made for each other.“Dave, your birthday will be next week, what do you want for a present?” asked Linda, as she snagged another cookie from the plate. “I know exactly what I want, but I am not sure you will give it to me.” She turned to me, chewing on the cookie, “Why not? Is it something expensive?” “No, but it’s very personal.” “Oh, sounds intriguing, what is it?”“You know I love you, right? “Yeah.” “Well, I would like to try a threesome.” “Oh, cool. I want to get fucked by a guy with a really big cock,” she said and grinned. “Very funny, you know what I mean. I want to see you with another woman.” “And, you… what would you do? Just watch?” “Depends I guess. Watch to start with, but if it’s OK with you, I wouldn’t mind joining the fun at some point.”She took another cookie and nibbled on it. Most people bite it in half and eat one piece and then the other. Linda nibbled the cookie, and it took her forever to finish one. I was getting impatient. “So, what do you think?” “It’s an interesting idea, but, I got to tell you, if we do this, I get to chose the girl.”I was so excited. I had been afraid she would shut me down before I even had a chance to explain my fantasy, which was basically me fucking both of them. “Cool, that’s fine with me. I guess we would have to go with a ‘pay to play,’ since I don’t think any of your girlfriends would be up for it.” She drank her coffee and wiped her hands on a paper napkin. “No, they wouldn’t. Don’t worry, I will handle it.” I went inside and got us some more coffee. We sat in the sun talking until it disappeared behind the trees. It was a nice afternoon, and I had gotten what I wanted.The following Saturday was my birthday and on Friday, Linda and I went shopping for the party. We had decided to have a BBQ since the weather was supposed to be good. I grabbed a trolley and we headed down the aisle with wine and beer. As we looked at the options I asked her, “Any luck in your search?”She knew what I was talking about and grinned. “Maybe, but I’m not telling.” “C’mon, please.” “No. All you need to know is that I am handling it. What do you think, Chardonnay or Riesling, and should we get some red too?” “All of the above, and beer. Lots of beer.” “What about Vodka, Gin, and Whiskey?” “Take a bottle of each, but nothing too expensive.”As I pushed the trolley, Linda began to take bottles from the shelves. I watched her pert ass while she stretched her body to reach for them. I had fucked her that morning and the memory made my cock hard again. I let go of the trolley and walked up to her and pressed myself against her butt while I hugged her. She must have felt my cock through my shorts.“You need to keep him in check, or you won’t be able to enjoy your present.” I laughed and let her go. Thirty minutes later we were packing everything in the trunk of the car.We had invited a mix of friends and family to the party. Most of the family came from her side since mine bursa escort lived across the country. Only my brother had flown down with his family. They were going to Disney World the next day and had booked a hotel. I stood at the BBQ and handed out steaks, burgers, and hot dogs to anyone who happened to walk past. Linda had made a few salads that stood on a table next to me. My brother had bought me a ball-cap, one of those that have pockets for beer cans and straws on either side. He thought it was hilarious, I thought it was stupid until I realized that now I could cook and drink at the same time.At one point he came up to me and leaned against the table looking out over the crowd, “You know? You hit the jackpot with Linda. She is a great girl and a real looker. Does she fuck as well as she looks?” I hit him with the spatula I was using to turn the burgers over with. “Shut up! That’s not the way to talk about your brother’s wife.” “We always tell, you know that, ever since we both fucked Laura in High School.” I laughed and sucked on the straws and when I had had enough beer, said, “Yeah, she was a real screamer.” He turned to me.”What? She screamed with you? All she did with me was to lie on the bed with her legs spread and looked up at the ceiling.”“Maybe it was because I have a bigger cock than you, and I fuck better.” He gave me a look and walked away. The rest of the afternoon and evening went perfectly. Everyone enjoyed themselves and at nine we said goodbye to the last guests. “That was really nice,” said Linda, as we stood on the sidewalk waving. “Yeah, it was. I only have one question. Where is my present?”She checked her watch. “She should be here in an hour. Why don’t you go and take a shower, you smell of food. I will begin to clear up the mess our guests made in the garden.” “What about you? No shower?” “You are right, you start cleaning and then we switch”Linda was one of the few women that can take a quick shower, which is very nice in the morning when you are stressed for work. I managed to fill two garbage bags with plastic cups and paper plates before she showed up, fresh as a daisy. She wore a yellow summer dress with thin straps. I noted that she didn’t wear a bra, and when she reached for the roll of bags her right boob touched my arm, and her nipple was hard. ‘She is as horny as me,’ I thought while I walked inside and up the stairs to the bathroom.As opposed to my wife, I do take a long shower. I am a bit of a metrosexual so I had all kinds of soaps and creams that I applied to my body. Half an hour after entering the bathroom I came out feeling refreshed and ready to fuck. I put on a pair of thin cotton pants and a simple white T-shirt.When I came down to the living room, I heard voices from the kitchen. My heart began to beat faster, ‘she was here.’ Just the thought of seeing Linda with another woman made my cock stir and since I didn’t wear any underwear my semi-erection was clearly visible. I found Linda standing by the sink and at the kitchen table sat a brunette. When they heard me they both turned and Linda said, “this is Lacy, well, that’s her work name anyway.”Lacy stood and walked up to me. She was in her early twenties, a brunette with green eyes and an oval shaped face. Her makeup was perfect and she wore a similar dress to Linda’s but in white. Her boobs were big and I guessed they were a D cup and she wore no bra. She was quite short, maybe around five-five or so, and the overall impression was that she had just gotten out of High School.“Hi Dave,” she said, her voice husky. “Hi, yourself. How are you? “Good, thanks. Linda has told me it is your birthday.” “Yep, the big 40.” She put a hand on my chest and let her long nails glide down towards my pants. “You don’t look a day over thirty.” I laughed. bursa escort bayan “Thanks. So, how does this work?” Linda came over to us and put her arm around Lacy’s waist.“I thought we should move the party up to our bedroom.” “Sounds good to me,” I said.As we walked up the stairs, Lacy was in front of me and I got a quick look at her ass cheeks under her dress. They looked perfect and my semi grew to a full hard on. When we reached the bedroom Linda indicated for me to sit down on the bed, which I did. Then she slowly slid first one and then the other strap off Lacy’s dress over her shoulders. When it fell to the floor, the young woman was naked apart from a white thong in lace. Her body was perfect. A flat tummy, long legs for her size and her boobs were pert even though they were big. At first, I had thought they might be silicon, but when I saw them, I realized they were real.Lacy helped Linda off with her dress and the two women stood face to face. Gently, Lacy put her hand behind Linda’s head and pulled her closer. As I watched, they kissed and I swear to God, I almost came. Instead, I sat there watching. The kiss became deeper and their hands began to explore each others body. Linda put her hands on Lacy’s ass cheeks and squeezed them hard which made the younger woman moan. I was dying to get in on the action but decided to wait and see what would happen next.After kissing and touching each other for a while Linda brought Lacy to the bed. She gently pushed her down so she ended up on her back with her legs over the edge. While I watched, Linda pulled down Lacy’s thong and then knelt on the floor and spread her legs.That was it for me, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I turned so I was facing the hot thing on the bed and as Linda moved in to lick the other woman’s pussy I lowered my head and went to work on her boobs. They were incredibly firm for their size and her nipples were hard between my lips. My hand ran up and down her tummy and then ended up just above her cunt where Linda was licking and sucking her clit. Lacy had a beautiful tuft of pubic hair and below it a meaty pussy. The sound of my wife eating out another woman made my cock even harder, if possible.“C’mon Dave, get behind me,” said Lacy. I moved so I was kneeling behind her head and using her right hand, she grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her mouth. The position was a bit uncomfortable, but I didn’t give a shit. Lacy could suck cock, no doubt about it, and while she did, I watched Linda lick her pussy. At one point our eyes met.“What do you think, honey, is this what you wanted?” I nodded like a kid at Christmas. “Yeah, it is.” “Good, because now I want you to fuck her.”She moved away and I got in between Lacy’s legs. Her eyes opened wide when I pushed my cock inside her. My cockhead is quite large and it usually makes the women moan, which Lacy didn’t do. Instead, she yelped. “Oh God, oh, oh, that is big. Fuck it is big.” “Yeah, feel that cock in you,” said Linda, while she lowered herself so Lacy could lick her pussy.As I began to pound Lacy, I watched Linda kneeling with her legs on either side of Lacy’s head, and her pussy hovering an inch or so above her mouth. Every so often she would lower herself and Lacy’s pink tongue would come out and lick her clit. Lacy had a tight, hot, pussy. Her clit was big and stood out between the folds. I used my thumb to rub it while fucking her and within a few minutes her body began to squirm and she came hard.“Squirt on her tummy, Dave,” said Linda, her eyes half closed from the pleasure of being licked. I gave Lacy a few more hard thrusts and then pulled out. I jerked off, and my cum flew out of my cock and landed on Lazy’s tummy and boobs. It was a lot and I watched as it began to run down her sides.Linda moved escort bursa and lay down next to Lacy and began to lick my liquid off the young woman’s skin. I stayed between her legs and watched as my wife cleaned Lacy with her tongue. When she was done, she licked her lips and looked at me. “Ready for another round, baby? I gave her a big smile. “Sure, honey.” *Six months later, we were on our way to Costa Rica for a well-deserved vacation. It was mid-January and the weather back home sucked big time; rain, sleet, and snow. As the plane took off, Linda leaned into me and whispered, “do you remember Lacy?” “Sure, how can I forget my best birthday present, ever?” “Well, I thought since we are on vacation, we could do something similar again. I have heard that Latin women are hot in bed, and have fantastic bodies.”I couldn’t believe my ears. I had planned some beach days, snorkeling and maybe a fishing trip, and here was my dear wife offering me another threesome. Life couldn’t be better. “Sounds great and as soon as possible, please.”She kissed my cheek and her lips were soft and warm against my skin. “Of course, you just relax and let me handle the details. You trust me, right?” Thinking back to the hot and beautiful Lacy, I had no doubt in my mind that Linda would deliver. “You know I do, I trust you completely.” We ordered champagne and enjoyed the rest of the flight. By the time we landed we were both a bit tipsy and giggled as we walked off the plane.The hotel was fantastic. It was located on the beach and had two pools and several restaurants. We had opted for the all inclusive option and as soon as we had unpacked we went down to the main pool where we ordered drinks and sat in the sun. The hotel was busy with people from all over the world enjoying their hard earned vacations.For the next two days, we didn’t do much except hang out by the pool, drink and eat too much. On the third day of our seven-day break, I was getting a bit antsy. I hadn’t heard a word about the threesome and I was concerned Linda had changed her mind. “Honey, what about that little party we spoke about on the flight?” She looked up at me from the book she was reading and lowered her sunglasses. “Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you. She is coming tonight, after dinner.” “Here? Will the hotel let her in?” Linda put her hand on my leg and smiled. “I paid off the night receptionist, there won’t be a problem. “Cool.” I went back to sipping on my Bloody Mary and watching the people, mostly the women, in the pool. My cock was becoming hard in anticipation.I decided not to stuff myself during dinner. I wanted to be in the best shape possible and a full stomach would make me lazy and tired. Linda, for some reason, kept filling my wine glass. The wine was good, so I drank and before I knew it I had finished the bottle She asked for another and quickly filled my glass again. While eating her dessert, she said, “Can I ask you a personal question?” I should have realized something was up, but the wine had made me drunk. “Yeah, sure.”“Did you ever play around with a guy?” I stared at her. “Come again?” “You know, like in college, or before. Maybe a circle jerk or watching porn together with a buddy of yours?” “Why the question?” She played with her ice cream and then looked up at me. “Well, just curiosity, I guess. I did in High School.” “Really? You never told me.”“Well, there isn’t much to tell. I spent a weekend at a friend’s house. Her parents were out of town and she didn’t want to be alone. She had a big bed in her room, so we decided to share it. At some point during the night, I woke up from feeling a hand on my boob. I was so surprised I just lay still. I was on my back, with my eyes closed and as I lay there, she began to kiss my tits and her hand moved down towards my cunt. When her fingers slid under the hem of my panties I opened my eyes and asked her what she was doing and tried to move away.”“Wow, I had no idea, but this explains your actions with Lacy. I thought it was a bit strange that you would be so comfortable with her.” She giggled.

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