Dating for a Night Ch. 01

Father Daughters

Travis sat at his desk, diligently working on his summer reading assignment. He was excited to be starting his senior year and the promise of college beyond. His family was leaving on a four day vacation before the start of the school year and he wanted to have his assignment out of the way so he could enjoy the trip. He was peeved that his twin sister, Liz, had gotten a different English teacher and had no assignments at all! She had spent hours out at the pool while he was stuck inside writing book reports. “It isn’t fair,” he thought, “how can we be nearly identical yet she has so much better luck?” Frustrated, Travis decided to put his book down and go for a swim.

Right as Travis was headed outside to the pool, Liz came home from work. “Are you headed out to swim?” she asked. He replied, “Yep. Why don’t you put on a suit and we can set up the water volleyball net.”

“Sure thing,” Liz replied, “I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

As she walked upstairs, Travis couldn’t help but notice how her butt cheeks bounced just a little with each step. Travis had always gotten along with his sister, but they had largely lived separate lives with different sets of friends and activities. Summer was one of the rare periods that they spent much time with each other. Travis set up the volleyball net in the pool just as Liz walked outside. She pulled her cover-up over her head and Travis noted to himself how great she looked this summer. Within the last year she had lost a few pounds and had a firm body and, he guessed, C-cup breasts that complemented her figure. “I suppose a hot sister isn’t the worst thing in the world,” he thought to himself.

Liz had always found ways to have fun in life. One summer she worked as a camp counselor, another she took a trip to the rainforest with a wildlife preservation group. The summer before her senior year she decided to work at a local restaurant serving breakfast to the tourists in the city. She enjoyed the hours as she was off by lunchtime and could have fun in the afternoon and at night.

After her sophomore year in high school, Liz had become more aware of her figure and sexuality. She had been chubby but decided during her junior year to exercise more and improve her image. She was able to wear tighter clothes and enjoyed her new look. Although she would never tell her brother, she knew he masturbated at least a few times a week and started a similar habit of her own. Although she had dated several of her classmates, she was not serious about any of them. Just before summer, Liz had called it off with her boyfriend who was going to college and did not want a long distance relationship. It had been several months since she had last had sex and Liz was starting Ankara bayan escort to get the itch.

“And they say men need sex more than women,” Liz thought to herself as she drove home from work. Travis, her twin brother, had been working every day to finish his summer assignments for school. Liz thought she may go back to her room and give her pussy some love, but was invited out to the pool by Travis as soon as she got home. “Later,” she thought.

As the two played, Travis watched his sister’s breasts bouncing up and down as she jumped to get the ball. Trying to hide his growing erection, Travis suddenly wondered, was he attracted to his sister in a new way?

After dinner, the two watched a movie in the den, with Liz snuggled against Travis in her usual fashion. Liz liked to think of Travis as her big brother who would always protect her, even though she had born first. After the movie ended, Travis realized his sister was asleep. He gently placed her head on a pillow and put a blanket over her while she lay on the couch. Liz woke up but did not open her eyes and smiled as her brother stoked her hair back and gave her forehead a kiss before going upstairs to bed.

The family was on their way out of town for their final vacation of the summer. After nearly a day of travelling, they arrived at the resort. Travis and Liz were to share one room with their parents in another. Liz went to take a shower before dinner while Travis watched TV.

As soon as the shower started and Travis could tell his sister was inside, he crept in the bathroom and took her clothes off the counter and all the towels out of the bathroom. About ten minutes later he heard his sister’s groans. She opens the door to the bathroom with one hand covering her breasts and the other covering her pussy. She said, “Travis, give me a towel or you are in deep trouble!” Travis held a towel out, and his sister grabbed it quickly, giving him a brief glimpse of his sister’s breasts. She didn’t seem to mind this, however, and he planned to try his luck that weekend.

After dinner the teenagers walked around the resort. Travis said, “How about we pretend we are boyfriend and girlfriend?” Liz replied, “That would be fun, here: hold my hand.” They held hands and walked for some time. They stopped underneath the moon and faced each other. Travis decided to take a chance. “Liz, I did not realize until recently how attracted I am to you. It’s a shame we are brother and sister, otherwise I’d probably marry you.” Liz giggled and then whispered, “I thought we were girlfriend and boyfriend tonight? Kiss me and we’ll discuss the rest in the morning.” Travis bent down and kissed his sister. Immediately both realized their urges were too great Escort bayan Ankara and decided to throw the rules out for tonight. They went back upstairs to their suite. As they walked, Liz held Travis’s hand firmly.

When they got back to the suite, Travis and Liz couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Quickly, making out turned into lovemaking. Liz pulled her shirt off, and removed her bra. Travis grabbed her tits and kneaded them until her nipples were hard. He licked each nipple slowly, which was agonizing for Liz. She felt waves of pleasure over her entire body and knew that Travis had to give her an orgasm that night. “Travis- make love to me. Give me pleasure, after all- I am your girlfriend for tonight!” she screamed. Travis complied and removed his and her clothing. Travis rubbed her pussy and brought her clit to attention. Liz had not felt this aroused in months, maybe ever. None of her boyfriends had known exactly how to stimulate her like Travis did. Maybe her twin was also her soul mate!

As Travis rubbed her clit faster and stronger, Liz could barely keep breathing. She didn’t know if it was better than she had ever had or the erotic idea of her twin brother sexually fulfilling her; but Liz was in heaven. Travis brought Liz to an orgasm as he licked her pussy and swirled his tongue inside her vagina. He could taste her warm juices and while it was the first time he had tasted them, his sister’s pussy felt familiar. As Liz orgasmed, Travis could feel the muscles in her pussy tightening down to draw him in. As he pulled away, Liz grabbed him and said, “I need you inside me. Now.”

Travis repositioned himself on top of his sister and guided his cock into her pussy. He started to rhythmically fuck her. Her pussy was one of the tightest he had ever felt and he could feel her pussy walls gripping his cock as he slid in and out of her. “Kegels must be part of her new workout plan!” he thought to himself. For several minutes Travis increased his pace and he watched his sister’s face show intense pleasure. He saw her breasts bouncing up and down and began to have a familiar feeling. Liz could sense it too, and wrapped her arms around Travis. As he started to shoot his load inside his sister, Liz said, “You’re mine forever, my new lover.” The twins fell asleep with Travis still inside Liz. She smiled and she dreamt as her brother wrapped his arms around her, protecting and providing for her forever.

As the trip went on, Liz continued to feel more and more attracted to her brother. She watched him from afar and dreamt of having sex with him again. But she knew that what they had done was a one-time event and neither had discussed it since.

On their last night, Liz and Travis were Bayan escort Ankara sitting in the pool together, alone. All of the other guests had gone to bed so the two had the place to themselves, just talking while relaxing in the cool water. As they talked, Travis become acutely aware of Liz’s nipples hardening under her bikini top. This made him aroused and he pitched a tent in his swimsuit. He decided to make a move. “Liz, maybe we should end our vacation just as we started it, as girlfriend and boyfriend. Swim over here and have a seat on my lap… I have something to give you.” Liz had noticed his hard on and knew what to do. She pulled her bikini aside and sat down on Travis’s erect cock. As the cool water stimulated them both, she grabbed the base of Travis’s shaft and started to stroke it. Meanwhile Travis was rubbing her sensitive clit through her bikini. She could feel the cold water swirling near her pussy and it enhanced her state of arousal. After several minutes, Liz felt Travis’s balls tighten under her hand. As he began to come, she rubbed her hand on his balls, heightening his sensations and causing him to shoot a huge load into her pussy. Liz felt the warm cum inside her and rubbed her hand over her belly, knowing what could happen. Strangely, she was quite okay with the possibility of an unexpected outcome. The two kissed and embraced for the rest of the evening. This had been a magical vacation for both, but they had to return to reality in the morning.

A couple months later, after school had started and classes were keeping both twins busy, Liz woke up feeling rather ill. Thinking it was the stress of school or a bad dinner she took a Tums and went about her day. Then she realized she had not had her last period and feared the worst. After school she got a pregnancy test and went home to take it. The result was almost immediate: Pregnant. Liz looked at herself in the mirror and wondered what she would look like carrying her brother’s baby. She rubbed her hand across her firm belly and knew that her change in moods lately and dreams at night confirmed the test she had just taken.

Later that night, after Travis had finished his homework and had just slipped into his bed, Liz stood in his doorway, wearing nothing but a tank top and her panties. She said nothing but got into the bed with him and wrapped his arms around her. She guided his hands down her body, feeling every curve from her breasts to her waist. She brought his hands to her stomach and whispered, “Do you notice anything different about me?” Travis thinking to himself, “I might be dreaming, but I think her breasts have gotten better than before,” hesitated and said, “I don’t think so. Why this sudden affection? I thought we left the boyfriend/girlfriend act on vacation?” Liz pulled his hand close and said, “Travis, our romantic love will never end. Do you feel the firm spot that I’m pressing your hand into? That lump you feel in my belly- that’s our child. I’m pregnant.”

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