Dani and Danny, Part 2 , 3


A couple of days went by as Dani was busy with some friends from high school. Danny couldn’t get over his last encounter with his sister. He’d close his eyes and see her there in the tub with his soapy hands on her tits. His dick was continuously erect and he wanted to relieve the pressure, but based on what she had said, he wondered if Dani would be impressed if he saved up his cum for the next time they were together. There was always the danger he’d have a wet dream and lose what he was saving.

Fortunately, it looked like he might have another opportunity soon. He went into the living room where he found his mom and dad watching the 10:00 pm news. Dani was looking at a magazine. She had both feet up in the chair, with one folded under and the other knee straight up. She was wearing a thin tank top and very short shorts. Danny sat down facing her where he could see the crotch of her shorts, but his parents couldn’t. He could also see her nipples under the thin top.

He stared at her crotch, but when he looked up to her face, she was looking back at his. Dani looked back at her magazine, but started moving her leg back and forth. This opened the leg of her shorts to his view.

‘Oh shit!’ Danny thought. ‘I don’t think she’s wearing panties under her shorts! Is she doing that on purpose to tease me?’

Dani looked at her parents and said to Danny,”You want to show me that video game you were telling me about?” “Sure!” he replied.

As she left the room, she bent to give her parents hugs.

When he’d gone, his father remarked, “Those two are the most affectionate siblings I’ve ever known of. It seems like they’ve grown closer since Dani has been away at college.”

“They do spend a lot of time together,” remarked his wife. “I wonder what they have in common?”

But Dani didn’t really want to see the video game. She had questions.

“When you complimented me on my figure, you said it was better than girls you’ve seen in magazines. Do you have some girly magazines? Do you look at magazines when you masturbate?”

Danny was hesitant to answer, but finally said, “Yes I like to look at pictures of naked girls, What guy doesn’t? No, I don’t have any, but I know where some are,” he replied.

“You’ve hidden them?” she asked.

“I didn’t hide them. I just put them back where they were hidden by someone else.”

“You HAVE to tell me,” Dani insisted. “Whose are they? Are they here in this house?”

Danny hesitated to answer. “It might make you mad at someone.” WHO?” she demanded.

“I’m not saying they are his, but I found them under a tray in Dad’s tool chest,” he admitted.

“OMG!” Dani exclaimed. “Dad has porno magazines? I can’t believe it!”

“I shouldn’t have told you! Now you’ll hate him!” Dani cried.

“Oh no,” Dani said. “I’m just surprised. It just proves he’s still interested in sex! I want to see them.”

“I can’t get them now while they’re here,” he explained. “But I’ll get them tomorrow when he’s at work. But now I have a question for you. When you talked me into jacking off in the bathroom in front of you in the tub, it looked like you were rubbing yourself between your legs. Is that sort of how girls do it?”

“Yes, girls can ‘get off’ just like guys, we don’t have sperm when we cum, of course!” she answered.

“You watched me do it. I want to see you do it,” he implored.

“Ha, I bet you would, but I’ll think have to think about it,” Dani said.

After everyone had turned in for the night and it was finally quiet downstairs, Danny crept to Dani’s door and tapped lightly. She was propped up on her bed wearing a pink shorty nightgown that was cut low enough he could see the swell of her breasts almost to her nipples.

He sucked in his breath as he looked at her long slender legs, her right foot tucked under her left knee, giving him another view up her thighs almost to her crotch. He couldn’t tell for sure, but he thought she was wearing matching panties.

“What do you want young man?” she joked in a parental manner.

“I want to watch you do it,” he answered.

“Do what,” she continued in that patronizing voice. “Exactly what do you want me to do?”

“I want to see you, you know, rub between your gebze escort legs.”

“And what exactly is between my legs you want to see?” she continued.

“Your pussy. I want to see your pussy. I want you to do whatever you do to make it cum,” he said exasperatedly.

Dani slowly pulled up the nighty so he could see the tiny thin pink material barely covering her puffy labia. She took her hand and pulled the crotch tightly into her slit. Then she pulled them back and forth where Danny was able to get a peak at her pussy for the first time.

“Oh God, you are so sexy!” he murmured. “Is that the way you masturbate, rubbing your panties back and forth?”

“I can do it that way, but usually I take them off,” she replied.

“Would you take them off so I can see you better down there?” he pleaded.

“Let me ask you, how many time have you jacked off since you saw me naked the other day?” she asked.

“None. Well, once, that same night, but not since then, but I’ve wanted to constantly!” he answered. “It’s what you said. I thought if i saved up and if you wanted to see me do it again, I wanted to impress you.”

Dani hooked her thumbs in the waistband, lifted her butt off the bed and slowly pulled her panties down to her knees. She opened her legs as far as the elastic would allow.

Danny now had a full view of her pubic mound covered with light golden hair. There was also some hair framing her labia down to her ass crack. His breath caught as his mouth hung open stupidly, stunned with the intense feeling at this beautiful sight.

Dani pulled her panties down but left them around her ankles and opened her legs wider.
As She watched her brother’s face, she lazily let one finger slide up and down her slit. He saw how the lips parted showing the rosy pink inside. His heart was beating so fast he was literally gasping.

“Take off all your clothes,” she commanded. He quickly complied. “I see your cock is very interested. Come lay on the bed next to me with your head down by my feet so I can get a good look at your manhood.”

Her legs were open with her heels close together and knees apart. Danny pulled her left leg down to the bed and laid with his head on her knee, where he had a very closeup view of her fingers working up and down and around her pussy. His breath was ragged.

She said, “Don’t you want to stroke your cock for me?” He nodded. “You better get a towel from the bathroom.”

When he returned, she took her panties all the way off and flipped them on his face. He deeply breathed in her scent and watched intently how she circled the area at the top of her pussy. He could hear her making faint moans in her throat. He slowed down stroking his dick knowing he might cum at any moment.

With great trepidation as to what she would do, he reached over and gently let his fingers slide up and down the beautiful pink gash. He was surprised how wet and slippery she was. As soon as he touched her, she stopped her rubbing for a moment and so did he. Being unable to control himself, he resumed his hand movements, exploring the flared pink lips.

Dani grabbed his right hand and forced his middle finger around her clit. “Rub me around here,” she demanded. At first he didn’t know he was supposed to rub. Then he felt it. A small firm rib of flesh about an inch long at the top of her pussy. He did the circular motion he’d seen her do around the little object while she purred with pleasure. Dani pulled her nighty up to her neck and pulled at her nipples while he rubbed her.

Instinctively he moved his other hand to her cunt and probed for an opening, which his finger easily slipped into. Dani moaned as he now rubbed her clit with his right thumb and explored inside her vagina with two fingers of his left hand.

How wet she was. ‘Was this girl cum?’ he wondered. He turned his fingers upwards and found the rigid top of her canal. When he ran his fingers along its surface, Dani moaned,”Oh yes!” Not knowing what a g-spot was, he learned this also must be a good place to touch a girl as Dani began to push her hips into his hands.

Without being stroked, the head of his dick seemed to be burning. ‘Could he cum without being touched?’ he darıca escort wondered. Just then, Dani rolled on her side towards him taking hold of his shaft. Being about in line with her breasts, she cupped his balls with one hand while expertly jacking his cock with the other.

Suddenly Dani stifled a cry. Danny felt her pussy contracting around his fingers. With more moans, she grabbed his hand to stop him rubbing her clit. But he left his fingers in her, marveling at the contractions. ‘Did I hurt her? Or did she cum?’ he wondered.

After a moment Dani said,”Oh God, that was so wonderful! You made me feel SOO good!”
Then, she turned again towards him and rapidly jacked his cock and lightly squeezed his balls.
That’s all it took. In a matter of a few strokes, Danny exploded, shooting stream after stream of cum on her tits. He just kept squirting and squirting. Even after his spasms subsided, more cum slowly dribbled out on her bedsheets.

Both of them lay motionless enjoying the glow they both felt. Finally Dani pushed Danny’s head off her leg and took the towel mopping up the cum on her chest, gown and bed. Danny sat up and looked lovingly at his beautiful sister, naked under the thin gown.

She looked back at him and said, “You made me cum. You are no longer a boy. Even at seventeen, you are now a man. From now on, you are ‘Dan’ to me, not ‘Danny! But you still have a few lessons to learn.”

With that, Dani pulled Dan’s head to her and deeply kissed him with open mouth and wet lips. He felt her tongue slip past his lips finding his. With their tongues intertwined, he felt another shock go through his body. Despite being totally depleted, his soft cock stiffened again.

When she broke the kiss, she saw he was hard again. “See?” she remarked, “Not a boy anymore!”

Reluctantly, Dan got up, kissed her again and started to leave the room.

She laughingly told him,”You really did save up for me, you bad boy! And by the way, you got cum all over me, my nightgown and sheets. Tomorrow you are going to have to do the laundry again!”

“No problemo!” he laughed.

Dani and Danny, Part 3

The next day, Dan decided to get his chores out of the way early. He didn’t really mind helping with the laundry, especially washing panties, even his mom’s. The only problem was his perpetual hard on handling bras and panties.

His mom noticed a change in her son’s more positive mood and cheerful disposition even while doing chores.

“How come you’re doing Dani’s chores in addition to yours?” she inquired. “What’s going on between you two?”

Dan thought for a moment, “Oh, I lost a bet to Dani. Nothing important. Besides, I don’t really mind helping out.” Dani, who was passing by just snickered.

“This is very strange,” his mom replied. “But I’ll get to the bottom of it sooner or later. Look,” she continued, “it’s a beautiful day. You two are spending too much time upstairs. Why don’t you go out and get some sunshine?”

Dani perked up. “Why don’t we go on a bike ride down to the lake? We could take a picnic lunch.”

Dan said, “Great idea! I’ll go make sure the bikes have air in the tires.” Dani packed up some snacks.

In a little while, Dan returned with his backpack. He told her, “You can put the stuff in here. I’ve got a blanket we can sit on.”

The sun was hot, but the road down to the lake was mostly downhill, so they breezed along. Dan had a favorite spot he liked to go that was pretty secluded from passers by.

He didn’t say too much as they spread their blanket and got out their snacks. He looked out at the lake.

Dani asked,”What’s on your mind, Sport?”

“I brought Dad’s magazines, but I think they’re too raunchy for a girl to see,” he offered.

“Let me decide that,” she stated. Dan looked around to make sure there was no one nearby and pulled them out of his backpack and handed them to her.

There was one of just naked girls – maybe 10 pictures of each starting out fully clothed in suggestive clothing and then each picture with progressively less clothes until they were nude. The last pictures with wide open pussies, butt cheeks spread, etc. Some had full bushes and some shaved pussies. izmit yürüyüş yolu escort Dani went page by page while Dan kept lookout.

The second was a girl-girl magazine, with lots of fingering and licking – even anal licking and fingering. At this point Dan was rock hard, but he worried what she was thinking.

Another was boy-girl, cock sucking, pussy licking, fucking and even anal fucking. Dani pored over the pictures of guys with their dicks in the girls’ asses. These were the ones Dan most worried about her seeing.

Dani finally handed them back and said he’d better put them back as soon as they got back home.

“So Brother, which ones do you like best, boy on girl, girl on girl, or just girls fingering themselves?” she asked.

Dan thought for a minute. “I liked all of them, and I guess I’d still look at magazines like those, but now, the only girl I’m interested in looking at is you.”

“That’s so sweet,” she replied, and leaned over to give him another wet kiss. “But part of what we’ve been doing is getting you ready for other girls who want to make out. I’m doing it also because I get horny just like you and the way you look at me really turns me on. I see you’re turned on right now, but I don’t think this is the place to do anything.”

As they prepared to leave, Dan asked, “Can we at least kiss again?”

The bike peddling back from the lake was harder and when they got back home, Dan and Dani were both hot and sweaty.

Dani said,” I need a shower.”

Dan answered,”Me too. But you go first. I’ve got to put something back in the garage, if you know what I mean.”

Dan quickly returned the porn magazines in his dad’s tool box and raced upstairs. He stripped nude and tapped on the door of the bathroom he and his sister shared, but didn’t wait for her invitation.

He stepped in and opened the door where Dani was showering. Standing there naked with his dick already at the 10:00 position, Dani laughed and said,” OMG, I think I’ve created a monster! A sex monster!”

Dan stepped in the shower behind his sister and started soaping her neck, shoulders and back. His hard prick kept poking her between her butt cheeks, which she apparently didn’t mind. Then he started soaping her hips and ass, letting his slippery fingers slide down her crack all the way down to her pussy. His dick throbbed as he worked his hand up and down her wonderful butt cleavage. He paused at her anal opening and couldn’t stop himself from putting one finger in to the first knuckle.

Dani pulled back and turned around facing him saying, “Whoa Tiger! I’m not quite ready for that back door stuff!”

Dan eagerly started soaping her tits and abdomen. He knelt down where her pussy was at eye level. He shampooed her golden pubic hair and then reached between her legs to soap her pussy. Dani moved her feet wide apart to give him more room to work.

Remembering what he’d learned the night before, he found her clitoris which he massaged with one hand while probing her vagina with the other. Dani was obviously getting that tingly feeling as she pushed her pelvis tighter on his hands. When he located her g-spot, he curled up his finger to rub it while rapidly circling her clit.

Dani cried as her body shuttered,”Oh, oh, Danny, Dan I’m coming ! Agh! I’m coming!”

Dan felt like his prick was going to burst, but he leaned forward and kissed her wet furry mound.

“Stand up and turn around,” she told him. When he had as instructed, Dani reached around him with a soapy hand and started jacking him off. He knew he would be close even before she touched him. Her hand slipped around and over, up and down, swirling around his swollen purple dick head.

Dan felt the pressure building down deep in his groin, he said,”Oh stop for a moment. I want it to last a little longer!” Dani stopped the motion but tightly squeezed his swollen member. Then with her other hand, she inserted first one and then two soapy fingers in his anus. She wiggled her fingers against his prostate which immediately triggered his ejaculation.

With a deep groan, Dan shot cum all over the shower wall. After maybe five or six blasts, he felt his knees weaken. “Oh, Dani, I don’t know how that happened!”

As they dried each other off, Dani said,”I think that’s enough sex for today. My pussy needs some rest and so does your cock!” And as she left for her room to get dressed, she looked back over her shoulder and said,”Oh, make sure you get all that cum off the shower wall!”

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