Dad’s Workout


All characters over 18. Comments are appreciated.

This is not an epic long story, please know that going in. Still trying to find my voice. Thanks for reading!


I was eighteen when my dad decided that he needed a change. He smoked, watched tv way too much and drank beer while he did it. To say the least, dad wasn’t in very good shape. He liked to joke that round was a shape, but you could tell it bothered him, even though he laughed.

So Dad started walking every night, a couple blocks at first, then longer and longer walks as the weeks went on. The weight started coming off and it even boosted his mood. He laughed more and was generally more fun to be around. He even worked on quitting smoking. Pretty quickly though, the walks weren’t enough and he started doing push-ups at home in the evening and this is where things started to become a little weird for me.

I liked watching dad work out. He’d take his shirt off and show off his hairy chest. I guess he didn’t see it as showing off, but for a girl like me who had no experience with boys, it felt like a private strip show just for me! I’d sit on the oversized arm chair, pull my feet up under me and watch him as he powered his way through his sets. I’d watch dreamy eyed, wondering what it would be like if I were lying beneath him, his body pumping into mine. I’d get all juicy between my legs and my pussy would get all achy, like it needed to be fucked as I’d watch him.

I don’t know if Dad ever noticed, if he did, he never said anything. He’d shoot me a grateful smile as I encouraged him, telling him that his hard work was paying off and that he was looking good. I guess for Dad he might have been a little hesitant to think his daughter might see him as anything other than her father. I mean how many girls actually want to fuck their father? Well, if many girls are like me, a lot!

I remember the first time I touched myself after Dad got done with his workout. He was sweaty and puffing from the exertion and in my mind he was standing next to my bed just finishing fucking me to sweet oblivion. As he wiped himself down I could feel my own hands running down his sweaty chest, the salty taste of his skin on my lips. My pussy quivered like crazy as I watched him through lust glazed eyes. Dad leaned down and kissed me on the forehead and as he did I could see the outline of his big daddy meat through his shorts. When he turned to go to the shower I raced for my bedroom!

In my room I threw myself down on the bed and immediately my fingers were sliding through my juicy cunt lips and playing with my slick center like crazy. I rubbed myself like mad, imagining my father pumping his hard cock into me! I should have been ashamed, I should have been a hundred things, but the only thing I was was in heat! I wanted to cum and at the moment the only thing I had was my own hands, but I knew downstairs in the shower daddy had the tool I needed desperately!

I came hard that first time and it was amazing, but in the back of my mind I knew it was only a shadow of what I’d feel if I could be my dad’s lover. In all of my cock lust I never once thought what my mother would say, that’s how far gone I was. It never occurred to me that mom might not appreciate that I wanted to be daddy’s fuck toy. I guess you only see what you want and the rest is just noise.

Anyway, this scenario repeated for a month. I’d watch daddy working out, imagining him taking me in different positions, fucking me until I came like crazy and then he’d finish and head off for a shower. When he left the room I’d race to my room and frig myself like mad, cumming multiple times as I fingered myself blissfully.

I wouldn’t just lay on my back either, I’d get on my hands and knees, one hand slipped underneath me and fingering my wet, juicy cunt as I imagined daddy taking hold of my hips and sliding his meat into me. I’d do it standing up against my wall, pretending daddy couldn’t wait long enough for me to lay down. I even got a hold of a dildo mom had hidden and I’d kneel on the floor and suck on it, pretending it was dad’s cock in my mouth as I rubbed my cunny to a frothy finish.

For a naive girl, I had lots of imagination and I pretended all sorts of things. But in the few short weeks that all this took place it was harder and harder to get off like I did in the beginning. As much fun as it was to touch myself, I still wanted the real thing. I wanted my daddy and my fingers were never going to be as good as his cock. So I made a decision. If dad could get me going by working out, maybe I could do the same thing to him.

Once I’d come up with the plan I began to go through my clothes and found an outfit to work out in and the next night I asked him if I could join him. I smiled when daddy saw my outfit, but inside my heart was racing because I could see that he liked it an awful lot.

I wore a loose fitting white tank top that looked okay when I was standing up, but when I bent over you could see Beylikdüzü escort all of my titties. I’m very proud of my tits, you see. They are a large handful each with big rosy nipples that are surrounded by a pink ring. When they get stiff the nipples poke out something fierce, just begging to be sucked! My shorts were also white, but they were super tight. I pulled them up as high as I could so that my puffy lips could be seen if anyone cared to take a look.

Dad got on the floor and started doing his push ups, so I got in front of him and began to count for him. He took his workout very seriously, so I made sure to pay attention to each rep, calling each one out loud. He began to slow down and I saw that daddy was looking at the vee between my legs. I knew what he was seeing- it was the lips of my pussy, the dark pink skin underneath the shorts showing through the white material. Watching dad stare at my pussy made me so hot I started to get wet. I wondered if he could see a spot forming on my shorts!

After the push ups I offered to help dad with his sit ups. He got down on his back on the floor and I held his feet down. I positioned myself so that when he came up I’d be leaning forward and he could look down my top. My nipples were already aching like crazy, but now as he came up I could watch his eyes taking the sight of my tits in and they were screaming! Oh I wanted to rip my top off and sit on his lap and make him suck on my tits!

Dad cut his workout short and headed to the shower. As he got up I could see a big lump in his shorts, like a big snake trying to get free. I was so ramped up I raced to my room and fingered myself until I came like gangbusters. My fingers were so slick with my own juices and my pussy still ached for more, I licked my fingers clean and proceeded to jill off with my other hand. I imagined daddy’s handsome face between my legs, lapping at my cunny, making me squirm with delight as he probed my hole with his tongue.

The next night I came down in my workout outfit again, but daddy was finishing up. I was upset and stormed off to my room. Why had daddy not waited for me? I didn’t know, and frankly I was pissed about the whole thing. The following day I came down again in my workout outfit, but daddy’s face became stern and he shook his head.

I gave him my best hurt little girl looked but he wouldn’t budge. He didn’t say anything but when I didn’t move he pointed to the next room.I turned and saw the back of my mother’s head watching television and suddenly I understood. So I raced back upstairs and put on less revealing clothing. When I came back daddy relented and let me help him with his workout.

I was disappointed, it was an incredible thrill to expose myself to my father and I know he liked it too! I helped him through his workout, but it wasn’t the same. When he finished he kissed me on the forehead again, but he wasn’t excited like he was that first time.

This new routine lasted a week. I’d become so saddened by the whole thing I wasn’t even masturbating anymore. Dad had put an end to my fun and I was out of luck. I pouted around the house and Dad gave me encouraging smiles, but I wasn’t budging from my brooding.

Then I came home one day and mom wasn’t home. There was a note on the counter saying she was going to be out late. I squealed with delight I was so excited! I raced up to my room and got a new outfit ready. When Daddy came home we did normal things until it was time for his workout. I raced upstairs and put on my new clothes and came down the stairs. You wouldn’t believe what I wore and neither could Daddy!

I put on a bright red tube top that barely contained my tits. My nipples were so hard they were making bullet holes that a blind man could see! My belly was bare and then I had on a cheerleader skirt I’d had from a few years back. It barely covered my ass and flipped as I walked. Dad’s face was priceless, his mouth slowly fell open and he had to shake his head to make sure he was seeing what was before him. I could see his cock come to life in his shorts.

“I’m ready to help you daddy,” I said innocently as I came down. Daddy just swallowed and got on the ground ready to do pushups.

As he lifted himself off the ground his eyes never left me. Over and over he worked his strong arms, the sweat forming on his muscled chest. Once again I could see my father lunging into me, his cock leading the way as it drove into my sodden cunt. I put my hand under his chest, telling him to lower himself until he could feel my fist before he pushed up again. He did this and it quickly became a game as I kept moving my hand lower on his frame.

Soon my hand was under his tummy and he tried to move away but I wouldn’t let him. My nipples ached and my pussy juiced as I knew what my next move would be. I slid my hand further down his body so that when he lowered himself he pushed his crotch right into my open, waiting hand. I brushed his coiled snake with my fingers, feeling Beylikdüzü escort it squirm at my touch.

Daddy just groaned and lifted himself away slowly and then brought his body down again. He did this a number of times, each down stroke lasting longer and longer as my fingers grasped at his hardening tool before he pulled away from me. At last Dad slumped on the ground, his body weight pinning my hand beneath him, my fingers still sliding along the outline of his cock.

Finally he rolled over and dad covered his eyes with his hands, as if he were wiping away the sweat. I waited a long time for him to come around, but he just lay there. I was worried he was mad at me, but one look at his rock hard member, I knew he was struggling with what was happening.

“Daddy, I want to do sit ups today. Can you help me?” I quickly lay down on my back, my knees bent up and held closely together. Daddy rolled and sat up next to me, taking my small feet in his hands and held me in place while I began to do the exercise.

“Oh these are harder than they look,” I huffed. They were hard, but not because I was out of shape. I was so excited I could barely breathe because of what I was going to do next. I let out a groan as I came up from the ground and this time I let my knees spread apart. Daddy looked down and saw that I was completely naked underneath the short cheerleader skirt.

His eyes widened in recognition as he took in my puffy, slick pussy. I could tell the lips were swollen and rosy with excitement and I could feel the wetness that was leaking out. I watched as Daddy’s nose flared as he caught a whiff of my horny cunt. The hunger in his eyes was like a fire that was just catching and I could see the desire lapping at his conscience.

My whole body was so tense, every muscle ached as I sat there in desperate anticipation of how he would react. I was so worried he would reject me or worse. It never occurred to me until this moment that he might say no. I couldn’t’ bear to show my face if he pushed me away, I’d have to run away! I needed to do something so wild he couldn’t say no.

“Daddy, I’ve dreamed of this,” I whispered. I lay back down in front of him and let my knees slip wider apart. My hand slid down my body and pulled my skirt up from the front, then slid my fingers into my puffy cunt. My fingertips swirled around my clit and wetness trickled out from between my lips. “I’ve wanted you to kiss me here for so long. Please daddy, won’t you kiss me?” I made my voice sweet and pleading, the kind of tone I use when I want to get something and Mom had already said no.

“Please daddy,” I urged, my finger moving faster across my nether lips, “won’t you help me daddy? Help me daddy, help me cum!”

Dad growled like a jungle cat and he scooped up my butt and lifted my hips off the ground as he lowered his mouth to my pussy. My back arched, my shoulders pressing into the carpet as his open mouth covered my quivering cunt. I’ve never felt anything so hot on my lips before and I nearly passed out as his tongue swiped over my pussy lips before he pushed past and into the center of my cunt. His tongue dug into my overheated sheath, licking and slurping at my fountain of cum.

I creamed daddy’s face from the start, my orgasm tearing out of me like a race car with smoking tires finally getting the green light. He made noisy, sexy sounds as he ate me, growling and grunting between each attack of his lashing tongue. I took hold of his head, my fingers pulling at his hair, pushing my pussy further into his face. The smell of my super soaked cunt filled the room and I breathed it in deeply, loving that it was my father who was making me cum so hard!

I don’t know how long it lasted, but when dad let go of me I felt wiped out. I’d never had so many orgasms in my short life and I thought I was spent, but then I opened my dreamy eyes and saw that dad was nowhere near finished. He had a look of a wild animal and I was his willing prey. He could have me, all of me!

Dad sat up on his knees and pushed his shorts off his hips and over his rigid cock. The head popped over the waistband and I was mesmerized. The purple head looked enormous, I wasn’t sure I could get anything that big inside me, but I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to try!

“I want to suck it,” I said quickly as dad finished taking off his shorts. I was afraid he was just going to fuck me and I might miss my chance. It’s seems silly now, but at the time I truly thought he wouldn’t let me. Dad looked shocked as the words came out and for a brief second I feared I’d pushed him back into ‘dad mode’. I scrambled up and pushed him onto his back, frantically pushing his shorts down his legs and pulling them over his feet.

I settled between his spread legs on my knees, my fingers sliding up his hairy thighs until they came together at his balls. I took hold of them gently, marvelling at their weight as they rolled easily in my fingers. Slowly I cupped my hands around his cock, Escort Beylikdüzü the heat of his shaft emanating from his body like a blaze. Gripping his shaft, I felt my pussy gush at the velvet covered steel I held in my hands. It was amazing!

The feel of my daddy in my hands was unlike anything I could have imagined. It was never like this in my fantasies. I didn’t know what a penis would feel like all hard and ready for sex, but now that I had, I knew I’d never want anything as much in my life. It was like my brain was being rewired moment by moment to desire, to crave a hard cock. And the one I would want most would be my daddy’s!

“Oh baby,” he growled as I took him in my mouth, the shaft spreading my lips easily. The taste of his cock instantly making my pussy ripple with small explosions. I slathered the head with my tongue, swiping away the steady stream of clear liquid that was pouring from the slit. Wetness filled my mouth and I bathed his battering ram with it, lavishing it with love and affection, as a good daughter should. I loved his cock, I worshipped his cock. I was it’s willing slave.

I pushed as much of it into my mouth as I could, but I could not take it into my throat. I gagged on it, but I was not deterred, I kept trying. The spit and saliva covered his shaft and I stroked his iron hard cock lovingly, feeling the way his body responded with each touch. I wanted to suck on it forever, but daddy had other plans. I felt him push my head off of him and I whimpered in disappointment.

“Hold on baby,” daddy reassured me. He stood up and then he picked me up by my waist and carried me to the couch. I felt so small and dainty in his grip, it was like I was a tiny doll compared to him.

He set me on my feet next to the couch and then daddy sat down. His cock was standing upright from his lap, ready for my pussy. I licked my lips in anticipation, trying to imagine how good it was going to feel going inside me. Daddy pulled me towards him, guiding me so that I was straddling his legs. The head of his penis pressed against my tummy as I scooted forward. I knew what was coming next and my pussy began to spasm as I thought about it.

“If this is what you want baby, you do it,” Daddy said.

I nodded my head and took hold of his cock, leaning to the side so that I could angle the head of his cock against the opening of my pussy. I came as I dragged his cock against my swollen lips and then centered it at the mouth of my sex. My eyes flew open wide as I began to let my weight settle on him. Trembling gave way to shaking as I took my father into my virgin pussy and I gripped his shoulders as I let more and more slip into me.

Before I had him all in me I had another orgasm. Dad held onto me firmly, letting me ride the waves of pleasure that were threatening to throw me off of him, but I was determined to ride this bull! I couldn’t believe how full I felt, I’d never experienced anything like this before.

Dad began to thrust up into me, his cock dragging my lips out with him on the downstroke. I watched in sublime awe, unable to process all that was going on. I was in a haze of lust and ecstasy, better than any drug I could imagine. I saw that his pubic hair was soaked with the wetness that was coming out of me and his cock was shiny and slick with the same. He held me up by my waist, careful not to give me too much, afraid I couldn’t handle it, but I quickly learned his rhythm and I began to let more of my weight settle onto him.

Soon I was taking all of my father’s huge cock, working myself up and down in delirious joy. I loved the feeling of his pubic bone bumping against my pelvis, the friction of his wiry hair against my clit. My eyes rolled back in my head as my dad fucked me, driving his cock up into my spasming pussy over and over. I don’t know how many times I creamed his cock, but my pussy was like a fountain that never wanted to stop!

Suddenly daddy stopped and before I knew it, he picked me up off his cock. I was shocked and angry, I wanted to keep riding. How dare he stop the best ride ever! But daddy’s face told me all I needed to know, he was about to cum! I knew how I wanted him to cum, so I got on my knees before him. I took his cock in my hands and began to stroke his thick pole. I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and began flicking my tongue on the underside of his plum quickly. Within seconds daddy howled and my mouth was sprayed with his thick, hot seed.

I didn’t know to swallow, so when my mouth filled up it just came rushing out past my lips. The sticky white load fell along his shaft and covered my hands as I continued to pump his cock, working more of that sweet stuff out of him. I don’t know how many times he spurted in my mouth, but I loved every blast! When it finally tapered off, I swallowed what I had in my mouth and looked up at my daddy’s face.

Daddy looked as if he had been drained. His breath was coming in gasps and he looked worn out. There was a smile of disbelief on his face as he looked down at me, my mouth still clamped around the head of his penis, my tiny hands still lovingly stroking his shaft. He touched my cheek and blew me a kiss. My pussy fluttered again, an aftershock of an orgasm rippling through my cunt.

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