Daddy’s Little Princess


My mother abandoned my father and me and went off with some troll. At least she sends a jar of jelly every year. It’s a guilty pleasure. I was around three when she left so my daddy has pretty much been my whole family. I don’t know what I would do without him. I mean, he taught me everything. Even the more personal stuff like what a period was. I’m now seventeen and a full grown woman. Guys throw themselves at me, but I only have eyes for one – my daddy. I know he feels the same too. A man can’t help but lust over young bait, especially when it has 32C perky tits staring right back. Not to mention a perfectly round ass, from what I’ve been told. My daddy is equally appealing. He’s 6’1, tan, muscular, and has a cock that makes my pussy ache for a fuck. I wish he would just man up and confess his feelings towards me, but he won’t anytime soon. That’s why I have to take matters into my own hands. Tonight, I’m getting fucked by my daddy. “Hey there munchkin,” my daddy said, arriving late from work. “Why are you up so late?” “It’s only eleven o’ clock.” I cooed. “I know, I know. istanbul travesti But a woman, I mean a lady, like you needs her beauty sleep, “he said. “What did you just say there, daddy?” I teased. “Well what you heard me say.” “Are you sure that was all, daddy?” I asked while walking towards him, wearing my silk nightdress. Anyone could see my nipples getting hard; partly because of the slight breeze from the open window and partly because my daddy was already turning me on. I saw his eyes roam down my body and a slight hint of lust gave into his eyes, but he wasn’t going to give in that easily. More fun for me; I always love a little challenge. “Yes. What else would I have said?” he mumbled, obviously feeling a bit uneasy, but trying to hide it. “Sorry, what did you just say there?” I replied and I took the chance to get even closer and sat down next to him on the couch. I hugged him from the side and I’m sure he could feel my hard nipples through my nightdress. My eyes crept down to his bulge and it was already becoming noticeably bigger. istanbul travestileri He didn’t answer me and I decided right then and there that I need to just reach out for it. I’ll never regret it. “Daddy, I know you want to fuck me so just do it already.” “What are you talking about? Have you gone mad?” His mouth spilled the words out, but his eyes told me a completely different story. “Oh c’mon daddy! I know that the way you look at me isn’t in a fatherly way. You want to fuck me and I want to too, so just give it to me already. Don’t you want your baby girl to handle your cock? Don’t you want to taste my young, sweet pussy?” I became wetter and wetter as I kept talking and he kept increasing in size. “Fuck it, yes I do Meagan. I do want to ram my cock up your sweet, tight pussy and smack your ass while you scream in pleasure. I want to please you like a man should please a woman as beautiful as yourself, my little princess. Are you happy now?” And with that I got on top of him and leaned in for a kiss, cupping his face in my hands. His travesti hands immediately went to my waist and pulled me closer to him and I could feel his bulge right on my pussy. His tongue roamed inside my mouth and massaged my tongue, muffling my moans. His hands lowered under my dress and crept to my ass and he cupped it in his hands, playing with it and smacking it. I ended the kiss and went to his neck, while gently pulling on his hair. I then leaned back and took off my nightdress, revealing my tits. His hand went toward my left one and he started massaging it while he sucked on the other one. Oh it felt so good! He then bit my nipple and I felt a sharp burst of warmth in my pussy. I was so wet! “Oh daddy, I’m so wet! Touch me down there.” He didn’t say anything, but he kissed me passionately one more time and his hand proceeded to my pussy, where I felt his rough hands opening my pussy lips. He then coated his fingers with my pussy juice and started playing with my clit. Ah, it felt so wonderfully good and I begged him for more. “Lick it daddy, please!” He picked me up and gently laid me down on the couch and then he got on his knees. He opened my pussy lips again and then tickled my clit with his tongue. Short and paced licks, but oh, they felt so good. He kept teasing me this way, until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I shoved his head in between my legs.

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