Daddy’s Little Helpers Ch. 03b


** Almost no sex in this one – just tying up some loose ends **

From Chapter 03a…

“Okay, with no other questions, we have a map to show how to get to the party site which is actually at my father’s house. Because it is a private home, there may be parking problems if everyone drives individually. I have use of the vans until tomorrow morning or if people will rideshare it is only a five minute drive from here. My dad told me that he has beer, wine, and wine coolers, soft drinks and bottled water but if you want something stronger, you need to bring it yourself. No one will be allowed to drive themselves home drunk! Dad also has real food and snacks available, he says don’t expect Filet Mignon or Maine Lobster, but it isn’t rubber chicken or hot dogs either.

“I promised dad that everyone would go home by noon…

“Just kidding, Dad!

“Again, thank you all for your cooperation in my study.”


Chapter 03b

The Party and Afterwards

I wanted my daughter’s close party to be safe, enjoyable and memorable for everyone. So I had several signs painted at the local vocational school. The first that everyone would see was actually a series. At the front walk was a sign pointing to the side entry to the back yard area. The second in the series said PARTY with an arrow mimicking the sweep of the sidewalk to the back. Then, on separate signs they said SHARE, COMMON COURTESY, AND FUN, WITH EVERYONE, HERE!! over an arrow pointing in through the gate in the privacy fence. I hired three off duty police officers as security and had some designated drivers, if needed.

I ordered 16 servings in each of two entrees from each of my favorite Italian, Chinese and Mexican restaurants, 16 six ounce sirloin steaks and 16 half racks of ribs to be grilled on a rented smoker/grill by my favorite steakhouse master griller, and assorted sides and vegetarian dishes along with various hors-d’oeuvres and canapés. Each restaurant had its own separate little kiosk and had sent an assistant cook/server to prepare the food as requested and I had a couple people serving as waiters to keep the finger food available. I had arranged with the local VFW hall to donate any leftover food to the picnic they were throwing for the local veterans tomorrow afternoon.

I had several bottles each of three different white and red wines and a couple of cases of five different beers, there were several different wine coolers as well as a variety of fruit juices and bottled waters and a wide selection of soft drinks, all served by two barmen who knew which of Sophie’s helpers were too young for alcoholic beverages.

I had all the food and drinks set up in a lighted open-sided tent pavilion just off the edge of the patio next to the pool. I had a sign to request that no glass items be taken into the pool or hot tub areas. There was a seating area with tables set up in the tent also and on the side opposite the pool, I had a twenty foot by twenty foot temporary dance floor with a choose your own music touch screen system.

The pool house has two bathrooms and two other dressing areas which I had marked; one for men, the other for women. The basement recreation room also has a bathroom along with the pool table and several card or game tables and a couple arcade game consoles and it was open for use. I also decided to leave the first floor door from the porch open just in case for the fourth bathroom.

At the edge of the patio, where you would go back out to the parking area, I set up a signboard. It had two separate racks to hold colored balls. The bottom rack was a supply rack with ten white and ten red balls, putting a white ball in the top rack was to be used to indicate that someone needed a ride back to the meeting site; or a red ball to indicate a need for a ride all the way home if they had been drinking too much. If a ball was in the top rack, someone in a car or van would take them within thirty minutes or less.

I had driven my SUV so I had space to take five people with me. Several others also had space for five each and with the others who wanted to drive carrying two or three each, we only needed two of the vans to carry all of the rest, including all of Sophie’s assistants. We actually made a caravan as we drove to my house with me in the lead to open the gate. The policemen helped space out the cars along the edge of the driveway so anyone could leave when they were ready without anyone else having to move their car. The gate opens automatically when a car wants to leave.

It was only when they pulled up at the garage doors that I realized that Barb and Lexie were among Sophie’s assistants. They each had their SUV full of people also. I guess they didn’t want to distract me during the study and I think they were right in that. We all sort of milled around until the people from the farthest parked car approached the group; then I waved everyone forward towards the side walk.

I showed everyone where the bathrooms, and the food and drinks were located. I told them to tell the servers what type of food they would ucuz escort want so it could be ready when they were hungry. And then I stepped back to enjoy the party also, mingling with everyone else as the evening went on. Most people stayed for several hours but a few left right after they had the real food and a drink. But the pool, the hot tub, the dance floor and even the arcade games saw some use. Barb, Lexie and Sophie were the last to leave and that was about 1:30 in the morning. We planned to get together in the afternoon and talk and have a family dinner.

I am glad to say that no one got drunk although a few did have someone else drive them home. A couple people had someone come to pick them up either at my home or at the meeting site when they were ready to leave. My designated drivers always stayed at the meeting site until each person there started away, no one was left alone.

***** *****

By noon, the tent was gone, the dance floor was removed, and the only sign that there had been a party at my house was the trampled grass. Even the pool service had been there to take care of cleaning the pool and hot tub. All four restaurants had donated the same amount of food that I had ordered, adding it to the leftovers from the party and delivering it to the VFW picnic. I sent the unused cases of beer and soft drinks along also.

My girls arrived at about 4:00 and we talked a bit about the party before we loaded up in my SUV and headed out to our favorite German restaurant for dinner. During the ride, Sophie again thanked us all for our help with the study. I re-iterated how surprised I was to see that Barb and Lexie were assistants in the study and Sophie explained that they had not been guides for any of my encounters nor had any other guides been family or friends of any of the participants they handled.

We did not continue the conversation once we arrived at the restaurant to insure that no one would overhear anything about the study. We talked about anything and everything else while we ate, especially the food at this meal and more about what happened during the party and the food there. Sophie said I really went above and beyond with what I had done for the party and was very pleased that everyone had such a good time. Shortly before we arrived back at my house, after looking over her shoulder to her sisters, Sophie said that we needed to have a family discussion when we got home.

“Dad, can we each have a glass of wine while we chat,” asked Barb?

“Sure, although I think I’d like a beer instead. Should we sit in the breakfast nook or do we need padded chairs for a longer talk?”

“Let’s use the family room, if you all agree,” said Sophie.

“Good idea. I’ll get the drinks and be in in a minute. You both want white,” asked Lexie?

I sat down on the loveseat and Barb sat next to me. Sophie pulled two straightback wooden chairs right up close and sat in one. When Lexie came in, she sat in the other after giving the other two their wineglasses and me a beer.

“This sounds and looks sort of serious. Sophie, is there something wrong? You know that Barb and Lexie and I will do anything we can to help you with any kind of problem.”

“Thanks, Dad, but it isn’t that I have any kind of problem, but you may have a problem with something that we did. I don’t know of any way to say this that might make it easier. I… Um… We… Um…”

“Dad, what Sophie is trying to tell you is that we did something to you that we maybe shouldn’t have done and we aren’t sure if you’ll be super angry or displeased or disgusted or we hope, okay with us when we tell you. My friend Gail told me that you had known what we were doing about using you to help our friends but also to get you out there involved in life again, too. When she told us that you knew, we were going to back off and let you do things at your own pace, but when Sophie’s dissertation needed a study and she came up with the idea and it got approved, well, we kind of all decided that it may be our best shot. Um, Barb?”

“Okay, okay. Dad, when you were blindfolded last night, I was the woman blindfolded with you…”


“And, Sophie was with you the first week, and Lexie was with you the fifth week…”


“Please wait and hear us out, Dad.”

“Yes, please let us talk first,” both Sophie and Lexie agreed as they sat down their wineglasses on the table behind them.

“Dad, last night was the purest, the most meaningful sexual experience I’ve ever had. We all know that Mom thought that you were the best thing that ever happened to her, and we all know that you loved her beyond anyone else in the whole world. She told us that you were probably the best human being that we would ever meet and we should always compare our boyfriends to you in how they treated us. We could tell that she felt that you were the top of the list for love and sex too, and although she never came right out and said it, that comparison had to be considered also.

“I’ve had guys lick me ümraniye escort and fondle me and make what they called love to me, but last night you took me so far beyond anything that anyone else had ever done to me and for me. I felt true love last night and now I know what it really is and now I have a yardstick to measure what I get from any future boyfriend. I tried to make sure that you knew, that you felt the love that I have for you while we were together, even with the limitations caused by the study. I feel sure that you did feel it and that you know that your partner last night fully appreciated being with you.

“Now please don’t say anything yet, please let Lexie talk first.”

“Dad, I don’t know what else I can say that would mean any more than what Barb has already told you. We all love you more than any other man we know and we trust you with our lives. We know that you would never hurt anyone much less hurt us and we wanted to show you just how we felt about you.

“Now we know why Mom used you to help the woman that was her friend while she was in college studying to start her business. By the way, Gail told me that you said you had helped many more women than just that one. Is that true? Did Mom use you with lots more women than we knew about? Wait, we can talk about that later. But we do know that you make every woman you are with feel like the most loved woman on this Earth.

“I felt it; in fact I felt it so deeply that I literally passed out. You were so sweet when you brought me the wet washcloth and gave me some water to drink. Even though I knew that you would have done that for any woman you were with, it made me feel extra special when you then just held me for a minute while I finished recovering. I knew right away that anything we did would be fine and I was really frustrated when the alarm went off before we had enough time for much more. Now, please let Sophie have her say before you talk any more.”

“Daddy, we hope that you don’t feel that we cheated you by fooling you about us being partners to you during the study. We really had intended to back off and let you go on with your love life in your own time and at your own pace. But then the concept of the study got approved and when I ran into a problem at that first week meeting, I just knew that I had to take advantage of that situation and be your first partner.

The girl that you were first going to be with suddenly started her period a day early, right after she had selected your number. And I couldn’t ask someone else to step in at the last moment like that, so I decided to do it myself. I actually had to amend the study procedure because of that happening and so I made arrangements to have at least one extra person in each age range of each sex be available in case of another incident like that. In fact, four of the non-participant women, and two of the non-participant men, ended up being called upon to substitute when someone could not do their turn during the study; some of them ended up doing it more than once.

“The next day when I talked it over with Barb and Lexie, told them what I had done, they insisted that if it happened again with your partner, that they become the replacement if the age grouping was right. The fifth week and eighth week, were not planned ahead other than that. I didn’t want the results of the study to be invalidated because we used wrong aged people and it ended up that it just happened to work out to our advantage.

“They knew it was going to be you, but I didn’t tell them what to expect and they followed all the other guidelines of the study procedure. They promised to do the evaluation forms as though they didn’t know it was you. And I am following proper procedure also and I haven’t yet seen their forms; all of the study information has been entered by an assistant who has no knowledge of what number belongs with what study participant.

“Daddy, I know that I was hesitant, no, I was scared that first week. And I only had about 45 minutes to wrap my head around the fact that I was going to be with you. But you still got me through it even though you didn’t know it was me.

“You were right to put your finger on my lips when I was going through that first orgasm, I was going to say thank you, and that would have really been bad. I know you would have recognized my voice, although, you had never heard me when I was that excited before, so maybe not.

“Then when I came back around after that second orgasm, I just had to kiss you and I had such a strong after shock, it was as strong as some full on orgasms I’ve had in the past. When I got a little strength back, I just had to have you in me; not in a couple minutes, not in one minute, but now! I know I got a little carried away but when I got you over me, and lined up and I felt your cock on my cunt lips, I just couldn’t stop myself.

“I could feel that you were surprised and you just held yourself still and let me take what I wanted, and what I wanted was you, you all the way in me. I felt your cock in me üsküdar escort and my cunt was squeezing you again and again and you were spurting into me and… and I was licking your earlobe and biting it and I felt you deep in me and pressed so hard against me, my nipples were crushed to your chest and it felt so good… I don’t know what happened, I just… I… I… OH, Daddy, I… I’m coming again right nowwwwwwWWWW!”

She had been getting more and more agitated as she was telling us about it and when she started stuttering, I had reached out to take her hand. As soon as my hand touched her arm, that’s when she said she was coming. Barb had grabbed her other arm and even though she had gone completely stiff, we managed to keep her from falling out of her chair and get hurt. She shook for almost 30 seconds before she went completely limp. I picked her up and carried her over and laid her down on the couch, sitting on the edge to keep her from rolling off accidentally.

I sent Lexie to grab a wet facecloth and Barb brought over Sophie’s wineglass to let her have a sip when she woke back up. Lexie was back in less than a minute and handed me the facecloth. I moistened Sophie’s forehead and cheeks and then placed the cool cloth on the side of her neck. In less than another minute, her eyelids fluttered open and she blinked a couple times before she smiled up at me.

“Take a minute and relax, Sophie. You’ll be just fine. Here, take a little sip of your wine, but just a little until you sit up straight.”

Suddenly Sophie noticed Lexie leaning over the back of the couch looking down at her and Barb kneeling by her head holding her wineglass for her. Her eyes showed a little panic and her smile evaporated. Her face started to shift to a frown.

“Oh, oh, oh damn! I… I was reliving the encounter and I got carried away. I’m so sorry, oh, so sorry!”

I placed my finger on her mouth and brought her hand to my lips and kissed it gently. I gave Barb the facecloth and took both of Sophie’s hands and helped her sit up straight. I moved myself around a little and sat on the couch and hugged Sophie.

“Don’t apologize for this. I hope you can always remember so vividly the things that happen in your life that you have enjoyed. Nothing you could do; would have shown me better, how you feel about what happened during the study. I guess I may be a little warped but, it builds my ego and makes me kind of proud, that just the memory of our time together is so good that you came without having to even touch yourself.

“I have to admit that this conversation caught me totally flatfooted. I never saw it coming; I had no idea that you all were so interested in experiencing that kind of contact with me. I mean I just never…

“Wait a minute; let me think a minute, yes, let me start back at the beginning. Maybe we can get everything straightened out now… I started learning about cars when I was about 10 years old. My next door neighbor, who I knew as Uncle Mike, was a good friend of my dad’s and he was a mechanic. He let me help him when he was working on cars in his garage at home.

“So I learned that you use the right tool and the right parts to do a job. That became my philosophy, find out what’s right, and do that. When I turned 16, Mike got me a part time job at the car dealership where he worked. It was only as a go-fer, but I started learning even more about cars and such.

“Your mother and I met about two months into our freshman year if high school. She helped me with English and Geography and I helped her with Math. It was a good deal for both of us but I was getting more out of it than she was. I was doing everything I could to do what she wanted or needed while we were in school. One thing that I was good at, was giving her honest compliments. And I would help her to help her friends with all kinds of things, too.

“When she told me that her dad was going to buy her a used car as a graduation and 18th birthday present, I started checking with Mike to see what car we had on the lot that would be the best one in her dad’s price range. She had that car for 8 years and she loved it. Barb, you were about 4 and a half when she sold it. Do you remember it at all? It was the dark blue one. Anyway…

“We had been dating since her dad let her start dating, which was after her 17th birthday, about four month before the end of our junior year. By the time we were seniors, I knew that we were going to be married even though I hadn’t asked her. I think that she had the same idea even though she hadn’t said anything to me about it either.

“We were very popular in school; we were even elected queen and king at the prom. Everyone voted for Caroline, the quarterback made almost everyone vote for me. At the end of the night, the girl in charge of the voting told me that Caroline was the only one that hadn’t voted for Caroline, she voted for her best girlfriend who was having some boyfriend problems right then. I had voted for the center of the football team; he had the same philosophy as me, to help everyone you can. Four of the members of the chess club didn’t vote for me, they wanted one of the brainy people as a protest to the jocks trying to make the selection. I’m sure your mom showed you the picture of the ‘prom court’. It was the only year that there were an odd number of people in the photo and it was the fewest people ever too.

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