Daddy’s Hypnosis Help Pt. 04


Thank you, everyone, for your comments and feedback for this series. This will likely be the last part to this story.


My daughter, Jane, is a good girl.

My dick feels so good inside her.

It’s all I can think about, really. When I look into her innocent, green eyes, I think about fucking her. When I look at her soft, young lips, I think about cumming in her.

When I look at her conservative, modest outfits, I think about defiling her.

Such a good girl.

I’ve become a bit sloppy lately.

At lunch yesterday, she caught me staring at her tits in her white sweater. What did she think of me then?

Last night, I didn’t bother putting Janey into a trance when I crept into her dark room.

I stood over her sleeping form.

I listened to her breathe deeply.

I touched her soft lips with my finger tip. I dipped my finger gently between them, feeling moisture.

If she woke up, I could just hypnotize her to forget.

My breath became louder, my heart raced. My free hand undid my fly and pulled out my fat cock, my accomplice. “Yes,” I whispered.

Last night, I finally put my cock on Janey’s mouth.

I retrieved my finger from her mouth and licked it, licked off my daughter’s saliva and replaced it with my own. I rubbed my spit softly over her lips. They looked slick now. They felt so soft.

I couldn’t stop a small moan as I brought my cockhead to her wet lips. I rubbed against them, swirled around them. “God,” I uttered. I pulled back and bent down. I needed more lubrication. I stared at my daughter’s face.

Sleeping soundly. I licked her lips, leaving a heavy coat of saliva.

I straightened and rubbed against the messy wetness of her lips. Her bottom lip was the best. So soft, so supple. I stopped being gentle. I thrust against her wet mouth, not trying to get inside. Her lips were my focus.

The fact was that I wanted her to wake up.

I’d loved it so much when she came to when I was in her ass.

I wanted her to wake up with my dick on her lips.

I wanted her to know.

I rubbed my dick around, making her lips messier with my precum. “I’m gonna cum all over your mouth, Janey,” I murmured, not even trying to be quiet. I wanted her to wake. I wanted her to protest. I wanted to force her.

“Gah!” I grunted as cum shot out of my dick onto her plump lips. “Uh.”

I’d gotten too excited.

I stared down, licking my own lips. Her mouth was a cummy mess. I loved the sight. Some dripped into her hair and on her pillow, down her chin. “Mmm.” God, it was so fucking beautiful.

She slept on. I was actually glad. I grabbed a few tissues from her night stand and bent down to clean her up.

I stopped.

I dropped the clean tissues into her wastebasket. I left her, covered in my cum, sleeping soundly.

I slept very well last night.

But as I wake up this morning, I’m curious.

What will she think of the cum dried to her face and hair?

I open my eyes with a smile. I think I’m going to rape her today. I might even wait a few days before I erase it from her mind. I groan with pleasure at the thought. So fucking wrong, but I love it.

I move to roll over, but something rough holds my wrist. “Huh?” My wrist is tied to my headboard. Both wrists. “Huh?”

Okay. Esenyurt Escort So. “Jane!” I shout furiously.

“Daddy,” I hear. I jerk my head around to look. Jane is standing in my bathroom doorway, looking at me. She’s still in her long, white nightgown. Her face is clean though.

“What the fuck is this?” I demand.

She winces at my tone. “I… I should be the one who’s mad,” she says softly.

“Uh huh. And why is that?” She won’t say it. She’s too timid.

“Um, well…” Her green eyes flick down to the sheet covering my body. I’ve got an obvious, rock-hard boner.

Yes. Look at it. My cock is hard. You make it hard, Janey. You make my cock hard. You make me cum. You’ve made me cum so many times. And you’ll do it again. As many times as I want.

My dick twitches under the sheet as she stares.

“Jane!” I snap.

Her eyes jump away from my cock and up to my face. “I was awake last night.”

My chest heaves. I writhe, my movements dragging the sheet over my erection. Yes. God. Yes. She felt it. She felt me lick her lips. She felt me cum on them. I should deny it. But I can’t. I’m just so proud of it. And I can still say the words to put her in a trance at any second.

“So?” I ask. “What are you gonna do, Janey baby? Gonna call the cops? Gonna turn me in for rubbing my cock on your lips?”

She gasps. I’ve never spoken to her like this. “Daddy! How could you?”

I moan. I’m so wrong. So fucking depraved for getting horny at her distress. “You didn’t like it?”

She lets out a small whimper. “Daddy! You… you defiled me!”

Oh, she has no fucking idea.

“Come over here,” I growl. “And I’ll do it again.”

I don’t miss the widening of her eyes, her sharp intake of breath.

“Yes, Janey. Come here and you can do whatever you like to daddy. Whatever you like, just this once.”

She breathes and stares into my eyes. She glances down at my cock.

“I did something bad to you last night,” I say, trying another tactic. I thrust against the sheet. “You can pay me back. Do whatever you like.”

Timidly, she approaches. “Anything? You won’t think I’m weird?”

“I promise. But you have to hurry before I’m not hard anymore.”

Lust is clear in her eyes as she crawls onto my bed.

Oh, God. Yes. I’ve wanted to see her eyes like this. I’ve wanted to see her lust for me.

She’s slow. She stops near my waist and stares at my rude, sheet-covered erection. I flex, making it bob. Her eyes widen with interest.

“You can touch it,” I murmur. Touch it. Touch it!

Her hand slowly reaches out. Her fingers gently touch the tip. Her hand snaps back. Precum oozes onto the sheet, leaving a dot of moisture.

“It’s alright,” I say. “Normal.” I’m trying to be soothing, but my patience is wearing thin. I can just say the words and make her straddle me.

She does nothing.

That’s it. I can’t wait anymore. I’ll have to plant stronger suggestions into her head if I want her to come on to me. “Jane is a good girl,” I say.

My daughter’s head turns toward me and she smiles.

Her eyes didn’t haze over. “Jane is a good girl,” I say more firmly.

Jane chuckles. “Oh, Daddy.”


She lifts up her nightgown and deftly straddles me. Her ass nudges against my dick. She stares into Esenyurt Escort Bayan my eyes. “You still think you were really hypnotizing me?”

Blood rushes to my head. “Huh?”

“The hypnotism instructions I gave you are incomplete, Daddy. I deleted a few lines off the real thing. Those ones actually work, but the ones I gave you just made me a little sleepy and relaxed.”

“What?” Her strong manner, her coy facial expression. Where is my timid daughter?

She grinds against my cock with a pleased sigh. “It took you so long to outright ask me to fuck you, Daddy. I knew you just needed to feel in control.”

“You said you were fantasizing about your priest!” I sputter.

She smiles sweetly. “I just said that to turn you on. The only one I’ve ever fantasized about is you, Daddy. Mmm. You’ve made so many of my fantasies come true.”

My cock swells against her ass.

“I wasn’t quite so ready for the ass-fucking, so I accidently said, ‘what the fuck’ or something. Messed up my act. And then I had to act scared so you wouldn’t find me out.”

“You were awake every time?”

Janey grins, sliding up my chest. “Yes.”

“The whole time.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“But, your eyes!”

“Oh, this?” She sits up and her eyes suddenly look dead and drone-like.

“I fucked you!” I snap. “You let me fuck you!”

Her mouth drops open at my words. “Yess, Daddy.” She rubs her chest against mine. “It feels so good! Oh, God! That first time we did your fake hypnosis on the couch?” She moans excitedly, shivering. “It felt so, so good, Daddy. I couldn’t believe it worked! And then I came to you again asking to be hypnotized and you fell for it again!”

I growl angrily at her pride and grind up against her ass.

She whimpers at my thrusting. “Then you initiated it yourself the third time. And last night you put your perfect cock on my mouth!” She squeals, eyes closed, mouth open wantonly.

“How are you such a good actress?” I murmur. I’m hardly able to concentrate on the conversation anymore. “Let me in you.”

She whimpers again, thrilled at my words. “Yes, daddy. Yes.” She pulls off her nightgown and unclasps her white bra. Her perfect titties pop into view. She leans forward to lift her ass and push down her panties.

I lap at her nipple while it’s within reach.

“Mmm.” She wrestles with the sheet, pulling it off my stiff cock.

“I’m gonna punish you, later, Janey.”

She whimpers.

“I’m gonna fucking rape you later. You’re not gonna like it.”

Her wet pussy nudges my cock. “I don’t think you will.” She sinks down around me. “Oh,” she moans, eyes crossing in her pleasure. “This fat dick,” she utters.

I fuck up into her, ramming her pussy roughly. “I liked using you,” I grunt. “You ruined it.”

“Oh, you like the innocent Janey act,” she teases, reaching down to play with her clit. “We can work something out, Daddy.”

“Act like I’m hurting you,” I demand in a rasp.

Her eyes widen, suddenly afraid. “Ow, daddy! It’s too big!”

My balls tighten. “Yes.”

“Daddy, get your huge thingy out of me!”

My chest heaves. “I’m gonna fuck you up, Janey,” I growl. “I had a good thing going. An obsession. I’m really gonna use this slutty little body any way I want now.” Her pussy clenches Escort Esenyurt around me. “Uh! I won’t have mercy.”

Her eyes look truly terrified, but she’s such a good actress… I jerk on the ropes, wanting my hands free so I can wrap my fingers around her neck. She never stops squirming on my dick.

This little bitch! Messing with me. Making me find exactly what I like and then taking it away. I liked having control of her mind. “I’m gonna rape you! I’ll tie you up and keep you in my closet! I’m gonna punish you for this, you little cunt!”

Jane’s body convulses. Her pussy throbs. “Oh, Daddy!” she squeals. She rides me hard and erratically while she cums.

Her lust-filled face. This is who she really is. She’s not a good girl at all. She’s a little slut. She’s truly depraved. Just like me.

She stares into my eyes, gloriously satisfied.

“Untie me,” I demand. I’m still fucking her slowly. Thrust, thrust, thrusting into her still-throbbing cunt.

“No, Daddy.”

I thrust violently, my only means to punish her. “Now, Jane!”

“Uh!” she moans happily as I slap into her. “No.”

“Please,” I murmur. “I can’t cum this way.”

She eyes me knowingly. “Liar.”

“Suck me, then. Let me cum on your mouth again.”

She licks her lips and slides off my dick. She crawls down so my cock bobs in front of her face. “Hello, baby,” she says to it. Her soft, pink tongue flattens and drags against the underside of my cock, cleaning off her own pussy juice.

“Hah,” I gasp. “Fuck.” She’s experienced. “When have you ever sucked a dick before?”

Her tongue swirls around my head. She looks up at me with a smile. “Secret.”

That makes me furious. “Who? I’ll fucking kill him!”

“Cum and I’ll tell you.”

Her mouth dips over my dick, soft, hot, wet. So welcome. “Mmm,” I moan, letting myself be lost in the pleasure. “Yeah.”

She cradles my balls in one hand and circles the base of my cock with the other. Her mouth drops again and again, her tongue swirling, and then I feel the back of her throat. She makes a soft, strangled sound as I thrust into her throat. She doesn’t retreat, so I cram my cock as far into her throat as I can. “Oh yeah,” I groan. “That’s it, baby.” I wish I could grab the back of her head so I can choke her with it. I want to choke her with my cock! I grunt and spasm as I cum. “Uh! Oh, fuck, Jane. You give good head. Jesus!”

She lifts up to stare at me. She smirks, her lips wet and plump. “You say that every time.”

“Every time?” I ask, dazed. That was the first time.

She crawls up me, looking a little sad. “Sorry, Daddy. You won’t remember this one, either.”


She kisses me and I inhale sharply through my nose. She pulls back. “I love you.” She looks sincere, but now I’m not so sure. “You can’t know this side of me.”


“I’ve only ever been with you, Daddy. Many times. So many times, I’ve fucked you, or you’ve fucked me. You just don’t remember. You have to continue thinking of me as your good girl. I just couldn’t stand it if you didn’t. That’s why I’ve been waiting for you to make the move. All you have to do is take me. It has to be your move, Daddy.”

“You… You’ve been—”

“Hypnotizing you. Yes. That’s where I got the idea for my plays. I wanted you to remember us being together, but I didn’t want you thinking badly of me.”

“Janey. You don’t have to do this anymore.”

She kisses me on the nose. “I do. I have to put you under. It has to be perfect. We’re almost there.” She gives me a loving smile.

“Jane, don’t—”

“Daddy is a bad boy.”

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