Daddy Throws His Baby Girl a Grad Party- PART 2


His long thick muscular cock stares back at me. With his swim shorts around his ankles he takes a tiny step back with his flip flops still on his feet looking into my eyes. My father is such a handsome man it is ridiculous. He points down motioning with both his hands to his gorgeous massive thick, nine inch veiny throbbing cock and big ball sack.  “Now, is this the particular water gun you wanted me to show you here in the shed sweetie? Is this what you desperately needed on a hot summer day in the middle of your grad party honey?” he says confidently but jokingly letting out a small laugh. “You’re so funny Daddy,” I say biting my lower lip gazing and completely hypnotized by his gorgeous fuck muscle right before my eyes. My father has a good sense of humor and is intelligent, fit and a sexy overall package. I couldn’t wait any longer. “Daddy, oh gosh put it in me already,” I say impatiently. I start playing with my pussy from the front of my bright lime green bikini bottom. “Baby girl, have some patience please, you’re about to feel all my cock inside of you in just a sec honey, you’ll see,” he says calmly. “But first, remember when you gave Daddy a very good blow job earlier. Well Daddy is going to return the favor to you sweetheart,” he says as he leans in and rubs my pussy with his fingers on the front of my bikini bottom. “Ahhh! Daddy! That feels so good! But Stop teasing me Daddy. I need your cock now.” He ignores me, concentrating down there escort as his fingers slide underneath the thin cloth. “Sweetie let me get you all ready for Daddy’s cock first okay,” he says as he rubs my wet pussy with his finger tips in a circular motion. “Oh, my baby girl is so soaking wet just from thinking about Daddy’s big cock in her tight pussy. You are so precious,” he says as he continues to feel me with his fingers. He puts the same fingers he rubs my super wet pussy with up to his mouth, licking his own fingers all tasteful. He continues to rub gently. “Oh, Daddy, Oh rub my little clit!” I say as my pussy becomes beyond sopping wet and lubricated, my clit expanding into a firm hot bud. “You love when Daddy rubs your clit like that sweetheart.” I nod and bite my lower lip. I squeeze each of my breasts with each hand. Within a flash he quickly removes my bottom piece to my bathing suit. He pulls my bikini bottom down past my ankles and tosses it to the side. He crouches down and lowers his head, leans in, forces his mouth against it beginning to lick my super wet pussy. “Oh, Daddy, wait, aahhh, we don’t have time for that! I just want to feel you fuck my tight pussy raw,” I say letting out a few moans and groans. I look down at the top of my Daddy’s head as I use both of my hands to grip his short brown hair. He looks back up at me and smiles. “Okay, if you say so sweetheart. Whatever my baby wants, she can have.” He stands up and pulls bayan escort me in closer to him, reaching in, placing each of his hands on the sides of my hips sliding me in against him. My bum is now close to the edge of the high table. We kiss passionately, his tongue all moving around in my mouth. What an awesome kisser my Daddy is. “Daddy, make me feel good! Treat me like a grown woman Daddy,” I say pulling back from the kissing with a demanding tone. “Okay sweetheart, here we go.” My Daddy standing in front of me very slowly enters my vagina as I am sitting on the edge of the high table. Due to his height, his crotch area is the same height as the high table. His cock meets my vagina perfectly in a standing –to-seated position. He moves me so that my legs are raised and wrapped around his nice firm fit manly ass. He grabs his thick veiny rod rubbing the huge strong helmet head against my clitoris. “Baby girl, do you like when Daddy uses his cock to tease and taunt your tiny tight sopping wet pussy.” “Ahhhh yes Daddy, please put it in already!” I say, sexually frustrated. With each of his hands holding each side of my thighs, he works his cock into my pussy slowly. His pelvic area thrusts back and forth. He thrusts his hips in slow motion, easing just the large mushroom head in and out of my pussy entrance. “Sweetie, I will try to be gentle,” he says looking into my eyes, kissing me on the forehead. “Fuck that shit!” I reply loudly. “Cassie escort bayan watch your language,” he replies with a serious look on his face. “Seriously Daddy, fuck me like you fuck mommy in the homemade sex videos. Make me cum over and over with your nine inch monster cock. I want to leak juices all over your cock as you slam and wreck my tight pussy.” “Honey, how much porn do you watch, maybe a little too much? I personally consider sex all about love making and being gentle,” he says with a calm questioning look on his face as he continues slowly thrusting, inching in more and more, deeper and deeper. “Fuck me good Daddy I need practice, so we can make our own sex videos,” I say feeling a buildup of pleasure down there almost leaving me breathless. “Baby girl you are so tight and wet, just perfect. Oh, alright, sweetie you want to make some videos of our own too.” Daddy suddenly turns into a sex crazed maniac. He starts working more of his hot thick vieny cock into my tight pussy hole. His big ball sack slap my small taint area as he thrusts up and down, back and forth vigorously. “That’s it Daddy, don’t be afraid of hurting me. I can handle it like mommy did.” “Oh yeah baby, you want all of Daddy’s cock to fill your hole good huh?” he says as he thrusts his hips back in forth with a constant rhythm. “Ouch, Daddy,” I say softly. “Does it hurt baby?” he asks slowing down his hips and thrusting motion. “It does a tiny bit, but it feels so good. Don’t stop,” I say moaning and groaning out of breathe. My Daddy works up a sweat fucking my tight pussy. I can see it in his face and I can feel it with my hands, the sweat on his lower back and firm hot ass.

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