Daddy Teaches Me a Lesson Ch. 02


Yesterday my Daddy tried to teach me a lesson. He had caught me naked in my room playing with my pussy. I had just moved back home after finishing college. I had had a very strict up-bringing. Sex was a no-no. And I had graduated from an all-girl college.

But I hadn’t known how badly Daddy hated seeing me diddling myself or how horny he was for some daughter cunt.

I had loved letting Daddy think I had learned my lesson well. It was a good game. But my Mommy decided to play the game differently.

Today, after Daddy went to work, Mommy came into my room. This time I wasn’t diddling my pussy, but I was still naked after my morning shower. Mommy walked into the room, looked me up and down, and told me that she had some lessons to teach me, too. Okay, I thought, let’s play this game your way.

Then she sat on the bed and told me to lay down on her lap. She was holding a leather strap. I knew what was coming. I acted meek and laid myself across her lap, my round, firm bum in the air, and slightly spread my legs. I was looking forward to this lesson. I was always a good student.

She began first by stroking my ass with her little Asian hand. It was tiny, like her. I had inherited her size. I was very petite, too. She caressed my ass, and slid her hand down to feel my pussy lips. When she found that it was already leaking pussy juice she acted enraged. She began whacking my ass with the strap, and also stinging my pussy with it now and then. That just made me cum more. I was enjoying playing this game of lessons.

After she had spanked me for about ten minutes I was acting like I was crying while I was cumming all the time. And I was soaking her pretty housedress with my cunt juice. She yelled at me to get off her. She looked at her dress and told me I had been very bad and needed more lessons.

She cried out for me to take off her soaking clothes and take them into the bathroom where the dirty clothes hamper was. Now she was stripped naked too. I noticed she hadn’t been wearing underwear. She had intended to play the game all along.

I went into the upstairs bathroom with the dirty clothes, still acting as if crying with my ass red and throbbing. Mommy followed me in and told me that since I had soiled her and her clothes with my dirty pussy juice she needed a shower now. She got into the shower and then told me to get my dirty ass in too. This game got better and better.

She told me to start washing her off. All over, because she felt so dirty from my nasty cumming. So I started Beylikdüzü escort washing my Mommy’s petite body, starting with her perky titties. Her nipples started to get hard and she screamed at me that I was being naughty again. It was bad to make her nipples hard. But she told me to keep washing them, and then she said perhaps they needed to be sucked, to show her how sorry I was. I was glad to oblige. Mommy played as well as Daddy did.

All this time cum was running down my thighs. I was a very naughty daughter. That was the game. I started sucking and nibbling on Mommy’s tits. They stayed hard and they tasted like heaven. I wasn’t supposed to enjoy it, but she knew I would and I did.

I kept sucking until Mommy told me she still felt dirty lower down.

I got on my knees and started cleaning my dirty cum off of my Mommy’s pussy. It was a very pretty pussy, shaped like a vee, old-fashioned and lovely as a flower. I washed it with a cloth and noticed she had a little clit peeking out of its little hood. She said I was being naughty making my own Mommy feel sexy thoughts. So I decided to be very naughty, indeed, and began licking her clit.

Her response was immediate. She grabbed my long, black hair and pushed my face into her cunt. She said that I needed more lessons and to eat and lick her, to teach me a lesson. I sucked on her little clit until I think she started cumming. I was acting as bad as she wanted me to. I licked her pussy lips and sucked up the cum that I had caused being a bad daughter. I even stuck my tongue into her cunt and fucked it like a little cock.

Finally, she said she was clean enough and that we needed to go back to her room for more lessons. We dried each other off and she frowned when she saw how much cum had still remained on my thighs. She said I had been bad, but she would clean me up. She put on her little act and knelt down and licked my cum from my thighs. Now she was acting like a very naughty Mommy. I didn’t tell her she made me cum again.

When we got to her room next to mine I saw several strange items on her dresser. There were two or three dildoes of different sizes. There was some kind of device with a cock on it and a strap attached. There were more straps for spanking. I knew what kind of lesson Mommy was going to teach me. I wasn’t that naive.

She laid her sweet Mommy body down on her huge bed. Then she motioned for me to join her, beside her on the bed. I did, right beside her, feeling her hot body next to mine. Then she took my Beylikdüzü escort hand and put it on her pussy.

She told me since I was a grown woman now that I needed to learn how to please a woman. She made a fist and started ramming it into my cunt. She told me to do the same to her. I did. This was a very naughty game today.

I started fucking my Mommy with my little fist, ramming it in as far as I could. She was doing the same to me. We were very alike, except she was a good Mommy teaching a naughty daughter.

That was the game. So we kept fist-fucking until we wore ourselves out and the special rubber sheet was covered with pussy cum. Mommy cum and daughter cum, but mine was nasty, cause I was supposed to be naughty, in the game.

Then she told me to lick her pussy clean and she would do the same for me cause, even though I was naughty, I was still her big daughter. So we started cleaning cum off each other’s pussy. That just got us both excited and we started eating and tongue fucking and sucking all of the new pussy juice that came out. I was beginning to think that maybe Mommy was naughtier than me. But she had had longer to develop these games.

Finally, we were so tired that we just held each other, feeling our little titties pressed against each other. We relaxed like that for many minutes. Then Mommy kissed me on the lips. With tongue. And I kissed her back. I kissed her a lot. I think I was making out with my own Mommy. But I had done naughtier things already, I guess in this game.

At last, Mommy said she need to teach me one final lesson. She told me to get on my hands and knees and show my ass to her. She caressed it, noting that it was not so red anymore. Then she moved away. I heard her over by her dresser. I peeked around and she was strapping on the device with the cock on it. The cock looked big. I had a very good idea what was going to happen. I had read some nasty books in college. She had already fucked my pussy with her fist.

She had a bottle of lubricant of some kind and was rubbing it on the strap-on cock. Then she stuck her finger in my ass hole with some lubricant and I was happy I had guessed what she was going to do. She started slowly easing the cock into my ass and it hurt. No one had done anything with a strap-on like this to me. This was certainly a brand new lesson for this naughty daughter.

When she was all the way in she started fucking my ass. It hurt and felt good too, like when Daddy had fucked my ass with his real cock. I was still Escort Beylikdüzü torn up a little from that fucking. But Mommy kept fucking and fucking and I started cumming and cumming. Again it was copious, running down my thighs. Mommy kept saying that I was a naughty daughter getting a good lesson. I kept saying yes, this was a very good lesson, playing the game. I was learning so much about not being naughty.

Daddy always came home for lunch. We had not realized how long the lesson had been going on. Suddenly, like yesterday, when Mommy walked in on Daddy’s lesson, he walked in on Mommy’s lesson. Mommy slowly withdrew the strap-on cock and said hello to Daddy. She told him that I had still not learned my lesson well this morning so she had been working hard to teach a naughty daughter her lesson.

Daddy asked me if this was true, that I hadn’t learned my lesson yesterday, and I told him that I was really learning my lesson from Mommy today. I appreciated how much Daddy and Mommy loved me enough to teach me so many lessons about being naughty. I loved these games so much.

So Daddy said he could teach me some more if I thought I needed it. Oh yes, I told him. I will never learn enough about being a naughty daughter. And I asked him to teach me some more. He laid me down on the bed and then stripped all of his clothes off. He was naked, Mommy was naked, and I was naked. The family naked together will certainly stay together.

He climbed between my legs, spread them apart, and put a leg on each shoulder. His huge cock had started rising up as soon as his clothes started coming off. It was throbbing with veins protruding. It was twitching, and some pre-cum was slightly oozing out of the cockhead. He guided it into my ready pussy, already lubricated in anticipation. With one hard thrust he rammed it in completely and I screamed with joy. Then he began pumping and thrusting. And I kept creaming making it easy for him to fuck me.

Then Mommy, wanting to join in the schooling climbed up, sat her pussy on my face and told me to start licking her ass. I did. I even fucked it a little with my tongue. All the while, she and Daddy were making out over my body underneath them. They had always loved making love, loudly and often. Now they were making love to each other and their daughter at the same time.

Daddy kept fucking me and Mommy kept rubbing her ass and pussy on my face. I gobbled up whatever I could. This was the best lesson ever. I love our family games. I was really learning what a naughty daughter I was. But Daddy and Mommy were such good teachers.

I knew that I would never master the subject. This game could go on for years, if I was lucky.

Daddy and Mommy would keep teaching me how naughty I was. And I would keep learning.

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