Daddy, Papa, and Me


She answers the door and signed for a package that came for her father. As she closed the door the phone rang. Sitting the package down she grabs the phone on the third ring.

“Hello, Hey dad. Yes it just came in, I had to sign for it. Ok I will.” she said.

After hanging up she puts the box in her dad’s study on his desk. Then she went upstairs to shower and dress. It was so hot she decided on a light sun dress, and nothing under it. She was bent over at the oven when her dad walked in. The first thing he noticed was that she was not wearing anything under her dress. He felt his cock getting hard in his pants. Sitting down his briefcase he walk up behind her, grabbing her around the waist, pulling her into a tight hug.

“Good evening baby.” he whisper, placing a soft kiss by her ear.

His arms brushed against her tit’s, and she could feel the hard lump against her ass. She wished him a good evening and told him that dinner would be done in 15 minutes. He moved away, but stop to look back at her. She was standing in the bright sunlight streaming in from the glass doors. He could see the shape of her 18 year old body. Long tan legs, round firm ass, small chubby tummy, and her large full tit’s. He wanted her, wanted to run his hands over every inch of her body. To taste her Ankara escort warm skin. Wanted to hear her begging for more.

Turning he went into his study and open the box. Pulling out the stuff and laying it out. He unzips his pants and pulled his cock out. Pick up the soft jelly cock ring, and rolled it down his cock Picking up the gift he got for her he puts it in a gift bag he ready Went upstairs to shower and change into his robe.

While eating he would slip his hand under the table and stroke his cock slowly. He gave her the bag smiled, and waited for her to open. She scream, and hugged him, she thank him for the gift as she pulled it out.

“Go put it on and we will go for a swim.” he told her.

She stood in front of the mirror as she pull the bathing suit. She felt very sexy in it. Grabbing a robe, she turned and noticed that the thing was see thru. Looking closer she saw that it was very, very sheer, and she knew that once it got wet it would turn invisible. “Oh god.” she thought. Then smiled. “Oh daddy you wicked man.” she said softly as she walked out of her room. Grabbing a couple of towels and the beach blanket too.

He drops his robe and entered the cool water. While he waits for her. The water felt wonderful on his naked body, but not as good as his daughter’s Ankara escort bayan naked body sliding against him would feel. His first sight of her was when she walk out. He watched her dropping the stuff she carried, then watched as she drove into the water. He watched the bubbles, following them to where she came up, then she stood up in the shallow end of the pool. There he saw it all, her large full tit’s with huge round rosey brown hard nipples, and he saw that his bay girl shaves her pussy bare. His cock was rock hard now, and he wanted to bury it deep inside her.

She swam over to her dad, put her arms around his neck, and then she did something he was not excepting. She lifts her legs wrapping them around him, lean in and whisper in his ear.

“Oh god daddy fuck me, take your cock and move aside my suit and shove it in me.” she whisper to him.

He looked at her and his hand went down and he rubbed her pussy, pulling aside the cloth. She grabs his cock and put it against her pussy. He thrust and his cock head went inside.

“Oh god baby your so fucking tight.” he groaned, as he pushed his cock deeper.

He moved over to the side of the pool and lean her back against it. Then his mouth closed on one nipple, sucking hard.

“Oh fuck daddy, yes, oh Escort Ankara yes suck it harder.” she cried out.

“Let’s get out of the pool.” he said as he walked up the steps and over to the grass and laid down.

He pushes her legs apart more, and holding her thighs, he thrust hard into her. She screams for him to fuck her deeper. He pulled out and told her to get on his hands and knees. She turned over and holding her hips he slam his cock deep inside. He pulls almost all the way out only to slam back inside.

“OH YES DADDY, FUCK ME HARDER.” she screamed.

(inside the house)

“Where the hell are they.” he said softly. Wondering where his son was. He knew he was home his son, and his granddaughter’s car was in the driveway. As he walked into the Kitchen he heard someone scream. As he look out the window he saw his son, and granddaughter fucking on the ground. At first he was not sure what to do. But soon his cock was telling what it wanted. He walks out to them stopping in front of them.

“Looks like you both are having fun, may I join you.” he asked.

“Oh fuck yes Papa, give me your cock, and I will suck it.” she told him.

She watched as he unzips his pants and push them down, reaching up she took his cock out of his boxers, gasp at the size then closed her mouth on the head. She sucked him till he exploded.



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