Cynthia’s Desires: A Mother’s Love


The following story is completely a work of fiction and is only presented for purposes of entertainment and fantasy. At no point should this work of fiction be interpreted as advocating or encouraging the acts portrayed here in. While I, the author, believe and active fantasy life is very healthy between consenting adults, I, the author, do not believe acts of fantasy should necessarily become reality when the results can end up causing harm. Sex should be fun for all involved.


You can never come home again. It was one of those all-American concepts that Midwestern intellectuals tried to convey in tortured novels about semi-dysfunctional families. For Cynthia, returning home from her first year of college, it was not a concept she was ready to deal with so directly. To her home was the suburban split-level on Cherry Creek Lane which sat next to other houses that were structurally the same with near identical layouts but offset by choice of color and landscaping. Home was her forty-five year old mother Karen, her fifty-two year old father Michael, and her eighteen-year old brother Drew. This was home as Cynthia knew it over winter vacation. She noted, during her week at home, a week she spent reconnecting more with old high school friends than spending with her family, that there was a strange tension between her parents. She wrote it off as typical holiday stress.

Choosing to take a trip to Florida for spring break, Cynthia missed a critical development and change in her concept of home when her father moved out. Over the phone, both her mom and dad called it a trial separation. The emails and IMs exchanged with her brother told a different story.

CinderGirl (12:04:13 AM): Hey bro, what are you doing up so late.
ProzacallySpeaking (12:10:53 AM): Hi Cyn. Mom’s crying again. Dad didn’t come home last night and looks like he won’t be home tonight either.
CinderGirl (12:11:30 AM): WTF? Is he out on business?
ProzacallySpeaking (12:13:05 AM): If fucking some whore he works with is business, then I guess so.
CinderGirl (12:16:07 AM): Dad’s having an affair?
ProzacallySpeaking (12:17:22 AM): Ya. For two years.

This wasn’t going to be a trial separation. By the time the semester ended, Karen and Michael had sold the house. Karen moved into the city after Drew’s graduation, into a condo purchased with half the money made from the sale of the house.

When Cynthia walked into the unfamiliar place furnished with very familiar rugs, chairs, artwork, she became sick to her stomach. Her urge was to run to her room, throw herself on her bed, and throw a tantrum like she did when she was twelve. She couldn’t. It was her bed. It was her things in the room, but it wasn’t hers. This was not home.

Drew adapted to the new situation by spending all his time back in the ‘burbs with his friends. He would spend time with Michael but was at loose ends. The only cordial phone calls between Karen and Michael were in regards to getting Drew into college or the military or something to keep him out of trouble.

Cynthia adapted just as poorly, though she chided herself for it. Most of her friends came from broken homes. In fact, the very concept that divorced and/or separated parents represented ‘breakage’ would seem alien to most of her friends. Yet, to Cynthia it was more than broken, it was destroyed. She left a nice, normal Midwestern home and returned to an urban condo – it may as well have been Oz. Cynthia dealt with it the best she could by putting on a happy face and spending as little time there as possible. She wasn’t going to add to her mother’s burden, but she wasn’t going to accept it either. The tearful nights and the moments of hateful outbursts were too much for her.

Coming home in the wee hours of the morning, Cynthia could hear the tv on in her mother’s room. She stepped up to her mom’s door and rapped lightly, “Mom?” There was no response. Carefully, Cynthia opened the door and peeped in. Her mother was sprawled on her bed, her nightshirt askew and her legs set at crooked Beylikdüzü escort angles. The television was tuned to a pay-per-view channel and a soft feminine voice intoned about the line-up of movies MetroCable offered on its pay-per-view channel. Cynthia stepped into the room to turn the tv off and noticed that it was tuned to one of the adult channels. Cynthia chuckled, turned it off and stepped back to the door. It was then she noticed her mother’s vibrator on the bed next to her mother’s bare leg. The thought of her mother masturbating to porn was kind of exciting, but also a little disturbing.

The following morning the incident was forgotten but it wouldn’t be the last bit of covert intimacy between the two of them though the second time would be to Cynthia’s embarrassment.

The phone call was from Jason, a guy Cynthia met on the quad one day and partied with once in awhile. They had developed a nice platonic yet sexual relationship and with both suffering physical absence from sexual contact, their casual fucking turned into causal phone fucking.

“What are you wearing?” he asked.

“Can’t you be more original than that?” she chided.

“Cyn, when you are as horny as I am, being original is the last thing you worry about.”

“Oh, what do you worry about?”

“How to sink my thick long cock into your wet cunt.”

“Mmmmm…I’m so wet right now.”


“Yes – Oh Jason. Mmm, my fingers are rubbing my clitty. I wish they were your fingers.”

“Oh baby, my cock is so hard. I’ve been stroking it every night thinking about you and your hot lips wrapped around my cock, sucking it, gulping down my cum.”

“I want your cum, I want to drink it down, baby, I want it all in my mouth, will you do that for me baby, will you fill my mouth with you hot creamy cum?”

“Cynthia! What are you doing?” the familiar maternal voice said over the phone.

“Oh crap,” Jason said as he hung up.

“Mom? Jesus Christ! Can’t I have some privacy?!” Cynthia shouted slamming the phone down to the cradle.

Karen appeared at Cynthia’s door a moment later while Cynthia still had her legs spread wide, fingers buried in her wet slick hole. “Cynth?”

“Privacy, please!” Cynthia shouted as she rolled to the side to hide her action.

“I’m sorry dear, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. Oh, I’m so sorry. You know it is natural . . .”

“Jesus, Mom. I know it’s natural. I just don’t like being interrupted, I thought you were out,” Cynthia slid her panties up her legs and stood.

“I just got in, picked up the phone, and heard, heard you… honey you aren’t doing that for money are you?”


“Honey, I know, sorry… but if you were, it is okay, I understand…”

“I can’t believe you think I’m a phone whore! That was just a friend from college, jesus, the entire world isn’t as sick as you think it is mom. There is nothing wrong with phone sex, just like there is nothing wrong with you watching porn and masturbating.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Karen’s voice cracked a bit and her skin flushed in embarrassment.

“Don’t play dumb, Mom. I know you watch pay-per-view porn and masturbate and I’m not being critical of it. I think it is great. What I don’t need right now is for you to think that just because I’m being sexual on the phone that I’m some sort of trashy woman who uses sex to get money. Just because I enjoy it doesn’t mean I’m a whore.”

Karen looked stunned. She was uncomfortable with being this frank about sex with her daughter, with anyone. Even Michael wasn’t this straight forward about sex except when he would call her frigid or uptight in bed. She didn’t even start watching adult movies until after they separated. It had started with Talk Sex on the Oxygen channel, which then led to Bliss. Karen soon found she was frustrated with the soft core nature of the sex and wanted more which led to pay-per-view adult movies. Now, even those were frustrating with critical bits edited out. She found herself craving more and more hardcore Beylikdüzü escort scenes. Cynthia only knew about the pay-per-view porn, but not the downloaded clips from the internet, not the DVDs she had ordered from online.

“I didn’t mean to imply that, honey, really, I didn’t. I’ve just never heard you talk like that, you sounded so – well you sounded like you knew what you were doing,” Karen said. “And I only watch those movies out of need.”

“I have needs to. I just don’t have access to porn like you do.”

Without thinking Karen blurted out, “What about the internet?”

Coyly Cynthia asked, “What do you mean?”

“Uh, well, you know. The internet is filled with that stuff.”

“And have you been looking at that as well?”


“Show me.”

Cynthia was still quite horny from her interrupted session with Jason. She wanted to push the situation as far as she could.

At her mother’s laptop, Cynthia was amazed at the organization of files: F, FF, FFM, K9, M, MM, MMF, MFF, PEE, SPECIAL and VOD. Each of those folders had several dozen files, most of them movies, some just pictures. Cynthia browsed through them in awe. “K9 and Pee, Mom? Gross.”

“Don’t judge me, please, it isn’t like I want to do that, just – well when you get to a certain level of arousal, odd things sound exciting,” Karen said sheepishly as her daughter launched a file from the M folder. It was a video of a well groomed man in a suit, slowly stripping down to reveal his buff body and massive turgid cock which he stroked. The movie was obviously made for a gay man, but the performer was hot. Cynthia found herself lusting after the large thick cock as he stroked it. The file ended abruptly and Cynthia launched another one – a man sodomizing himself with a giant dildo.

“Look at that,” Cynthia murmured. “Damn, I would never have been able to fit that in my ass.”

“You’ve had anal?” Karen asked cautiously.

“Once. With Jason.”

“Did you like it?”

“It was okay. It took awhile to get used to it. You never did it?” Cynthia was engrossed with the videos, clicking on one after the other.

“No. Never. I am, I was timid when it came to sex.”

“Was? You aren’t now?”

Karen smiled and tilted her head towards the laptop. “I don’t think I can claim to be timid when I have an entire folder of two men fucking a woman. Or folder of two women with a man.”

“What about the k9 folder, the pee folder, and the female-female folder, Mom? That certainly isn’t timid at all. I never knew you had a thing for chicks. What is in the SPECIAL folder and the VOD folder?”

Karen hesitated before speaking. “Um, the VOD folder is filled with the movies I bought and downloaded.”

“And the SPECIAL folder?” Cynthia asked as she opened it.


The files listed there were shocking: familyincest.mpg, momdaughter.avi, motherseduction.mpg and many many more.

“Holy crap!” Cynthia said as she clicked on one of them. Karen hid her face as the image popped up on the screen of an older woman kissing and fondling a much younger girl. “Is this real?”

Karen looked at the laptop screen. This particular video was one that really turned her on especially the part where the mom shoves her daughters face into her wet pussy. Her instinct was to touch herself and she did, lightly, running her hand over her breast. Cynthia watched carefully. “I don’t… I doubt it is real incest.”

“And you masturbate to this?”

Breathlessly Karen responded, “Yes.” Her hand fell to her lap and she pushed on her pussy through her slacks. Almost immediate a small wet spot appeared.

Cynthia pinched her own nipple. “I can see that. This is kind of hot. So wrong, but so… so…,” Cynthia searched for the right word. “Hot!” Her search failed.

Karen moaned and unbuttoned her slacks, sliding them and her panties down her smooth thighs. Her hand rubbed her pussy, making a slick sound. Cynthia looked over and saw her mom looking back at her, a lusty look that sent a Escort Beylikdüzü shiver down Cynthia’s spine. She was unsure about if it was a good or bad feeling. “Take off your panties for me, Cynth.” Karen’s voice was filled with lust and Cynthia did as she said, pulling her panties completely off. She turned in the chair and faced her mom.

Karen kicked off her sandals and pushed her pants completely off. She raised her soft supple foot and placed it between Cynthia’s legs. She flexed her toe and rubbed it against Cynthia’s clit. Cynthia moaned in delight. “Ohh, fuck yeah.” Her slit erupted in a flow of her juices as she cupped her breasts in her hands, tweaking her hard yet tender nipples.

The forgotten video played on as Karen rubbed Cynthia’s red hot pussy, feeling the burning liquid drip over her toes. Cynthia slid down in the chair and spread her legs wide to feel her mother’s toes caress and stimulate her. Cynthia marveled at how long her mother’s toes were and how they worked her clit so well, just like fingers. She watched her mom’s hand go to her mom’s we cunt and finger the wet hole.

“This is Oz,” Cynthia whispered as she pulled on her own nipples.

“Get on your knees, Cyn,” Karen commanded, enraptured with the moment. “I want you to eat me, I want you to lick my juices, just like the girl is doing on the screen.”

Cynthia hesitated, but Karen stopped using her toe to caress her clit and the sudden drop off of stimulation made Cynthia ache with intense desire. Caught in the moment, she slid off the chair and scooted between her mom’s legs. Karen tilted her hips and reached out to Cynthia. As Cynthia leaned in, Karen grabbed her head and forcefully shoved it to her snatch. “Eat me!”

Cynthia had watched enough porn to know what to do, but had no idea really all that would be involved. So she did the natural thing and just licked. She moved her tongue up and down, like it was flicking a light switch on and off. Cynthia chided herself for not really paying attention to how guys had licked her. It was one of those things she just took for granted, and besides, they had never made her cum that way, so she never bothered really thinking about it.

“No,” her mother said. “Push harder with your tongue and move it in circles, think of your tongue like it was your finger and you are masturbating, rubbing against you clit.”

Cynthia followed direction and suddenly Karen began moaning loudly. Cynthia took it as a sign she was doing well and with renewed enthusiasm she began to be more energetic, making slight moaning sounds herself. “You taste so good!” she exclaimed but it was sort of a lie since Karen had an intense musky taste. The words must have worked, as Karen gasped and began to have an orgasm. Seeing it first hand, Cynthia felt the vagina clench and then was shocked by a little spurt of juices that must have pooled inside her mom. The juice spurted a bit, nothing extravagant. She had seen those videos with women gushing volumes, but it was nothing like that. Just a little extra juice Cynthia lapped up with her tongue.

“Oh god, that was great! It has been so long since someone else has been involved in one of my orgasms,” Karen said using her hand to brush Karen’s hair. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Well, I didn’t get to cum, but it was different.”

Karen just stared for a minute which seemed like forever to Cynthia, “I want this to be regular, Cyn. I want to have you.”

Cynthia didn’t know how to react. “Mom, we can do this again, but you will never have me. This is . . . ,” again Cynthia searched for the right word and this time found it, “wrong.”

“I understand, honey. It is. But I want more. I want to share everything with you and have you share everything with me. I would love for you to tape you phone sex sessions with your friend for me.”


“I’m sorry, honey. I told you, once I’m aroused, the sickest of things sound arousing.”

Cynthia thought for a moment, “I’ll do it, Mom. You are right, being aroused like this makes me think of these shocking things and it only turns me on more. I would love to fuck Jason over the phone knowing you will hear us later.” Cynthia paused, “I would love to fuck Jason over the phone with you.”

Karen smiled guiltily, “I would love that.”

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