Cyber to Real


Elise smoothed down her skirt and checked her reflection in her mirror for the tenth time, as the train pulled into the bustling station. She could hardly believe this was about to happen now, after six months of waiting. Finally, finally, she was going to meet the man she had been fantasizing about every night for the last half a year. It had started back in March. Both regular visitors to an on line chat room, one day their paths had collided and both felt they had met their soulmate. Beginning as friends, things had inevitably progressed to talk of a more erotic nature, until they were so at ease with each other that they felt they could share their most hidden fantasies. Elise could feel the dampness between her legs as she recalled some of their conversations… “I’m going to throw you down on the bed, spread your legs apart and fuck you mercilessly,” Nick had whispered to her Ataşehir escort bayan some nights earlier. He knew how much it turned her on to be taken harshly, brutal fucking in its purest form. For her part, she knew how he adored being teased, tortured to the brink of madness before being allowed inside her pussy. She remembered his ecstatic moans as she told him “I’ll tie your wrists to the bed, straddle you, and rub my pussy along the length of your cock, never quite letting you inside me.” Her pussy was throbbing now, dripping into her panties at the thought of finally feeling him inside her. Some minutes later she arrived at the hotel where they had agreed to meet. Her heart was racing in her chest and her mouth felt dry. “Why should I be nervous now after all this time?” she thought to herself, as she took a deep breath to steady her Escort Ümraniye nerves, and walked into the lobby. After checking with the receptionist, she now found herself walking along a corridor to the room where he’d be waiting for her. Her nerves had intensified but she was also disturbingly aroused. Would he take her immediately?, she wondered to herself as she made her way to his room. Summoning all her nerves, she knocked lightly on the door, visualizing how he had looked in the pictures they had exchanged, hearing his voice in her ear. After a moment of nervous anticipation, the door swung open, and there he was… tall, and solid, his dark eyes smiling down at her. They gazed at each other a while, eyes locking and becoming dark with desire. Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said aloud, the eyes spoke volumes. Nick pulled her to Bostancı escort him, and the door swung shut behind them. Cradled in his arms, Elise had never felt so cherished. They stood like that a moment, holding each other, feeling the beating of each others hearts and listening to the other breathing. Subtly, the atmosphere changed and the air felt charged around them. Nick pulled back from her slightly, looking down at her once again, before crushing his mouth down on hers. She replied, greedily, putting her hands on the back of his head to get him closer still. The kiss deepened, her tongue tracing round the shape of his mouth before sliding into his mouth, where it met his equally welcoming tongue. Pulled up close against him like this, she could feel the thick bulge of his cock pressed against her hip. She rubbed herself against it, feeling her pussy burning and dripping with desire. His hands were all over her now, pulling at her top and throwing it on the floor. Next went her skirt, and finally her bra and panties, until she was standing naked in front of him. Turning her abruptly, he took her hand and led her over to the bed, pushing her down onto it and standing over her.

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