Cut Away


I had only been with her for a few hours, just enough time for her to pick me up at LAX and drive me to her and her husband’s place out in the country. Kristen and I had ‘known’ each other for over six months although it had all been online. For four of those months we had been voracious lovers, doing the dirty deed constantly – online of course. We were madly in love.

Kristen had send me several pictures of herself and I had sent her one of me, but I had offered to send her a picture of me totally nude. She later took me up of it. It was the first time I had ever done such a thing and it excited me no end. Later Kristen asked me if I was willing to send her a picture of one of my erections. That of course excited me even more.

Being much more closely married than I was, plus having a small child, she was unable to send me any risqué pictures of herself, although she drew me a beautiful nude of what she looked like without clothing and it turned out to be very accurate. Needless to say I used all her pictures when we made love online.

We had talked and talked about a way that we could finally see each other, living on opposite coasts the way we did. Finally what happened was Kristen’s husband, Rich, was forced to go out of town on business for a whole weekend. He was a aerospace engineer and, once in a great while, was farmed out short term to a new locale.

The upshot was Kristen told me excitedly on a Thursday evening that her husband would be gone until late Sunday evening and that this would be an excellent time for us to get together if I could swing it. Brother! If I could swing it? Of course I could do it. This was all I had been waiting for.

In a convoluted tale too long to relate here, I was twenty-eight years Kristen’s senior and it was far easier for me to go visit her. I just informed my wife that I was flying to the coast for the weekend to visit an internet friend and that’s all there was to it. Besides being madly, passionately, insanely in love with her, I was quite anxious to see what games we might devise.

We had already decided that since we only really knew each other online, we would treat it as if we were meeting for the first time as far as just jumping into bed with each other. We also agreed that this arrangement did not include other forms of sexual entertainment.

From her talk about herself online, Kristen presented as being very open minded and willing to try anything once. I told her sexual fantasies that I had going back many years which I had never told anyone – not even my wife; I probably should say particularly my wife. She was a firm believer in a couple of different positions and that was it – nothing kinky allowed.

I was positive Kristen would prove to be a very exciting lover in person as she was absolutely terrific online in our role play games. There was one we did where I was driving my car around late at night and was naked from the waist down. She was a lady traffic cop who pulled me over for speeding.

Being late at night, the cop wanted me naturally to step completely out of the Kartal Escort car. Of course I wouldn’t want to but finally she would make me. It was awesome! Kristen would always remain completely in character. ‘Where are you pants, sir?’ – that sort of thing. Of course, the bottom line would be if I would service her anyway she desired, she would let me go.

I went with her to the doctor’s and we did it on his examining table. We went out dancing and did it on the dance floor without anyone knowing it. Kristen was always right there for me with whatever crazy scenario I had for us.

My personal favorite and the one we did the most was we met as complete strangers and went somewhere private. As we didn’t seem to be hitting it off, I suggested that I push on. At that point, Kristen would take out a quite sharp and deadly looking knife and tell me not to move under the pain of her cutting me.

I would be petrified. Then Kristen would proceed to cut away my clothes into tiny pieces until I stood completely nude before her. I don’t know why this made me so hot, but it always did. It was a favorite fantasy of mine from way, way back, probably something very large to do with humiliation and exhibitionism.

Like I said, every time we did it, it was awesome. I would usually get massively hard only a little of the way into the scenario and then cum at least two times during it. This naturally was what I asked to do as soon as we got to her house and had put her four year old daughter, Caroline, to bed.

I’m standing in the center of the living room as she requested and she pulls out this long, extremely mean looking and sharp stiletto. As Kristen was waving it closely to my face, she cautioned me not to be fooling around or I could get badly cut. I assured her fooling around with a woman who was holding a weapon such as that was the farthest thing from my mind.

It made her giggle. She looked so pretty and dangerous right then. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you what she looked like. She was between five feet, seven and eight inches tall. She weighed around one hundred and eighty pounds but it didn’t matter in the least. Kristen had size 44D breasts, a waist that dive bombed down to twenty-four inches and then hips that flared out to thirty-six inches. She was one voluptuous woman. She had long coal back hair that hung down to her ass – that’s right – down to her ass and was half Native American, which meant she had those beautiful high cheekbones. She was flat-out gorgeous.

Me? I’m just an ordinary older guy with glasses, a little over weight with long hair because I’m an old hippie. And it made my mid-life lucky the day Kristen said she loved me.

I had brought old clothes with me just in case she was willing to role play my fantasy with me. In fact the blue jeans I was wearing had such huge holes in the legs one could have just ripped them off my body. I was also wearing an old t-shirt that had tiny holes in it from age and too many washings. I was also wearing underwear and socks because the more clothes she cut off me, Tuzla Escort the more fun I would have. Twisted – ain’t I?

Kristen had just began to cut the front of my t-shirt with a downward slash when a knock came upon their front door. I looked at her in complete surprise and askance, but she murmured to me that it was alright and told me to remain in the center of the living room.

Kristen soon returned with two youngish men. Both of them were extremely attractive and I knew without her saying that one of them was her good friend Dave. Kristen had known Dave since childhood and I think if he hadn’t been gay she would have married him instead.

Sure enough, it was David and his spouse as I found out as soon as Kristen introduced us. When they then went and sat on down on a couch, I couldn’t help but remember some of the stories Kristen had recounted to me that concerned her and Dave.

One involved when they were teenagers and Dave found himself wondering aloud what it was like to have sex with a woman, so Kristen volunteered for the position. She never told me exactly what had occurred but I gathered it hadn’t gone too well, because she indicated she wished she had never done it; that it almost ruined their relationship for awhile.

Another thing I remembered she told me happened when she was a bit older and visiting Dave for the weekend. His boyfriend came out of the bathroom stark naked after taking a shower and pranced around the bedroom acting oblivious to the fact that Kristen was sitting on the bed.

When I had suggested to her that he had been showing off for her, she acted surprised to hear that. It was hard for me to believe that someone who was as sexually knowing as she wouldn’t have realized that, but maybe she was just kidding with me.

Anyway apparently according to Kristen when Dave came into the room and observed what Kristen and his boyfriend were involved in, he became so upset he made the boyfriend lay face down on the bed and then he fucked the hell out of him straight up the butt while Kristen sat right beside them and watched.

So given this rather kinky history between Dave and Kristen I wasn’t surprised at all when she resumed cutting away my shirt with them sitting there watching closely. I assumed she had informed them as to what to expect since they didn’t look surprised in the least.

Kristen had just finished cutting my shirt away completely leaving me bare-chested and about half hard already when another knock came upon the front door. I wondered who it was this time as she instructed me to remain in the center of the room before she went to answer the door.

A man and woman who looked to be in their late twenties or early thirties entered the room with a boy and girl that I learned later were ten years old. The man was introduced as Zeke and the woman was introduced as his wife, Connie. She was a flat out beautiful blonde and appeared more than slightly puzzled as to what had been happening before they arrived. The boy and girl were of course their children.

After Anadolu Yakası Escort the introductions were finished, they too found places to sit. I knew that Zeke was her brother-in-law and she loved him dearly. He had probably dropped by to check on how she was doing with her husband gone out of town. Maybe she wasn’t worried that he might mention this to Rich, I really didn’t have the slightest idea. I just knew things had taken a strange turn.

Stepping close to me, Kristen took out the stiletto once again and said for the benefit of the onlookers, “Bob has been a bad boy. I’m not going to embarrass him by telling you what he did, but he needs to be punished. That’s what I’m doing now.”

Kristen then was cutting patches of my jeans away and throwing them to the floor. I couldn’t help but notice that the expression on Connie’s pretty face changed from one of interest to apprehension to embarrassment to horror the more Kristen cut away. By the time the last of my pants fell to the living room floor, she had jumped up and hurried her children out to play in the back yard.

I was left standing in my old tennis shoes, socks, and blue bikini underpants that I had purposely chosen to wear because they were too small and when my cock became hard the underwear became basically see-through. And I was hard as a rock! I noticed the expression on Connie’s features when she returned was now one of lust. That was way cool as far as I was concerned. I was an older man and I realized the scene was turning on a younger woman.

I hardly allowed myself to breath as Kristen was flashing that razor sharp long knife all around my groin area, slash down, slash up. Suddenly my underwear fell to my feet and my prick sprang out at her. Amazingly enough it was even more than full blown. I swear to God, it was longer than usual.

Not only did I get off on our little ‘cut my clothes off my body scenario,’ but I was super excited to have these strangers staring at me. I knew I could probably touch myself a couple of times and I would shoot off like a machine gun, but I wanted Kristen to do it for me.

Kristen apparently either read my mind or my yearning look as she suddenly grasped my erection and gave it two quick strokes. And I shot cum over the place! Zeke looked on stoically while his wife Connie gasped. Kristen turned and stared right at Dave and exclaimed, “Skeet! In your face!”

It was then that I realized Kristen was paying Dave back for that day long past with his old boyfriend when they were younger. She turned to me, kissed me on the cheek and allowed me to go wait in her bedroom. I slightly bowed and told everyone present I was pleased to meet them.

Then I sauntered from the living room with my cock still dripping some of my cum. I went to the bedroom and climbed in under the covers. I felt awesome, I was still rushing from my orgasm and I felt like one of God’s lesser sons. I guess I nodded off for a little while because suddenly Kristen was slipping into bed beside me. The room was dark and she was completely nude. Her warm body against mine felt so good when she hugged me.

“Thank you so much,” she whispered. “That was cool.”

“No, thank you,” I emphasized. “That was awesome, I love you so much.”

I pulled her closer to me and she kissed me on the cheek. The weekend was off to a great start.

The End

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