Curious About Being a Girl


I had always been curious about being a female and being able to please a man. There were probably several reasons for this. It may have been because I am only 5’4’’ tall and weigh only 125 pounds and have always been a bit feminine or it may have been because I had always used to love wearing my older sisters sexy silk panties while fantasizing about going down on a guy. Oh well flash forward a few years and you find a 21 year old junior in college. I was lonely and decided to make a change

My name is Jason and I decided to go out as a girl one night. So I spend an hour taking a shower and removing all of my body hair which was not hard seeing since I am not very hairy to begin with. I then went shopping for some sexy clothes. I started at a local clothes store and bought a short plaid mini skirt and a black tank top. I then went and bought a pair of black high heels. Finally I stopped and Victoria’s Secret to purchase a sexy set of underwear to wear for my adventure. I bought a white lace garter belt with white silky thigh highs stalkings and a sexy little white silk thong. I also purchased a cup enhanced white silk bra. I went home and escort sultangazi started dressing myself in the lingerie. My cock which is tiny anyways became instantly hard so I quickly pulled it out and finished myself so I could hide it in my thong. I quickly dressed and was ready to go.

I got to the club at around 11:30ish and I started dancing with guys. They were rubbing all over my ass and feeling me and I was in heaven. Finally a guy named Dan asked me to dance for like the fifth time and as he held me close asked me to leave with him so I quickly did.

In his car I started rubbing his cock in his pants so he undid his belt and his pants and pulled his cock out. It was at least 7 and ½ inches long and about 2 inches around. I slowly bent over and began to kiss and lick on it. I was so horny by now and was so turned on by the sight of the beautiful cock in my face. I started to suck on the fat head as my hand jerked it up and down from the base. I then slowly sucked in as much as I could and then let it out of my mouth. I was going to town when I could feel it swell and he just gasped oooh shit baby I am escort bahçeşehir cumming.

It was amazing…his load hit the back of my throat like a gush of water. I started swallowing as much of his tasty seed as possible but some dribbled down my chin….as I came up he used his finger to scoop the cum off of my chin and he fed it to me….he said we were close to his place and he put his cock away…..I frowned but he just grinned at me and said the night was young and he had some more surprises for me so I grinned knowing in my head what my surprise for him was!

In his place, he got us some drinks and we made small talk. After we finished our second bottle of wine, he started kissing me. It was sooo amazing. We were kissing each other and I started rubbing his now harding cock again. He slid his hands up my skirt and stopped cold when he felt my little “clit” in my silk thong. Is there a problem I asked. He said nope but he needed another blowjob so I got on my knees and he pulled out his cock for me again.

I started sucking him as hard and as fast as I could. I took about five inches into my mouth at a time. He said escort beşiktaş is that all u can get in….I mumble mmmhhmmm with a mouthful of dick and he grabbed my head and forced more down my throat. I was gagging and he was moaning. I was about to cry when I felt him swell to cum so I got ready for it. He pulled out this time and shot his cum all over me face and in my hair. I stood and was going to leave but he would not let me. He told me to relax he would be gentle now. He stripped my clothes off but left on the lacey garter belt, stocking and high heels. He had me bend over the couch so he could see my hot ass as he put it. I felt a cold squirt on my butthole and then a slick finger in it……I was in heaven. He fingered my ass for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes. I then felt the head of his cock at my hole. I gasped in slight pain and in pleasure as he put his cock into my virgin ass. As he fucked me I found myself yelling and groaning and grinding my self onto his cock. I felt him reach up and start jerking my cock. I soon blew my cum all over his couch and I felt him cum for the third time that night. He kept cumming and I soon felt his hot seed trickling down my legs and thighs. As we finished and I dressed feeling good about myself he asked me what my name was so I told him to call me Jamie and I gave him my number. I then left feeling more of his cum spill out of my ass and into my panties……

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