Cumslut Lisa – Day Two


I wake up in the morning, just as I can see the sun starting to heat up the night sky. As I open my eyes, I start to realize I’m not at home in my own bed, and I remember I belong here now. I look over next to me and see the man who instantly took control of my life. I feel grateful. Then I remember his last words to me from last night, I need to get his dick in my mouth before he wakes up. I lean over and gently lay my head on his pelvis with his hard cock completely filling my mouth. I work my tongue slowly around the huge head, and try to provide enough pleasure for him to enjoy if he’s awake, but not enough to wake him. I slowly provided suction on his thick cock for what seems like about 5 minutes now, and decide it’s time to go all in.

I lift myself up onto my knees and elbows, and start to thrust my throat down onto his entire length, and pull back up until I feel the base of his head reach my lips, before I thrust back down. It doesn’t take long until the face fucking I’m giving myself with his dick wakes him up. That’s when he grabs the back of my head and holds me with my lips wrapped around the base, and he unloads a huge blast of cum all the way down my throat. I’m disappointed that I don’t get to taste it, but I notice the flood it’s causing between my legs. I feel him blast off several more ropes of dream cream straight down my throat. I’m starting to wonder how much longer until I keep his massive rod blocking my airway, when he releases me. I slowly lick his sensitive tip while he softens in my mouth.

I look up to meet his eyes and tell him “Good morning.”

“You remembered. You’re a good girl. I’m definitely keeping you.” He said, as he closed his eyes again.

I get up to get ready for the day, as I’m drying off after my shower, I remember I don’t have my clothes. I only have a few outfits from shopping last night, but a dress should be comfortable enough. I slip on the dress and laugh to myself at how short it is. I didn’t get any bras or panties, so I guess those are a thing of the past. I walk downstairs to the kitchen, and everyone is awake. I think to myself, “maybe I should learn these guys names.” Then ask, “does anyone want breakfast?”

One of the roommates walks to me in the kitchen, and says “We’ve already had breakfast, but you still need to earn yours. Get on your knees, whore.”

I get down on my knees and start sucking his dick. As I’m trying to see how fast I can make him cum, I start to worry if I’ll get in trouble if he didn’t pay. Before I had too much time to think about that, I get a mouthful of his cum and instantly swallow. I start to get up when ‘Roommate

‘ smacks me across the right cheek. “We’ve already paid for our blowjobs, bitch! Stay on your knees and earn that money.” It’s all he said as he shoved his dick in my mouth.

At least I know they paid. My only concern now was to make him cum. I was mad that he hit me, but I have a job to do. I do my best to just be a good cock sucker and get another quick reward for it. Before I even get a chance to swallow that load of sauce, the next guy shoves his dick in my mouth. I swallow the load of cum as I start deep throating this dick that seemed new and familiar at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s taking me longer because I’m getting tired from sucking the fourth cock of the morning, or if he has better stamina than the other roommates. I think to myself “I’m gonna need to test this theory. I’ll make sure he’s first in line next time.”

After a few more minutes, he pulls his dick from my slurping grasp, and shoots his cum all over my face. The first rope hitting me in the middle of my forehead, the 3 more ropes drape over my nose and cover both cheeks. and he walks away. “These guys are already comfortable with me being here.” I tell Tim as he’s standing there watching.

Tim then says “It’s not hard to get comfortable with having a whore around. Get your shoes on, we have places to go.”

I reach for the small towel folded up on the counter. It’s a pretty respectable load of cum that…
… left on my face. Tim smacked my hand and said “I said get your shoes on. That’s the last time I will allow you to disobey me.”

I buckle my heels and realize I have no idea where I’m about to go, my cunt is dripping down the inside of my thighs, and I have a respectable sized load of man sauce pasted across my face. I have been an easy slut for years, but this was when I fully realized I’m now a whore. I’m an owned whore. I’m sure there’s people out there who would insist on finding a different term for what I am, they just don’t fit. I’m Tim’s whore.

We get in his car, I get a much better look at it now, in the morning light, than I did last night. It’s an old muscle car and it looks to be in great shape. It’s clean, and loud. I don’t know much about classic cars, but I know enough that an 18 year old with a completely restored muscle car doesn’t quite fit. “How are you only 18?” I asked him.

Tim laughs “Are you talking Pendik Escort about me living on my own?”

“No. Well, yeah. And you seem to be comfortable with kinks more than I’d think. And this car seems to be an older taste.” I replied.

“Well, my dad built this car for me when I turned 16. He owned a shop rebuilding classic cars. He died shortly after we finished it. Let the shop to me, but I sold it. I don’t know a fraction of what he did, and his best friend wanted to keep the brand alive, and offered enough that I’m sure my dad would’ve sold it too. I bought a house, let my best friends move in, and started my business.” He told me.

“I didn’t believe you when you told me you were an 18-year-old business owner. What do you do?” I asked as he drove.

“I do construction, sort of. It’s kind of specialized and I kinda just lucked out. But I mostly get word of mouth around town because of my creativity. I have a long way to go, but it’s working.” He said.

“So… Where are we going?” I was curious.

“I have a new toy. I wanna show her off.” And with that, I just think about how far we’ve been in just the last 12 hours. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

After driving for a little while, just enjoying the early summer air, we pull down a gravel road. I figured I’ve asked him enough questions, and don’t want to annoy him. I’m going to do what he tells me anyways. We pull up to a farm, and the gate is open. We pass by a huge building that looks out of place on such a beautiful piece of land. And park at a nice house at the end of the road. We walk around the house, and I see a lake, and someone on a dock loading stuff in a boat.

“I thought you were taking me somewhere to pimp me out to someone new. What are we doing here?” I asked.

He started laughing. “You are a great whore. You will get used everyday I own you, don’t worry about that. But I also like getting to know you. You’re more than just my whore slave for me to pimp out to my friends. You’re my girlfriend, and I think you should see how I spend my time. I have hobbies beyond your fuck holes.”

“I’m your girlfriend?!” Was all I replied to.

He laughed again, as he waved to his friend. “I love that’s all you took notice of, in that statement. I’m gonna have fun with you. We’re going fishing. Well, John and I are fishing. You’re going to get naked and get a tan. And probably get fucked, he doesn’t leave his farm much, so I’m sure he’ll want you. I’m just curious how much he’ll offer for such a beautiful whore.”

I smile. I know I should get offended from the way he talks to me, but every time he calls me a whore so casually, I feel a tingle of excitement, and I know I’m soaked. I remembered I still have dried cum all over my face just as we get to the end of the pier. “Hi, I’m John. You must be the little firecracker that Tim has been talking about. Looks like you’re as slutty as he’s said. Is that cum on your face?”

My face gets as red as John’s boat. “Hi John. Lisa. I’m sure it’s all true, and you’ll probably find out.”

We get out on the water, and I can’t believe it’s such a nice day out. There’s a slight breeze, the sun feels warm, even when it’s just barely above the trees. I can tell it’s gonna be hot out. Then I figure I shouldn’t wait to be told what to do again. I take off my heels, then pull my dress over my head. Once I set my dress down, Tim picks it up, along with my shoes, and stashes it all in one of the storage compartments. I lay out in the front of the boat and soak in the warmth of the sun wearing nothing but my collar and a smile. I’ve been working such meaningless jobs, and making so little money, at 28, I never thought I’d be so worry free. I’ve been having the time of my life. I hoped I could spend the whole summer on this boat. I hear the guys chatting as they’re catching fish. It seems to be a great day for fishing too. Then Tim calls to me, “Hey Lisa, show John your cunt. Spread those legs open and finger yourself.”

I instantly comply. I look John directly in the eyes as I start rapidly thrusting three fingers into myself. I could feel my wetness splashing around, and I can tell he can hear the sloshing of my soaked cunt.

“Fuck. I love how wet the slut is, without even toying with her first. That cunt looks like it’s high mileage, and it’s so meaty. I’ll give you $100 to use your slut.” John told Tim.

“$100?! You see how wet and needy that whore is. You know she’s worth more than that. Make me a real offer.” Tim replied.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you $200. But that’s it. And If I want to use her again, we never haggle about what your whore is worth. If I want to use her, I’ll give you $200. Anytime.” John said.

I was just advertising my pussy as nothing more than a whore’s cum trap while I listened to them negotiate, like I wasn’t even here. Or like what I think of the whole thing matters that little to them. Well, I guess what I think does mean that little to them. Kurtköy Escort I’m Tim’s property. He’s made that crystal clear now.

Tim shook hands with John, and the deal was made. To john, I’ll never be worth more. I’m a whore he can use anytime he wants, and I’ll never be worth more than $200. Considering yesterday I was getting pimped out repeatedly for $20 each. I get even wetter thinking about how much money my cunt is going to earn at this rate.

“Get over here and bend over, Lisa. I wanna hold those hips while I plow into you.” John told me.

I do as I’m told. I walk over and bend over, gripping onto the back of the smooth chair of the boat. Haggling over the price of my cunt must’ve got him rock hard. He didn’t need a single second before he was completely inside me. His massive cock knocked into my cervix so hard on his first thrust that it nearly knocked the air out of my lungs. I instantly screamed out a moan. And as fast as I realized how hard he slammed into me, he already pulled back and shoved it deep into me again. As I’m screaming and moaning from the biggest cock my cunt has ever had using me for exactly what I am, I think about how much I like John. He made a deal to use me long term, and has been the first guy I’ve been pimped to that bothered to tell me his name, or was kind enough to use my name. As john is slamming into my fuck hole, Tim tells him “You should put your dick in her mouth. I’ll bet you $500 against a week of free fucks, that she can get her lips to the base. She’s the best cock sucker I’ve have had.”

John laughs, “There’s no way. No chick has ever made it even halfway down my dick. It’s too thick to even fit in her throat at all. I’ll take this cumslut free for a week though.”

With that, he pulled out of my cunt, and I’ve never felt so empty. I instantly spin around, drop to my knees, and get my first sight of this cock. It had to be as long as, and thicker, than my forearm. I couldn’t believe Tim made this bet! “How am I supposed to do this?” I think. I can’t let him down, who knows what he’ll think of me if I don’t do it. I grab ahold of it and start sucking. “Fuck I love tasting myself on a huge cock.” I think as I wonder how this will work. The Tim asks me if I need help, and I let out a moan. He walks over behind me, puts both hands on the back of my head, and instantly pushes hard. My face slams to the base, as I feel the force of my throat opening to the thickest invasion I’ve ever had. Tim instantly won his bet, and John made it clear that he was ok with it. He put his hands behind my head, and started thrusting as hard and fast as he did in my much looser pussy. The assault my throat was taking made me feel like I’d never talk again. I was destined to be a mute fuck toy of a whore. I didn’t care.

The throat fuck I was enduring was completely worth any damage it causes. This cock was the reason I was born. I exist for this massive cock to use me how it needs to. I somehow forgot I can’t breathe. He’s been at it for so long I wonder if I’ll survive. Then, as if he could see it in my eyes, he pulls it out of my throat, and I can feel the damage he’s caused to my throat. I don’t try to talk, I’m afraid of being right. John grabs a ring on my collar, lifts me to my feet, turns me around, and I know what he wants. I bend over and brace to get my cervix bruised even more. Then, John shoves it deep inside, in a single, forceful, thrust. This arm he has between his legs punches completely inside me. This massive rod is to the hilt in my ass. I’ve never told guys they can’t use my ass, it’s a hole, my holes get used. It’s always been how I’ve thought about it. But FUCK. My ass is destroyed. It wasn’t an accident. He might call me Lisa, but to John, I’m nothing more than a whore. Nothing about me matters to him. He slams inside me hard with every thrust. I don’t get a chance to get used to it. How do you get used to physical damage inside your body?! He laughs at how great I feel.

“I could use this cumslut every day! What a whore!” John said to Tim.

“I told you! She doesn’t know how to do anything else, but I’m gonna make a fortune whoring her! When we were talking online, I thought she was just talk. Even when she sucked my dick within minutes of meeting, I thought she was just trying to show me she likes dick. Lisa loves to get used. I’m keeping her.”

With that, John started pulsing in my ass. The brutal assault stopped. He held my ass tight against his pelvis as he filled me. Finally, he pulled out. I collapsed on the smooth couch of the boat. I was exhausted. I felt wrecked. I felt like I just climbed Mount Everest. I knew my future. I’ll never be anything more than this. But this is exactly what I deserve to be. I’m a whore. I’ve made the biggest flesh rod I’ve seen in my life cum deep in my smallest hole. I earned his cum, I’m such a cumslut!

Then, Tim walks over to me, grabs my collar, and tells me “Get back up and bend over. You know you’re not done yet.” Ümraniye Escort And shoves his cock in my roughly used asshole.

Within minutes, he mixes his cum with the load I’ve already collected in my ass. Without pulling out, he holds onto me tightly, and picks me up. Then in one motion, he throws me over the side of the boat. I feel his cock leave my ass while I’m in the air. I splash in the water, and I’m not sure I have the energy to swim back to the boat. Tim offers me the latter, and tells me to climb back up, and I do what I’m told.

The boys decide they’re done fishing, and head back towards the pier. Once we get back, Tim gathers my clothes, and puts them in the car. John gives me a hug, then kisses me. “I really enjoyed that. Thanks Lisa. You’re a hell of a woman. You’ll be seeing me again, I promise!”

Then, we got in the car, and headed over to the first building we passed on the property. John met us there, and we all got out. As soon as I walked inside, my jaw dropped. It was a kink sanctuary!

“What is all this for?” I spoke for the first time since the throat assault. I can still speak! It hurt, but I wasn’t a mute.

“John likes training new slaves. You’re here to be trained, but I’m thinking you might not need it. You seem to obey me as well as I could hope for. So I’m just gonna see if there’s $500 worth of stuff that I can cut a deal with. Good job, Hun!”

“He called me ‘Hun’.” I think to myself.

They talk for a while, then we get going. Tim doesn’t allow me to get dressed. We drive the whole way home with the windows down. The warm wind coming in the window feels great on my bare skin. I wave as we pass other cars. This is my life now. What a slut! When we get to the house, I don’t even reach for my clothes. I get out of the car and walk into the house. Roommate

(yep, the one who smacked me earlier) see’s me walk in, walks to me grabs me by the hair and throws me down. He puts his cock in my cunt and just starts fucking me. Tim walks in and I can see the steam coming from his ears. I don’t even know what to do.

“Brad, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Tim yelled.

Ok. So now I know I don’t like Brad.

“I’m using the new fuck toy. What’s it look like? Haha!” Brad replied.

I don’t think they agree here. Just as I was worried that Tim was going to punish me for this, he walks up and punches Brad in the ribs. He instantly screamed and fell over. I thought they were gonna get into a huge fight, but I don’t think Brad was willing to put up any fight at all. Tim kicked him once, then told him “Lisa belongs to me. She’s mine! If I wanna pimp her out, I will. If you wanna fuck her, you’ll pay. You owe me $200. And because you didn’t ask, you got a broken rib instead of getting to cum. She’s a slut, but she’s my property. Am I clear?”

I instantly got wet again, but decided this was a great time to mention earlier. “He smacked me in to face before he made me blow him earlier.”

Tim looked back at Brad “Looks like we’re not done here.”

“No!” I pleaded, “Just cut him off and kick him out.”

Tim agreed and gave him his eviction notice. I never would’ve thought Tim would let me have a voice. I can’t quite figure out this relationship. He sits on the couch next to me, kicks his feet up and pulls me close. We start watching tv and I feel like I’m just a girlfriend to a caring guy. He holds me tight, and we just cuddle and watch movies the rest of the day. I notice it’s dark out, and think we’ll be going to bed soon. When the movie is over, Tim gets up and pulls me up by my hand. Then tells me “It’s time to get going, come on.”

I don’t ask any questions. I trust Tim. We walk out the front door and get in the car. “You’ll need to get dressed.”

As we drive, I put on my heels, and pull my red dress over my head. We only drive for a few minutes when we pull up to a strip club. I wonder why he wants to see strippers when I service him anytime he wants. I walk inside with him and sit down at a table. He walks over to the bar, says something to the bartender, then walks into the back. A few minutes later, Tim and another man walk out from the back area, and they both sit down at the small table.

“Hi Lisa. I’m Mark. I hear you need a job.”

I was a bit surprised, but he was right. I missed work today at the pet shop I was working at. I’m sure they’ll fire me if I ever go back there. “Do you have any openings?” I asked.

He laughed a little. “Yeah. You’re a little older than most the girls here, but a lot of guys look for your type. Let’s go in a private room, you can show me how you dance.”

I got up and followed him into a private room, and walked past a giant bouncer that had a kind face, but also looked like he’s been through some rough times. I was both afraid of him and wanted to give him a hug. He smiled at me, and my nerves about him calmed. When I got into the back, Tim was right behind me, and told me to just dance sexy. I started giving Mark a lap dance and pulled my dress over my head. “Why do I keep bothering to put that thing back on?” I thought. Then as I was rubbing my soft DD tits in his face, I notice he’s throbbing hard.

Tim notices and says, “It’s ok Lisa, you know what to do.”

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