Crazy Quickies: We Gotta Talk


Something had been driving me crazy for months. It haunted my every waking hour and sometimes even my dreams. This was not just the raging hormones of youth, this was much deeper and serious shit. When I finally admitted there was no shaking this monkey from my back unless I went hard, I decided to talk to my mom. She’d always been there for me; surely she’d understand. I was nineteen and still a virgin.

It was not as easy as that; it took another two weeks of thinking about it … thinking of the best approach … the right words … and false starts. But finally I psyched myself up to the right level of boldness. But first I went to a nearby friend’s house, smoked a joint and came back in the right condition to tell my worries to mommy. It was a Saturday morning and we were alone; my father and younger sister had gone into town.

“There is something I want to talk to you about mom, I’ve been putting it off for weeks. I can no longer keep it in … I’m sorry, please don’t hate me.” I said to mom after sitting down close to her on the sofa in front of the TV.

I saw the sudden fall of her face into despair, the worried eyes and twitching lips. I took her hands in mine and found that all four of them were cold and shaking.

“This is very hard for me to do, so before I change my mind, I’ll just tell you straight, no beating about,”

“You gay?”

“No mom if I were I wouldn’t be having the problem I having.”

She breathed a long sigh of relief and some colour returned to her caramel face, and it looked like her frizzy afro hair moved.

“What is it baby, tell mammy.”

“I want to fuck you,” I said, nearly choking on the last two words.

“What!” she screamed, hard enough for the neighbours to hear.

Then in an almost inaudible unbelieving voice, “Yuh want to have sex with me … me … Yuh mother who … mek you?”

“Yes.” I answered, equally soft.

‘Whey this coming from Markie … Yuh high? Yuh high yes … look at yuh eyes … and I could smell it too,” she said, leaning over and sniffing my lips.

“It coming from deep inside me … my head, heart, evey bone an’ muscle, so please tek it serious,” I said, realizing that from the beginning I’d tossed aside the speech script I came with, and was operating impromptu.

“Serious mih ass! Boy don’t get me mad,” she said in a raised voice.

Before I could respond, she added, as if to somebody else in the room, “it is serious … oh mih gawd.”

“I think about it all de time. Every time I look at you, I just want to hold you and do things to yuh body … to get in yuh body … I been feeling this way for months now … since that day when you was teasing me and we end up wrestling. We fell on de ground with me on top of you and mih cock was hard between yuh thighs. I rolled off quick so yuh wouldn’t notice … I don’t know if you did.” I said not looking at her.

“Of course I did, I feel it, and was surprised … shocked … but I forgave you because I know you’re young and with de hormones in you and finding yuhself in such a compromising position … “

“That was de beginning of what I feeling now … I really want to fuck you,” I said pleadingly.

She raised her hand and slapped görükle escort me hard, three time in the face.

“Say sex, not fu … no, don’t say nothing!”

I took the slaps bravely and continued “Two months ago I passed by yuh room, accidentally, while yuh was preparing to go to work. Yuh door was slightly open … I looked in and see you naked … yuh body so beautiful and sexy, mommy.”

There was a dazed and defeated look on my mother’s face.

“Yuh saw me naked … completely naked?”

“Yes, then and a few times after, and I like it,” I said, managing a smile that she didn’t reciprocate.

“You been peeping on me … de first time was accidental, but then you started peeping … on yuh mother?”

“Yes, I sorry, but I can’t help it, yuh so sexy and …”

“Shut up Markie!” She screamed, pulling her hair.

I didn’t want to shut up I just wanted to pour everything out once and for all and whatever happened, happened. I had to know how it was going to be with me and mommy and my feelings … if she was going to accept me and give me what I wanted. I guess it was the weed more than I talking.

“Some nights I does masturbate, thinking about you … and I does even go through yuh laundry and do things, yuh know, sniff and lick … I sorry mommy … help me nuh,”

“Oh Gawd, what I hearing from you mouth, Markie … you sniff my clothes … clean clothes?” she asked, hopefully.

“No mommy, things yuh wear … panties and stuff.”

Tears flowed from her eyes as she hung her head, staring at the floor.

“I’m sorry, I had to tell you, and I want to know how we stand.”

“How we stand, what you mean?”

“We gon have sex?” I asked

“No! No! No! I’m yuh mother, you damn pervert, you crazy?” she screamed in a subdued voice, probably thinking about neighbours.

Those words stung me and I hung my head, my eyes filling with water. But she threw her arms around me and hugged me. She was sobbing, and the pooled up water ran out of my eyes.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean that, please forgive me … okay?

“Okay, mommy. I know this is all sudden on you … take some time and think about it mommy. We could be happy together. I know yuh not happy with daddy.”

“I certaintly will think about it, how could I not think about it … I promise you I will, but not in de way you want … and don’t you bring your father in this, you hear me? Whatever happens between yuh father and me is we own business … have some respect.”

I kept silent, but I was feeling relieved. I had finally let my feelings be known. I just had to hope for the best. She started to get up; then I spoke. I was wearing boxers without briefs, and all the time my cock had been hard.

“I love you mom.”

She sat back down, but I saw a moment’s hesitation when she looked down and saw my heavily tented shorts

“I want you to know I don’t hate you for all this. Suddenly I’m not even angry anymore, now that it’s all out in de open. I respect yuh courage and love yuh more for it. I just want yuh to promise me that yuh going get yuhself together and get all the ideas about having sex with me out your head. And don’t masturbate while thinking about eskort bayan me or trouble mih clothes anymore either, that is not nice, yuh invading mih privacy. We is mother and son, what you want can’t happen. It will pass over, yuh’ll see. Now I got to go cook, Jerry and Ruth will be home soon.”

She hugged me and kissed my cheek. I moved my head and quickly pressed my lips to hers. She sprung back.

“Don’t push yuh luck.” She said, but smiled

“But yuh will think about it, eh?”

She continued on her way without answering or looking back. I went to my room and remained there until late afternoon.

At first we both avoided each other’s eyes for a while, but after the first look, done simultaneously, we would exchange little smiles whenever our eyes met.

I went to bed early, but lay restless for a couple of hours thinking over the morning’s scenario and trying different directions in which it could have gone, inside my head, even thinking at one point to respect my mother’s wishes and just forget about it. I knew that would be hard, because even while thinking about that my cock was lurching. I started gently stroking it while thinking about mom-pussy, but not letting myself get too close to ejaculation; she had said that wasn’t nice.

I was moving in and out of short twilight dozes, tossing and turning while fighting conflicting thoughts. I became fully awake when during one of those moments I heard the unmistakable, grating sound of my door knob turning. I opened my eyes and saw the door being quickly pushed open and closed. My mother stood there, looking toward my bed on which I lay completely naked, as was my usual sleeping state; my bedroom was always hot, being not in the most favorable position. The full moon was lending just enough light for me to recognize and get a fairly detailed view of mom.

I closed my eyes to a crack, though it was not likely mom could discern their state unless she came very close. I wasn’t taking any chances; I was thrilled and wanted to watch her every move; there was something tremendously stimulating in pretending innocence of the situation unfolding. The way I saw it this unexpected midnight visit could only mean one thing. The glowing hands of a clock on the wall told me it was midnight. My cock reached for the roof. In the semi darkness I watched attentively with pumping heart as she slowly slipped out of her night dress, then took off what looked like black panties, which she tossed to the floor.

She walked across the room toward my bed, which was to the wall under a window. Her C cup upward tilting long nippled breasts swaying. At thirty seven she still had fairly firm and high breasts. She was a slim woman but by no means boney, and her ass, though of a pleasing size and shape could not be called big, by black woman standard, at least. She had a mid-brown complexion. A few would call it light-skinned, most won’t, I think. Her dreadlock style braided hair was in its usual pony tail. I saw her loose out the hair as she drew close, letting it drop free all around her head and face and past her shoulder.. As she raised her leg to climb onto the bed I saw a dark patch of neat looking hair between the lighter brown altıparmak escort private areas of upper thighs.

She immediately took hold of my hard cock and licked the shiny head a few times before taking it into her mouth and began sucking it. It was a brief suck. She straddled me and holding the stiff member, placed it to her pussy lips and sank down, sending me into heaven’s embrace. She leaned forward. I gasped and my eyes flew open.

“Mommy, “I cried.

“Shhhhh … I did think about it … the way yuh wanted me to.”

She straightened up, sinking all the way down, hairs touching hairs. And then she was riding me with quick, short hip jerks. As she rode, I realized she was carefully trying to avoid making any hard movements, because of the squeaky mattress. I reached up and grasped both dangling, swaying breasts. I squeezed the nipples, rubbing them between thumb and forefinger as described in sex novels. She trembled and gaped and then she was moaning softly, hips lashing rapidly.

“Oh mommy, mommy,” I cried out.

She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “We gotta be quiet, and we can’t be too long; I only come because I was thinking about you all de time and couldn’t sleep. And also I had to come before I change mih mind. I had to give yuh what yuh want from me, and what I realize I want too. Yuh awaken sumting in me, baby. Sumting I thought of a few times in the recent past, but it always scared me. I ain scared anymore. We don’t have much time; I ain sure if Jerry was sleeping when I get up.”

Straightening up, her soft hands gripped my sides and she raised her ass up a bit. Squatting over me with her feet flat on the mattress, eyes closed and fine-featured face grimacing, she began bouncing up and down on the hard taboo cock, driving me insane with pleasure, as I heard the soft squishy sound of her pussy. Her bouncing bubbies had me hypnotized. I reached out and tugged both nipples. She came down hard and squirmed, rolling her hips. She remained all the way down, me to the hairs in her as she rolled and hissed.

I lifted the upper part of my body and took the nipple of one of the swaying breasts in my mouth and began sucking hard. She lifted a hand and rubbed my tight-curled hair. She lifted her ass again and I released the nipple and lay back, she started to bounce again, but I stopped her after three or four bounces, placing my hands along her thighs, close to the ass. I gripped tight and began pounding upward into her, progressively faster, as she panted heavily. I felt it coming and tried to concentrate and keep it at bay, but I lost out and I found by body jerking rapidly and my entire skin aglow and bristling with pleasure. She gripped me with her inner thighs and her hands clasped to my cheeks as I filled her with cum. I had never felt such pleasure and satisfaction in my life; never felt so happy.

She stretched out along me and we kissed. Then she rolled off me and got up hurriedly, throwing her legs off the bed. She leaned back sideways on one elbow — licked and sucked my still fairly erect cock for a short while.

“Just cleaning up my baby,” she said, then sprung up off the bed.

She picked up her panties and dragged them on, then put on the nightdress hurriedly. She smiled at me then went to the door. After listening with her ear to the wall for a couple of seconds, she slipped out of the room. I clasped my hands at the back of my head and smiled. I looked up at the clock. It was the sweetest six minutes of my life.

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