Convention Conversion


I was at one of my industry’s larger annual conventions. As head of operations for the company and a featured speaker, I was well known and was constantly being stopped and engaged in conversation.

At one point during the conference, I had to step out to help my leadership team deal with a potentially damaging event back at the main operations center. I was completely in my element. My team settled quickly, responded to me. Responding to their leader who knew his shit, who remained calm in the face of adversity. I gave clear commands and directions once I’d listened to the options and recommendations of my team. It was about a 30 min call.

There was one point where a member of my team thanked me for being able to break free and for just seemingly knowing how to respond. I made a comment “sometimes leading is knowing when to let someone else take the lead” (that was maybe 20 min in).

When I hung up, I turned to go back in and there was a younger guy (maybe 10, maybe 15 years my junior), he asked if I meant what I said about leadership. I was a bit pissed he’d eavesdropped but found myself answering “yes I do” almost reflexively.

He simply said “good to know you know how to follow when appropriate” and walked away.

Later in the day was my presentation (there were federal judges, heads of legal departments, CEOs and a few more junior folks plus folks dressed as we were but who were actually service staff).

As my presentation drew to a close and shifted to Q&A, the younger guy from earlier stood up in the back and asked “You talk about how to build and lead a world class operations team, what would you say is the key leadership quality needed for such a team?”

I don’t why I did it but I used the same statement as before. He smiled knowingly (I just thought because I’d already said it, but found out later it was because he knew then I would submit). He asked how I knew when to follow. I answered “when a superior idea presents itself, a good leader doesn’t argue against it, instead embraces it”

Lots of nods and yeahs and that’s right from the audience…and to this day I think only he noticed my blush. I felt somehow exposed in that moment, didn’t know why, didn’t know I was already at one level becoming aware of the chase and that I was the prey.

After the presentation was over and I was gathering my things, I saw the man again as he left. Our gazes met and he held mine…I felt my face flush again and lowered my gaze. I heard his chuckle and saw him turn and leave.

Later that evening most attendees had gone because it was the last day of the conference (only a small contingent stayed behind due to morning flights the next day).

I’d finished up, had dinner, not changing out of my suit but loosening my tie. I went to the bar to have a drink and check if any clients or perspective clients had happened to stay behind. None were there and I sat and ordered a knob creek double neat. As the bartender stepped away, the gentleman from earlier sat down next to me at the bar and commented “interesting and I bet fitting choice in bourbons”

My instant blush told him he had hit the mark. I understood his insinuation immediately and wanted to respond and put him in his place but my mind was at a loss…and I felt my body respond in an embarrassing way…I could feel my cock filling…not full on hard but clearly making me aware of my arousal response kicking in…which heightened my blush.

“I take it you are aware that you are blushing. Are you aware enough to know why? Be assured, I am.”

Before I could answer, the bartender returned with my drink and his (though I’d never heard him order). Once the bartender left, the gentleman picked up his drink and slid the napkin over to me saying I needed it.

I felt my body both relax and remain on edge at his departure and wondered just what the fuck was really going on. I though he was coming on to me but he kept just walking away so that I wasn’t sure…and for the first time in my life, found myself wondering and wishing he hadn’t walked away. I tried to shake it off and distract myself by looking around for an available looking woman. A few minutes passed and I went to use the napkin. When I picked it up, there was a room key with a sticky note attached. “Come to My room, 739, I will answer the questions you’ve been having since we met.”

My hands started shaking a bit, i felt like my face was on fire and that everyone could see that I was turned on thinking of a man…thinking of what it meant to be istanbul travesti invited to his room, of what it likely meant if i used the key.

I thanked the bartender for the generous pour and took my drink and planned to head to my room. When I got in the elevator, instead of pressing 6 for my floor, I accidentally (so I assured myself in the moment) hit 7. I immediately pressed 6 and planned to go to my room. When the door opened for floor 6, I stayed rooted where I stood…telling myself to go, get off the elevator, there is no need to go to floor 7. Yet, when the door began closing, I convinced myself I was simply going to clear up his misunderstanding.

I arrived at his room and paused…I started to use the room key but knocked instead…feeling it somehow inappropriate of me to enter His room for the first time without His opening the door for me…and I felt unsure…how could I just walk in to his room, what if this was some elaborate joke or worse.

I only heard his voice, suddenly full of authority even through the door…”I gave you a key and instructions, follow them or leave, Now!”

I tried to turn, I tried to convince myself fuck this, but I couldn’t. I used the key and entered.

As I entered, I heard the bathroom door closing. The room was empty other than typical hotel stuff and a suitcase on the little foldout holder. However, on the bed was a paddle with a note.

“We both know why you are here, will I have to use this to get you to admit and accept it? Strip and kneel in front of the bathroom door with your hands behind you grabbing your ankles.”

I stood, trapped in place, neither fleeing nor obeying the note…undeniable though was my arousal. My cock, having filled out more so that the outline was obvious without being fully hard, provided the only proof needed at just how aroused I was.

I heard the bathroom doorknob rattle and I nearly fled but convinced myself I’d correct this younger man’s mistaken belief and be on my way (though I already knew it was a lie to myself).

When the door opened and he saw me still dressed, His grin became one that made me immediately rethink my decision…I never felt more like prey in front of a predator that knew he’d already caught his prey and it was just a matter of time before feasting.

“You still don’t accept the truth? Even now, standing in a strange man’s hotel room, keycard in hand, having read not one but two notes that make clear why you are here, standing there trying to pretend you are still the alpha, still in command, while your own body gives you away, your cock filling out your pants…not at the sight or thought of a hot woman, but instead at the thought of a Man more alpha than you, inviting you to His lair, knowing full well I intend to have you. Fine, have it your way. Strip now, grab the paddle, hand it to me and ask me “Sir will You please spank me for being such a stubborn disobedient bitch.” That’s option 1…Option 2 is get the fuck out of my room, go back to yours, jack off thinking of me, always have the regret of not obeying and getting what you know you wanted and know that no matter should our paths cross again, I will never give you the privilege of my time again. So obey now or get the fuck out.”

I turned to go to the door, but something shifted in me, I couldn’t do it, call it FOMO, call it denial, but I hate regret almost more than anything and have lived a life of “say yes, take that risk, don’t let fear stop you.” In that moment all of that came together with my desire and natural previously suppressed sexually submissive side and I began undressing and folding my clothes, unable to turn and face him…too embarrassed too nervous. When I stood fully unclothed and picked up the paddle, I heard a small submissive voice almost whisper “Sir, will You please spank me for being such a stubborn disobedient bitch”, I felt him step close to me and his hot breath in my ear “good boy…now, hand me the paddle, bend over and grab the bed and hold on tight, you will need it for being so stubborn and wasting so much of My time already”.

I did as commanded, my cock softened a bit feeling exposed and unfamiliarly not in charge, scared of the pain that the paddle and this Man promised. That changed the second I felt his hand on my lower back and the first crack of the paddle against my ass. It was followed so quickly by several more that I didn’t have time to evade or even cry out before the pain registered…and my cock betrayed me and became fully hard. He paused the istanbul travestileri paddling, leaned over me as his hand traced my already tender ass and his other hand reach between my legs, squeezed and tugged my balls hard and laughed at me. “Your cock is hard as a rock…My little bitch is a painslut too…how fucking perfect. You didn’t tell me you even have the cock of an alpha…what is it, 7-8 inches, probably spent much of your life thinking your big cock, big brain and big attitude let’s you rule the roost…yet here you are, naked in a strange man’s hotel room, bent over with an already reddened ass and a cock hard as it’s ever been I bet and you having just begged me to dominate you and punish you.”

With that he moved back and spanked me until I was desperately trying to move out of the way of each blow while simultaneously having my cock dripping precum, deepening my shame.

“Ok bitch, now that you’ve wasted more of My time having to correct you, it’s time for you to serve. On your knees.”

I stood up and moved away from the bed and knelt as He had ordered and got the first glance at his cock outlined in his pants. He stepped to me, his crotch now eye level, when I did nothing, he spoke “do I really need to beat your ass again? Accept what you are, what you need, why you came up here, why you now kneel before Me!”

That did it for me, with shaking hands, I reached up and began removing his pants. After his pants came down and I folded them, I leaned in and began touching and nosing and mouthing his cock through his boxers…when I unwittingly moaned as his cock pressed outward and I could really catch the unmistakable smell of cock. He pulled back, “now lower my boxers and beg me to use your mouth and throat” like a good submissive bitch.

I lowered his boxers, his hard cock (6 maybe 6.5 inches, cut and decent girth), bobbed and pressed against my cheek before I could pull back. All fight was gone yet I paused afraid I would be unable to please him…I had no experience with men. I whispered “I’ve never…I don’t know how…what i don’t if I will be able to please you”

He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back so that I was looking at Him. “I know…I knew after our first interaction I would be the first male who showed you your truth. I didn’t pick you because of your cocksucking skills, I picked you because I recognized you for the virgin submissive bottom bitch that you are.” And he then slapped my face with his cock before pulling it out of reach. I knew what was expected.

Feeling my face heat up to match the inferno that was my freshly paddled ass, I kept my eyes lowered while obeying “Please Sir, please use this slut’s mouth and throat for your pleasure.”

He stepped back up and began slapping my face with his cock until he heard me gasp and took that moment to put his cock in my mouth, not deeply, just the head…he held my hair, keeping me in pace, not deeper not pulling away.

“When I release your hair, I expect you to obey and show me how desperate you are to please me with your mouth and throat or leave here with an ass so red and bruised you won’t sit for days without knowing the pain of my displeasure. Having to hide your naked ass from your wife lest she wonder exactly what the fuck her husband was doing at that conference.”

The thought should have panicked me, but instead it settled me. The last vestiges of resistance left and I moved my head forward, taking more of his cock as I began to suck my first cock. It was not to be though, I wasn’t there to suck his cock, I was there to submit to him, and that submission meant he would be in charge. He grabbed my head, ordered me to grab my ankles and keep my hands there or have them bound. He then began fucking my mouth, deeper until I began drooling and gagging as his cock hit the back of my throat. There was no kindness, no mercy, he fucked my face until I was a mess, slimy and drooly lips and chin. He forced me to deepthroat him and held me until tears streamed down my face, until I was red/purple faced needing oxygen and left panting yet undeniable was the constant stream of precum from my own cock, all 8 inches hard and screaming “yes yes yes please!” to this.

After what felt like an hour but was probably only 10 minutes maybe 20, he pulled back and stepped away from me. He brought back lube and held it in front of my face.

“You see this, this is what good obedient bitches get…disobedient bitches get spit and very little of that. You being a virgin, I strongly recommend travesti istanbul you be an obedient bitch. Now crawl over to the bed, when you get to it, stand up, bend over and lay your chest flat against the bed, head turned to the left and beg me to fuck you and turn you fully out as the submissive bottom cunt you are by breeding your ass with My seed. Or be a disobedient bitch and be thrown onto the fucking bed and dry fucked. Either way you will be bred tonight and feel My big load inside you and dripping down your legs as you hurry back to your room hoping no one spots you and recognizes the well fucked whore look about you.”

The thought of being fucked scared and excited me, the thought of being dry fucked just scared me, I quickly obeyed and even reached back to spread myself for him as I begged. “Please Sir, please fuck my submissive ass, please turn me out as the needy cock-whore I am, please breed me and leave me filled with your seed.”

Laughing cruelly, he stepped to me, placed one hand on my hip before saying “damn slut, I only told you to beg to be fucked…all the rest was you…but it’s good to see you’ve accepted who you really are. I’m surprisingly pleased…lube before fucking it is then.”

I gasped and unintentionally thrust my hips back when I felt his finger at my hole, wetting it, the cool slimy feel so good against my virgi pucker, my hips tried to undulate and get more contact…he never penetrated me with his fingers though…he continued to lightly toy with my hole and lubricate it until I heard him say “there it is…that slutty hole just winked it’s invitation to Me”. I heard him squeeze more lube out and the unmistakable sound of a cock being stroked with lube. I felt one hand on my back and his words “the only movement I expect from you is to move back against my cock like a good whore.” As I felt his cock slip between my cheeks and then against my hole, so very slick already with lube, I closed my eyes and forced my hips to move backward…as soon as he felt that he thrust forward and took my cherry…it hurt, i squealed and begged and cried out…but he paid no heed…he just stayed where he was, cockhead firmly inside me.

When I felt him begin to pull out I thought he was taking mercy on me until I felt the stretch as his flared head pulled out stretching my still tight home again…I felt him moving his cock around my opening again, only when he pushed back into me did I realize he was getting more lube on his cock. When he stretched me open the second time, it still hurt but less and once his head had passed my hole’s resistance, I pushed my hips back and he thrust forward more fully and I felt for the first time a true Alpha man’s cock buried fully in me and His pubes against my ass. I screamed as the pain overtook the pleasure…and then my body made me admit, made it crystal clear, that i was a submissive bottom bitch and a painslut on top of it.

My cock erupted and I climaxed…he knew because he could feel my asshole clenching around him…”such a responsive painslut and bottom bitch, now it’s time to fuck”. With that he gave me a fucking I still remember vividly to this day. It was pain and pleasure and so strongly so that I came again and then again and in a way I’d never felt before…dry without my cock ejaculating but my ass clenching and unclenching and my whole body suffused with sexual energy and need and release.

He fucked me in many positions, but when it was time to breed me, he made me get on hands and knees and tell him his bitch was ready to be properly bred…like a bitch on all fours, a good obedient bitch in need of seed.

The load he shot into me was enormous, I could feel his cock swell and pulse after pulse of cum, a feeling I’d only always felt as the man, never as the submissive receiver. What surprised me was the feeling of warmth from his seed and how that warmth spread until my whole body was suffused with it. I started to squeeze and release, tightening to feel him in me to the fullest and to, I don’t know, say thank you. Yet, once he finished, he was through with me. I’d served him and my purpose and now he needed nothing more from me. he pulled out, told me I had 5 minutes to get out or he would paddle me until I couldn’t sit and toss me out of the room naked.

I started to speak to see if we could continue. He covered my mouth, telling me “has anything I’ve done today made you think I will do differently than what I say? If you doubt that, stay for another 4 minutes and find out.”

I hurriedly dressed and as I stepped out his door, felt the first bit of his seed drip out of my no longer virgin ass and into my boxers.

I went to my room and jacked off again remembering my deflowering and debasement to this younger sexual Alpha and what it meant for my future.

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