Control Ch. 07 – Les and Johnny


No one in this story is under 18.


Wednesday morning. The alarm had gone off and Stephen had gotten up. I turned the alarm off and waited until I knew Stephen was in the shower and not coming back for a few minutes. I rolled over and looked into TJ’s face as I began to stroke his cheeks.

“Wake up” I whispered as I kissed him on the cheek. “Time to get ready for work.” I continued to stroke his face. “You missed the alarm, sleepy head.”

My brother’s eyes fluttered open and he was looking into mine. A smile crossed his face. He was getting more and more accustomed to waking up with his sister in his bed and caressing him. He was also getting more and more frustrated at Stephen and Daddy fucking me constantly, especially since he wasn’t.

He had, of course. They all had. But since I put my plan into effect, I had let Daddy and Stephen use me like a whore all the time, but had begun to cultivate the obvious feelings TJ had for me. The night before he had watched Stephen pound my ass mercilessly as I whimpered and then I had climbed into his bed and curled up to sleep.

“What time is it?” he asked groggily.

I kissed his lips gently and said “Six ten or something. Stephen is in the shower. I waited until he was in the shower to move. I didn’t want him to know I was awake.” I lied. I had actually hoped to be fucked by him before TJ woke up. I was disappointed when he didn’t make a move on me but rather just started to get ready to work.

I couldn’t let TJ know that, however.

My plan, which was a work in progress, had started out as a means to get even with all of the men for the abuse of me and my Mommy, but my Mommy was so weak and had been the easiest to break. And worse, the more I fucked them, the more I wanted. I was becoming a whore.

No, I was a whore at that point. I had done gangbangs with strangers in a porn store where I had licked their asses and allowed them to piss on me. I had been DP’ed by my father and my brother. I had fucked both my brothers and my Daddy all at the same time in the bathroom. I had destroyed my mother and turned her into a slut like me.

“Go ahead man, don’t mind me. Fuck the whore.” Stephen said to Teej as he came back in the room wrapped in a towel, fresh from his shower. He took of his towel as if I were not there. I watched his cock as he started to get dressed. I wanted him to fuck me. Right here, right now. I wanted him to use me like a whore and leave spent lying at TJ’s feet.

TJ immediately pushed me off and Stephen started to get dressed. I was disappointed I wasn’t getting fucked by anyone this morning.

I walked into the kitchen and Mommy was dressed in a pair of shorts, nice albeit sort of middle aged frumpy, and a tank top with the bra I had picked out for her. Her hair, medium length blonde, was tied back in an attractive pony tail with little wavy wisps framing her face. She looked young and beautiful.

I bursa eskort bayan walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. She hesitated, then responded.

“We are going to have fun today, Mommy” I said.

“Are we going to town?” she asked.

She knew the answer. We had gone to town every day since the first day, and I had gotten her fucked at the porn store by at least one guy every day. Most days it had been multiple guys or a group of guys. She feigned reluctance every time, but once started, she was every bit the whore that I was.

The fact that she was now asking proved it to me.

“Let’s go” I said.

“It’s early, and I have to get ready.” She began to protest.

“You’re beautiful. And you are dressed much nicer than I am” I said. I was wearing a pair of black tights and a green loose top that bloused loosely down my arms but had shoulder cutouts. I wasn’t wearing a bra, of course, so it accentuated my tits and highlighted my ass.

“But, the dishes…” She continued to try to protest.

“Mommy, stop.” I commanded. “Put down the dish cloth and tell me you want to get fucked.”


“Mommy” I looked at her crossly.

“I want to get fucked. Please.” She said as she put the dish cloth down on the counter where she stood.

I kissed her on the lips and said “You will, Mommy”.

We walked to town without incident, but instead of turning to the porn store, I took her down town. I headed straight to the garage. There would be no going back for her after this. If my Daddy ever learned she had been fucked by a black man, much less gangbanged by them, he would never touch her again, except maybe to punish her. She would do anything to prevent him from knowing, but she was so horny all the time now she wouldn’t be able to say no.

“Isn’t this that garage your Daddy won’t go to?” she asked.

“Yes, Mommy. This is the garage run by black guys.” I smiled at her and took her hand to overcome her reticence.

“But, your father…” she began.

“Will never know.” I finished. “I have been here a few times. It’s amazing.”

I led her into the building which seemed to be deserted. All the guys were in the back working and there was a bell on the counter to rink for service. I ignored the bell and walked around the counter pulling Mommy along with me.

I had never done this because I had always come around lunch time and someone was outside or in front, but not this early. They were all working.

When we entered the shop, there were several cars being serviced and they didn’t notice us for a second. But then Les, the guy that I had first met outside, saw us and started toward us. By the time he reached us, I had pushed Mommy to her knees and she obediently reached for Les’ cock as he took it out.

She took that magnificent member, already hardening and erect, into her mouth. It was bursa merkez escort fat with a slight upturn and she took it with a smile. She took it by the base as he slipped his pants down and over his shoes. She held it with both hands as if she was praying to it and licked up the bottom toward the head and then took it deeply into her mouth. She moved her tightened lips up and down the length of his cock, working to take it deeper and deeper.

One of the other guys, John, had his cock out in front of me. I quickly went to my knees and took his familiar cock deep in my mouth. It wasn’t one of the larger ones here and I could deepthroat it easily.

Over and over, I slid my mouth to his groin, engulfing his cock and fucking it slightly with my throat before pulling out only to take him deep again. I needed to breathe but didn’t want to stop. I loved pushing myself beyond my limits, but it was too much, too fast and I felt the contents of my stomach coming up too late to stop it.

I threw up all over his dick but stopped sucking it only long enough to finish. Without hesitation, I took his puke covered dick into my throat, deep and hard. I fucked it harder than I had before, determined to prove that I was willing to do anything for dick.

John took my hand as Les took my moms and they led us to the couch in the break room. It was an old taupe couch that was stained with grease from years of mechanics sitting on it while working. They both sat and directed my Mom and me to sit on their cocks.

I slid my soaking wet pussy down on John’s cock and watched as Mommy did the same To Les. But both guys, simultaneously, pulled out and stuck their cocks into our asses without warning. We both started to bounce up and down on their cocks.

We were both moaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure but I was driven by the desire to keep pushing further. Suddenly, I leaned over to kiss my mother as we were both fucked in the ass. She returned my kiss and out lips met.

I wondered if they suspected who she was.

I continued to ride Johns dick and kiss my mother while I played with my pussy until John pulled out and lay me on my back. He climbed onto the couch, knees beside my face, and started to fuck my mouth. I tasted my ass. It was bitter but I didn’t care. I took it hungrily, working to be even more enthusiastic than usual because it was dirtier when suddenly, I felt something entering my ass.

I thought it was Les’ dick, until I looked and saw my mother trying to stick her fist in my ass.

I almost came right ten. I stopped sucking Les dick and watched my mother trying to He fist me.

“Yess” I moaned as I took Jon’s dick into my hungry mouth again.

Mommy worked her hand expertly into my asshole, and soon she was almost in.

“Yes. Fuck my asshole.” I moaned as Les took her arm, which was buried now wrist deep in my ass.

One bursa sınırsız escort bayan of the other guys had his cock in my mommy’s face now, and she was fucking my ass with her fist while sucking a large black cock of a stranger.

I was doing a terrible job on Les cock because I couldn’t stop watching Mommy. Then, Les gave up and put his cock in my pussy and rammed it home as my mommy’s fist was still fucking me at Johnny’s direction.

Oh my God, the feeling was amazing. But even more intense was the drive to keep going. Could I get dirtier?

Suddenly I had an idea. I pushed them all off and rolled Mommy over on her back. I got Les’ dick and led it to Mommy’s dripping pussy. He thrust it in and started to pound her immediately. Then I started to work on her ass.

I had never played with Mommy’s ass before, but all the years of being fucked by Daddy’s enormous shaft had left her loose and gaping. Before long, I was fucking her ass as Les fucked her pussy and John stood on the couch putting his cock in front of me to suck”

Then Les ledt my Moms pussy and went to her mouth. She sucked him greedily as I directed Johnny to her pussy She lay there with a large black cock in her mouth, one in her pussy and me in her ass.

We all fucked her furiously and she just lay there moaning.

Then, Johnny and Les climbed off and both presented their cocks to her face. She obediently began to suck them in turn, first one then the other and I began to more furiously pound her ass. As I pounded her, both guys came and she greedily took it all, swallowing all their seed.

I continued to pound her ass with my fist as the others took over now. It was as I intended. Mommy was a present for them, or vice versa, and In was just there to fill in and direct things. Mommy was sucking cock after cock as they took turns on her pussy. All the while my fist never left her ass.

When a cock presented itself to me, I sucked. I was fucked in the pussy. I was fucked in the ass. But, my fist never left her ass

After several cumshots had been deposited in us and on us, there was just me fisting my Mom’s ass. I started to lick all the cum off her pussy while driving deeper into her ass. She immediately began to write and shudder as she was cumming.

When she had stopped and just lay there a moaning lump, I climbed beside her, began to gently kiss her, and said “Good girl, Mommy.”

“Mommy!” Les yelled. “Aw, hell no”

“What did this bitch just do? You lyin’, aren’t you?” Johnny asked.

“This is my Mommy, Dawn, and this is Les and Johnny” I said.

“Bitch, you are crazy” said Johnny, still in disbelief.

“We’ll be back” I said as I stood up and started to pull my clothes back on. Mommy did too, but as she did, Les’ still erect cock brushed by her face. She took it, and took it deep into her mouth, as if a parting gift.

“Is she really your Momma?” Johnny asked.

“Yup” I said, beaming with pride. I had shocked them all. Now, Mommy and I were headed back out looking like a couple of whores that had been fucked hard. That’s exactly what we were, too.

“Do you need a ride somewhere?” Les asked.

“Nah” I said.

Mommy and I turned to leave.

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