Consuelo’s Revelation


As Consuelo sat down on the toilet that morning, she put one hand under her massive belly for support and the other down between her legs. She rubbed at her well-bearded crotch and accidentally slipped a finger into her gaping hole. The downward pressure of her unborn child was beginning to push her apart, but she continued to rub until a torrent of acrid urine came forth. She closed her eyes and let the warm flood wash over her fingers.

The bathroom was her main sanctuary these days as her four children screamed and ran around on the other side the door. She tried to screen out the noise the best she could and let her mind wander, but just then her son pounded on the door with the complaint that he had to use the toilet.

“Una momento, Mijo!” she replied tensely.

The boy stomped away and whined.

She closed her eyes again and returned to her travels as she continued to rub her swollen labia and finger her dilated vagina. She imagined herself on a beach in a lounge chair with her big, pregnant belly exposed for everyone to see.

A handsome man approaches her and offers to rub oil on her beautiful pot belly. She agrees and he puts oil on his hands but then moves behind her. He has her kneel on the blanket as he wraps his masculine arms around her midriff and begins to rub the oil on your stomach. But soon he is working his hands under and around her bra and gripping her milk-swollen tits lustfully. Then one hand plunges down the front of your bathing suit and works its way into her gaping love canal. Soon her tits are out of her bra and her cunt is in full possession of this man. He pushes her head to the blanket and removes her suit bottom roughly before she can object. His stiff member finds its way inside of her with surprising speed and soon he is riding her like a stallion in heat.

The people around them seem to be indifferent to their public fucking and this makes it even better. Then she feels his cock grow inside of her and she readies herself for his ejaculation. He pulls out and walks around to masturbate himself onto her waiting breasts and belly. When he is drained, she rubs his cum around over her voluptuous torso. Then the handsome stranger walks away with his cock still erect and swinging just as her husband returns with the food from the snack bar. She smiles and loves the world she is in.

Back in the bathroom Consuelo continued to fuck herself hard with two fingers as her fantasy faded from her mind. Her cunt was fully open and soaked at this point and she felt a tidal surge she knew quite well begin to rise up inside her. She looked to the ceiling hoping for a fleeting vision of the holy mother as her orgasm began to crest. Her face contorted silently as the throbbing pulsations moved up from her deep cunt into the rest of her body. She saw herself at the top of a mountain starting to go into free fall as the rumbling waves ran through her. Then she left her body momentarily before landing in a warm sea.

Her fingers continued to thrash about inside of her for several more minutes until the waves dissipated and her body fell limp.

She rose weakly and stuck a huge wad of toilet paper over her drenched fuck hole as she heard crying from the other side of the door. She pulled up her underwear and then opened the door to her real life. Her four year-old son had had an accident in his pants and was crying for shame. She picked him up and carried him into the kitchen where she quickly made waffles for the children’s breakfast. Then her mother arrived and she handed her son over to her so she could get changed for work.

“Te amo, Mommie!” she shouted minutes later on her way out the door.

Consuelo arrived at the Marshall estate an hour later. She entered through the kitchen and sat down at the servant’s table. It was there that she saw Lupe, the cook’s assistant, crying alone.

Que paso, Lupe?” she asked.

The girl wiped her eyes and told her the bad news. She was pregnant.

A mecidiyeköy esc cold chill swept through Consuelo when she heard this. It was a sense of foreboding. She asked the girl who the father was, but she became frightened.

“Imposible,” she kept repeating, “Imposible.”

Then the staff manager, Marko, entered the room. He was young, tall and handsome and had a definite idea of his own importance. Lupe’s reaction to his entrance told the whole story. Consuelo thought back to all the compliments he had heaped on Lupe from the start, but she didn’t want to believe it.

Why would Marko get involved with such a plain-looking, simple-minded girl like Lupe? Would he fuck anything given the opportunity?

“Vamanos! Vamanos!” Marko called to them, clapping his hands.

Consuelo rose slowly and leered at him as she left the kitchen.

A few hours later when she was vacuuming the library she felt two hands suddenly grip her breasts from behind. Startled, she spun around angrily to find Marko standing there with a broad grin on his face.

“That’s very funny.” she said to him spitefully before returning to work.

“Wow! Are we in a bad mood today?” he queried over the drone of the vacuum.

She gave him a look of contempt and continued with her cleaning. Annoyed, Marko switched off the machine and confronted her.

“What’s the problem here?” he asked seriously.

“Did you fuck that girl?! Consuelo blurted out.

“What girl? he replied with a wronged expression.

“You know WHAT girl. Lupe!”

“Lupe! Why would I fuck Lupe?!

“Because maybe you’re a fucking bastard!” she replied with all her Latin fierceness.

“Mi amor, por favor,” he cajoled in a whisper, “I would never go near that girl. Not when I have a hot, sexy, beautiful woman like you to keep me happy!”

As he said this he put his hand on her ass and kissed her neck. This made Consuelo feel weak again like she had in the bathroom earlier that day. Had she perhaps judged him too quickly? Marko saw her doubt and continued.

“You know how much I missed you yesterday? he asked her.

“No, how much?” she replied, smiling coyly now.

“This much.” he said, taking her hand and putting it on his bulging groin.

He kissed her neck again and put his other hand under her shirt on her huge belly. The heat and adrenaline immediately rose up from her neck into her face like a forest fire. She was his once more.

He pulled her into the adjoining office and locked the door.

“How’s my momma’s cunt today?” he asked as he felt her up from behind and ground his cock into her ass.

She closed her eyes and caressed the back of his head and cock with her hands as he went down her neck again and undid her pants. Then he reached into her panties and found the wadded tissue from the morning, still wet. He pulled it out and held it to his nose.

“Were you thinking about me this morning?” he teased.

Consuelo could only nod and moan.

He finally got her naked, just the way he liked her, belly and ass popping out in a ridiculous way, over-flowing tits aching to be sucked. He pushed her onto the leather couch and held her legs up and back to reveal the bushy mother hole that was begging to be pile-driven. But first he had to taste the salty, smelly cunt that she had obviously neglected to wash. He put his tongue in and lapped at the tangy brine of it.

“Iye!” Consuelo called out.

His cock couldn’t take anymore of this so he dropped his pants and slid his eager tool deep inside her sloppy prenatal twat. The smell of her morning cum rose up and intoxicated him as he penetrated her right to the edge of her uterine wall. Yes, he thought, the baby was right there and ready to drop and this made him fuck her harder. She watched his face carefully as she squeezed her own milk out of her tits. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he would come all over her waiting belly, but for now türbanlı esc she concentrated on the good pounding he was giving her. It all made her feel beautiful and desired and young.

He suddenly groaned and began stroking off his cock onto her stomach and pubic mound. He never did last very long inside her. It seems all her over-sized, protruding body parts had that strong of an effect on him. She looked down contently at the semen he had surrendered and she felt like a real woman again.

Later that day, as Consuelo was cleaning one of the upstairs bathrooms, she heard Spanish voices coming from behind a closed door. She put her ear to the wood and realized it was Lupe pleading with Marko.

“But what will I do now?” she asked him in tears.

“Find a man and get married.” he told her coldly.

“But this is your baby!” she cried out.

After that, Consuelo couldn’t listen anymore. Her heart was in her throat and her blood was racing. She was being played by yet another man, just as her husband played her with his girlfriends on the side. Marko was just another whore, which meant there was nothing special about her. She was just another cunt to be used and discarded.

She went downstairs and then out to the fresh air of the garden to clear her head. She could still feel his cock inside her and that was the worst part. Everything seemed to be building within her; all the insults and betrayals seemed to all rise at once. She had had enough of the bullshit of men she decided.

She got up and walked further back into the property to the horse stables since being around these graceful creatures had always had a soothing effect on her. Once inside she took her shoes off to feel the cool, brown dirt and straw under her feet. The horses all turned and whinnied as she passed, no doubt smelling the sex pheromones being blasted out from between her legs.

She stopped at the stall of a black mare that looked at her with placid eyes. The horse’s coat shone and was firm and velvet smooth to the touch. She instantly imagined herself riding it through the woods bareback, her body being tossed about by its charging power. She entered the stall and put her face against its flank. The girth of its muscular frame made her want to wrap her naked pregnant body around it and her state of mind was such that this seemed like a very good idea. Impulsively, she stripped herself of her uniform and underwear and mounted the horse in her beautiful, curvaceous nakedness.

Once atop the mare, Consuelo pressed her ripe mound against its spine and slowly shifted her weigh back and forth. Soon she had put her hips into the movement, her round buttocks flexing forcefully each time she pulled up. She tilted forward and set her perfect belly down on the mare’s back, supporting herself with her arms as she clinched the mare’s body with her strong thighs. She was riding through the woods now as the naked fertility goddess she was. Her ass began to bounce up and down on the animal as she closed her eyes and traveled off to the woods. But just then she heard the sound of a man clearing his throat! She opened her eyes to find the stable hand standing right in front of her with a somewhat confused expression on his face.

The shock of the intrusion by this man set something off inside of her. She dismounted the horse agilely and exited the stall to confront him in all her potent nakedness. Her eyes were blazing as this mild-mannered Mexican man stared at her in disbelief.

“What are you looking at!” she yelled, her face now twisted in rage.

The man could only shake his head in fear.

“I asked you, what are you looking at!” she yelled again.

When the man couldn’t reply she grabbed a riding crop from the wall and began beating him. She lashed at him in broad strokes as he tried vainly to block the blows with his arms. She soon had him down on the dirt as she held his collar and beat his back and legs, her belly and tits shaking şişli esc from the effort.

“Get on your hands and knees!” she commanded him.

He quickly complied and as soon as he did she mounted his back and began whipping his posterior.

“Ride! Ride!” she ordered, kicking his legs with her heels.

The horses around them became spooked and neighed in their stalls, but the stable hand did as he was commanded and scuffled around on his hands and knees as Consuelo rode him like the queen of Sheba. Then she ordered him to stop as she stood up over him and released a hot stream of urine onto his shirt. She told him to stay in that position as she retrieved her clothes. When she was dressed again she walked up and whipped him once more on the ass before throwing away the crop and heading outside.

The next morning as Consuelo finger fucked herself on the toilet her fantasy was quite different. This time when the handsome man approached her on the beach she tied his masculine arms behind him and then bound his cock and testicles with a string so that his cock remained fully engorged but was unable to ejaculate. Then she whipped his naked ass with a riding crop as a warm-up for the pain to come. This time HE was on the blanket face down, ass in the air and SHE was fucking him, sliding the handle of that crop into his asshole and massaging his prostate with it. She had seen her father do this with bulls to get semen on the farm. But unlike the bulls, this handsome man would not be allowed to come. She rubbed his prostate with that crop until he begged for release. But there would be no more coming for him, not into her, or onto her. He would be brought right to the edge and then denied, again and again and again.

Consuelo’s orgasm was very intense that morning and she did see the sweet Virgin briefly, looking down on her with a compassionate smile. The Virgin had been right not to ever let a man inside of her and this was wisdom she had to remember.

But Consuelo didn’t learn her lesson about going around with an unwashed, cum-soaked pussy, because that very day her fertile twat came to the attention of another man’s nose at the playground where she took her kids. He introduced himself as a doctor who specialized in pain relief. So days later when he invited her to his office for an evaluation she couldn’t resist. During the evaluation she told him about the back pain she was having so he had her sit in a special chair as he worked the vertebra she complained about. Then he had her assume a prone position on her knees that stretched the back muscles. However the clinical gown she was wearing then parted and exposed her ass and pubic beard to him and he was unable to stop his hand from delving into her pungent garden. He pretended it was part of the treatment and began to rub and then penetrate her with his fingers. She realized then that this was not going to be a regular visit to the doctor.

So it wasn’t long before Consuelo’s smelly cunt was hosting yet another rock hard cock, as the good doctor fucked her from behind harder than anyone else had.

“When I saw your huge belly and smelled your dirty cunt I knew I had to fuck you!” he confessed in the heat of action.

She gripped the exam table and grimaced as her tits and belly shook from the pounding she was taking.

“Iye, doctor, Iye!” she moaned to encourage him.

Consuelo realized then that she loved to be used by men and ridden like a bitch in the field. It was what her nature called for, it was what her ripe pussy called for; fucking, and lots of it.

The doctor began to moan and Consuelo got excited, but as he shot his load deep into her, her water broke, flooding out over his cock and drenching the table. He told her to stay in that position and push and soon the head of the baby was crowning at her vagina. Her smelly twat was now divesting itself of its cargo and it wasn’t long before the infant was kicking and screaming in the stunned doctors arms.

“It’s a girl!” he announced.

Consuelo turned around and laid down in the puddle of cum and afterbirth. Then she took her fifth child to her swollen tit and pacified it. She was a woman and this was her role in the world.

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