Conservative Wife Shows Off


It was just getting dark as the GPS signaled our final turn. Lisa had been slowly teasing me for the last 50 miles or so. Rubbing, squeezing and even bending down to lick the shiny drops of clear precum from the head of my stiff cock occasionally. She was obviously very excited to be in sunny Florida! Or maybe it was the trucker that caught me with my hand up the short skirt that had her so worked up.

I had two fingers buried in her wet pussy with her tiny red panties pulled to the side when I noticed him pacing us. She had her tank top bunched between her firm tits and a nipple between each finger and thumb as she moaned and squirmed in her seat with her eyes squeezed tightly shut. I should have warned her I suppose, but she was so close, and I didn’t really mind him watching. As a matter of fact in my horny state I kind of liked it I realized. When she opened her eyes and saw him looking down at her, her pussy spasmed violently and she squirted all over my hand and my leather seat, while wantonly staring up at him making no attempt to cover herself.

A month ago she would have been abashed at being seen by someone in such a compromising position. She was usually quite conservative in her choice of clothes when we were in our home town of Knoxville. Lisa wasn’t a prude by any means, but she was a loving, loyal wife, and as such she kept her considerable charms hidden from everyone but me. Like most couples, we sometimes talked about fantasies in bed to keep things fresh. Hers were pretty tame, but still exciting to me.

She admitted that it would turn her on having sex outdoors, like on a mountain trail, or on the beach where we might get caught. I told her that my fantasies ran along the same lines, however what turned me on was the thought of someone seeing her naked and wet, lost to her lust. I didn’t mention that my biggest fantasy would be to see her like that myself, but with another man.

We did talk about her dressing a little more provocatively when we go out. She seemed a little surprised that I’d want other men ogling her. With her straight blonde hair, long sexy legs and firm C cups, she would have turned heads dressed in a gunny sack. So she intentionally dressed more conservatively than I would have liked, to keep the wolves at bay. She said if I wanted her to dress sexier she would think about it, and we left it at that.

I guess she must have thought about it over the last month, because I tripped and almost fell on my face when I saw the little skirt and tank top she had donned for our trip South.

Lisa was thrilled when my old College buddy Eric had invited us to come visit him in sunny Florida. She had to Facebook stalk him of course, looking through every one of his photos. “He is quite the hunk!” she said with an evil smile.

I explained that he was always a ladies’ man when I knew him, never really settling down with any one woman for long. I laughed at her expression when I told her that his nickname was Don, because he was hung like a donkey. That along with his 6’2″ athletic frame and his piercing blue eyes made it easy to get alt yazılı seks any woman he wanted. Judging by the pictures on his page nothing had changed much. He was surrounded by a variety of gorgeous women in most of them.

The night before we left Lisa was insatiable. As my cock slid slowly in and out of her tight little pink hole, she whispered in my ear, “Do you still want to show your wife’s body off to other men?” She was arching her back to meet every stroke, and she was wetter than I could remember in a long time. I admitted that “Yes, it still turned me on to think of other men lusting for her sexy body.” Her moans became more pronounced and she started fucking me harder.

“Does it turn you on to think of other men catching a glimpse of your pussy?” I asked. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she began to buck against my cock. She didn’t answer, but she was making little yelping noises and swiveling her hips to meet my thrusts for maximum penetration. Suddenly I pulled out, and kept my cock just out of reach of her greedy little pussy. “Answer me” I said sternly. “If you don’t I will stop fucking you right now! Do you want other men to see your pretty little pink folds? Do you want them to see how wet it gets, and know what a little slut you really are?” “Fuck me you bastard,” she screamed, clawing at my ass to get my cock back inside of her.

As I sank balls deep she wailed “Yeeesss, I want them to see me! I want to make their dicks hard! I want them all to want to fuck me. To use me like a naughty cheating slut!” Her pussy clamped down so hard that she squeezed me out. My cock was suddenly flooded with waves of warmth, as she squirted time after time. That was just too much for me. I exploded with her, painting her stomach with ropes of cum.

When we calmed down, and cleaned up, we had to throw a towel on the wet spot. I asked her what got her so worked up, but she was ready to go to sleep and didn’t want to talk about it. I suspected that she was embarrassed by her strong reaction to the fantasy, so I let it go. As she rolled over though she whispered, “maybe on vacation.”

The driveway curved through the lush tropical foliage, until suddenly the house loomed up through the mist. It was the first time either of us had seen Eric’s place, and I could tell from the look on Lisa’s face that she was impressed. It was a striking 2 story cottage style home with a large wrap around porch and what appeared to be a crow’s nest atop a spire in the center overlooking the Intercostal waterway.

I was disappointed when he called half way through our trip down from Knoxville to tell me that he had to fly to New Orleans for a last minute meeting.

It had come as a complete surprise when he found me on Facebook after losing touch for almost 20 years, but after an hour long phone call laughing together about some of the crazy shit we did in College, I was really looking forward to seeing my old friend again. I must admit that I was really anxious for him to meet my sexy blonde wife of 12 years as well. He may have a stable porno 92 of hot women at his beckon call, but as far as I was concerned Lisa was the complete package. Not only was she smart, successful and sexy, at 40 she was still one of the most beautiful women I had ever known.

Lisa was half way to the front door before I got the car into park and my stiff cock back in my shorts. I joined her after locating the hidden key under a rock by the steps, right where Eric said it would be. We were welcomed by an obnoxious beep, beep, beep from the alarm system as soon as I opened the door, but the code (696996) he had sent me quickly silenced it.

Lisa meanwhile was stripping off her blouse as she led me by my dick to the master bedroom. Just then my phone began ringing. She had my shorts around my ankles in seconds as she threw back the comforter. She shoved me down and took my dripping 7″ cock in her warm mouth. She wasted no time as she started bobbing her head up and down like it was the best treat she had ever tasted. I had to pry her off to keep from cumming too soon, but she had her own plans. She lifted her short skirt as she straddled me reverse cowgirl style. Then she lowered herself on my throbbing member. After all of the teasing we had done on the trip down neither of us needed any foreplay. Lisa slid right down to the base of my cock, letting out a loud moan as it filled her. She began to bounce energetically and within a few strokes she was screaming in orgasm. I wanted it to last, but was just too excited. I started to cum with her, filling her with my hot seed until I felt it running down my balls onto the sheet below us. We fell back gasping for breath, momentarily satisfied and fell into a cozy sleep, not even bothering to cover up.

The sun was just coming up when I woke the next morning. I decided to let Lisa sleep as I got up to make coffee. She looked like a wet dream, face down with her little skirt hiked above her tight round ass, and my dried cum caked between her long sexy legs. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture as I headed to the kitchen, just now remembering the missed call from the night before. It was Eric. As the coffee brewed I called him back.

“What’s up bro? Sorry I missed your call last night. The tropical landscape must have gotten to my wife. She practically raped me as soon as we walked in your door.”

“Yeah I know. I got an alert on my phone when you disarmed the alarm system. I guess you guys didn’t notice the cameras” he laughed.

“Whaaat? Oh shit! So you saw us?”

“Sorry bro, but when you didn’t answer my call, I decided to log in on my I pad and make sure everything was alright. Once I got a look at your wife’s fine ass, I wasn’t about to sign off. I’m sure you understand,” he chortled.

“You dick,” I laughed. “Well I hope you enjoyed the show.”

“I really wouldn’t call it a show bro, more like a 30 second preview clip if you ask me, but hey she is a hottie. I probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer” he laughed. “Maybe I’ll get to see the full length feature before you leave. xvideos porno Oh and you can keep my bedroom as long as you’re there by the way. I don’t have a fresh change of sheets, and I’d just as soon not sleep in your crusty dried spunk, unless of course your lovely wife comes with the bed.”

“I don’t think she’d go for that,” I laughed. “Although she has certainly been full of surprises lately, so you never know. Knowing you, you probably just want us to keep your bedroom so you can tune in on your I-Pad while you jerk off looking at my wife you perv,” I joked.

He told me not to wait up, since he had a late flight, and wouldn’t be in until around 2 AM. He said to make ourselves at home, help ourselves to the liquor cabinet and fridge, and he even suggested a local bar that we might want to check out.

After we hung up, I realized that the idea of him watching us had turned me on. My cock was making a tent in my boxers and making a wet spot where the precum was leaking from the tip.

As I entered the bedroom I noticed the ceiling mounted security camera aimed directly at the bed. Just like Eric, I thought. He probably films all of his conquests to jerk off to later.

A thrill ran through me as I imagined Eric watching my lusty wife practically rape me right in his bed. From the angle of the camera he would have had a perfect view of her juicy little pussy stretched around my cock. Even now he could be looking at her plump round ass.

Damn! I was rock hard. Why did the idea of being watched turn me on? No, not so much me being watched, but the thought of him watching Lisa I realized. The thought of him seeing her naked pussy stretched around my cock. Seeing her uninhibited lust as she fucked me with such abandon. What if he jerked off while he watched us? I suddenly realized that I was jealous. Not jealous like mad at him for watching, but jealous that he got to see her in action in a way that I never had.

Lisa began to rouse herself. As she opened her eyes I looked at her, and then silently looked at the camera and back at her.

Her eyes groggily followed mine as she yawned, then suddenly popped wide open. “Oh my god!” she cried. “Do you think Eric recorded us last night?” “I don’t know about recording us, but yes he saw everything. I just got off the phone with him”

“Oh shit” she grabbed the comforter and pulled it up to her neck. “He could be looking at us right now! Oh my god! Did he say he saw us fuck?”

“Would that be so awful? You didn’t seem to mind that trucker seeing your pussy on the trip down,” I teased. “If it makes you feel better, he said you are a hottie, and he wouldn’t have lasted long either!”

“Oh My God!!” She looked embarrassed, then thoughtful, then with a shy smile she slowly let the comforter slip down to her waist, baring her firm c cup breasts. Her nipples were swollen and stiff. “What the hell. If he is watching, he has already seen it all anyway.” she giggled. “No need in being coy at this point I guess.”

I crawled back into bed and reached for her, my throbbing cock demanding attention, but she slid out the other side. “I need a shower” she said, grinning over her shoulder and swinging her ass more than was absolutely necessary as she strutted away naked.

This was certainly shaping up to be an interesting trip.

(Part 2 to come if there is enough interest)

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