Consequences Pt. 15


~~ Week 3 ~~

Jen continued to work long hours. Now though Mike was working just as long or even longer hours, getting the prototype ready. They didn’t work together, both of them working on different aspects of Memphis.

Mike stepped into Jen’s office during a break. Closing the door he said “I’m seeing Darren tonight.”

“Oh good,” she said. She hoped he could talk sense into Darren. Allie was still a basket case being pregnant and not knowing what her future with Darren was.

“Talk to Drums lately?” he asked with a smile.

“They’re in Miami, they have two weeks of gigs there,” she said. “He said they’re rescheduling the Saturday concert because there’s a basketball playoff game on the same day. He has the whole weekend free, so he’s thinking of visiting. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” Mike said. “So you really like him?”

“I do like him,” she admitted. She laughed. “He’s childish and irresponsible, but that’s part of his charm. He’s got a good heart. He’ll make a good husband someday if he ever grows up.”

“You like him more than the other guys?” Mike asked. She knew he was talking about Ricky, Scott and Tom, maybe Collin too.

“They’re all different,” she explained. “I didn’t like any of them as much as you think I did. Infatuation is just that Mike. It’s not permanent, and it’s certainly not love.”

“So what’s going on with you and Allie?” Mike asked Darren later that night as they drank beers in a bar.

“You know she’s pregnant,” Darren said.

“Yeah congratulations,” Mike said. “It’s a good thing right?”

“I don’t know what to do Mike,” he admitted. He actually looked scared. “I never thought I’d marry, or even fall in love. Then you introduce me to Allie. We’ve crazy about each other. I love her.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Mike asked not understanding.

“It’s gone so fast,” Darren explained. “Now she’s pregnant.” He looked at Mike, looking almost desperate. “No one’s ever counted on me Mike. I’ve always been a loner. Now there’s Allie, and a baby coming. What if I screw up and let them down?”

“Darren, you love Allie right? She loves you. That’s all that matters. You’ll work things out together, that’s what marriage is all about. The only way you screw up is if you don’t marry her. You need to proposed to her now Darren. She’s a basket case, she’s worried she’s just another white girl you got pregnant and now you’re going to bolt.”

“That’s not it at all!” Darren said shocked. “I’m worried I’m not good enough for her. I’m black and she’s white Mike, the world isn’t color blind, that’s still an issue.”

“So you work that out together Darren,” Mike told him. “The worst thing you can do right now is shut her out. Go home, talk to her Darren.”

Later that week Jen ran into Mike’s office. “I don’t know what you did but it worked!” she practically squealed, throwing herself into his arms. “Darren asked Allie to marry him last night!”

“That’s great news!” Mike said genuinely happy for both Allie and Darren.

“I think he’s going to ask you to be his best man.”

“Oh,” Mike said surprised.

Jen smiled at her husband’s modesty. “He really thinks a lot of you Mike, you’ve really changed his life.”

“Drums will be here this weekend?” Mike asked the next night.

“Yes, Saturday morning,” Jen said.

Mike nodded and then said, “The prototype’s coming along. I’d like to start running tests on live Memphis data.”

“Already? That’s so great honey!” Jen said excitedly. “Can we run the tests before the pitch next week?”

“I think so. I need to meet with the Memphis data center people. They’re in San Jose.”

“Okay, let’s go!” Jen said enthusiastically. “I’ll get the team together!”

“It’d be better if I go alone,” Mike said. “The less it looks like a pitch, the more they’ll open up to me.” Then he dropped the bombshell. “I was thinking about going this weekend.”

Jen frowned, processing his words. Then she gave her husband a suspicious smile. “Is this about getting Frankie alone with me?”

Mike couldn’t help smiling too. He’d been busted! “I do need to meet with the Memphis data center people, and I should go alone. But yeah, I’d like you and Drums to have some alone time.”

“God Mike, you’re so bad,” Jen said with a laugh. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She giggled. “Okay, I’ll spend all weekend alone with Frankie, just me and him, does that make you happy?”

Mike wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist. “I don’t want to force anything honey. But we only have a few weeks. I know you like each other. Let yourself go with him. I want you to.”

“Okay, I will,” she promised.

Mike left Friday morning for San Jose. That afternoon Jen got an unexpected call from Joe, Mike’s older brother.

“Hi Joe, how are you?” Jen said smiling into the phone. She liked Joe. They were close, not just as brother and sister-in-law, but good friends. Joe was a lot like Mike — gentle, caring, shy — so he was easy to like.

“I’m in the city, you know, my regular checkups,” nişantaşı escort Joe said. He was a cancer survivor. “I know this is last minute but can I crash with you guys tonight? Something must be going on this weekend, all the hotels are booked solid.”

“Of course you can, you’re always welcome here,” Jen said. “Mike is traveling this weekend. We can get pizza or go down the street for dinner.” After she hung up Jen realized Joe being there would cramp her being with Frankie that weekend. She obviously couldn’t bring Frankie to their loft apartment. Oh well, they’d have to go to Frankie’s hotel room.

That evening Jen took Joe to the little bistro down the street. It was crowded but they found 2 stools at the bar. “Is everything okay?” Jen asked as she crossed one shapely leg over another.

“Yeah, just my regular checkup,” Joe said. He tried not to look at Jen’s legs. Her skirt had hiked up a little when she sat and crossed her legs, showing off a lot of her shapely thighs. His sister-in-law had the best legs!

As they caught up, Jen noticed Joe stealing looks at her legs. They’d always had a mild flirtation thing going on. Of course, Jen flirted with everyone, it was part of her nature. But Joe was special of course. He was cute like Mike (they naturally had similar features) and she liked him. And of course, he was her brother-in-law which made it kinda naughty.

Feeling flirty, Jen re-crossed her legs a few times as they laughed and talked. Each time her skirt hiked up a little more. She pretended not to notice, allowing it to edge up higher. Jen pretended not to notice as Joe’s stolen glances at her legs became longer and more often.

She let Joe order a second bottle of wine mostly because she was having so much fun teasing him she didn’t want to go home.

Joe wasn’t the only guy noticing her pretty face and shapely legs. Two guys approached and hit on her. Jen sent them away, but not before laughing and flirting with them for a while, right in front of Joe.

“Those guys just hit on you!” Joe said surprised. He wasn’t used to being around a girl as pretty as Jen. She attracted bold guys all the time.

“No they didn’t!” Jen giggled, flirtingly hitting his chest. Sometimes it was fun pretending to be the dumb clueless blonde.

They finally went home. Jen was beyond tipsy making her unsteady in her high heels. As they walked Jen staggered and bumped into Joe more than once, laughing the whole time.

“I’m going to bed,” Jen announced, slurring her words and laughing at nothing in particular (she was drunk!).

“I think I’ll stay up a while and read,” Joe said smiling. It was fun seeing his sister-in-law drunk! They hugged goodnight and Jen gave him a peck on the cheek, her soft lips lingering on his cheek for just a split second too long.

Jen undressed, smiling to herself about how she’d teased Joe. She knew she was terrible but she couldn’t help it, she was a natural flirt. She slipped on VS cotton panties and was about to put on Mike’s old frat t-shirt when she had a naughty idea. Instead of the old comfy t-shirt she put on a black nightie. While being completely opaque, it had a swoop top (showing the top of her cleavage) and ended mid-thigh. She brushed her hair to a silky luster. Then she went to the kitchen.

“Hey,” she said nonchalantly passing Joe as she went into the kitchen. As she got a big glass of water she felt Joe’s eyes on her ass and long legs.

Holding her glass she sat next to him, her bare knees almost touching his thigh. “Whatcha reading?”

“Hunger games,” Joe said.

“You haven’t see the movies?” she asked, leaning into him as she pretended to see what page he was on.

“I have,” he said sounding nervous with Jen sitting so close to him with almost nothing on. “I want to read the trilogy before the last movie comes out.”

“Oh okay,” Jen said her shoulder still touching Joe’s. “I hardly ever read books. I know that makes me sound like a dumb blonde. It’s just, I read so much at work.”

“I don’t think you’re a dumb blonde, I think you’re really smart,” Joe assured her.

“Thanks,” Jen said beaming at him, playfully bumping her shoulder against his. She took a sip of water. “Thirsty?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ll get some,” Joe said. He tried not to look at her chest but he was doing a bad job of it. Her nipples were hard and were poking through the silky black material.

“You can have some of mine,” Jen said, offering him her glass. Their fingers touched as he took the glass from her.

Joe took a sip from her glass. “Thanks,” he said handing the glass back to her. Again their fingers touched.

“I guess I better go to sleep, I’m kinda drunk,” she said with a giggle. “I have to get up early to pick up a friend from the airport. When is your doctor appointment over?”

“The afternoon sometime,” Joe said. “Don’t worry about me, I can keep myself busy.”

“Maybe we can see a movie or something,” Jen offered, bumping her shoulder against his again. She didn’t want to leave Joe alone all day tomorrow.

“Sounds kağıthane escort great, but if it doesn’t work out it’s okay, I don’t want to put you out if you have a friend visiting,” Joe said not wanting to impose.

Back in her bedroom, Jen decided to sleep in the silky nightie, it made her feel sexy. God she was horny! Flirting and teasing got her that way. She couldn’t wait to see Frankie tomorrow!

Joe went to bed not able to read anymore. In bed he took out his cock. He was rock hard. He stroked himself. There were a few girls he liked to fantasize about and Jen was at the top of that list. He closed his eyes and masturbated as he fantasized about fucking his pretty sister-in-law.

Jen woke up with a little hangover. She felt embarrassed about teasing Joe so much the night before. She liked flirting but she knew last night was too much, especially wearing the revealing nightie in front of him.

She put on a long thick fluffy robe and went out to the kitchen. She resolved not to flirt with Joe anymore that weekend.

Joe was already up and dressed, drinking coffee. He was disappointed seeing Jen in the robe, he’d hoped to see her again wearing the short black nightie.

“Morning,” she said smiling. “Did you sleep okay?”

“Yeah, I actually have to go,” Joe said getting up. “Maybe I’ll see you later?”

“Definitely,” Jen said smiling him. She was relieved he was going. She didn’t want him to see what she was going to wear for Frankie.

After eating a light breakfast, Jen showered and did her hair and makeup. Then she put on a tight Lycra black dress. In front the dress went all the way to her neck, but in back it swooped down showing a lot of her sexy back. There was no way she was wearing a bra with this dress. She didn’t wear panties either. She rolled black thigh high stockings up her long legs and stepped into black high heels. She wore her hair up to show off her neck and back. She thought this would be the perfect outfit if she had that tattoo below her neck.

She looked at herself in the mirror. It was a designer Fendi dress so it looked sexy without crossing the line to slutty. Still she was relieved Joe didn’t see her in it, how could she explain wearing this dress to pick up a friend at the airport? It wasn’t a dress you’d wear touring New York City either. That was okay. She wasn’t planning to leave Frankie’s hotel room today.

She threw a change of clothes and a box of condoms into a bag. Then she caught a taxi to LaGuardia.

Drums’s eyes widened seeing her. She looked so beautiful and hot! He moved to kiss and hug her but she stepped away. “Remember Frankie,” she whispered.

“Oh yeah, sorry,” he said. They hugged briefly as platonic friends would.

Things were different in the cab. Drums was all over Jen, and she was all over him too. “What hotel?” Jen asked between kisses.

“Hilton Times Square,” Drums said.

“Tell the driver to hurry!” Jen urged him as she moaned and rolled her head back, his hand between her legs.

They managed to keep their hands off each other as they walked through the lobby and checked into the Hilton. But Drums pushed Jen against the wall as soon as they were in the room.

“You’re dressed like a hooker, you know that?” he growled kissing her and pawing her little tits. He roughly pushed her to the floor, onto her hands and knees. “Is that what you are Jen? A whore?”

“God yeah I’m a slut, a whore!” Jen gasped as he roughly pulled up her skirt.

He grinned seeing she wasn’t wearing panties. “You missed me huh? You horny bitch. What, Mike not fuck you good this week?”

“Don’t talk about him okay?”

“I’ll talk about whatever I want slut!” Drums yelled slapping Jen’s ass hard. He reached under her and squeezed her breast so hard it hurt. “You need to understand something Jen. I’m in charge, not you!” He pressed his cock against her pussy.

“Okay, okay, you’re in control,” Jen gasped. “But you have to wear a condom Frankie.” She reached into her bag and pulled one out of the new box she’d bought yesterday. Twisting her body she rolled it onto him.

“You’re mine this weekend,” Drums said rolling her onto her back and kissing her.

“Yeah, I’m yours,” she agreed between kisses. “But that’s the one thing you have to do, okay? Condoms.”

He scowled at her but didn’t argue. He rolled her back onto her hands and knees. Positioning his cock he rammed it in!

Jen yelped with pain. “Go slow!” she told him.

“Fuck you bitch! It’s time your pussy got used to my cock!” he yelled angrily. He was pissed she always made him use condoms. He shoved more of his cock into her pussy. “By the time I’m done with you you’ll never be able to feel Mike’s pencil dick again!”

“Oh god oh god,” Jen moaned as Drums battered her pussy and mauled her breasts. She loved this! A man dominating her! Being taken like a slut! “I’m cumming! You’re making me cum!”

Between strokes Drums rolled her onto her back, his powerful arms moving her petite body like a Barbie doll. osmanbey escort As before he twisted her around while keeping his cock deep inside her. Then he pounded her again, barely missing a stroke, and he leaned down and kissed her. He wanted to be kissing her as she came, he wanted his tongue in her mouth as she climaxed on his cock.

Jen came, and like before, the spasms of her pussy pushed him over the edge! They yelled and moaned as incredible orgasmic pleasure shot through their bodies!

“Oh god,” Jen sighed as her orgasm finally subsided. Her entire body tingled from all the pleasure his beautiful, wonderful cock had just given her.

“Careful,” she said as he pulled out.

“I know, I know,” he said irritably, holding the condom on as he pulled out. “You don’t have to keep reminding me.”

“Give me a minute okay?” Jen said and she went into the bathroom. She leaned on the sink, her hands on the basin. Her knees felt weak and her body still tingled. God he’d fucked her good!

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was disheveled and her makeup a mess. Her dress was wrinkled and splatted with love juices, and her nylons were laddered around her knees.

She looked a mess. Like a slut, freshly fucked. The thought made her shiver with sexual desire!

Crossing her arms she took off the dress. She was naked underneath except for the stockings. They were ruined and she considered taking them off. But maybe Frankie was one of those men (like Mike) who got turned on by laddered stockings. She decided to leave them on, along with her high heels. She brushed her hair and redid her makeup, then she rejoined Frankie.

He smiled, seeing her naked. “We haven’t really said hi,” she giggled getting in the bed with him. She hugged and kissed him.

“I missed you,” Frankie said smiling into her face.

“Me too,” Jen said smiling back.

“Sorry I was rough, I’ve been thinking about you all week,” he said sheepishly.

“Don’t apologize, I like it that way,” Jen said.

“It’s just, you really turn me on, and I get that way when I’m really turned on,” Drums explained.

“It’s okay, I like it rough,” Jen assured him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“You like getting fucked like a slut huh?” he said grinning at her.

“I really do,” Jen said with an embarrassed laugh, blushing.

Drums took Jen’s arms and pulled them above her head, pinning them there with one hand. With his other hand he caressed her arm, from her wrist to just below her shoulder. “Back in college, I knew you were a slut,” he said.

“You did huh?” she said with a laugh. She liked the way he was treating her, pinning her arms above her head, taking control of her body, taking control of HER.

“I guess not so much a slut,” he said. “More like, a nice girl who likes getting fucked hard. Who likes being treated like a slut.”

“That’s me,” Jen admitted with giggle.

“Mike doesn’t fuck you like that, does he?”

“He does well enough,” Jen said.

“I saw how he fucks you, last weekend,” Drums said. “Does he always fuck you like that?”

“Mike doesn’t fuck me Frankie,” she said. “He makes love to me. There’s a big difference.”

“How romantic,” Drums said with a scornful laugh. He moved his hand down. Now he caressed circles over her breast, around her nipple. She shivered at his touch. Her nipples were rock hard and her pussy craved his cock. God, she was already horny again! So was he, she felt his hard cock pressing against her thigh!

“I get it now Jen,” he said.

Jen was breathing hard, her chest heaving. She had her cum face on, her eyes glazed over with lust. “What do you get Frankie?” she panted.

“Why you fuck around,” Drums said. “Mike doesn’t do it for you. Yeah I get it, you love each other and he makes love to you. But you wanna get fucked like a slut, don’t you? And he doesn’t do that, does he Jen?”

“Sometimes I want that,” Jen admitted.

“I give you that, right?”

“Yeah you do,” she said. “Are you gonna give me some now?”

“Mike doesn’t give you want you need, does he?” he pressed.

“He gives me a lot Frankie,” Jen said, getting annoyed at how he kept talking about Mike. Putting Mike down got her lovers hot, she understood that, it was an alpha guy thing. Sometimes it turned her on too. But she didn’t want to talk about Mike. She wanted fucked!

He scrowled. “You want my cock slut?” he said taunting her. “Prove how much you want it!” He moved so his dick was in her face. “Suck it bitch!”

Smiling at him, Jen wrapped her hands around his shaft and opened her mouth wide. He was so thick she could only swallow his big cock head and a couple inches of his shaft. She bobbed up and down on his cock while she stroked his shaft with her hands.

“You can do better than that slut,” Drums said derisively. He moved her onto the floor, on her knees. He stood up and she took him back into her mouth.

“Yeah, you look good like that,” Drums admired looking down at his thick cock stretching her sexy mouth. He pushed more of his cock into her mouth. She smiled at him with her eyes, taking the extra inch into her mouth. It was hard having that much thick cock in her mouth but she could do it if she breathed through her nose.

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