Coming Home pt. 3


 Faith had to take a moment to catch her breath as she mentally went back in time to her first time with Hunter, giving him head.Hunter smiled down at her saying, “Don’t worry Baby Girl. I’ll teach you everything you need to know.”He started by taking her hand and placing it on his hard erection. She could feel him through the thin boxers he wore. The rigid length filled her palm, and she felt it twitch under her. He moaned as he used his hand on hers to grind it against his swollen shaft. Her hand involuntarily spasmed, and instinctively closed around him. He thrust his hips up into her touch, groaning.“Mmm, Baby Girl. Your hand feels so good on me. Touch me more.”He guided her hand into the opening of his boxers and she felt the hot steel of him. His cock was surprisingly soft, like hot silk. But hot silk wrapped around a steel pole. She gingerly flexed her fingers Escort Pendik around him, feeling the slight give the muscle had. He covered her hand again and pulled it and his raging hard-on from the opening. She got her first look at him fully.To her inexperienced eyes, he looked huge. The shaft was fairly symmetrical from top to bottom, only getting a little wider where it met the base. The head was slightly larger than the shaft, and had more give to it.Hunter guided her hand in a stoking motion, beginning under the head, and moving down to the base, then traveling back up. He helped her for a few passes before he let go, leaving her to continue, on her own. She soon found a good rhythm, if his moans and thrusting was any indication.“Hey Baby Girl, stop a moment,” he said.She stopped her stoking, looking over at him. He lifted Beykoz escort his hips, and shucked the boxers off, tossing them onto the floor.“Much better. Please, continue,” he smiled cheekily. “And don’t be afraid to really grab it. Not in a death grip, but it won’t break if you’re holding it little firmer.”Her hand returned to its previous ministrations, gliding up and down in a steady motion. She rubbed her thumb across the tip when some pearly fluid began to leak out. He groaned and tightly closed his eyes at that small movement. She used the moisture to swirl her thumb around and around his head, causing more to drip out.“Put it in your mouth. Lick it,” he quietly demanded.Faith looked up at him, to be sure she heard him right. He nodded, with a serious expression in his eyes. She bent down and lightly flicked her tongue against Cevizli escort bayan the tip. She did a couple more tentative passes before she looked over at Hunter for more instruction. He rolled his eyes at her, before he opened his mouth.“Seriously, Faith? That’s your best effort?” he growled in disgust.“I told you I don’t know what I’m doing!” she shot back. “And you’re not giving me any tips.”“Okay, try this. Pretend is an ice-cream cone mixed with a blow-pop. How would you go about eating a blow-pop? Just do that. Except don’t bite. Whatever you do, don’t bite. And be sure to use your lips to guard your teeth.”Faith had to giggle at the biting part and then went back to work, trying Hunter’s suggestion. She once more grasped ahold of his shaft, and this time gave it a long slow lick. She watched Hunter’s expression and body language to see if it was working. His body jerked and he uttered a low moan, his eyes closing as he arched his neck.I guess that worked out alright, she thought. She decided to try it again, only this time when she came back to the bottom, she wrapped her lips around the tip. Hunter hissed in a slow breath and groaned.

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