Coming Across Daisy


I came across Daisy, twenty-seven, single, bisexual, a lonely woman living on an adult chat site. I liked her, followed her, wasn’t surprised when she followed me back:

‘It’s Daisy!’ she cried, ‘Thanks so much for following me! Looking forward to getting to know you. Do you enjoy posts on your page?’

‘I do, girl.’

‘I’m going to post you a little happy then…if you don’t like it…plz just delete it okay?

‘I’m sure, I’ll love it.’

‘Sweet dreams my friend. Yes you will’

I loved her post…told her I liked men as well as women.

‘I don’t mind you liking guys,’ she said, brightly, ‘I have, and still do, like sucking cock.

‘You make sucking cock sound so relaxed and casual, Daisy… love you for that. I’d like to clench your tongue inside my dripping wet love hole even more, if you want me to?’

‘Mmmn would really like that right now. I love my pussy being licked, along with other things done to it…a soft nipple rubbing me is almost as nice…would very much like to taste you.’

‘Lick my wet cleft with the tip of your tongue, pretend my jus is salty cream, please? I love your sexy photos. Squat on my breasts, feel my erect teat inside your wet slit, girl. This is me. If he takes his cock out of my Demetevler Escort cunt could you lick me out till I come, please?’

‘I’d love to rub my wet self all over your breasts…omg…yes…yes I’d maybe even lick him, too…don’t let him waste that stuff though,’ she giggled.

‘Go on then, squat over my stiff teats, saturate them in your girlie jus, squirt over my breasts, Daisy, if you like, while my clenching cunt squeezes all that creamy cum out of you, naughty girl!’

‘I can’t help it,’ she giggled.

‘Love it when you giggle, you’re lovely.’

‘Hope we chat again soon… doing that together.’

‘Mmmn my fingers inside your soft love-hole, stroking, caressing you: I hope so, too.’

‘I love to share my pleasure mound with other girls!’

I left a lovely comment against an image of her turning herself on and posted an erotic story about two girls exploring each other’s sexual fantasies imagining it was us hoping she’d like it.

‘Let’s get together and make our dreams come true,’ she giggled, ‘Tell me what to do!’

Daisy, I love you licking my cunt, stimulating my pearl bead, making my clit swell. Lie on top of me in ’69… I’ll stick my tongue Otele gelen escort inside your love-hole, lick all that sticky jus of yours off your raw flesh. Don’t get my hairs on your tongue, girl. Oh, you feel heavenly tonight! xxx

‘My tongue is talented… the hairs don’t bother me at all… mmmn love your sweet nectar.’

‘I wrote a story for you, Daisy: Fuck Me With Your Tongue. You make me want to squirt for you in your face. Your tongue is talented! You feel sensational inside me but brush your teeth afterward!’

‘Love to have your juices soaking me…I’m sure that pussy of yours tastes wonderful… you’re just going to have to let me wax you.’

‘Want you to wax off all the hair round my love-hole, leave me bald as a plucked hen… want to squat on your face, squirt my girlie jus in your mouth before you lick out my cleft. I’m told I taste of syrupy vinegary figs scented with caramel cream, Daisy.’

‘I’d love to 69 with you…pour our pleasure mounds dry onto each other mmmn …yes…my pussy is dripping into my panties as we speak.’

‘Going to knead your breasts and squeeze your teats till you run with milk… going to sit on that stiff tongue of yours, make Balgat Escort you lick my clit and wiggle it about inside my dripping wet fuck-hole till you squirt for me, red hot lover.’

‘Then your b/f can use both of us… coming deep in our pussies!’

‘Didn’t know you’d like him to fuck you, Daisy. Do you mind being filled with his semen after swallowing my girlie jus? You must have deep throats both ends of your beautiful body, sexy girl!’

‘My body’s on fire for you…been tasting myself thinking about us together… would love for him to fill me with that warm cum…I need both of you so much…his cock buried deep in me…you feeding that yummy pussy…omg…plz…g/f…I’m so horny right now…’

‘Lie back and dream of his cock deep inside you, Daisy, you creaming all over his erect shaft as he ejaculates his balls-full of semen inside you, me squirting my warm jus into your mouth. You can knead my breasts if you like. Think you’re close to coming in your pants, girl. I’m dripping wet, coming… are you getting wet, soiling, your panties?’

‘They’re wringing wet with my joy juices…I’m going to lick them clean when I orgasm in them!’

‘I can tell you’re about to squirt, Daisy, thought you were a shy girl.’

‘My cunt’s creamy right now … want you to squirt in your panties, too!’

‘My pants are saturated… peeling them off…I’m coming…coming for you, love you Daisy!’

‘Mmmn…omg…I’m coming, too…coming for you, my sweet girl… oh, sweet, wet, dreams!’

xoxox Daisy

Note: all characters in this work of fiction are over 21 years of age.

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