Come Together Ch. 01


Note: I took the first letter for granted, assuming it to be authored by someone with a peculiar interest. But when I received no less than three other similar letters indicating the same subject, I thought about it.

The following work of fiction is loosely based on what the authors of these four letters want; in short, a combination of “coming straight to the act as I had in the first chapter of the Saga of A Family” (thanks Zingy), relationship based on incest (thanks latha), plenty of breast oriented action (thanks park_geoff, and mimime, though I have received letters accusing me of being too much into it; and incidentally, the photos were very stimulating and I hope you and your girl will enjoy those I am sending to you shortly) and “more erotic action than a lot of background” (thanks Lee). Finally, thanks a lot Wannabee2 for recommending the book; I have drawn a few inspirations as you can see!

They made their way through the dark basement, he, holding a lighted candle above their heads, following Preeti as she led the way.

“Though your sister is beautiful, and the two of you look like you are almost twins, I find you to be doubly attractive,” Nitin murmured in a low voice.

“Really?” she laughed flirtatiously. “How so?”

“Her most attractive charms are less easily accessible when she is lying on her back,” he answered boldly.

“And what makes you think that mine would be?”

“That’s the whole reason of this dialogue. I wouldn’t have dared speak such words with any other woman. Your presence is so magnetic, I would frankly not give a damn even if you did slap me now.”

She felt warm and wet and flustered, both at the words he spoke and the circumstances they were in. Also arousing her further was the fact that both knew that the entire of the rest of the family was up stairs.

She had played along with him for too long and she knew it was pay back time.

As if on cue, he circled her with one arm from behind, pressing the front of his body against her back. Despite the agility with which he did this, she was astonished that he could still manage to balance the lighted candle over his head.

“I think that this action of yours might get noticed, particularly maybe by my sister who may just get suspicious to such a long absence of her husband, so I think we should stop at this,” she reminded him.

“I don’t think so. For one thing, we are quite alone here in this basement. For another, everybody upstairs is quite, quite tipsy by now. And finally, I cannot really believe that my attentions are wholly unwanted.”

She bit her lip when he pressed into her, clearly wanting her to feel his bulge, now so prominent between his legs.

“Supposing they are?” she questioned, her resolve already wilting. Damn, but he was attractive and she had always wondered about how it would feel to have him instead of having her own husband, albeit, temporarily.

“Are they?” his voice was almost mocking, and she paused, even leaning slightly back against him as he gently set the candle down on a shelf above their heads. From this position, the candle illuminated the whole part of this side of the basement, though not so brightly.

She felt his strong hands slide up her waist to cup her firm breasts from behind and she suppressed a gasp when his warm lips traced the naked flesh of her neck.

“Your dress is very becoming of you, but at times such as these, very impractical,” he said in a low and husky voice.

She was indeed flattered by the complement for she had chosen this particular dress with designs on a similar line of activity, though not with him. It was glowing beige satin with a particularly daring low neckline designed to show off almost half of the top of her round and firm breasts. It plastered her narrow waist like second skin and flared at the hips ever so slightly so as to leave little imagination to the mobility of her enticing buttocks and her long legs. She was aware when she had chosen to wear the dress that it was fashioned to inflame and enhance the viewer’s imagination (as she desperately wanted to entice Sunny this evening). In fact she had even noticed her father-in-law and her own father glance appreciatively at the right places a number of times through the evening.

It was haute couture; there was no doubt about it. The fashion dictated a same-length silk slip under the gathered skirt. Beneath, she was wearing a sort of an old fashioned, but equally daring and flimsy bodice: held together at the shoulders by a pair of incredibly thin straps tied up with lacy little ribbons. The base was tight elastic that had an effect of pushing up and bunching together her rounded breasts.

As Nitin had rightly remarked, the style was impractical for such erotic liaisons. There were just too many layers of clothing involved in the style. But, knowing how this fact fired the imagination of her husband Shashi (he loved to peel away those layers one by one and very, very slowly) she had always gone in for such designs. She guessed that Shashi never really wanted reality; he was more into the fantasy stuff and she Şişli Escort always thought that’s what women’s clothes were all about.

“What makes you think that it matters anyway?” she asked, barely breathing now.

“The fact that the pleasure is going to be mutual,” he replied brusquely. His hands swiftly lifted her skirt with both hands at the back, exposing the slip. “My God!” he exclaimed, peering at the garment within the garment. “So many impediments!”

“I think it is a forewarning,” she whispered.

“Nonsense,” he quipped, his hands expertly moving over her body, lifting the slip and pulling down her sheer panties.

She was taken aback by surprise at his quickness and then she suddenly felt the unmistakable hardness of his cock inside his trousers pressing against the cleft of her naked buttocks. She felt overwhelmed by the sudden combination of lust and desire, weakening her resolve, if she had any in the first place.

Her reaction did not go unnoticed. His hands very easily pulled down the top of her skirt over her midriff. He opened the ribbons of her bodice to free her naked breasts. At the same time, his thighs and his flat belly and his throbbing cock were exploring the terrain of her bottom.

She put up some semblance of a struggle. “Don’t” her voice was low, but sharp. “Someone may come down anytime.”

Ignoring her, he turned her around and lowered his mouth over hers. She had opened her mouth to protest; instead, she now felt his tongue thrusting inside her. Just as demanding, his cock slid up and down against her belly.

She did not know how, but he contrived to push down the top and pull up the bottom of her dress to bare her breasts and all that beneath her waist. She tried to struggle; she admitted that she had been waiting for this moment, but certainly not with such suddenness.

She felt her legs go weak and smothered a moan when she felt his hand cupping her crotch. She pulled away from his kiss and was startled that in the midst of doing all this, he had his trousers and shorts down over his knees, exposing his very rigid, naked tumescent cock.

He carried her hand to it and set it in motion: rubbing it up and down the shaft. She felt it throbbing and expand in her fist and she squeezed and tugged at it.

“No one is going to come down anytime,” he said hoarsely, licking her ear and then trailing the tip of his tongue down over her cheek. He continued cupping and squeezing her naked and moist pussy with one hand and took one breast in his other.

“My god, Preeti! You have such beautiful breasts! These are bigger than your sister’s. And far firmer!”

She moaned when he bent down and took the nipple in his mouth. At the same time, he drew back his hand from her pussy and started to rub a finger over her wet slit.

On her part, she kept stroking and squeezing him. She felt his body shudder and was secretly pleased that she could have such an overwhelming effect on him.

There was a table just below the shelf on which he had laid the candle.

“Turn around and bend down,” he whispered.

“No,” she gasped, “just put it inside me this way.”

“I want to fuck you from behind,” he insisted, now, impatiently forcing her around and pushing her down. She reached out to grab the edge of the table just in time before her legs gave away.

She felt his cock, impatient and hard and thrusting, slide over her wet slit, when she suddenly slipped down.

At about the same moment, they suddenly heard the fall of feet coming their way down the stairs and into the basement. Without realizing it, she had screamed when she fell down, in the process knocking away the candle and plunging the basement into total darkness.

“Preeti? You there?” It was the unmistakable voice of her elder brother, Sunny, for which, she had taken so much care to dress up that evening.

She heard a hustle and knew that Nitin was scrambling for cover. There was a door at the back and if he could open it quietly, perhaps he could make well his escape without being noticed.

Her eyes strained to pierce the darkness and she twisted around to face away from the rear door (where Nitin would be heading for if he was smart) toward the staircase. In doing so, her head banged against the side of the table and she screamed again, sprawling down on the floor.

“Preeti! What the hell happened? You okay?” Sunny’s feet were now pounding down the stairs.

“I-I am all right, Sunny,” she managed to croak, hastily pulling her dress up to cover her breasts and down to hide her naked thighs. She groped around to look for two things: the candle and her panties.

She found the candle first and almost simultaneously she heard the snap of a lighter.

She saw the handsome face of her brother in the light as he strode purposefully over to her. She extended the candle to him and he lit it up. Fearfully, she glanced around at whatever she could see in the basement. Thankfully, there was no sight of Nitin. Perhaps he had made his escape either by crawling up the stairs after Sunny had come down, or through Şişli Escort Bayan the small door at the rear.

“What happened to you? And what in hell are you doing here?”

“I slipped and the candle fell down, Sunny,” she answered the first part of his question, searching for an answer to the second part. Quickly, she glanced around again, ascertaining once again that Nitin wasn’t there, and then, looking up at him, she smiled.

“As to your other question, bro, does this answer the question?”

She took his hand in one of hers and guided it to her breast. He grinned when he heard the pounding in her chest.

“Ahh!” Sunny recalled the subtle and whispered flirtation that he had been endearing at the table upstairs and in the kitchen. “Come here, baby,” he said, kneeling down on the floor beside her and enfolding her in his arms.

“You hurt?” he inquired, stroking her hair and her back, rubbing his palms over the satin cloth.

“Not at all,” she whispered back, setting the candle back onto the table. “In fact, I’m beginning to hurt now.”

He gave a short laugh. “And we will make the hurt go away. Just a sec, sis, let me lock the damned door before anyone finds their way in.”

She breathed heavily, her breasts rising with anticipation as he disappeared. She heard him shoot the bolt home and then his steps were coming back to her again.

Before he could reach her, she had quickly and expertly divested herself of the skirt and the slip. By the time she could see his face in the light, she was naked. That way, she wouldn’t have to explain the missing panties.

“Oh God, you are one hell of a sexy bitch,” he said, kneeling down once again and pulling her to him. His kiss was avid and passionate. As expected, she was sucking on his tongue as soon as he thrust it inside her mouth. He smelled of cigarettes and cologne.

His hands moved all over her body as their tongues dueled together and he held her in a vice like grip.

“I have to fuck you now, Preeti,” he said matter-of-factly.

She looked up at him as he tugged away his shirt and unbuttoned his trousers. “Show me your cock.”

He exposed it in the candlelight and she delighted as usual in the hard and thick throbbing piece of flesh. It dangled now as he stripped off till he was naked.

She stood up, proud of her firm high breasts and aware of the fact that he was lustily staring at the dark patch of hair between her legs.

He rose, and taking one step, pinned her against the table. His cock was hot and hard against her belly and his balls swung heavily over her pussy, teasing her silken pubic curls.

Her breasts mashed against his chest as he kissed her again; an open mouthed kiss. His tongue tickled the roof of her mouth and she felt his hands hold her heavy breasts, squeezing them mercilessly, occasionally pinching her erect nipples.

She drew back and spun around. Suddenly she wanted him inside her from the back, as Nitin had wanted her.

“Put your cock into me from behind.”

Eagerly, he complied. His hard cock slid down from the spread of her buttocks and found the oily lips of her pussy, which opened willingly when he pushed inside gently.

He reached down and began kneading her breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers and as he thrust inside her, he leaned down and stabbed his tongue into her ear.

“Ahh!” she sighed feeling his hard shaft impale itself deep into her pussy. She spread her thighs wider, settling down to make him more comfortable in establishing the steady rhythm she was so used to. She reached behind as he skewered into her and paused, letting her fondle his heavy balls.

His weight was heavy on her and her breasts were digging into the table as she concentrated on moving back and forth to keep up with his rhythmic fucking. His cock delved deep into her every time that he thrust inside and he almost pulled it out of her, though not entirely, when he backed away.

He slid his cock in and out, slowly and gently, and then hard and fast. The two of them began to rock over the table, grunting and fucking, their bodies quickly growing slick with their perspiration, each savoring the sensation of the act.

“Oh my god, fuck me, fuck with me, fuck me,” she whimpered.

“Take this, take this and this, oh Jeeze, I missed you baby!”

“Harder, bro,” she wailed, gripping the edge of the table. “Deeper, ah, yes, like that, ooohh, faster now, yes, yes.”

He pushed one hand below and she jerked and stiffened when he began to rub her clitoris. He moved his finger gently and in circles, even as he kept up with his steady thrusts.

“I’m coming!” she screamed, “Oh god, I’m coming, fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes!”

He thrust savagely into her, now in short and quick strokes just the way she liked it, until she shuddered with her first orgasm.

It was over for her but she realized that he was still hard and he was still pumping gently inside her. Not like her husband, Jeetu, who’d blast with her or before her and then settle down to sleep.

He put his hands Escort Şişli on her hips and pulled her off the table. He forced her to bend down till her long silky hair grazed the floor. She gripped her ankles for support, and Sunny once again mounted her from behind, this time stabbing his cock into her wet cunt forcefully, almost violently and brutally. He knew that she loved it this way.

She thought she would topple over, but he held her upright, his hands grasping her hips. His movements were hard and driving and it felt to her as if a different man was now fucking her.

She rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet as he pumped into her. Her plump, round, firm, dangling breasts were a blur and with each of his powerful thrust, she gasped for air. She thrust back against him with equal vigor.

“Oh yes, fuck with me baby, oh yes, work that ass like that, oh yes, been wanting to do that ever since I came today, oh god, yes,” he chanted as they fucked. “Harder, Preeti, push back harder, ah yes, yes.”

“Coming again,” she screamed, pushing back with all her might and squeezing the muscles of her tight cunt around his embedded cock. “Again, oh god, I’m coming again, darling, oh yes!”

Sunny held her in place as shudder after shudder of her spending shook her entire body. The tip of his cock remained at the end of her depth and the entire length of his shaft pulsed inside her cunt. He didn’t thrust; he just held it hard and still allowing the sudden gush of her juices bathe him.

When she was finally through, his cock was still inside her, still hard, still pulsing with the pressure of his unreleased juices. She craned her head over her shoulders to look into his eyes.

“How come you have still not come?” she inquired mischievously.

He grinned. “Priya wanted some fucking today afternoon and then again before the party began. Besides, I like it when I can last long. That way, when it comes, it thunders.”

He withdrew his cock and turned her around to allow her to look down at it. The pulsating shaft was bright red and swollen and glistening with her juices and shivered as she stared at it in the candlelight.

He pulled her down on the floor of the basement and stretched out beside her. Like her, he too was perspiring with their effort. Her body was shinier now with their combined sweat. His balls were swollen and his cock stuck straight up from his belly and swayed from side to side.

“Get on top of me, baby,” he said, spreading his legs. She positioned herself over him so that she was kneeling over his cock, astraddle, her gaping cunt hovering only inches away above the twitching tip. He grabbed her hips and slowly lowered her onto him.

“Ahh!” she sighed once again, knowing that the penetration was now even deeper than before. She savored the slow movement of her body as his cock slid inside of her.

“It feels so nice!” she hissed, cupping her breasts with her hands, looking down at him and finally coming to a rest on his pelvis. Her cunt seemed to spread out over it, sucking in his hard cock even further. Instinctively, she reached behind her and began to fondle his tight and heavy balls.

He raised his head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. He pushed upward and moved his cock inside her with deep circular motions. She ground her moist cunt in opposite circles and it seemed like that they were rotating against each other as they fucked slowly and deeply.

Crouching over him as he sucked her swollen breasts, she would rise high ever so slowly till only the tip remained engaged. Then, in one swift savage movement she would slam down onto him, her wet cunt slapping against his groin. He in turn slammed up to meet her, his buttocks rippling, his thigh muscles hard as they slapped into her bottom.

“Fuck!” he growled, “Fuck, fuck me, honey, fuck me!”

His hands closed over her buttocks and he yanked her down savagely. She felt his shaft swell impossibly inside her cunt, his balls hot against the lips.

Just the knowledge that he was about to explode carried her over to the brink of her third orgasm. Wildly clawing at his balls, she let herself go. He lifted his hips so high, she thought he was trying to throw her off. But his hands on her hips assured she stayed astride as she gasped and moaned and sighed, shuddering as she came again.

“Oh my god,” his teeth were clamped, “Here I come, baby, here I come.”

“Oh yessss…come darling, come inside me, let me feel your juice in my cunt, come on now, darling, shoot it, shoot it!”

She didn’t dismount till she savored the last feeble spurts of his now softening cock.

And then, after a long time during which the only sounds were of their heavy breathing, she slid over him and lay beside his body.

“Fucking can be so fun!” she giggled, cuddling up to him.

“Especially the time that you come!” he finished with her, laughing.

What neither noticed was the sight of Nitin, peering at them from behind a large barrel. Their brother-in-law was equally breathless and was furiously milking the last drops of his come from his cock for the second time in succession. He had not bothered to unbuckle his pants; he had merely unzipped his trousers and fished out his throbbing cock, erect, as it had been when his amorous activity with Preeti had been interrupted by the arrival of her brother.

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