College Friends


Kelly and I had known each other since freshman year. We met through a mutual group, and all together had enjoyed dozens of movie nights, football games, and parties. Although we were pretty close, we never really gotten the chance to hang out one on one. Still, it wasn’t totally strange when, halfway through senior year, she sent me a text on a Friday night.

“hey dork, the gangs getting drunk tonight but I have a game tomorrow. Movie?

“haha sure” I replied, “what do you wanna see?”

“I’ll bring something. See ya later!”

To be honest I half expected her to bail and go to the bar as usual, but just after nine I heard her banging on my door.

“It’s open!” I yelled over both the knocking and the Knicks game I was half watching. I was laying on my bed (basically the only furniture in my tiny dorm room) and didn’t bother to get up as Kelly came in. We greeted each other as usual with a half-wave, and she tossed her coat in the corner. She was wearing her usual baggy, cut t-shirt hanging off her right shoulder to reveal a strap of her sports bra, and sweatpants rolled a few times at the waist. Her blonde hair fell in front of her face as she kicked off her shoes.

“No party for the party girl tonight?”

“Nah, practice has been kicking my ass this week, and tomorrow’s game day. It’s gonna be loud as hell at my place tonight, so I thought I would come bug you.” she answered, flashing me a big, cheesy grin. “Now move over, it’s movie time. They’re gonna lose anyway.”

I didn’t even try to protest. With the Knicks down by 23, I was happy to have an excuse to stop watching. Kelly bent down to put the movie in, and I (as usual) took full advantage of the opportunity to check out her ass. It was muscular like the rest of her, and looked as good in the sweatpants she always wore as any I had ever seen. This was far from the first time I had enjoyed this view, but the athletic shorts that she often wore under the sweatpants were absent. In their place, a black, lace thong peeked out at me.

I’m sure she caught me staring when she turned back around, and I swear I caught a smile before she settled in next to me. She laid on her side and I was behind her, one hand propping up my head to see over her, and about 6 inches between us.

Now Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a great movie, but it didn’t really hold my interest this time, as I found my eyes wandering down to the 2 inch patch of skin showing below the bottom of her shirt and the tiny bit of black lace that was peeking out from her pants. About halfway through, she paused the movie for a bathroom break, and I took the opportunity to adjust, making sure that she wouldn’t notice that I was half hard.

Everything seemed normal when she came back, but when she started the movie again and got settled, there was no longer a gap between us. We had been this close before, of course, when our whole group tried to cram on one couch to watch a game, or we packed 6 people in the car for a McDonald’s run. But never alone, and never laying like this.

Everything ataköy escort else seemed normal, so I just played it cool, but my mind was racing, bouncing back and forth between increasingly inappropriate thoughts and trying to keep from getting hard enough for her to notice, even though I’m sure she must have already. I’m not exactly small down there, and her butt was pressed right against me.

It wasn’t long before everyone’s favorite scene came on. The one that starts as an intense fight seen and flows seamlessly into an even more intense sex scene.

“Ooh I love this part.” Kelly said quietly, but casually as soon as the fight started.

“Heh, me too.” I replied, hopefully sounding less nervous then I felt.

I didn’t really mean to, but as the scene progressed my fingertips found their way to that patch of golden skin on her hip. With both sets of eyes fixed on the screen, the two of us pretended not to be aware of my fingers running lightly over her, first tracing the bottom edge of her shirt, then back along the fringe of black lace. I repeated this circuit several times, and with each lap, Kelly pushed back into me ever so slightly.

In the few minutes it took for Mr. & Mrs. Smith to go from fighting to fucking, she had pressed into me enough that I know she could feel every pulse in my growing shaft, and I had slid my fingers under her waistband, running them back and forth along the underside of her lingerie. As the passion increased on screen, Kelly brushed her hair back, revealing her smooth neck and tanned shoulder. I moved closer, letting my breath play across her skin as my fingers had been, before finally letting my lips brush against her, just below her ear.

I half expected her to jump out of bed and start screaming at me, but instead I heard her gasp and then let out a little groan as she pushed back Into my crotch again, this time nice and hard. I grabbed her hip firmly and her hand slid over mine as I inched my lips down her neck and to her shoulder, letting my tongue dance over her goosebumps on my way back to her ear.

I ran my hand, still covered by hers, over her stomach, moving under her shirt to the bottom edge of her bra, then back so that my fingers explored under her waistband. I didn’t want to push too far, fearing I would break whatever spell we were under, but my desire was nearly uncontrollable. I let my teeth graze her neck with my next kiss, and she pushed me away and sat up on the bed. She looked me in the eye and thought I had ruined everything, but she smiled, but her lip, and peeled off her shirt.

Kelly fell back onto the bed next to me, now on her back, and pulled me in to kiss her. As our tongues met, both nervous and full of desire, my hands ran from her waist up to her neck, trailing over a hard nipple covered in spandex.

I broke the kiss reluctantly, and we stared at each other, panting.

“Is this… I mean are you…” I stammered.

“OK? Yes. I’m fantastic. Now shut the fuck up and kiss me.” she said, with a look that made it bakırköy escort clear that I was not to stop for stupid questions like that again.

This was all the reassurance I needed and as I kissed her again, my hand slid down her firm body, not stopping until it was between her legs. I could feel the heat from her radiating through the fabric of her pants. I pressed into her, eliciting a moan as she spread her legs and pushed back. I moved my hand in slow circles over her and she moved her hips to match me, only letting up when she slipped her thumbs into the waistband and slid the sweatpants off.

Kelly grabbed my wrist and made sure my hand was between her legs again. Now, with only thin, soaked fabric between us, I could feel the outline of her lips, and traced them with my finger tips. Kelly turned her head slightly and breathed for me to kiss her neck again. I was happy to obey, and she moaned loudly as my tongue flicked over her neck and I pushed her panties to the side. Her lips were smooth and covered with her own juices as explored her, and I could feel the need in her response as I slowly starting circling her clit with two fingers.

I kissed down Kelly’s neck and across her chest as I rubbed her, and she pulled her sports bra down just enough to reveal her perfect, hard nipple. I took it into my mouth and sucked as I flicked my tongue. Immediately her grip on my wrist tightened. She pushed my hand slowly downward, and I slid two fingers inside her. As I worked them back and forth, I kept pressure on her clit with my palm. Kelly began breathing harder and faster, matching the movements of my hand and tongue. Her back arched as she clenched around my fingers, so tight that I could barely move them. She shook as an orgasm crashed over her before collapsing back to the bed.

She laid there staring at the ceiling, catching her breath, and I was happy to enjoy the view. After about a minute she stood up, and facing away from me, peeled off her bra. My eyes traveled up her thick thighs, stopping at her perfect ass for a second before continuing up her now bare back, watching her muscles move as she tossed the bra to the floor and put her hair up. As she turned to face me, the only thing more incredible than the sight of her firm breasts was the look she gave me. A smirk with an almost predatory glint in her eye.

She ran her hands up her body, letting me enjoy the sight of her. As she cupped her perky tits, she smiled a little wider and spoke.

“Clothes off.”

There was no doubt that this was a command, not a question. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside, and only briefly hesitated before I removed the rest. Her eyes locked on my swollen cock as it was freed from the clothes that were restricting it, and she shuddered as I watched her pinch her nipples hard.

I lay before her, my only movement being my cock pulsing as my heart beat. With her gaze fixed on this movement, she climbed onto the bed, placing one knee on either side of my right leg. She planted her left hand on the bed beside me, and wrapped her right hand around my shaft. I let out a groan as, with no hesitation, no teasing, she engulfed half of my length. Her tongue swirled around my head as her head moved up, and each time she came down she pushed me farther towards the back of her throat. I watched the muscles in her back and shoulder as she moved, sucking my cock like it was all she had ever wanted. I think I’m going to black out when she finally takes me partially into her throat, holding me there as her body fights for air. She looked up at me while taking me as deep as she could possibly handle, and as she releases me I watch her soft lips slide over each vein of my thick cock.

Kelly crawled up until she is poised over me. She kissed me deeply while her hand slid down my body, grasping my dick and pointing it into her as she lowered herself onto me. She moved slowly at first, letting herself stretch around me before accepting another inch, until I am buried deep within her and she sits fully down on me. I felt my full length being squeezed by her warmth as she sat up and began to rock her hips back and forth, steadily picking up speed until my bed was knocking against the wall with each thrust.

As she moved with me deep inside her, my hands explored. First her thighs, flexing as she rode me, then around to grab her ass, which earned an extra loud moan. As my hands moved up to her chest, hers moved between her legs to put more pressure in her clit. I teased her, tracing my fingers over her firm tits, making little circles around her nipples to get them nice and hard before giving a playful pinch to test the water. Her only response was a breathless “harder” which I was happy to oblige.

I could have enjoyed this view forever, but Kelly slowed her movement and looked at me.

“Your turn.” she said with a grin, and slid off of me onto the bed. I stood up to change positions, and when I turned to face her, her legs were spread wide and she was running her fingers over her dripping wet pussy. I climbed on top of her and she bit into my shoulder as I plunged into her soaked hole. With each full, hard thrust I pushed deeper until I could feel my tip pushing against the end of her. Her legs wrapped around me, heels pressing into my back almost as hard as her nails were digging into my shoulders. I moved my hips so that I was pressing against her clit with each stroke and soon her moans turned into words.

“I’m cumming, don’t stop..”

I pushed through her orgasm, body writhing beneath me and pussy clenching around me. The sensation was too much, and as she started to come down from her high, I pulled myself out, and she grabbed me. Within a few strokes by her skilled hands my glistening cock was shooting a stream of hot cum across her stomach and chest. As I collapsed next to her, she kissed me before licking my cum from her fingers.

I wasn’t sure what to say as she got cleaned up and put her clothes back on, but she turned to me and placed her still wet thong in my hand.

“Don’t want to put these on now, mind if I grab them tomorrow night? I have another movie I think you’ll like… ”

I was speechless, but nodded and smiled as she walked out the door.

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