Cody: wrestling fun(revised)


It all started at wrestling practice I was in 11th grade about 5foot7 145lbs light brown hair freckles..pail skin. I was really fit no 6 pack but really strong and healthy my friend Cody was in 10th grade about 5foot5 110lbs blonde hair really skinny with a nice six pack and bubble to the story

Well we were at practice and i knew i was gay in the closet of course but never new about cody…so we were in the room and it was the week of states and me and cody didnt qualify so we were just in the room getting better so it ends up us having to be partners despite our weight difference so we start with just drilling top bottom moves…he started on top. And i just kept trying to find a way to antagonize him so he would do a move where his dick would lay on my face. So finally he drilled a move called a armbar half and he put his dick right under my nose and his whole sack on my mouth. And i acted like i hated it so he kept it there pushing down harder laughing while i was loving it..then i opened my mout and he moved at the same time and his soft dick slipped into my mouth…i tried to act natural so maybe he wouldnt notice and i could have his dick in my mouth for a then we both got quiet and he still pushed down hard..then something really exciting happened i suddenly wrapped my lips around his dick acting as if şişli escort i was trying to say something so i could feel it and right when i did that he grew semi hard and quickly took it out….

It then got really awkward and we just finished practice but coach made us and another person stay behind to clean the mats…after that we went in the lockeroom to shower and everyone else was getting finished and leaving and the guy that helped us didnt shower and went right home so it was just cody and i and we went to shower and we dont even shower near each other but while i had soap in my eyes i hear him ask me for some soap…i wondered how long hed been there watching since my eyes were closed…he jokingly pushed me and took some soap and started showering in the stall next to me…so we started talking like friends normally do..then he made a comment jokingly and said “hey wanna finish blowing me babe” and i jokingly said ok no problem…he replyed “then get on your knees cutie…i joking but also hopeful, got on my knees and closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide and hopeful

I then heard him move closer and i covered up my semi hard dick then i felt something on my nose and heard him tell me to open my eyes and when i didhe was bent over and had his butthole on my nose and he started laughing i then jokingly complained that i was really looking forward to blowimg him so he said ok ill do it forreal this time… so i closed my eyes again and opened wide and to my surprize i felt his dick head enter my mouth and i closed my mouth around his shaft and grabbed his bubble butt with both my hands and then heard him moan and i started bobbing my head up and down on his dick and after about 6 bobs i had his whole 6 inch dick in my mouth and felt his pubes against my upper lip and he continued to push down my throat then he pulled out and told me to lay down on my back and i did and he layed on me and grinded his dick on mine as we made out. He then sat up and moved his hips up to my face and sat on my chest. Seeing his six pack, tan line and sexy dick leaking precum really turned me on and i begged him to ram it down my throat and he did. As i deep throated him he grabbed my hand and licked my pointer i then grabbed his ass with my left feeling the softness and slowly fingered him with my right hand and he moaned loud and then took his dick out only leaving the head in and shot a huge load into my mouth. he squirted for about 8 seconds straight as i struggled to keep it all in. then i swallowed his delicious cum. Then he took his soft dick out and smiled at me, god he was so sexy then he turned around and layed on me in 69 position and started licking the length of it and i moaned as he did that. then he told me not to blow him, that he owed me one. then he put in his mouth, at first only getting about half of my 7in dick. as he bobbed i felt his dick get hard on my chest…with the height in 69 position is him on top blowing me and his ass pressed hard up against my face so i started to rim him and he jumped. i stuck my tongue in his ass..i usually wouldnt do rim jobs but i was extremely horny so i liked doing it…i then started darting my tongue on his hole then he started grinding his dick on my chest and he stuck two dry fingers in my tight hole making me let out a load moan then i stopped riming him and took his hairy ball sac in my mouth and then he finally managed to get all of my dick in his mouth and after about a minute of him deepthroating me i lifted his head so just he tip of my dick was in his mouth and shot my load, a huge load but somehow he managed to swallow it easily.

Then we got up and reshowered and made out some and went home and texted each other about who in our school we would love to have sex with…who we fantasize about when we jack off..if we stare at guys penis in the showers and at there bulges and asses at wrestling meets, whos dick weve seen in the shower..who we think has a big/small dick…past experiences and of course when we were gonna hang out

part 2 😉

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